Be Different



Scene Title Be Different
Synopsis Sometimes, all you can do is pray. Sometimes, praying isn't good enough.
Date June 10, 2010

Le Rivage: Judah's Apartment

Lunch sits untouched on the kitchen counter, still cold from having been pulled out of the fridge not long ago. Sandwich, banana, yogurt cup all grouped on a plate, gathered this morning at Judah's reminder before he left for work. Experience has shown that Tamara is more likely to eat lunch if something's there ready to snatch.

But more likely isn't the same as actually eating it.

She casts a glance at the clock without reading its face — 11:58 am — and walks over to the balcony doors. Looks through the glass into a vast distance, at least until a cold wet nose presses against her bare ankle, dark eyes above a pale nose gazing wistfully up to the girl.

"Be different," the seeress whispers, not speaking to the pup for all that she looks that way. "Be different."

Perceiving the future is not the same as being able to change it; sometimes, those two states live on completely different worlds, failing utterly to even glimpse one another. Powerless to affect the shifting balance of possibilities, Tamara cuddles the pale pup against her chest, burying her chin in the dog's thick fur. Staring, dry-eyed, towards the glowing numbers on the kitchen clock, the blonde girl presses her lips together.

"Be anything different."

12:00 pm.

Across half a city, everything changes.

In this tiniest corner of it, a mist-coated puppy tries to cheer her person up by licking the tracks of saltwater from her face.

The plate, and everything on it, is still on the counter when Judah gets home that evening.

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