Because There's Not Enough On Your Plate


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Scene Title Because There's Not Enough On Your Plate
Synopsis Elisabeth calls Abby up to send her a heads up and a warning.
Date August 2, 2009

Telephone Lines.

She hates the idea of calling Abby while she's down at her parents' home enjoying a well-deserved break from the crap coming down in New York. But at the same time, Elisabeth has a Really Bad Feeling about this whole serial killer case. It's got her skin crawling. And so in spite of her misgivings, she calls Abby's cell phone.

*The ringtone goes off.*

If Elisabeth knew how often Abagail's phone had been going off, then maybe she wouldn't worry so much. Late afternoon - morning is still reserved for church - and the Beauchamp Clan is enjoying the beautiful humid weather. More porch swinging. Victor talking with her parents. So when Abigail see's the number, she pardons herself to step away. Around the house and down to the woods edge she goes, letting it ring as long as possible before she answers. "Hey Liz" Not the voice of someone having immense joy, but she's at least not bawling or in a panic. The call from Joseph had done much to soothe frayed nerves.

"I hope it's not the fact that it's me that's put that tone in your voice," Elisabeth quips gently. "At least not yet," she amends. "How's your visit going? Your parents doing all right?"

"No, not you. Just stuff. Can't seem to get out of the city without stuff still reaching me. Dah's good. He keeps giving Victor the stink eye, but he approves of him. VIctor's showed off his speed gift and helped Dah chop the wood for winter. Momma's a little teary eye'd when she's not grilling him. Got pick pocketed in New Orleans, but she gave me back my wallet and stole my cross. I'm gonna let someone else deal with her" Or maybe take a trip down there again. Deal with it herself. Elisabeth's words alert her though. "Not.. yet. Right. Okay. Well, tell me now, before my Dah comes around the house and takes my phone away" He totally would. It's his house.

Elisabeth chuckles at the news about Abby's parents, but the news about being pick pocketed? That actually tweaks her a bit. "Normally I wouldn't bother to call you while you're out of town… I usually figure if you're not here, you're not in the line of fire. But…. I'm dealing with a case right now where some things have led me to believe you could be involved, and I thought it best to warn you. It's an Evo serial killer case, Abby…. and you fit his profile, and … we think he's a mental manipulator of some kind, whether by telepathy or compulsion or what, we don't know." She sighs heavily. "Our most recent victim used a turn of phrase that I've only ever heard from you — she called Coren Shelby 'Detective Doctor'… and you fit the physical type that this guy goes for. I know it's a lot to take in… but I want you to be extra careful, okay?"

Evo serial killer. Suddenly, the woods don't look so friendly you know. Woods she's known her whole life. Woods where… something happened when she was 5. "I never knew what to call him. Was it detective Shelby? Doctor Shelby? So I just called Detective Doctor Shelby" But he's pissed with her right now, and he has reason to be and she hasn't called to apologize, too caught up in things. Partly because of the looks she gets from him, partly because she's too chicken to. "What do I need to look out for and do you think that the killer would come out here?"

On the far end of the phone, Elisabeth shakes her head. "Honestly, Abby? I don't have the first clue what you should be looking for. The fact that you just got pick pocketed and the only thing they took was a very personal item of yours? That makes me nervous. A clairvoyant could get a lot of information about you from that, or a touch telepath might be able to actually render a link to you from it. He might not even need proximity. You said your boyfriend's down there with you? The best thing I can tell you right now is tell him about what's happening and tell him that if you start acting odd to restrain you. This guy has made a lot of his kills look like suicides. This last one…. he used the only surviving victim from his rampage a few years ago to kill one of the targets and then kill herself this time around." She sounds worried, and her worry is for Abby.

"Heaven. Victors going to enjoy that" Abigail murmurs into the phone. "Wasn't him or her that took the necklace. I know who. I just have to sic someone I know from the Linderman group on her. Maybe go fetch it myself is all. But I'll let Victor Childs know. Don't go b atting his name around the station by the way. He's.. supposedly on family emergency leave. But he'll be back soon as we get back to the city"

There's a soft chuckle on the other end. "I won't go batting his name around the precinct," Liz promises. She's actually not aware that the boy is a cop-in-training. It's not like she keeps up with who's going through the police academy. And it takes her a minute to put it together. "Wait… he's a cop? That's even better." And actually, so far as she's concerned, it is. "If he wants some of the information I have, you can have him call me. Or you can both come see me when you get back. Mostly I just….. want you to be safe, okay? Be careful." The Linderman group?? "Abby …. who in the world do you know over at Linderman's?"

"The PR rep who blasted Channel 4 for giving my name. He comes by the bar, sees if there's anything the Linderman group can do for me" Been hunting down Tyler Case until he turned up dead. "Pickpocket saw his card in my wallet and she stopped me. Works for the Linderman Group, Liz, I know that Linderman's got his hands in pots, I'm not naive and unaware. I'm not jumping into bed with them"

"I would hope not… I just wondered what you were doing with ties to them, that's all," Elisabeth admits. "Linderman makes me nervous on a lot of levels, but no… I don't think he's got anything to do with this situation. And just about now, kiddo?" She pauses and says quietly, "If I thought for a second he could help me catch this bastard? I'd call on him personally."

"He can't do a lot of things. He couldn't find Tyler Case for me" Abigail sighs softly. "I'll be home by the fifth. Unless Victor wants to head back sooner. You just, take care of yourself okay? We'll keep an eye on things on this end. Teo - Real Teo - Has all my flight information"

Elisabeth grins a little. "Yeah… real Teo. Now there's a story and a half." She sighs. "I'll be okay. Hang in there, lady. I'm not letting this s.o.b. get away."

"Like kitten on a branch Liz. I need to go" In the background Abigail's name is being called by her father. "Dah's looking for me. I think we have some folks from church coming"

"Enjoy, Abby," Elisabeth says, sincerely hoping the blonde will. "See you when you get back." And she hangs up with a soft sigh.

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