Because You Deserve It


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Scene Title Because You Deserve It
Synopsis Felix slinks in to have a gimlet at Oh So Sweet and see Abby.
Date October 14, 2010

Oh So Sweet

It's quiet, a very, very, very quiet late afternoon that Abby doesn't know whether to take that as a bad thing or a good thing. Behind the bar already clean, the total of three wifi geeks settled into the back room and freshly re-coffee'd, she's leaning against the bar, writing numbers down on a pad and doing some accounting for the week. It's quiet in the front, stereo playing pandora thanks to Linus's amazing nerd/tech-fu and the hum of the refridgerated counter that houses the available treats to consume.

He's a foreboding figure, in his black fatigues. But one FRONTLINE running alone isn't much of a threat, right? And even less so, when it's Felix. He looks….very different from the last time Abby saw him. No more glasses in earnest, and he's put on muscle mass. At least he doesn't have Grandpa in tow. He comes clomping in, and heads for the bar, wordlessly.

"I'd be in a better mood if I was now the proud owner of two medals" Abigail murmurs when Felix makes it closer to the blonde, seats available at the big oak bar counter. "But I'm not, and I'm not Felix Ivanov" Abigail stops her calculations so that she can pay attention to her customer and friend. "Liz said you looked every bit the greyhound dying to take off and be out of the ceremony"

He snorts, as he bellys up to the bar. Bellying being a relative term - not a lot of belly there, even now. "I never deserved the first one. I am pleased about the latter one, though. But yeah, I freaking hate formal ceremonies. I wanted to fall asleep."

'And you didn't get shot this time" She points out to him, a smile on her face. "Gimlet, or something else? Do you like the new place? I finally got it open, just a quiet day today but I think it should pick up tomorrow" She's getting a cup ready, just in case he wants alcohol, but there is the big copper monstrosity that promises a great variety of things coffee.

"How's your Granddah? I'm sorry I haven't been for lessons, I've been busy" She should probably apologize to his granddad, and not to Felix.

Fel, being Fel, is….reasonably astute. He squints at the ring for a long time, in gimlet concentration. "Abby, when did you get married?" he asks, as if she'd had an accident. It might be. She's from Louisiana. These things happen.

"Twenty third, September." She holds up her hand, looking at the ring before carrying on and waiting for his drink order. "Down at the justice. No big wedding. No, I don't need any presents, I've got everything I need already. What will be your poison Felix and how is your granddah?"

Felix's lips are parted in….well, it's not even mild shock. He sort of stares at Abby stupidly, like a turkey trying to catch raindrops. "I…..who did you marry, Abby?" Really, it's not his business.

"Robert Caliban. He's a Public Relations for the Linderman Group Felix. We've been seeing each other since February. We decided to just, go and get married all quiet like" She's watching him like a hawk now, fingers tightening around the cup. A rustle comes from the back, someone muttering about their computer but she doesn't bother to go look and make sure all is okay. "How's your Granddah" she asks again.

Caliban. That….doesn't make sense. You can pretty much hear the gears grinding behind the blue eyes, before writing it off as none of his goddamned business. "Grand-dad's fine," he says, and his expression is fond.

"I'll be around soon" Empty glass is nudged towards him. "What do you want to drink, and get your questions out, you got the bone look on your face. At least you're not looking like Liz when she found out. I'd think that people would be really happy for me and not be caught up in the whole you went and got married and didn't tell me" The menu is plucked up and pressed forward too. "Pick something, on the house"

"I just….I'm kind of in shock. I didn't know," Fel says, simply. 'I'm happy for you. Did you have a nice honeymoon?"

"He's busy with work, I'm on bail, there's no time for a honeymoon Felix with a new business and the city the way it is. Some day. Some sugar in you will cure the shock, if you don't mind waiting twenty minutes, you can even have a souffle. Or if you want right away, there's a nice bitter chocolate tart" She nudges the menu again. "I'll get you a gimlet and you can bring something home for your Granddah as well" She's smiling, tucking the notepad away. "He treats me good Felix, he treats me well and kind and I love him and he loves me, and we're happily married and my dog likes him too"

Why don't I get a happy-ever-after like that? It's the first question that comes to mind, and now his expression is puzzled. Mostly at himself. Where'd that come from? "I'm glad for you," Fel says, after a moment. It's sincere, and there's a funny softness in his face, for just a moment. It looks pretty weird on those features - the lines he's gotten as he aged aren't pleasant.

"I'm glad, that you are glad for me, so, how are you enjoying being speedy Gonzales in a horizon suit? I haven't seen you it yet, I've seen Liz in the basic once, when she was still getting used to it. Broken any yet with your speeding?" She's given up on making him find something to eat, and just starts making a gimlet for him.

"The very first one they put me in," he says with a wry, reminiscent grin. "I told 'em and told 'em it wouldn't hold up. But no one'd believe me." A shrug, then, comically broad, hands splayed. "A multimillion dollar piece of technology, in bits on a playing field." He looks, perversely, proud of himself.

"They don't hold up to flame" She confides in him. "The fabric around the plates in them, just melts" She shakes her head. "They're pretty good but they got their weakness. Did they make a special one for you or did they just make you a kevlar suit with no special joints?" Gimlet served, alcohol for him put on a napkin and offered up.

He straightens up, and grins. "Made one special. Fits like a glove. They had to do some serious work on the anti-friction tech to make it not just wear out the first time I used it." He lifts his glass in salute. "To your wedding."

Abby picks up her coffee cup, lukewarm by now and lifts it to clink against the gimlet glass. "To your medal, of which, you will have to show me. Cause I'm sure it looks different on the television, than in person." She pulls her glass back, smiling. <You did good> In slaughtered Russian.

"Oh, my mom has it," he says, in English. "To go with the other one. But thanks. And….you're improving," he says, kindly.

"I"m very bad. I'm not improving. Tell me in a few months that I'm improving. Listen, can… can I ask you a favor? I know it might be much to ask, and, you don't have to do it if you don't want to"

It's kind of weird, how naive Fel can still be. Because he says, without hesitation, "Sure. What can I do for you?"

"I don't know if I'm going to need it. But, could you write me a character reference. I got caught subverting registration. Cat bailed me out and I have to go back to court and it's not going to be pretty. The folks that might have helped me, are either trying to… get me to do something or else, or they won't or can't. I lost my job at the hospital because of it, and I might loose other things. It might help in the long run, you being Felix Ivanov and all" She places her palms on the counter, regarding the other man. "You don't have to, if you don't feel comfortable doing such. I won't hold it against you"

Felix snorts. "Sure. I don't know how much actual power having these medals gets me, but if I can help you…."

"You never know Felix. It might mean the difference between me getting more time in jail or… less, or… just community service or.." Or she doesn't know. Cats the one who knows these things. "You're an upstanding citizen, you're a member of FRONTLINE and you've got two medals for things you've done, whether you believe you deserved the first or not."

"It'd be amazing to have them turn out to be somehow useful," The Russian's voice is a little sour.

"You can totally use them to pick up guys at a bar" Abby points out, maybe not so helpfully. "eharmony. Single white male, two medals of honors, looking for another guy. likes to run real fast and must love greyhounds." Abigail smiles, hoping that the teasing won't go bad.

"Maybe Felix, you can just enjoy them and that something you did got recognized. Accept it on behalf of all the other people in the city who won't ever get recognized for the little things that they do to make the world and this city a better place"

It's so irritating, when she's -right- all the damn time. Fel bridles, but just for a moment, and gives in…..he grins at her, and it's one of those rare dopy expressions. "I haven't been out with a guy in….it's been a long time."

"Then maybe, it's high time you got over mister grumpy pants Leland" She figured out who it was he had a thing for. "And start maybe, checking out a few bars. Maybe go and put that eharmony thing. Do they even match people who are funny between the sheets? Well, if they don't, just find a place that does or just… hit up bars. Sure there's some good bars out here that aren't all.. well.. you know… sleazy for guys"

Helping a man who's gay find a date is not her forte. Providing a place for them to date, now that's just up her alley. "Get back on the horse, get out your fishing rod Felix and go catch yourself a really handsome fish, or a pretty fishette, if you're like Teodoro or, you know…"

Felix points out, fondly, "I have Liz, Abby. I'm not totally alone. And what I have with her suits me. I don't know if I could deal with trying to assemble another relationship, especially with another guy," Since he remains hopelessly hung up on said absent grumpypants.

"You're with Liz?" There, is surprise. "Liz is with Richa-" Oh. Abby's mouth claps shut, eyebrows going up. "Oh"

"I'm funny in more ways than one, Abby. I know. Richard shares. So does Liz. And I get to be close to someone without having to deal with the fact that I tend to ride roughshod over the people I'm emotionally involved with," Felix says, very gently. "Everyone in the set knows where they stand, no one's being lied to, and no one's getting hurt."

She can't complain. She's married to Robert, loves Robert with all of her heart, but still something beats away in a dark corner for Flint. But that's where it'll be and where it will stay. But that's a far cry from what it seems that Cardinal and Liz and Felix have. "I'm glad. That y'all have the love to share in such a way"

Felix props his chin on his hand, eyes her wryly. "Me, too."

"Okay, well" Abby claps her hands together, nudging the menu again, seeing some others come into the bar and head for a table. "You choose, what sugar you are going to consume and what to bring back for your granddah, and I will go serve those customers. And you shall enjoy yourself Ivanov, because you, deserve it"

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