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Scene Title Backup Plan
Synopsis Jezebel asks Hana for information about Kazimir Volken and the whole end of the world thing. Hana assigns her to work on the Ferrymen's backup plan.
Date December 30, 2008

The Garden

Jezebel ushers Hana into the kitchen. She certainly has been busy. There are tins and wrapped plates of goodies everywhere. "Is there anything I can get you, Hana? Besides rum balls. You're going to need the rum balls. Thank you for coming. I wouldn't have asked you if it weren't important."

"No, thank you," Hana replies at the offer of refreshments. She sits on one of the folding chairs and turns her full attention upon the younger woman, dark gaze level and piercingly intent. "What's the problem?"

Jezebel asks, "Do you know of a Kazimir Volken? I realize this may be a stupid question, but I have no idea of what anyone else knows."

"It's not stupid," Hana disagrees, tone relatively mild. "Phoenix has been dealing with him and his group for some time, and I have access to their information. Yes, I'm aware of him." There's a slight pause, and she tilts her head, still watching Jezebel. "Eve?"

Jezebel sits down. "Yes. She came over this afternoon and told me about her latest dream. She said Kazimir Volken was going to blow up every single bridge over the Hudson. That didn't make sense for a genocidal maniac, but trying to unleash some sort of virus that targets the Evolved does. I didn't have the heart to tell Eve that if we're right, the government is going to be the one destroying the bridges. Do you think you can find out what he's been buying lately?"

Hana nods slowly. "According to the information Phoenix has gathered— " If 'being told by some guy named Edward' counts as 'gathering'. "— the virus Volken intends to release is intended to kill all Evolved, but will wind up killing ninety percent of the world's population." She pauses, determining that more than the barest-bones explanation might be necessary. "Apparently someone traveled forward to a time when this happened and returned with the information." It's all said in a remarkably level tone of voice, though that shouldn't be equated with calm. The light in Hana's dark eyes is anything but calm.

Jezebel says with remarkable detatchment, "Figures. I didn't think it was possible to target a virus that selectively, although if I were a genocidal loon, I'd try. Have you tried getting at his records and looking for purchases of things like Petri dishes and pipetteman tips? As long as his research into this is going on, he'll have to keep buying such things."

Hana chuckles softly, the sound terribly devoid of actual humor. "He's bought equipment for storing a biological, and high-velocity mortars with which to release it. Research purchases seem to have been relatively light. At least in the records I can find; there may be others better hidden." Draw what conclusions from that you will.

Jezebel says, "You wouldn't know where it was all shipped to, would you? If you do, would you please somehow tell the CDC? I suppose Homeland Security should get a chance to earn its collective paycheck too, although I don't trust them at all."

Hana shakes her head slightly. "The shipments were sent to a variety of places, not one central location." Kazimir is wilier than that. "HomeSec has the information… for what that's worth."

Jezebel begins to look nervous. "Hana, I don't know what I can do if the virus gets released. I don't really have the lab skills to develop a vaccine, let alone a cure. I can tell you to try stockpiling and administering anti-AIDS drugs and interferon, but I have no idea how well the drugs will work."

At that admission, Hana actually smiles — and it's not the grim, steely expression she often displays as such, although it isn't exactly reassuring either. But then, neither is her reply. "Apparently, if the virus is released, we won't have time for developing a vaccine. So the goal is to keep it from being released in the first place."

Jezebel goes beyond nervous to frightened. "I can believe that. These things take time. I suppose there's no hope of grabbing a sample beforehand. Hana, we need a backup plan of some sort, even if it's just to stockpile rum balls, pillows and blankets so we can all die comfortably."

Hana shifts in her seat, sitting a little straighter in it at the mention of 'a sample'. Slightly uncomfortable, perhaps. "Bennet is… looking into that," she replies stiffly. It's also clear she doesn't care to explain any further on that subject. "What we can do…" Her eyes narrow. "Not rum balls, but we do have the resources to stockpile. There was some suggestion of a resistance group in the future. Something underground — literally. Would working towards that be an acceptable backup plan?" she asks of the younger woman, one brow arching.

Jezebel nods. "Did this time traveler say when the virus will be released? I'd prefer James Bond and a miraculous serum, but I agree that's probably the best we can do. Thanks. Please let me know how I can help with that and keep me posted. Speaking of resistance movements, Eve wants to recruit someone named Darius. He's in SCOUT and wants out of that."

"They didn't, but my best guess from what was specified is as early as late next month," Hana replies. It would definitely have to be a miraculous serum. She raises a brow as Jezebel continues. "Why don't you work on getting it together? Get some of the others to help you set it up." And at the mention of 'Darius', the woman just nods once.

Jezebel's smile is slightly bitter. "Who me? I can't get someone with a pickup truck over here. If you've got any recruitment advice, please tell Eve, or me. What kind of literally underground resistance movement? There are probably tons of subway tunnels no longer in use we could grab. Plumbing, light and ventilation will be problems. Power won't be, if we can figure out how the grid linked up to the rails."

The other brow arches at Jezebel's remark; and then both come down. "I will… talk to a few people about that," Hana states, and now her tone is grim. "If you don't have one by Thursday, let me know." There's a moment's pause, a beat of silence, and her mood lightens. "They don't all have to be problems. We've got time to work them out. And, yes. You." End of story.

Jezebel promises with eyebrows raised, "I will, Hana. Thanks. Me? If I could persuade anyone of anything, I'd still be in D.C. with the political wing. Also, what would we do about the Garden? I'm alone out here."

"You don't have to persuade, Jezebel," Hana informs her, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. "Just say we need to do this. They'll do it." The Ferrymen are all used to working with Hana, after all. "I'll keep an eye on it."

Jezebel looks dubious, but just asks, "What do you want this group to do? Are we just going to stockpile interferon and make plans for running makeshift medical clinics, plot to blow up FBI headquarters, or what?"

Hana tilts her head and gives Jezebel a dubious look of her own. "…Call it setting up a… shelter against the end of the world." A beat of silence, and then the woman continues, "Get Harkness to help you, in particular. He'll know what to do with it."

Jezebel nods. "Good idea, the government may have to try to nuke the virus out of existence. I'll talk to Scott. Do you know where the old Civil Defense shelters are, or am I taking a trip to City Hall? The planners in the 1950's probably underestimated what they'd need, but it's a place to start. Also, help from a civil engineer would be good to evaluate blast-worthiness of locations."

Hana shakes her head. "I don't, and you would probably want the blueprints for those." Which are not so readily found online, if they're that old. As for the rest… Hana rises from her chair. "Sounds like you have a good start."

Jezebel rises when Hana does. "For all our sakes, I hope so. At least Eve won't need to chase down Mohinder, whoever he is."

Hana stops at the mention of Mohinder. She looks at Jezebel, her expression very, very flat. "I suggest you both stay away from him." And for her part, she starts to walk away, no further explanation apparently to be volunteered.

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