Bad Guy


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Scene Title Bad Guy
Synopsis Zachery (poor dear) runs into FANNIE.
Date April 15, 2019


A crescent moon hangs amidst a light cloudy night sky. A weeknight is as good as any to party in the Safe Zone, it is still New York after all and while the energy and populous has become more concentrated that in no way has made it any less powerful in a place such as this.

Young couples stroll to various businesses in Elmhurst. The bright neon sign of Add A Ball being one of them. In the distance the Church of the Ascension looms as a beacon of hope bathed in the night.

A trio of young women dressed in scantily clad clothing dance and laugh in a circle in front of a building sharing space with a dilapidated mess of a building nextdoor. A big, dark suited bouncer stands guard at the door the four people drenched in the pink and indigo light of the sign that lights up the place on the outside: Little Darlings. The large door opens as a pair of older gentlemen stumble out laughing themselves as they almost knock into the women outside. The opening of the door allows the music within to echo out, a pulsating dark bass wobbling.

White shirt now red, my bloody nose

Sleepin', you're on your tippy toes

Creepin' around like no one knows

Think you're so criminal

The dark haired woman in the middle skips back with a sultry gaze thrown one of the men's way. Her body lights up as bands of multicolored light wrap around her body and spin in a lazy manner. "Leaving so soon darling?" Attempting to dare the man back inside who coughs and looks at the lights and the woman's hips with wide eyes. "I… Er.. have to get back home to the wife." A chorus of snickers and winks follow the men away from the strip club.

Bruises on both my knees for you

Don't say thank you or please

Listen, almost everyone's had late nights at work, right. Some wait on others, some dance to earn their cash, and Zachery Miller — well. He mostly delivers jello cups and sponge baths to help keep up the status quo at Elmhurst Hospital nowadays. It's a loathed dance of a different sort.

Maybe that's why he's opted for a different bus stop than usual, today, to walk off some of that extra annoyance still littering his thoughts. Hands in the pockets of his black coat, head low, his attention idly on the street ahead of him— one eye a dark blue, one a pearly white with a distinct lack of iris and pupil, catching the light in a way a real eye would not.

The noise from inside Little Darlings slowly coming into earshot as he walks only serves to hike his shoulders up more, and once he turns the corner to see the cause of it, his gait slows and it… aaaalmost looks like he's ready to turn around take another route. But no, giving those near the door a quick scan with that one eye, he presses forward and picks up speed again to try and pass them on the other side of the street. Go go go gentlemen keep 'em busy. Because Zachery is, too. Busy getting HOME.

I do what I want when I'm wanting too

My soul so cynical

"Hold it Suga!" The dark haired woman with bands of light withering around her body sees Zachery, Target acquired. "Where you going all the way over there?" She calls, leaning forward as one of the other ladies a pretty redhead slinks forward. "We're putting on a wild show." The redhead's voice huskier than the smaller dark haired woman's.

So you're a tough guy

Like it really rough guy

Just can't get enough guy

Chest always so puffed guy

Nearing Zachery the trio of women circle him slowly, petting his shoulder. Totally soliciting his attention.

From within the confines of the club a rather loud round of cackling can be heard followed by a scream that makes the bouncer stiffen and turn to open the door peering inside the lights shining off of his bald head.

I'm that bad type

Make your mama sad type

Make your girlfriend mad tight

Might seduce your dad type

The women with Zachery look over nervously before shaking it off. One grabs at his hand and pulls suggestively towards the blaring entrance to the club. "First dance is on me." The lights make it seem like her light brown eyes glow, the redhead smiles and drapes herself over the dark haired woman's shoulder. "First one…" She echoes in a teasing tone flicking her tongue out.

As soon as he's addressed directly, Zachery's muscles stiffen. Rather than wait for them to stop him, he stops his own damn self, and straightens up to meet their gaze with a cold one of his own in comparison. The hand on his shoulder nudges it back down, but also has it roll back as if in order to escape. Alas, it's got a body it's attached to.

The noises from inside don't appear to do much to motivate him to warm up to the women, though he seems infinitely more concerned with what's out here. Where he is.

Nope. No time. Not interested. Tired. Late. His eyebrows lower, that white eye narrowing slightly more than his right. Those bands get a brief glance before a pull at his hand jerks his attention back up. "I've got —" His tone of voice immediately betrays him, lacking the confidence he's trying to convey with squared back shoulders and overall stillness in the face of that beat still pounding out onto the street.

He tries again, and to his credit, this time he sounds at least most of the way to self-assured. "I've got five dollars and an empty stomach on me. I'm a poor choice of victim." But he is not, notably, pulling his hand back. He might later blame this on an influx of information about the handholder's physical state, however trivial. Then, as if to fully try to drive the point home, he adds levelly, "I've seen too many of you dead, anyway."

The dry swallow that follows may or may not be a sign that he didn't think that one through before he heard himself say it.

I'm the bad guy (Duh)

I'm the bad guy

The woman's body opens up for Zachery at least for his ability it does, copious amounts of cocaine a tiny bit of GHB along with a heart irregularity greet his touch. She also has the clap, that might explain his pulling away.

But as he is slowly lured that direction, the three women cooing and circling him as they slowly cross the street. Two things happen that halt this whole process. The door bangs open the pounding thump of the music spilling out to the street again. The bouncer rushes to the side as the three strippers halt and stiffen as a woman with long dark hair that flies in the wind behind her skates out of the establishment.

I like it when you take control

Even if you know that you don't own me

Eve's eyes are bright and glow red as she twists and does a bow for the bouncer wiggling her fingers in farewell, "See you Jerry Lew!" His name is Harry but the man does little but shake his head softly and wave her off, "See you Murda."

Fingerguns are lifted and aimed at the man and Eve winks as she continues to sail backwards into the street, blood red lightning sparks and dances down her arms and over her pointed fingers. "You know ma nameee!" Twisting herself around the former seer finds herself right in front of Zachery and the three strippers who clearly know Eve and decide that they're hunt is over, the hunt for Zachery at any rate. "He-hey girl. See you around."

Giving the doctor a look from Eve's back the dark haired woman with the clap almost makes the look: would have been better with us. "See ya girls, shake a tailfeather and make that money rain!" Clapping her hands, the tall woman made even taller with the silvery shimmery roller skates reaches into her hair digging around for something with long, pale fingers. "Where…"

I'll let you play the role

I'll be your animal

Crimson eyes unfocused and not clearly looking at the man who clearly stands in front of her. The wind that's kicked up ruffles the ends of her ratty black trench coat she wears. There's some kind of shift of a dark gray color underneath but the coat is mostly closed by one pale hand that jumps with red lightning. "There!" Pulling a fresh joint from her hair she grins and frowns a little. There are a few burn marks in the middle of the joint, "It'll do…" clearly put out but the idea of lightning the thing makes Eve's eyebrows raise and she looks down at her hand and raises a pinky to place on the end of the joint. Fzzzzzt. She twists and turns her finger as the lightning works around her hands and she pulls from the other end, smoke rises from the top of the joint and she pulls her hand back and looks shocked. "Hot damn!"

Oh there's a man in front of her.

"Oh hello!"

His hand relinquished, Zachery… ends up just sort of… standing there, for a bit. His fingers do eventually curl inward again as his attention pinballs restlessly from woman to woman, as if he's having some amount of trouble keeping up with what's happening. When it lands on Eve, it stays there, and… so does he? His head absentmindedly angles to center her in his vision properly, and something akin to familiarity sparks in that eye of his. It's not… quite there though.

What's keeping him there is much more likely to be that tiny fireworks show, if the way he lowers his gaze to follow her hand is anything to go by. His nose wrinkles at the smoke, but it just hardens his stare. Like he's going to find a miniature lightning generator strapped to Eve's wrist.

"You know, just for a moment, there," he adds, then, in lieu of a greeting back, "I thought maybe I didn't have a good reason to avoid this area. I knew I was right, but — it's always good to confirm a theory."

Squinting her eyes and looking Zachery up and down slowly the night of that gala blooms in memory of her mind, then eyebrows raise even slower as it clicks and her too wide smile follows, smoke blowing from her nostrils. Drawing her shoulders back as she puffs on the joint those red eyes widen.

"Oh vu don't rememper me?" Using her hand to cover her eyes just showing her mouth, she was wearing a mask that night. Skating closer Eve leansssss in, "Fannie." Snickering Eve rolls backwards and pulls out smoke giving off the impression that she blew herself backwards like some sort of wild cartoon character.

"I never got yer name." Now her accent is a country western and her hands twist as she finds a suitable pose to rest in, this pose is Eve hunched over rubbing her knees and looking like some sort of gremlin. "I'm Eveeeeee."

If Zachery looked out of place before, then now doubly so. If only for the fact that he is no longer simply moving through, but standing still to watch the spectacle that is Eve. As if she is something to be observed. Maybe realizing the irony in this, considering his reluctance to partake in strip club related activities, he leans to take a step to the side so he can continue on his way home.

But. Then that accent comes. It freezes him in his tracks, his head turning so as to let him focus that one eye on her face once more. Wait.

… Oh.

The color drains from his face, before a nervous sounding chuckle leaves his throat, incited by this snickers coming his direction. He looks flabbergasted, shoulders sinking down, a lopsided grin creeping onto his face. "Small fucking world. I knew that accent couldn't possibly be real. I was hoping the name wouldn't be, either." His fingers twitch idly by his side, before his hands curl into fists and then relax again. "I guess since you've given me two of yours, it's only fair I give you one in return. Zachery, at your service at no gala anymore, not ever, anywhere." He even gives half of a little faux bow, somewhat tense amusement weaving through his words.


Eve echoes in a dramatic tone and she follows after him a step going to skate until she's leaning against the wall. "Ahhh Zachery, Pearly." The nickname falls off her tongue, there we go. Eve's bright eyes travel over Zachery's form. "I am a mistress of disguise I'll have you know." On the accent and the fake name but there's a sense of amusement, she likes it.

"Fooled you I did not Pearly." Swinging her arm in a slow arc the rush of crimson red mist coiling around her arm with lightning surrounding it is a wild spectacle of a thing. The mist disappears and reappears around her skin.

"Where are ya off too? I have a bump if you need a late night." Almost digging into her bra for her drugs. She almost forgets about the joint until she placed it back to her lips and pulls, smoke pluming from her unpainted lips. Eve's ever persistent too wide smile is present.

Something about the way Zachery's grin pulls into something a little more patient and the way he straightens to cross his arms over his chest is likely an indication he's not too happy about yet another nickname being assigned to him. At the same time, he's got a look of calm assessment about him, almost as if trying to determine Eve is worth arguing with.

"You got me." The sarcasm practically drips from his words, voice a little lower than before. But the mist - that gets his attention like a laser pointer would a cat's, even if he seems to opt to stand completely still rather than give chase. "I'm heading home. To get, potentially, three and a half hours of sleep before the working man's shitshow starts again. I might be tempted, otherwise."

This last part sounds particularly like a truth, but again, he leans away like his instincts are fighting him to make a decision he doesn't really want to make. He's trying to be good! Or… at least, better than he could be doing. Except instead of starting to walk, he ends up squinting at Eve's arms and asks, "Does that not… hurt?"

"This?" Waving down at her hand, the whole of her body. "Oh yes it hurts like hell, like I'm being ripped apart at the seams. Ahhhh ahhh ahhh." Allowing herself a gasping sound in the pain she feels. Eve's eyes follow Zachery's again to the red mist and she lays her hand on the surface of the wall behind her. Lightning leaps from her fingertips and leaves scorch makes and smoke on the cracked red brick wall. Her new reality, she would need to disperse soon.

First things first, a new friend.

"Do you hurt?" Eve's question is simple and she tilts her head just so that tangles of that dark mane can fall into her face. Her smile vanishes, dropping from her face like a warm mask worn far too long. "Hm?"

Zachery's gotta go. He really does. So he starts to move - but so slowly. More of a stalk than not, and at a slow enough pace that he's more walking in an arc around Eve than away from her. Certainly, there is a level of intrigue, here.

That new show of lightning pulls his shoulders back in reflex and widens his eyes with a glint of that red reflecting in both before he angles his head downward. The question comes, then, and draws his attention back to Eve's face. Does he hurt? He opens his mouth, but before answering, runs his tongue over his molars in idle thought. Hmmh.

As though Eve's smile disappearing only makes room for his grin to creep wider, he answers, "… Less and less."

The push and pull of the smile and frown continues as Eve leans forward at his words, giving him even more to view. Inside and out. Pain has become like second nature to the pale woman, wrapping her in its strong embrace. It's bright, it's fiery, it's tearing her to pieces. Little by little. Her very core unstable as it is. "What a gift." Is her quiet comment and her eyes dance with wildness as inspects the man on a level different than how he inspects her.

Puffing hard on the joint, the aroma and smoke washes over Zachery as she blows the smoke out around them hanging like a cloud.

"Are you free?" This time Eve's shift is even more sudden. The deadly grin that drops her mouth open revealing white teeth and a pink if not pale tongue.

"Is anyone?" This answer comes much quicker than his last. Zachery's slow meander halts when that smoke comes, seemingly happy to stand still as it curls around the shape of his black coat and dissipates slowly around him. His inspection of her is calm. Almost routine. Never quite seeming to settle on one thing alone.

His eyes narrow with visible intrigue, though there's something else in the way his nose wrinkles just for a second, and the way his head lowers when he focuses that eye back on hers. Like he's trying to look through them, searching for something in that head of hers. The kind of look someone might pair with a challenge.

"Are you?"

"I was chained once, my ankles and knees with my head bent and shoved down into the Rushing Waters, to see." Eve snorts at the picture of her old life, what she leaned on was as much as a disability at times as it was a knack for knowing things. The things it plagued her mind with… those scars were everlasting. "Now I know what freedom taste like, I've been given glimpses but,"

Her eyes leave Zachery's and she looks down at her own body trying to see through it with her own sight. "Not like this though. Not in this skin. In this skin." Pinching a section of pale flesh on her arm that is left with an angry red spot from the force of the move. "But sometimes I am. When J let myself go, it's been… freeing." Cackling now and suddenly the woman goes to lay a hand on Zachery's shoulder. "You are a curious Pearly hm? Like me."

In a sing song voice as the joint again comes to her lips and she takes a pull before rapidly shoving herself forward to plant her lips on Zachery's and pull the smoke in his mouth.

One would think, considering the fact that his attention has been on Eve and Eve alone for the past few minutes, that Zachery would have seen this coming. And yet, one would not find this to be the truth. Eve draws close before he seems to even seems to register the movement.

As it stands— well, so does he. He stands. And he does very little else. His eyebrows go up and his eyes go wide, that's for sure, and though one of his arms flinches forward at his side, fingers splayed, it doesn't actually find its destination. It just sort of stops. So does his breathing. Maybe also his brain? It is unclear. The jury's still out. And so's some smoke through his nostrils, apparently.

"There there now Pearly, take an invisible ride." Drawing out the last syllable with a loud grin, she smokes more of the joint peering at him through the smoke, that was nice. Zachery is strange. He reminds her of Frank, god bless the young man who had suddenly been made to feel emotions so extremely.

"What do you live for?" Eve's rummaging around in her pockets still, leaving smoky trails where her body burns the material.

As an aside, "I know I have some LSD… do you like it?"

A shallow, smoke-trailing koff later and Zachery has learned how to breathe again. It's a miracle. A dry swallow later, and he straightens and remembers how to speak, too! Quick learner. The grin that returns to his face looks like it's hard one to suppress, like fascination wills it into existence and refuses to let go. If the cat who curiosity took a hit out on had an expression in its last moments, this would probably be it.

Though whether or not he's actually heard any of the last few sentences Eve spoke remains a mystery for a moment. Finally, his attention leaves Eve's form to dart quickly in the direction he was going before, of home, and then briefly downward. His brow furrows in what looks to be consideration, but… there's a confidence that paints his voice when he turns to look Eve over again. "I don't… think I know the answer to either of those questions, actually."

His shoulders come up, one more than the other, in a facetiously dramatic shrug, before he slowly shifts his weight sideways and away from Eve to take a step backwards and toward whence she came. "Let's find out."

"Awww right!" Pumping her fist into the air so that she can go back towards Little Darlings. The trio of ladies and the bouncer's eyes widen but they move out of the way before the woman rolls all the way into the closed door. "Oh! Check your neck!" She calls behind herself as she rolls back into the establishment, a tablet can be see in the palm of her hand as the music washes over them along with the indigo light within the club.

My mommy likes to sing along with me

But she won't sing this song

If she reads all the lyrics

Zachery would find a similar tablet on the back of his neck, soaked in his sweat. The drug absorbing into his skin.

She'll pity the men I know

Eve was a regular it seemed and her sudden departure and arrival seem to be things of the norm for the workers though they do eye her wearily as she sails and flops onto one of the plush couches at the side of the large room.

The club itself was alive with the music even louder and the smell of sweat, perfume and something more primal filling the air.

A waitress with long shining black hair comes by to retrieve their drink orders when Zachery arrives. But on the stage. A woman with four arms dances on the center stage, whirling around the pole with apparent dexterity and flair.

So you're a tough guy

Like it really rough guy

There's hardly any time for him to process what's happened, and Zachery's instincts rather than anything else seem to be what carry him back toward that door, still feeling for what was on his neck — and then his fingers. Oh. Oh. The confidence showing on his face falters for a moment, until something else fights its way up. Amusement bubbles up in what might be considered a slightly unhinged sounding chuckle. Okay. Sure.

He trails slightly behind when he follows Eve, and though he sticks out like a tourist in July as he moves through, at least he's holding his head high as he eyes the woman on stage. Despite his initial unwillingness to go in, he doesn't… show any signs of regret. In fact, before he turns to find Eve again, he lingers in a way that might suggest that this whole thing might have even been a good idea.

Scratch that. This was a great idea. Once he does make his way back to Eve, after opening his coat because oh boy did it get warm in here or what, he sinks into that couch with enough of an oomph to suggest he's accepted it as his final resting place. He's never moving again.

"You know," his gaze darts from person to person to stage and then settles on Eve's face again as his grin pulls to one side more than the other, "I still don't have any money on me, so curiosity might be all you're going to get." Speaking of which, "You said you were chained." It's almost a question, but not quite.

"Just a soda for me! Probably for him too!" Fishing a crumpled up bill from her bra to pass with a wide grin to the waitress who then moves off. "We don't need to be mixing the spirits with our pending ascension. Dilutes the process." Eve lays spread out on the couch, the occasion lightning remains on her face and coat thankfully not leaping onto the furniture but there are other seats here which she has left her mark.

Eyes flicker in the blue and indigo light, pinkish in some spots that wash over Eve's form. "I was." It's almost a answer, but not quite.

"I had a duty once. One that was self imposed but I believed the great Cosmos had given it to me. Very short sighted in that which is the biggest irony isn't it?" Zachery wouldn't know why it was so ironic. Unless he was a telepath but Eve's face is contemplative before a laugh bubbles it's way up through her. "I lived for it, worshipped the idea. But that duty got me killed," There's a loud snort, "A few times. Like a cat, that damned thing just won't die."

On the stage the four armed woman finishes her routine, men rapidly throwing dollar bills on the stage which are collected as she slinks off and a dark skinned tall woman takes her place, her body was muscles and she was clearly not here for games not giving a tasteful wink or flirting with her eyes. Instead she just stalks over to the pole and performs an impressive swing before climbing up it. "What about your chains?"

Unquestionably, Zachery is distracted by his current environment. The unfamiliar is always interesting to him, but… Eve proves to be somehow more interesting yet. Or at least enough for him to eventually focus on her fully, shifting his weight to push himself into the nook between back- and armrest. Again, those touches of lightning catch his eye, and he follows their path more than what's on her face.

Her words almost don't seem to interest him, the tension slowly slipping from him as he just… observes. On the word killed, however, his brow furrows in a twitch. The question is met with a quizzical chuckle, and what sounds like an equal amount of amusement and confusion when he asks, "Which ones?" This may very well be rhetorical, since he tacks on immediately afterwards, "You don't talk like you've died." A pause, but only for a beat, his grin widening as if at some inside joke, "At least not for more than a few minutes."

The colors begin to grow even more vivid for Eve, Zachery may feel the same. The pale woman erupts into laughter as the sodas are brought over and she takes a sip before placing the drink firmly at her side.

"Car accident a few hours." She says unexpectedly, "Brought back by blood from an immortal." Another pause and she holds her belly as she laughs even more her perception widening from the tablet she still has on the palm of her hand. "Broken necks, limbs bent back, ragdoll, ragdoll." The pounding pulse of the bass she can feel it in her chest.

"Beheaded the second time by the immortal who saved me the first time, brought back by…" Eve tips her head back as her laughter all but dies and she stares with wide eyes up towards the ceiling. "By an ancient entity." She laughs even harder then, it's absurd. It's the truth.

"The third time I was ripped apart piece by piece, boom" emphasizing with her hands and a kick of her skates into the air almost hitting Zachery in the face. "By the ancient entity that glued my head back on! Hahahahaha!" She pounds the space next to her with her fist, the drink wobbles. "That time… brought back.. by myself." The last word lands heavy as does her fist again. Thud Her laughter is almost distracting but she stifles it a bit with a look between fingers now that her hands are covering her face.

"I didn't receive the handbook on how to speak after you come back from the grave." Not that she would have anyway! Her way of doing it was so much more fun.

Eve may as well be a living, breathing lightshow for how Zachery is staring at her, still slumped back in his seat, all stillness next to her animation. Any signs of not taking her seriously before slowly slips from his face, as other things slip steadily from his mind. Oh.

He's not stupid— in fact, he knows more or less what to expect in theory. It was, once upon a time, very much part of his job to know these things. Experiencing it, however, seems to be be throwing him for a loop regardless of this information. Her kick near his face has him raise his hands, but too slowly, and this seems suddenly infinitely amusing. He doesn't laugh, per se, but his face ends up stuck somewhere between a practiced, fake smile of forced social niceties and much more genuine grin of maybe sincerely enjoying this whole deal.

"Hold on, hold on!" He reaches over to Eve to stop her speaking for a second, though not terribly specific in which part of her his hand reaches and speaking a little more loudly than he otherwise would. The drink goes ignored, in favour of more information. He is FASCINATED, now just opts to STAND to get a good look at Eve as if he hasn't been doing that for a while. His own eyes a little wider, too. "Immortal, broken— ancient entity… brought back… yourself?" Okay, now he laughs. "Are you important?" Also, somewhat dumbstruck sounding, "Your pain is all over you, is that bad?"

Asking the real questions, here.

Rising to her feet as Zachery does Eve balances herself and throws her arms out while looking up at the ceiling. "Am I important?? Noooooo! I'm just an imp running through the doors. A pixie sprinkling her pixie dust all around her!" Looking down at her arms which glow on and off from her veins turning that iridescent red.

"My mission is important though, the most important mission I've ever had! Mmmmm." Grinning while she leans in close to Zachery and claps a hand on his shoulder. "My pain is me and I'm my pain! I break down," her hands making erratic movements to illustrate her molecules breaking apart. The music is more intense but pleasantly so. The lights dance and warp around Eve's perception, what a good idea. A great idea.

"I explode, all the time. Lots of fun. Throw the die." Then Eve stops and she cackles before throwing the question, "Why do you wear a mask, Pearly?" Blurts out and she's staring into Zachery's eye.

An eye that is looking more and more like its owner might be slipping rapidly into a different stream of thoughts. Eve is excellent entertainment and he's happy to stand there, watching the show, mouth sort of— open as though he wants to join in the rambles, but never quite finds the words.

Her lean has him leaning closer, too, brow knitting. The clap on his shoulder tightens the muscles of the surrounding area, but only until he's distracted by Eve's motioning and words again a few seconds later. The eye having so freshly earned him his nickname closes, and he reaches a hand up to it to press fingertips to eyelid. The prosthetic underneath does not give like a normal eye would.

"A mask?" He echoes, voice a distant sort of distracted, body too still to look like it truly belongs in the place he and Eve are at. "I don't wear a mask. I'm just me! I don't explode, I don't have pretty lights, I don't throw… pixie dust. I just cut and fix and watch the hurt." He laughs, hand still on his face. There's no mask, see. His gaze fixes on Eve's face. "Why do you think I wear a mask!"

Just can't get enough guy

Chest always so puffed guy

I'm that bad type

Make your mama sad type

Make your girlfriend mad tight

Might seduce your dad type

The dancer now on stage is a woman whose arms turn into whirling water, a mimic. Her blonde hair twisted into a crown of some kind and she looks like some kind of goddess of the sea. Twisting under the light and water sometimes sprinkling out to the crowd of men cheering for her.

…it's a little well you know.

Eve isn't paying attention. She's only laughing. Skating in a slow circle around Zachery it's reminiscent of the trio of strippers from earlier and bright red lightning pops and cracks along his shirt collar and back, leaving tiny holes of smoke rising up. He'll have to worry about that later. For now Eve feels her world beginning to tumble out of control and Zachery was the only person in the room who was //on her level.

I'm the bad guy (Duh)

I'm the bad guy

I'm only good at being bad, bad

Together the pair continue their "ascension" as Eve called it. Whatever Eve was getting at earlier with the masks comment is lost the LSD, to the weed she smoked earlier. To the buzz of running into and having an impromptu adventure with a new buddy. "I'm not sure!" Laughing almost uncontrollably and clutching Zachery's arm to keep from falling.

"Don't we all wear masks?"

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