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Scene Title Backswing
Synopsis Following his meeting with Minea Dahl, Roger Goodman prepares the next step.
Date February 11, 2009

Primatech Research, Level-3: Roger Goodman's Office

There's a soft, audible click as the door to the office shuts, the sound causing dark eyes to drift up from a stack of manilla folders towards a man standing at the door. Tall, broad-shoulders but thin in the face, just as hairless as Roger, but far fairer of complexion. "Mister Carmichael," Roger says with a faint creep of his lips into a smile, "Good of you to make it on such short notice." Having traveled across town from Biomere to Primatech's Bronx facility, Roger Goodman finds himself once more sinking back into the soft upholstry of a leather seat, fingers steepling as his eyes survey the man coming into his office.

"Sir." There's a faint cant of Carmichael's head as he clears the distance to the desk with a brisk pace, pulling one of the chairs aside to sit down. "We've made the second transport to Moab, and Agent Milton has arrived there with them as you requested." Roger nods his head slowly in response to Carmichael's report, motioning to the stack of files in front of him, which brings an arch to one of Carmichael's brows. "What's this then, Sir?"

"Take a look for yourself," One hand nudges the folders forward, "It's dossiers on two particularly important targets that I would like you to put an effort into locating." As Carmichael reaches for them, Goodman places his hand down firmly on the files to keep them from being moved. "Only found, for now. I don't want anyone moving on them — not until I give the say-so." His eyes lock with the Homeland Security operative, and only after Carmichael gives a slow nod does Goodman remove his hand from the folders.

Retrieving them, Carmichael flips the first one open, and as he reads, Goodman gives his own breakdown of what Carmichael is looking at. Because the severe-looking brunette in the dossier photo is only raising questions. "Her name is Hana Gitelman, former Agent of the Company turned on us. She is one of — if not the — single most powerful technopath still living in the world." Carmichael's brows furrow as he pages through her service record.

"She dropped off of our radar," There's a bit of a chuckle with that, "Too long ago, and has been a loose-end ever since. Her ability extends to all electronic and radio data anywhere in the world, making coordinating a strike against her exceptionally difficult, espescially given her training." Carmichael closes that folded, setting it on the arm of his chair before opening up the next dossier, only to be greeted by the smiling photograph of a man in horn-rim glasses.

Goodman's lips press hard together as he sees the face, then downturn into a frown. "This is her accomplice, a former Senior Agent of the Company named Noah Bennet. He went rogue in 2006, and we have had certain difficulties in finding him since. His expertise with our particular line of procedure means that Company Protocol is our weakness — which is why I am turning to you."

"This is related to the vigilante organization?" Carmichael's eyes don't leave the documentation, filing thorugh until he discovers family photographs of the Bennets, one eye squinting slightly more closed than the other. "Is Bennet or Gitelman operating directly or indirectly under their auspicies?"

"We can't be certain. However I have my suspicions that Gitelman is still present in the city from intelligence I've accumulated since coming here. Again, I have reason to believe they may be in loose association with one another. If anyone was able to give PARIAH information about Company procedure and protocol, it would be Gitelman and Bennet, and I believe they both assisted in the raid here this fall."

Giving a subtle nod of his head, Carmichael exhales a tired sigh and closes the folders, "Homeland Security has shared information with Interpol and other agencies, we're moving on the holdings of the terrorist organization that attempted to release the bio-weapon. The survivors we rounded up in Jersey broke under telepathic interrogation, and we have several cells identified. It won't be long before they're taken down entirely. Once that's through, I'll be able to give my full focus," He taps the folders, "To this."

"Good, good." Roger brings his arms down to rest on the sides of his chair, fingeers working over a seam in the leather as his eyes assess Carmichael carefully. "I've brought in a recruit that I feel will be able to open doors for us regarding Phoenix. Her name is Minea Dahl, I want you to keep a few eyes on her in addition to what I can spare. See where she moves, who she's with, what people she talks to. But keep it to your trusted agents, and off of the books — I don't want Homeland Security's hands in this just yet."

That raises Carmichael's ire slightly, "That's going to be hard. No offense, Sir, but why don't you want us directly involved? There's things we could do for each other that would make this easier. I — " Roger slowly and calmly raises one hand, his head shaking as he does.

"Because, there are certain pieces of information that Phoenix is in possession of that I would not appreciate falling into the wrong hands. Which brings me to the closing point of this meeting, Jonathan." Roger motions with one hand to Noah Bennet's file folder. "Bennet's daughter, Claire." Carmichael glances down to the folder, then back to Roger with a brow raised.

It takes a moment to open the folder and find the photograph of the young blonde again, and the notion causes Carmichael's head to tilt slightly to one side. "What of her, Sir?" With a creak of leather, Roger leans back into his chair once more, breathing in a slow and steady breath as his dark eyes level on Carmichael.

"I need her."

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