Bad Boys And Tight Pants


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Scene Title Bad Boys and Tight Pants
Synopsis Luke and Harmony meet, and oddly enough, hit it off. Must be a radiation connection.
Date November 5, 2010

The Octagon

Thirty years ago, the Octagon tower on Roosevelt Island seemed like a multi-sided peg in a round-hole world; a weird, purposeless, leftover fragment of the New York City Lunatic Asylum, built in 1839 on what was then Blackwell's Island. Now, after its wings were demolished and it had deteriorated to a point just short of collapse, this once-grand building — or at least what was left of it — has being brought back from the brink of ruin.

The Octagon was originally built in 1834 and is an historic octagonal building located at 888 Main Street. It originally served as the main entrance to the New York City Lunatic Asylum which opened in 1841. The five-story rotunda is made of blue-gray stone that was quarried on the island. It is the last remnant of the hospital and after many years of decay and two fires was close to ruin. In 2006, a newly constructed residential building was built on the site, modeled on the original structure, however just one month after the inauguration of the Octagon's opening, the catastrophic explosion in Midtown left the expansive residential complex uninhabited.

In late 2009 the Octagon was purchased up from the private company that had owned it by the ReGenesis foundation and has since been renovated from three long years of abandonment to become an upscale residential complex operating at staggeringly low rental rates in an attempt to bolster the economy of Roosevelt Island, with the caveat of only being open to legally registered Evolved.

Every so often, Luke is required to be at his apartment at the Octagon that government officials had provided for him. Naturally, this makes him feel annoyed, because anything having to do with the government reminds him of his time at Moab. It's getting towards evening, although still a few hours short of curfew, and he comes out of his apartment, turning to lock the door. He glares at it for a second, then kicks it. Poor door, it did nothing to him!

There is music pouring into the hallway from the apartment just a few doors down from Luke's. The door to apartment 102 is wide open and a rather percussion oriented version of Paint it Black done by a female is heard. Ontop of that, there is a pair of tight black hotpants sticking out into the hallway, attached to Harmony, bent over and bouncing a little to the beat. It looks like she is probably fixing something inside of her doorway, and there is what looks like a whitish blue light flickering from that entrance as well. Is she welding something?

After the door is kicked, Luke turns down the hallway, only to be stopped by a nice ass in tight pants sticking out of a doorway. Well, it is a nice thing to see, but is the rest of the person as easy on the eyes? Therefore, it's natural for Luke to head down the hallway that way, peering around the doorframe. "…What are you doing?"

"Whoa! Hey!" Harmony cries out in surprise as she all of a sudden has a Luke right behind her, looking in on her work. She doesn't have a welding torch, or even a soldering iron. In fact, there isn't anything in her hand what so ever. There is however, the scent of melted metal, and he just might catch a thin stream of energy pouring from her finger, where a device is being welded to a metal plate that has been attached to the side of the door. She however cuts the beam as she is startled and sits up, the blond, curly haired girl quickly whips around to stare and blink at him, "Careful there, slick. That's a good way to get yourself maced, or worse. Don't sneak up on a girl like that in this town."

Luke snorts softly. "A girl with her hands busy won't be able to mace someone just like that." he points out. "Besides, a nice ass sticking out like that, you're practically begging for some guy to show up behind you." well that's… rude. The metal plate is eyed, and he frowns at her. "What are you doing?" he repeats.

"My hands were busy?" She arches a brow, holding up her hands and wiggling her fingers, showing the lack of her holding anything, "With what? I totally could have been some kinda ninja master or something, and whirled around and did a Monkey-Steals-The-Peaches move, totally Pai Mei-ing your nuts. Then we'd have you on the floor rolling around and mad at me." The girl does give a grin to indicate that she is at least joking a little. "And as for my ass. I'm HOPING some guy shows up to get a look. That's why I wear this.." she digs a finger down into the side of her pants, pulling up the side of her black thong to peek out from them. "I'm just praying he's a doctor or maybe a politician with a lot of money." she lets go of the thing, letting it snap back into place. "Hm? Oh.. I'm installing my own security system.." she answers him, obviously not put off by his rude comment. "Sorta.. it's.. well. It picks up radiation. It's a meter.."

"Wow, I don't know many girls that are that eager to handle my balls." Luke smirks at Harmony. "So you openly admit to being a gold digger? I guess if you show that sort of thing to some rich old guy he'd be tempted." as for the rest… "Radiation, huh. That's what you do?" because everyone who lives here is Evolved. "So you're walking cancer, gotcha."

The comment about his balls has Harmony giving Luke a looking over, from head to toe, "Mm.. I dunno. I guess you're cute enough. I'd ask that you take me out to lunch or for coffee first before diving right into the ball fondling thing. I might not be ready for that type of commitment right off the bat." Again, she gives him a smirk, reaching to tuck a few golden curls back behind an ear with a sweep of her fingers. "And no, I'm not a gold digger, I just know I'm hot enough to expect handsome, successful guys to hit on me. Not saying it would automatically go anywhere, just that I like to have options." Harmony looks bemused at him, leaning against the doorframe. "Actually, my name is Harmony." she corrects him, "Not walking cancer. I haven't yet caused cancer in anyone, I have a better level of control than that.. This meter.. is just to make sure I stay that way." she shrugs.

"Harmony, huh? I guess you could be nicknamed Harm too. I'm Luke." and yes, there's plenty of nicknames for him, but none he hasn't heard before. "It's said that what I can do could give people cancer too, but I haven't yet either."
"Mm.. I've been called Harm before. It actually is one of my nicknames. Which is pretty ironic, honestly." Harmony gives her shoulders a shrug, "Luke huh?" her brow arches and she smirks, "Okay, so you have a cute name. That's a plus.. Are you a doctor, Luke?" the girl grins, still partially joking, but she had to ask at least, "Medical student? And.. just what do you do? That can give people cancer."

Luke laughs, since the idea of HIM being a doctor is just plain silly. "I never even graduated high school." is he… bragging? "I can use microwaves. It's pretty dangerous." he seems proud of the fact. And maybe she likes dangerous guys? Maybe she'd approve, being dangerous herself?

Harmony chuckles, "Aww.. Okay, so you're stuck at two points." she holds up two points, "Two out of three isn't bad.. There might just be hope for your yet, Luke." Perhaps flirting is an aspect of her ability, because she is more than likely doing just that. "Microwaves, well how about that." Harmony grins, "So can I. I know how dangerous they can be, but they can also make popcorn night pretty easy. Microwaves, visible light.. I can even walk around in the fallout areas without taking on any ill effects. Huh.. look at that, we're practically made for each other. Kinda funny how the universe works, huh?" a grin settles across her lips, "What do you think would happen if you used your 'microwaves' on me?"

"Who knows. Either you'd be cooked alive, or you wouldn't. I'm not sure I'd want to try it though." Luke doesn't want to willingly kill someone, and he's got a niiice mental block on the memories of actually doing so. "Do you have to be conscious to not get hurt by radiation?"

Harmony shakes her head, "Mm.. no." she says, "I'm just sorta naturally immune to it. I'm still sorta learning about it. This guy named Warren seems to think I might be able to absorb radiation if I work hard enough. I could clean up some of the bad areas if that's the case. So.. I try working on little things to get a better grasp of it." she gestures to her welding job on the wall. "Oh.. if you have the internet, or lose cellphone signal in your place? I apologize ahead of time. Sometimes, certain aspects of my ability disrupts radiowaves. I'll try to stay calm as much as possible so that doesn't happen."

"Hah. Neither work well around me either. It's a downside but it's not one I mind that much. Keeps the government from being able to track me through GPS, hahaha." Luke crosses his arms and eyes the plate again. "I can pretty much destroy anything electronic all by myself, another person adding to it won't make much of a difference."

Harmony chuckles, a smile settling across her features, "Hey, I like you, Luke. I can blame you next time something goes wrong that could possibly be my fault. My hero.." she grins, reaching out for his shirt to adjust it a bit more straight against his neck. "So, let me ask you this?… What are you waiting for?" she tosses him a look. "You do know how to ask a girl to have lunch with you, right? Its only right, seeing as how you were oggling me before. Give you a chance to make up for being such a bad, bad boy?"

Luke laughs as she just comes out and says it. "Why, you're offering to pay? Thanks. Let's go. And I'm pretty sure everyone who lives here is used to it by now. I tend not to give a damn about any of them. But they also tend to leave me alone so I won't do anything on purpose."

Harmony rolls her eyes back and forth, "Sure, I'll pay. But that puts you down to one and a half points now, instead of two. When do you wanna go? Of course.. now would kinda not be the best time, because one, it's about close to curfew. And something about you tells me you're the last person that wants to get caught out after it. I have to warn you though, I kinda have this thing for bad boys."

"Hah, I have no problem with that." Luke's referring to her last statement. "As for curfew, who cares. So long as you're not on the streets, they can't do shit about it. Nowhere does it say you have to be at home. Wouldn't be the first time I slept in a random building, and I'm sure there's plenty of others who do the same. But eh, whenever you want. I'm just down the hall. 111."

Harmony laughs, "Sleep in a random building? Wow, you are living on the edge. Mm.. actually, I've spent the last two nights somewhere other than home in the curfew. I kinda would prefer to sleep in my own bed once this week." she gives her shoulders a shrug. "But I'll tell you what? There is a zombie movie coming on tomorrow that I kinda wanna watch. There is plenty of room on the couch, and you can even make the popcorn." she grins.

"Popcorn I can do, although unless you've got something to pop it in, it'll just go flying everywhere." Luke has learned this from experience. "Zombie movies, huh? You really do like that type."

"We'll figure something out." Harmony grins, "It'll be a nice change to let someone else handle it besides me. Annnd, if you're really scare of zombie movies, I'll let you hold my hand if you want, just to get you through the scary parts." she gives a him wink, lightly teasing him, "So what do you say? My apartment? 9 tomorrow?"

Luke rolls his eyes, lifting his eyebrows at her skeptically. "Hah, if you've seen some of the things I have, zombies are kinda… not scary at all. But if you get scared, feel free to get closer. And nine sounds fine to me."

"You'll have to tell me about it." Harmony smiles, "I seem to lead a pretty interesting life myself, so.. I know what you're saying. I don't think a week goes by that I don't get shot at. But anyhow.." she waves her hand through the air dismissivly, "It's a date. It'll be fun, kinda nice to just sit around and relax with someone for a change. Now.." she sighs, "I'm gonna finish putting in my meter, and get into a shower before bed. You were probably on your way before my ass distracted you, so.. you probably wanna get to that. We'll have time to talk tomorrow."

"Your ass can distract me any time." Luke replies with a bit of a leer. "Especially in such tight pants." he looks a little troubled about something as he turns away, however. What was it he's seen that's bad, again? Why did he say that? He shrugs, dismissing it, then turns around. "Need any help?" he asks, grinning. "And not with the meter."

She seems to catch his moment of awkwardness, and she speaks up to ease his worry, "Heh, you should see my closet then. I'm rarely a skirt girl." in leaning back against her door frame, she settles a hand on one side of her hip, tapping her pants. "Help? Well aren't you a rather naughty boy, offering to help a girl out with a shower. If you're good at massages, I could probably use your expertise with a little touching. I don't leak radiation so.. you'll be fine."

Luke snorts, crossing his arms. "The kind of touching I do isn't really soothing. I'm not much of a massage giver." nah, he's just more the type to grope than massage.

"Mm.." Harmony smirks, "That's really too bad. For a second there, I was hoping to melt under your expert touch, or something. But maybe, you could use one. I do have a fondness for touching."

"You can touch me any time you like so long as it doesn't end with me writhing on the floor in agony." Luke sure knows how to sweet-talk the ladies, doesn't he? "Guess I'll see you tomorrow then."

Harmony's brows raise, "Agony? No.. probably the opposite. But I don't wanna spoil you before we actually have a chance to get to know each other. We'll hang out tomorrow, Luke." the girl has a confident smile upon her face, "Take care. Don't go getting yourself hurt or anything.."

"Hah, I don't get hurt. It's the other guy who ends up getting hurt." oh, so Luke gets in fights a lot, huh? At any rate, he really is leaving, heading down the hall with his hands in his pockets.

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