Bad Drugs


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Scene Title Bad Drugs?
Synopsis Devi confronts Wendy about her 'bad' shipment of Refrain - and finds out something much more difficult to accept.
Date August 24, 2009

Anarchy Customs: Garage

This three story building is constructed from old, cracked concrete and cinder blocks, the naturally gray hue is long since caked with the common signs of neglect and vagrancy, filth and graffiti, common on the island. The graffiti here, however, seems notably fresh.

The entrances to the buildings are two wide, large bay garage doors. The words 'Anarchy Customs' are painted in chaotic letters on each. Just inside a large garage is home to various motorcycles and parts in different states of dismantling, repair, reconstruction, or destruction. The walls are cluttered with various tools, mobbed further with stolen street signs and more untamable, fresh graffiti. The smell of oil clings to the air as eagerly as the grease stains spattered on the concrete floor.

Across from the large, bay garage doors, a single black-iron, spiraling staircase is set beside the opposite wall, corking up to the floor overhead.

"Gotta talk to you. I'll be around the shop." - That was Devi's message.

Now the Raven biker sits ratcheting away at the engine of a motorcycle, the periodic clangs and crashes of tossed tools or junk offering relief to her boiling frustration.

Her brother is hanging around outside, dressed down from his good man, good breeding image that he usually carries around. Wendy got the message and hightailed to Staten. Find out what it was that Devi wanted. If it was more Refrain it might be a day or two. "I gotta pick up some scrap from her, for a piece, just wait out here" Brother is oblivious. Absolutely oblivious as Wendy heads on in to the garage.

"Hey. Devi"

Devi's dark hair flips back over her shoulder as she turns briskly to acknowledge the new arrival. A thin brow pops into a high arc, her crimson-painted lips puckering with a note of tension. "Hello, Wendy." No petname. Something is up.

The biker snags a rag and begins toweling off her hands in a slow, thoughtful process the matches the demeanor of her steps. "I'm not sure if I'm surprised or impressed that you showed. Definitely curious," she remarks before continuing on. "Gotta talk about the last batch of Refrain chica?" She shakes her head and makes a soft tsking before looking to Wendy expectantly.'

"Need more?" nooo, no seems like the woman wouldn't since she's making a tsking sound. "Something wrong with it? " Flesh tones bandages cover the worst of wounds on her hands, same for her feet. There's no bracelets to hide the scabby cuts on her wrists.

Devi gives a single, solemn nod. "No issues with the first few doses. Went to go shoot up a friend the other night, though…" The biker purses her painted lips and makes a crude farting noise. "Nada," she elaborates. "So, what's the deal? I thought we were cool?" She seems to be handling the idea well enough - though, it's plainly obvious that the homecourt advantage makes this precarious chit-chat a bit more stable.

"Friend an evo?" Seems an odd question to ask really. "You know right, that Refrain only works on those who are evolved. People who aren't" There's a shrug. "They get nothing. Wrong, supposedly they get like this fleeting happy factor, but it's gone and they're left outside while all those who have abilities get to ride the blue fairy party train"

Wendy looks expectantly to Devi, waiting for the answer.

"Hold up… - What?!" Devi grunts and takes a step back, trying to wrap her head 'round the scenario. "Evos," she mumbles, before her lips find a quick grunt. "Oh, Hell. You know what? Uh, just forget I said anything."

Evos. Evos. She's an Evo? The idea thought didn't quite compute. Her awkwardness is visible as she looks around the shop, as if to find answers hidden in the lines of mashed and chaotic graffiti clouding the concrete walls.

"Wait.. wait, you're telling me.. that you don't know that you're… " Wendy's brows raise as she looks at Devi. "Do you wanna know what you can do?"

"Fuck no. I didn't know. How the hell? I mean, I'm an adult. Don't know my own body." Devi backs up a further step, jostling a crate of metal that clangs - like bitter laughter in the biker diva's ears. "I don't want to know. Just forget this conversation, yeah?" She waves Wendy off. "Sorry 'bout the trouble," she grumbles as she aims to turn and make way for the stairwell.

"Product wasn't bad" Wendy tosses at the woman. "You're friend isn't evo. Try it out yourself. You'll see" But Devi's retreating and likely, as Wendy's seen before, in deep denial about what she is. So the brunette, with her hopes of scoring weed trampled like the running of the bulls, turns and heads back out to catch up with her brother. "She didn't have the piece I need, come on, lets get to the boat and back home"

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