Beachside Getaway


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Scene Title Beachside Getaway
Synopsis Two temporary denizens of Pollepel Island find each other on the beach, even if they shouldn't be there.
Date November 14, 2010

Pollepel Island

It's pretty chilly this early afternoon on the island. While people are trying to settle into life here, there is at least one person who can't seem to wait to get off of this rock. Staring up at the sky and sitting on a rock near the beach, Lucille Ryans can be seen.

Dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a tank top along with a dark brown leather jacket. Her gloved hands, wipe tears away from her eyes. She's having one of those days. Meaning, the fact that she killed two men is catching up to her. The dark haired woman tries to control her sobs, shoulders seen shaking as she buries her face in her knees. She wasn't ready for this, not at all.

She knows as few people as possible are supposed to be out and about in the middle of the day, but to be frank, Robyn Quinn needed some fresh air away from the room she sharing with four friends – friends as they may be, a little time to one’s self can be amazing, and that’s what she’s plodding down the beach for.

The musician is dressed rather atypically for her usual self, in sturdy looking blue jeans and a similarly sturdy looking leather jacket – which might not fare so well close to the ocean water, but Quinn isn’t exactly knowledgeable in the care of riding leathers. Hands in pockets, it takes her a moment to notice Lucille as she approaches the beach, an eyebrow quirked curiously.

“Hey there,” she says curiously, and somewhat cautiously, her pace slowing as she gets closer. “You okay?”

Head snapping up from the sound of someone behind her and then.. a voice. Lucille quickly rubs her eyes, making them look as dry as she can make them. And then she's looking her shoulder with a feigned smile. "Oh, hi there." She dips her head towards the fortress. "Couldn't stay in there much longer either, huh?"

She looks out towards the ocean again and then waves for Quinn to sit with her. Why not? Lucille was only crying by herself on the beach. She doesn't mention the crying and from the looks of it. She won't be speaking of it soon. "Name's Lucille." She offers softly before hugging her knees.

“Yeah, gets a bit too cooped up in there after a bit,” Quinn replies with a grin, lingering a moment before following up on Lucille’s invitation. “Gets kinda borin’, an’ someone was shushin’ me when I was playin’ guitar, so figured I’d get out for a bit, you know?”

Stopping next to Lucile, Quinn carefully lowers herself down to the sand, offering a hand over to Lucille. “Robyn Quinn, pleasure t’ meet you. What brings you out here? Same deal, needed some fresh air? Because I would totally understand.”

"Oh my God yes." Lucile says with a chuckle. "I mean.. it's nice to be around people but you have to have your own space sometimes, right? Even though.. I guess this is the best we can do right now. What with the state the city's in." She shrugs her shoulder and sighs.

"Quinny." She grins softly and shakes the hand of the musician, already giving her a nickname. "Guitar? Wow, I've always wanted to learn. I was.. well the cheerleader in highschool that read a lot." She chuckles, being a social bookworm was awesome in high school. All the popularity and nobody thought she was weird for loving to read.

Quinn blinks a bit, looking at Lucille with a wry grin. “Quinny? I haven’t been called that by anyone in a long while…” She seems amused, letting out a bit of a laugh. “Yeah, finding solace is a bit hard at the moment. Beach makes for a nice quiet spot though, so I’m sorry if I’m, like, intruding or anythin’.”

Shrugging a bit, the Irishwoman digs her booted feet into the sand a bit, relaxing. “A cheerleader? That must have been fantastic fun. I was a music geek in highschool. Still am. Could probably reach you how t’ play a bit a’ guitar if you’re still interested in it.” There’s a smile at that, and another shallow shrug.

"Oh please, it's fine. It's not there's a sign that says, Lulu's beach only." The former model laughs and shrugs towards Quinn. "You're more than welcome here." Plus, Lucille doesn't have any friends so she'll take all the conversation she can get.

"It was fun.. but then people think you're dumber than you really are. I guess it didn't help people's opinions much when I became a model." Lu ruffles her hair from the back and shakes it out. It's been growing as of late, reaching to her shoulders now. Though it'll be a while before it's as long as it was before.

"I would love to learn! That'd be awesome." She nods eagerly towards Quinn. When she's learned how to play.. she'll be able to accompany her tone deaf sister. "I wish I picked a better hobby to have during high school looking back. Maybe a scientist." It would make understanding her ability probably so much eaiser.

“Well, you’ll have t’ come back with me to the room I’m stayin’ in, then. Screw the shushers, it’ll give us somethin’ t’ do, right?” Quinn beams, clearly enjoying the thought of teaching another person an instrument. “And hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a cheerleader. I think people could use one right, you know? Gotta stay positive, even with all this shit going on. Only way we’re going to all stay sane.”

Leaning back a bit, Quinn lets her hands sink into the sand next. “People who assume somethin’ like that suck,” she says bluntly. “I think it’s cool that you’re a model. Had a girlfriend once, who was an aspirin’ model. Always seemed like a fun thing t’ do, even if it wasn’t for me. Me? My time ons tage’ll be with instrument in hand.”

"It was an awesome time." Lucille nods as she leans back as well, "The clothes.. the life.. the guys." Lucille chuckles to herself, "It's plenty hard to get into though." Though Lucille was discovered fairly early, she was lucky. "I'd love to do the lessons though, that'd be sweet." She shrugs slightly and grins.

"I don't let it bother me anymore, because when I see the surprise on people's faces when I show them what I can do.. it's real rewarding." She chuckles and looks over towards Quinn. "Do you play a lot of gigs and stuff around the city?"

“I wish.” There’s a chuckle from Quinn, the musician shaking her head. “I do some solo gigs, on occasion. An’ I’m working on a solo album at the moment.” She looks back towards the castle, frowning. “One of the council members, Cat Chesterfield, she was helping me with it. I really hope she’s okay.” There’s a distinct frown on Quinn’s face, the first real downturn in her demeanour since the conversation started.

It doesn’t last, though, before her smile returns, looking over at Lucille. “Some friends an’ I, we have started a band, though. We’re still trying t’ get off the ground, get some songs written. I play keyboard an’ violin for them, an’ whatever else is needed. We’re kinda missing a drummer, though.”

"Oh! You'll have to play me a song one day soon." Lucille says with excitement. "Ahh, I would offer my skills as a drummer but.. well.. no music skills." She looks sheepish and grounds her feet into the sand. "I can be the model for the music videos though." Once she's not considered a fugitive anymore.

"I'm sure.. you'll find your friend. Cat." Luc lays a hand on Quinn's shoulder. "If not you, then the Ferry will. They seem like a pretty capable lot, right?" she tries to give Quinn a little smile.

The musician gives a bit of a nod, leaning over a bit against Lucille as the hand is placed on her shoulder. “Cat’s smart, I know she’s fine. Doesn’t stop me from being worried until someone hears from her, though. But you’re right, we’re all pretty strong willed here an’ all that. We’ll get by.”

Her mood continues to take that turn back upwards as she raises her own hand, patting Lucille in the back. “Hey. You never know! My friend Elaine claims to have no musical talent, but she plays the violin rather well! Sometimes it’s just a matter of findin’ what sings to you.” That said, Quinn sits back up, smirking as she looks Lucille up and down 0 trying to be furtive about it, but failing rather hard. “But hey, I wouldn’t be opposed t’ having you model for our videos or somethin’. Always nice t’ get other people involved.”

Use to being looked at up and down, Lucille doesn't comment on it. It doesn't make her uncomfortable at all. "Well, maybe I'll find something that sings to me." She chuckles and looks up towards the sky, the waves giving a calming effect over the dark haired woman.

"So.. can you.." She looks towards Quinn and points towards her hands. "Can you do something?" As if everyone that's Evolved has their ability manifests through their hands. "Because, well I can." She says softly and then smiles slowly. Yes, she's admitting she's Evolved and it feels great.

“Well, an’ if you don’t, no biggie. But it’s better t’ try, right?” Quinn leans over and bumps herself against Lucille, laughing as she does. “If you ever want t’ give anythin’ a shot, you know, musically, then come by the Verb sometime. I love there, an’ there’s a studio that can be used for teachin’ an’ shit. It’ll be a lot of fun.

The question as to what she can do gets a wide grin from the musician. The point to her hands is more correct than Lucille realises. “Yeah, I can, actually,” she confirms with that widening grin, Quinn sitting back up and leaning forward, her hands held out – and then they begin to glow, radiating white light. “I do stuff with light,” she explains, the glow dimming as she clasps her hands together – and when she unfolds them, numberous multicoloured motes of light float from her palms. “I do my favourite new trick, but you wouldn’t be able t’ see it.”

"Holy shit."

Lucille blinks and leans forward. "That's beautiful." She says with a bright grin towards the photokinetic. The lights reflecting in her eyes, mesmerized. The young woman almost reaches out with her hands to put a hand through the light but when she sees her gloves, she stops and leans back again.

"That's pretty awesome." Lu tells Quinn with a bright smile. "I would show you mine.. but.. it's nothing flashy." Except her eyes change colors and her face gets all scary sometimes. "I can.. manipulate the functions of the body? Pain.. umm make you fall asleep, that sort of thing." She says with a shrug, she hasn't reached her full capabilities by any means. But then again, who has really?

Unable to hold back a laugh, Quinn shakes her head, the motes of light still floating outwards. Her hands still glowing, Quinn turns her hands in a bit of a circular motion, and the balls of light come together and coalesce into one big glowing ball of light, which Quinn flicks and sends out bobbing on the air in front of the pair.

“It’s fun. I’m a DJ too, at a goth club called Tartarus. You should come by, I do light shows like that, it’s so fun.” She looks back at Lucille, grinning as her hands finally cease glowing. “Doesn’t have t’ be flashy t’ be neat. One of my friends, she can learn an’ speak any language just by lookin’ at it. That’s really cool t’ me. Your sounds like it could be fun to. Great if you know an insomniac at least.” She winks, laughing again afterwards.

"I'll definitely come." Lucille says after a moment of thinking. Oh my God, she hasn't been out in forever. "I'm really looking forward to that." Lu grins towards Quinn as she sees the light show ending. Maybe she's made a new friend today. That'd be awesome for sure.

"Wanna head in?" she asks as she stands and dusts herself off, careful to dust away from Quinn so not to make the DJ dirty. She begins to walk backwards, smiling towards Quinn. "Ha, when people on this island find out what I can do.. they'll be showing up at my door to be slept." She chuckles.

“Might as well,” the musician responds, rising to her feet after Lucille. “You should team up with a friend of mine. She’s a walking pain pill, you’re a walking sleep pill. It’s like a match made in a medicine cabinet.” She grins, proud of herself for the joke. Hands slip into her pockets, nodding.

“I’ll keep an eye for you there, then! It’s a real good time there. Great woman who runs the place, great bartenders, and- well, me, of course. So great music!” So full of herself sometimes! Catching up to Lucille, she moves up beside her, still smiling. “I think we should grab some food, and then head back to the rooms. I’ll show you my guitar, maybe you can meet some of my friends, an’ it’ll be a nice, fun little afternoon.”

Yeah. After everything that’s been going on, a nice afternoon just hanging out does sound like a good time…

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