Bad Magnes, No Biscuit!


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Scene Title Bad Magnes, No Biscuit!
Synopsis Magnes spills a secret.
Date May 31, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Al & Abby's Apartment.

Wearing a white button up shirt with a black dress vest worn open, some loose fitting blue jeans, and a pair of semi-nice sneakers, Magnes arrives at Abby's apartment with a small brown paper bag in his hand, knocking lightly on the door. His expression is pretty neutral at the moment, like someone who just came from a hard day's work.

Abby's home. Her stay with the ferryman ended and Joseph seeming to be on the mend. Sunday best still on, the red head was deep in the throes of baking again, working away her energy, thinking, all of that. SO in the cherry blossom printed apron and wiping her hands with a rag, She was opening the door a few moments after the knocking. "Hello Magnes"

"Hey, sorry I haven't been around. Well, I've sorta been around, at Delilah's place, but um." Magnes shakes his head, trying to avoid making an awkward situation within seconds of door opening. "I wanna talk to you about some things, but it's nothing you need to worry about."

There's a soft sigh and then a nod. "Come in Magnes. I just made some Cheddar Chive biscuits. You can take some with you" There's a gesture for him to come in, before the door is closed behind him. The smell of said biscuits permeates the air, and it's warm inside the apartment thanks to the blasting heat of the oven.

"I can't say I've ever had those." Magnes says with a soft smile, walking to take a seat on the couch. He opens the brown paper bag, pulling out a long jewelry box, a marker, and a tiny white board to write on. "I decided to go ahead and give you that Valentine's gift. I figured it'd probably piss you off, but I feel stupid just keeping it."

Then, he writes on the board in black marker, holding it up for her. It reads Don't mention the board, just keep talking about the jewelry box. Don't worry, this is just in case anyone is listening. I wanna talk about Phoenix.

What the hell? Abby looks at Magnes before leaning over to turn on a stereo, christian music flaring to life and she gestures for him to go ahead. The jewerlry box for now, plainly ignored. Why do men keep giving her jewelry!?!

Magnes shakes his head, leaving the jewelry box next to him so he can write again, after wiping the previous words away. Can't risk saying anything out loud at all, dangerous for me, not for you. How can I meet someone from Phoenix? Just one person, and it can't be anywhere public or where they frequent'

He takes a deep breath, holding the board out for her to take, then speaks verbally again, "Actually giving you a four month old gift was probably not the best idea, but it's the last thing I have that's still keeping me tied to any feelings I had, so, I just wanted you to have it. Closure, you know?"

The marker is taken from Magnes, wiping the board with her rag and then writing back


Magnes takes the board back, writing This seems less suspicious if you talk back, but alright, let's just pretend you're in shock and I'll be quiet. I need to meet with Phoenix because I have a plan, I can't tell anyone the specifics of why this plan will work, that's dangerous information, but all you need to know is that I may be able to set back registration a few years, maybe forever, but I need help .'
Abigail's sighs, Ben worthy again.

Fine. I'll get them your number and say you want to talk to someone

She reaches for the box and flips it open to look at it, tilting it up to get a good look at what Magnes was going to give her.

Thanks, and please, do not mention this and my name at the same time to anyone but Phoenix. I'm trusting you with my life here, I can't afford a slip up.

Magnes stares at her very seriously when he writes that, then just sighs in relief, finally done. The gift is a prayer cross, like on those commercials, a crystal cross with a prayer inside the middle circular crystal when you look through it.

The Lord's Prayer

Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.

She has one of these. Funny how to different people gave this to her. Yes, she'd given in and opened Coren's gift.

What have you been doing that you can put registration back a few years?

Magnes frowns and just shakes his head.

I can't tell you that, I'm sorry, Abby. If I told you then things might get really complicated. The less you know, the better. And it's not because I don't trust you, god knows I trust you, but you don't deserve another burden.

Magnes J Varlane. Who are you to determine which burdens I can or cannot //take

There's a very angry expression on the young woman's face.

I've been carrying burdens since before you knew me. I'm still carrying them right now.

Magnes still has a rather regretful expression, still slowly shaking his head.

And what if you don't trust me? What if you think what I'm doing is too dangerous? That I'm too immature to do it? What I'm doing is definitely dangerous, Abby, and while I trust you, I have no way of knowing how much you trust me to do and be involved in certain things.

There's a pause from the red head before she wipes the board, taking it away from Magnes. passing it back over.

Tyler Case took away my gift. I can't heal anymore Magnes. I haven't told very many people. I'm trusting you with this right now. Trust me?

Magnes takes a deep breath, gently grabbing the board and writing with a slightly more patient look.

You realize that if you tell anyone, anyone at all, or even mention this out loud, I could be killed, or my entire life could be ruined, I might even be locked away forever? If I tell you this, it has to stay in your head, it never leaves your lips, ever.

There's a roll of her eyes to that statement.

Wiping the board, Magnes begins to write again, adding simply.

I'm a Company agent, it got me pardoned, and opened up an opportunity for me to get sensitive information. I plan to stop the government from the inside, and I need Phoenix to help me with something. I'm trusting you Abby, it may be the feelings I have left over for you, but god, I'm trusting you with everything right now.

"Are you crazy?" Screeches Abby. "Are you INSANE Magnes?!" Staring down at the board and then up to him.

Magnes quickly writes in large bold letters: NOT SO LOUD!!!

Wiping the board, he writes again, Please tell me you're keeping this to yourself, I can't risk anyone knowing. I told you because you said I could trust you. Can I trust you?

"You seriously think that you can get away with this?" Abby hisses. "Magnes, your twenty, heck, you were seen jumping around Tokyo!" She lowers her voice. 'What on earth made you think that you could do THIS"

Magnes' face begins to grow very frustrated, writing more. Abby, take the board and stop talking! I don't plan to do this alone or necessarily right away, I want training from them first, I want to learn what they know, how they operate. I'm gonna be a well-trained Company agent, not some immature kid, they'll be training me for this. But I swear. Stop. Talking. Now. Board.

Abigail gets up from the table, walking into the kitchen so she can slap some of the biscuits into a container, calm down. "Take your biscuits. Try not to get killed with yet more stupidity" A shake of her head as she holds the box up to him. "Don't be telling anyone about whats happened to me either. Understood?"

"I understand." Magnes sighs, standing and taking the container. He gives her a friendly smile, though it seems vaguely forced behind his frustration. "Please, don't make me regret this. Trusting me and doing what I asked, that's all I want you to do, alright, Abby?"

"Out Magnes. If I hear someone one more time tell me not to tell stuff, I will seriously find a bible and whack them with it upside the head" Needless to say, she's not connecting him up with who she planned. She doesn't want anything like that.

"Well I'm sorry if I don't wanna be forced to go hide in some Alaskan cave." Magnes groans slightly, more frustrated, then he opens the door. "Later, Abby."

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