Backup Plans For Backup Plans


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Scene Title Backup Plans For Backup Plans
Synopsis A back up plan for Teo's back up plan. Involves yet more needles.
Date January 27, 2009

Abby, Alexander and Teo's Apartment.

It's not overly spacious, It's a New York area apartment. But it suits it's residents purposes. An open kitchen, crammed with all the accouterments needed to cook, a dining table shoved against the far wall with chairs tucked in. A livingroom with a fairly new red suede couch shoved up against a window and TV set opposite on a stand makes up the rest of the communal living area. It looks fairly newly occupied and the personal touches not put to it yet. Five doors down a hall lead to three separate bedrooms, a bathroom and linen closet. What's behind the doors remains a mystery unless one of the residents leaves a door open, though if someone knows the residents, the simple gold cross above one door indicates where the woman in this place lives.

"I need you to come to my apartment. If you have someone, or know someone who can draw blood, even better. I'll be there after 3" That was the message left on Jessica's phone, meant for Jessica obviously. There's cookies scenting from her door and down the hall, the woman inside baking obviously. Mysteriouuuuussssss!

Well, there's surprise at the call, certainly. But some short time later, there's a tall blonde arriving at Abby's place, and a knock at the door.

World ends tomorrow but she doesn't relent on her own personal security. The shotgun that had been tucked away for the dinner party the day before is back in it's spot and Jessica is eyeballed through the peephole before the doors unlocked enough to let her in. "Hey"

She steps inside. "Is everything okay?" A concerned look is sent Abby's direction. The baking suggests yes, but one never knows.

"About as okay as it will be. I'll know better after tomorrows over. You got my message obviously. How you doing Niki" Jessica wouldn't ask her if it was okay. "Come in, have a cookie. Chocolate chip oatmeal. Scarlet's going to a neighbors for a few days and I made some cookies to give to her as thanks"

Well, she's right there. Niki smiles a bit, and heads over to the cookies to take one. "Your message was sort of cryptic." And sounded rather darker than she'd expected from Abby. It has her worried.

"I can't just say 'hey, Jessica, got a nurse or someone and the equipment to take a pint of my blood so in case some really nasty ass virus is unleashed tomorrow and Kazimir Volken kills me before I can kill him, you can save the world with the antidote that's in my blood' on an answering machine" Abigail points out once the door is locked and she's away from it. She pads back into the kitchen, the black cat parked by the oven, to start transferring cookies from the sheet to the cooling rack. It looks like someone recently moved out an everything else is in the process of being boxed to be moved.

There's a brief shift. "I can get access to someone who can do that." she says. "But that means that the Company is going to know about it, and that could be dangerous for you. You don't have access to any medical personnel through Phoenix?"

"Might. I could call Ben. I wanted to find out first" There's an offer of the cookie, was Jessica who was out now. She's trying to keep it straight who she's talking to. "My DNA went into file when I registered. Would they try to match any blood that was given today, to see who I was? I assume they'd have access to the registration information?"

Jessica replies "Almost certainly." She takes the cookie, though. Even Jessica likes cookies. "And yes, they have access to the registration database."

'So.. i could do this, and they'd come visit me again pretty much" A pause "Yes, they know who I am. I met a very tall black man who can negate. I don't know who's more intimidating at first, you or him" She takes a cookie, still a little warm. "Or I can not, and.. chance.. surviving"

Jessica replies. "They might. And yes, I know him. Or, we can do this on the down-low. Cut you, bleed you, store it in the fridge. Might not be as good as a medical professional, but if we take enough, there should be something usable."

'That sounds delightful" Abigail's voice is deadpan. "I don't know who else has it. The antidote. It was given to me because of what I can do. Because while I can't cure it, I could keep a person alive with my gift until one could be found. I can call Ben. Ben has access to the equipment, he can do it. Store it in the fridge, just in case… It'll be safe here, this isn't the island. The electricity won't be turned off here for another week or so"

Jessica shakes her head. "No. Give it to me." It's stated matter-of-factly. "I'll keep it secure unless things go bad. If they do, the Company has the access to make best use of it."

"Okay" Abby murmurs. "If I make it out, and things go to pot, I'll call. Be off the island Jessica, Niki I meant. Off the Island. If the first plan doesn't work, I'll be teleported away, that seems to be the fail safe. If they need more blood they can send you and they can ask politely. You know the drill. I don't like kidnapping" Cookie halfway done, Abigail's fishing out her cellphone, digging through the phone book of the phone till Ben's number comes up and rings it.

Ben is quick to pick up. "Yes?"

sounds of movement. "I'm on it. Didn't you move or something?"

There's a smirk there, as she looks back to Abby. "You know, it's sort of hard to tell one of us to get off the island and not the other one." She watches, in amusement. "If we can't find your friend, a knife works."

'no offense, I prefer to get stabbed by a needle again. This way every drop gets saved and not maybe 2/3rd of it… It's Abigail. You remember where my apartment is? If so, bring stuff to collect a a couple vials of blood and something to keep it cold and come over here. Quick as possible Ben" Seems her friend is in.

Jessica chuckles, as she watches. "Good. I'd prefer not to cut you." She would, at least.

"help yourself to another cookie, there's stuff to drink in the fridge" She's sure Niki would hate it too. "Teo moved, We haven't moved yet ben. Still at the old place. Just bring enough stuff for like a handful of vials. Whatever can be safely taken from me and not risk me tomorrow. Just knock and come in i'll leave the door unlocked. Don't be worried with who's in here" It's spoken into the phone and she looks ready to hang up.

Ben pauses, then says, "Okay. Be right there." He hangs up.

Jessica has little enough to do rather than wait. So she leans against Abby's countertop, and nibbles at the cookie. It's something to do to pass the time till whoever Abby called arrives.

"And I meant for both of you to be off the island" Someone's said something on the other end but soon the phone is flipped closed and put away. "I sincerely want both of you off the island. If I don't show up right away, don't presume me dead okay? But if that blood is needed, give it to them. Understood? If it's not needed.. Have it stored somewhere. just in case"

Ben arrives soon enough, knocking on Abby's door before walking in. Which just feels odd, but there it is. He's carrying a cooler and a courier bag which, one would hope, holds some bleedin' supplies. "Hey."

Jessica looks back. "I will make sure the antidote gets somewhere safe. Beyond that, I'm not making any promises. I'll do what I have to do." She looks over, looking Ben up and down as she makes a point of committing him to memory. "Hey."

Time passed quickly enough, bonding with psychopath company agents slash bartenders over cookies and coffee. Then Ben's walking in. "Ben, meet Jessica, Jessica, meet Ben. Ben's helping me learn to become a paramedic" She looks down at the bag with her blue eyes, apparently fine with Jessica's statement. She also hopes that niki takes the hint to stay in the passenger seat for right this moment, or if she does come out, to answer to Jessica. "It's me, not her. But I need to give as much of it to her as possible, for safekeeping. You up for that?"

Ben glances over at the cookies and nods. "Yeah. Can do," he confirms. He offers Jessica a faint, slightly shy smile. "Hi, Jessica. Nice to meet you. D'you have any orange juice, Abigail?" Finding himself from clean counter space, he starts removing some unused needles and vials from the bag. The cooler is placed on the counter as well.

Jessica nods, as she looks back to Ben. "Nice to meet you. You're a paramedic?" she asks, considering him as she looks over the things he's brought." She moves away from the counter top, staying out of their way, but getting as close as she can while still doing that.

"yeah, in the fridge. Jessica… Play nice. He's a friend. Who keeps me sane. Where do you need me Ben?" She's pushing up the sleeve of her shirt. moving to stand beside Jessica and murmur to her 'can I have niki please? Because this isn't pleasant and I would really like my friend to hold my hand?"

"I'm a paramedic," replies Ben. He gestures Abby toward the nearest chair, handing her a squeeze ball. "And generally a poor playmate. Here, take this." The squeeze ball is waved a little; with his other hand, he's tugging a bit of tubing out of his bag.

She reaches out to take Abby's hand. "I'm right here." She gives it a gentle squeeze, and grins. "Come on, all the stuff you do and you're gonna stress about a needle?"

'Even big ass guard dogs are afraid of thunderstorms" Abigail points out, following ben's instructions. 'Thank you Ben, for doing this. I can explain later why, when everything's over. Feel free to take some cookies home with you" Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, the other hand settled into Jessica/Niki's. "Anyone tell you to be off the island tomorrow Ben?"

Ben ties the thin tubing around Abby's upper arm to increase the blood pressure. He leans over to examine the underside of her forearm, fingers hovering over the traceries of veins until he finds one he likes. He places a finger on it while prepping an iodine swab, swabs it clean, and then picks up the needle and removes the cover. "You don't like getting needles or needles in general?"

'General. I don't actually know anyone who does like them" She didn't even think Teo liked them, despite how easily he managed the one from the night before. "Be off the island tomorrow Ben, You might get called later. Patch people up" Squeeze squeeze squeeze.

Ben slides the needle in. It's attached to a test tube with a little grey and orange rubbery cap, and it starts filling with blood. "I'll be somewhere safe," he tells Abby. "Ready to patch people up as needed. Don't worry about me. Worry about y… well, don't worry about me, anyway." He offers a faint, faint smile.

The same staccato foot tapping occurs beneath the table and Jessica's hand is held tight when Ben starts in "Good, good, you'll be off the island" One less. "I haven't talked to Al yet" These words directed to Jessica in a slightly higher than normal voice. "About the new place. Things have been too busy, but if we're around, I'll pin him down, see what he says"

"What's with the moving this time?" Ben asks Abby absently; he's paying more attention to the blood in the vial, but talk usually keeps people calm. Or something. He glances at the healer while she's looking at Jessica, brows furrowed with concern.

Jessica squeezes Abby's hand, reassuringly, and looks back to her. "Everything's going to be okay. Faith and all, you know. Did you find out about the roommate thing?""

"I just told you no. I'll talk to him after the storms died. For now keep the one you have already" A nervous laugh. "bad guys, the usual, knowing where I live. New protocols with my healing. Now i'm charging a red bull for some, a favor to others or one weeks bodyguard to those are able. So it's not exactly free, but I'm not charging money" Her toes still curl in then out repeatedly, looking up at the ceiling for a few seconds.

Ben removes the first tube and carefully sets it aside. It's full of blood! Don't look if you don't like blood. He inserts another vial in place. "I looked it up. You need to drink one hundred and fifty-seven or so cans of Red Bull before dying. I'm assuming in a short span of time, so you're safe."

There's a blink. "You felt the need to actually look that up?" She looks to Abby. "What about those wake-up pills, with the caffeine and all.

"I have those as well. Red bull though, doesn't make people think your taking drugs" She points out to Jessica. "Ben's concerned I drink too much red bull and that I'd die of a heart attack if I drank too many. Hearty breakfast tomorrow, a couple of those pills and a couple red bulls." Abigail scrunches her nose at the replacement of vials looking at the now filled tube 'It's so dark" Then back onto topic. "That's cute.. that you looked it up. I really don't think I'll ever have to drink that much. Five's only ever been the most I drank at one time. Beyond that, I end up throwing up"

"Not anymore," Ben says. "That's a hundred and fifty seven cans for a hundred and eighty-five pound man. Brewed coffee's the worst; that's a hundred and seventeen cups. There's actually a website where you can calculate how much caffeine will actually kill you. Double-you double-you double-you dot energy fiend dot com." And the second vial fills.

Niki looks bemused. "It's really scary that people feel the need that they have to look it up. A cup of coffee in the morning does me just fine."

"He's talking about one hundred and seventeen cups. One out of a hundred and seventeen.. I mean, your stomach couldn't even hold that much. I'll have to have someone find out how much a hundred and twenty eight pound woman can handle" Still she squeezes tight the little ball in her hand, but Niki's hand isn't held so tight. "Energy out, energy in, but all the caffeine in the world can't give me this eternal wellspring of it. At some point my body just says no. But till then, if I keep shoving it in, it gets used up in healing. So… I suppose I could hit that hundred and fifty seven cans and still be alive, so long as I was healing it as fast as I got it'

"It's the internet. It's mostly scary," Ben tells Niki with some amusement. Another vial is loaded up, set aside. Now for the third. "You can put your weight in on the site. People have way too much time on their hands."

The taller woman frowns. "Let's not test that theory. I don't want to see your heart explode or anything like that. Isn't there anything I can do to help? It sounds like something bad is coming."

'Your doing it. What we talked about. What you need to do with the blood. That's what you can do. Okay?" She tries to put on a reassuring confidant smile. "And pray. I could always use a few more prayers.

Everyone could use a few more prayers. As for exploding hearts. Not any time soon. I don't want to tempt fate like that. I'll just leave well enough alone. Like I said, five is more than enough for me. Heck, you've seen me when I haven't had any caffeine and I haven't done any healing" She was like a kid with ADHD, always moving, her attention span like that of a toddler.

"Do I get to know what's going on with the blood or is that one of those 'tell Ben later' things?" Ben asks, voice mild. Hell, he's pretty accepting. The third vial fills. Nearly done.

"It's being put in for safekeeping." Niki says. "In case of emergency." She looks at Abby, and frowns a little at the "you're doing what you can" thing.

"I got given an antidote Ben, to the virus Kazimir is going to try and release. I'm a safeguard. I'm putting in my own safeguard into play" A nod to Jessica's words. "Tell you what. You can buy me a plane ticket home, for a visit to my parents when this is all done. That's what you can do. Save five billion people, win a ticket home! Deal?" Bright blue eyes watch Ben and his progression.

Ben finishes off the third vial and nods. "Alright, that's it. You're the only one with the antidote? Where'd it come from?" He looks highly interested as he seals off the third tube. He glances over at

"A reliable source" Abby answers, waiting for the sigh to errupt from the man. She knows it's coming. "I don't' know, i think there might be a few more people" the healer murmurs, waiting to see if there's more, holding onto the silent Jessica's hand still.

Ben rolls his eyes a little. Reliable. He exhales a little through his nose, if that counts as a sigh. "I hope it's more than just you, yeah."

'So do I. It really sucks having the weight of the world literally on your shoulders. The performance anxiety alone on everyone is probably going to kill us. Tell me when, and I'll heal myself" seal up the little hole.

Ben hands her a little cotton swab. "Hold that there. Heal yourself? From that? Seriously? You big baby."

Now it's her turn to roll her eyes and a murmur to Jessica to go get her a wet cloth from the bathroom. "That's me. Big baby." The cotton ball is pressed into place and arm bent up. "Just wait till after, then you can call me that" a big smile on her face. "Thank you Ben, for doing this"

Ben takes the full tubes the cooler and secures them in place. Once he has a hand free, he offers a little salute. "You're welcome, Abigail. Any little bit to help."

"Come here" A nod with har chin since hands are occupied. "I need to shock you by asking for a hug"

Ben closes the lid of the cooler, lips twisted in a wry little smile as he approaches. "You can stop holding that now. I'm supposed to be shocked by hugs?"

"I don't like to touch people, figure that out" She tosses the cotton ball onto the table though, rising up from the chair to wrap her arms around the man. 'God forbid that the worst happens, thank you. For the talks we've had and opening my mind up. It means a great deal to me and I pray that there will be more of them in the future"

Ben folds his arms around her carefully, testing. "Me, too. I hope there are more. If you died, the world would be a little darker. You've helped me more than you know, I think." He gives her a little squeeze. He smells clean, like soap and aftershave.

She smells like peonies and jasmine. "Okay, I'll let you get me some orange juice and a cookie before you take off. Between Jessica and I we can clean up. I'm in for the night, not going anywhere, I promise okay"

"Okay," Ben says quietly, releasing her and peering down at her solemnly. "I'm scared shitless. Come back okay." He steps back, turning to tuck his equipment away, tugging his coat on.

'Your not the only one Ben. We will" She sits back down, little light headed, passing him what she can from the table, a glance to the vials in the cooler. "Say a little prayer Ben. Maybe if he gets just one more, he'll tip things in our favor. Drive safe, it's storming out there. I'll call you when it's over, or you'll see me before that"

Ben zips up his coat and nods, heading for the door. He's booking a pretty fast escape now for whatever reason. "I will. Good luck and good-bye for now." A faint smile and he's twisting the door open and passing through.

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