Baiting The Hook


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Scene Title Baiting The Hook
Synopsis Rebecca has reached the limits of her threshold for pain. Aude happens upon her with a solution.
Date Augsut 14, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

Rebecca returns from another vision, storming through the main lobby and past the desk sergeant, heading for the lab. She walks with a purpose as she holds her hand to her nose with a hankerchief which is dabbed in the red color of her blood as it seeps from her nose into the white fabric.

She's determined there is something wrong with her. She's gone to the hospital and had anything and everything checked out that she could possibly have done and nothing. She's normal, they say. She's not normal. Her head is pounding, her nose is bleeding and she can see into the past.

As she pushes the to the restroom open, she walks up to the sink and turns on the water and rinses out her blood from the hanky, then checks to see if it's stopped. For now it seems to have. She cleans up the best she can without a mirror and then uses a little soap to clean the hankerchief. She picks up a jar of cream and tosses it across the room, letting it crash against the far wall as she lowers herself onto the floor, leaning up against the cabinet and begins to cry.

"If I was a guy, I'd accuse you of have PMS" Comes quipped from one of the stalls, Aude coming out with the flush of a toilet and adjusting her uniform belt. "Who pissed in your wheaties this morning, or did some evidence get screwed up?" Riot curled, petite, she's someone Rebecca is familiar with.

Oh God. She didn't realize anyone else was in here. She glance up with her eyes all wet with tears as she stands up quickly and reaches for papertowels and pulls a long bit off the reel before tearing it off and begins to wipe at her face. "Just can't seem to shake these headaches and nosebleeds." Rebecca avoids the mirror like the plague and she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a vial. "These things just don't seem to help anymore." She starts to twist the top off and stops, and just sets the bottle onto the counter. "Sorry, I thought I was alone." She says, not looking up at the other officer. The last thing she wanted was for someone to see her upset.

"Eh, it happens. I'll call maintinence to have them clean the stuff up" So, little miss evo is having issues. "Gotten tested for them? Like, I dunno… Cancer?" Aude approaches the counter, kicking at glass to move it away from their general vicinity and sets about to washing her hans.

Shaking her head as she turns away from the mirror, lest she start herself another episode. Rebecca is certain there are things that have gone on in this restroom that she'd rather not see. "I've been. Several times. They say there's nothing wrong with me. They've given me medication. It works for a while, but then the headaches get worse. The nosebleeds more frequent." She shakes her head. "I don't know how much longer I can do this."

"Did you ever, you know, look at the correlation between.. using your ability and the onset of the headaches and nose bleeds?" Aude had seen enough newly manifested evo's come trouncing through with bleeding noses or aching something due to all thier various abilities. Really, it's enough to be very thankful that she's not go to deal with that shit. "Have you maybe tried something .. not legal?"

Never. Ever. The thought never crossed her mind. Not one time in her entire life. Those are the words she should say to the cop that is asking her this question. She would honestly never know where to even find something like that. "I haven't. I.. couldn't." Rebecca's gaze meets Aude's for a moment and though the words come out of her mouth, it's her eyes that tell another story.

"I see it all the time. We get the new manifesters, or the ones who haven't been exhibiting for too long and bam, headaches and nose bleeds and all sorts of nasty stuff. I'm telling you, if you keep a little running tally, you might find that it's your evo status that doing it mhhh hmm" You tell her girlfriend. "Maybe that new Evo drug could help you?"

She's stuck in her little hidey-hole of a lab day in and day out. She hasn't actually had to look at the new drug that Aude is referring to, though the name flashes across her mind as she recalls an email she received about it. "What do you know about it?" The fact that Rebecca even asks, means that she's considering it.

There's a cluck of her tongue as Aude dregs up the information in her mind. "Blue, injectible, glows. Supposedly tialored to be for those with the Suresh Linkage Complex. I guess a mundane can take it, but to get the real effect, you gotta have the evo gene" Aude grabs some paper towel, drying off her hands. "So far, There's been no deaths, doesn't seem like you can overdose on it. Pretty inexpensive on the streets so far from what i've seen. they're only just getting word of it. Shit, we can't even test for it yet on people who come in. I hear it's better than anything and your relaxed afterwards"

Rebecca is thoughful for a moment, then comes to her senses. "I can't do that. I work for the NYPD. I could get fired." All the reasons she shouldn't take the drug, yet lingering in her mind are the reasons she needs to take the drug. The headaches most of all. The relentless headaches. She tosses the paper towel into the trash. "Thanks for trying to help." She takes a few steps towards the door and winces, turning back to glance at Aude before stepping out of the Ladies' Room.

Chicken. That's the thought running through Aude's head. But she's seen that look that was on Becca's face, before the wince. It's enough for the petite officer to press her lips together and smile. She weds her way out of the bathroom and back towards her desk. "Hey paul, got the area that that refrain drug is being sold out of?" "Yeah, uhh yeah, vice says Chinatown seems to have a few morethan others why?" "Curious, Evidence was asking me. Something to do with cataloging some vials they got in" China town. "I'm going on lunch, see ya later gator" "Take care Odie"

Hours later, when Becca finally makes her way home, in the womans purse are three syringes, wrapped with care. No name left, but they're glowing blue.

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