Bearing Messages and Speaking Falsehoods


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Scene Title Bearing Messages and Speaking Falsehoods.
Synopsis Megan attempts to get a message to Brennan with regards to Cardinal and hits a roadblock.
Date March 12, 2010

Telephone Lines

The phone call that Megan received from Richard Cardinal was odd…. but then again, most of what goes on within the Ferry and its allies could be construed that way. Still, all he asked for was whether Meg knew Brennan, and could she make a call. It's easy enough. Megan tries the house first.

"'Allo, Brennan Residence, how may I help you?" The woman who answers the phone is a familiar voice to Megan when she calls the residence of the two doctor's. The lady of the house answered the phone and not one of the children.

There's a bit of a smile at the French accent. "Hello, Michelle. It's Meg. Would your ever so handsome other half be around today? I was hoping to ask him something."

"I"m sorry Megan, he is in Chicago" She-kah-goh, Michelle pronounces it. "He had a family emergency." The lie runs off Michelle's tongue so easily to the ear. If they were there, might be different thing. "Is it something that I can help with Megan?"

"I don't know," Megan admits. "A friend of mine dropped me a line today about a lost child. He's trying to locate her parents and he thought Harve might know something about the situation." Her phrasing is very cautious but sounds casual enough. "My friend just wanted to talk to him about it, if Harve had time."

"I am sorry Megan, I put him on the plane just last night and he has not called me yet. But I can pass on the message when he does call. He spoke of your loss. You have my greatest sympathies for the loss of the little one. It is so terrible" The french woman offers, attempting to derail the purpose of the call.

Megan goes quiet on the far end and she says, "Thanks, Michelle. Lori's… devastated." She sighs quietly. "All right. If you don't mind terribly, please do ask him to call when he has a chance? My friend's pretty worried about this kid and the crap she's found herself in. I appreciate it greatly."

There's silence on Michelle's end, one can imagine Brennan's wife looking down the hall or into another room, wheels turning in her head. "Your friend is lying Megan. She has no parents. I would think twice about bearing messages from people who speak falsehoods to get their hands on an innocent yes?"

There's a long silence from Megan as she parses that information. "Interesting," the redhead murmurs. "This man has been an ally of the friends Harve and I work with. I find it… odd… that he'd lie." And it makes her angry that he would, actually. When it comes to kids, fooling around isn't right. "Ask Harve to call me, okay? In the meantime, I think I've got some heads to crack."

"I will pass the message along Megan, should he call" Should he call. "Bonne journee Nurse Young, take care" Michelle bids her farewell, not waiting to hear anything else, just a click to indicate that Brennan's wife has hung up.

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