Because You Walked Through My Door


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Scene Title Because You Walked Through My Door
Synopsis Remi proves that she has no clue what she's trying to get herself into.
Date March 11, 2011

Redbird Security

It's nice and comfortable out today. Perfect jacket weather, really. The sun isn't out that much, but that doesn't matter so much. What matters more is that it's not cold as a brass bra outside. Thank god for small miracles. And spring. Spring is a wonderful, wonderful season for non-allergy sufferers. It's getting warmer, the sun is out more, flowers are blooming.

Soleil Remi Davignon has decided to take advantage of the weather and a bit of free time she has to do something about the Redbird Security card that's been sitting on her dresser for lord knows how long. Rather than calling, she decided that she would drop in and pay the interesting fellow who thinks about robots and conspiracy theories a visit.

Walking into the lobby, the redhead is doing as she always does when she enters a room, briefly reaching out to determine the minds she can feel within her radius. She's taken advantage of the weather to bust out with some of her springtime wardrobe, wearing a blue knee-length dress, with a black fuzzy jacket over it, leggings, and a pair of those high heels she enjoys so much. She's even got a complimenting purse! All designer, as usual.

A smile is offered to Jo as the redhead enters. "Oui, I am 'ere to see Richard Cardinal."

"I don't have anyone listed on his schedule for this afternoon," Jo admits, glancing down at the schedule on her monitor and then back to the Frenchwoman that's standing in front of the desk, blonde brows raising a little, "Who may I say is here, and what's your reason for wanting to speak with Mister Cardinal?"

Remi offers a charming smile. "Just tell 'im zat Remi Davignon is 'ere to see 'im. A social visit, oui?" She offers forth her most charming smile, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She does, while she waits, reach out to see if she can't find out exactly where Cardinal is in the building.

A slightly dubious look is directed to Remi from beneath the edge of blonde bangs, and then Jo reaches over to pick up the phone. A button's depressed, and she's silent for a moment. "Yes, Mister Cardinal? There's a… Ms Davignon here to see you for a — social visit?" A pause, "Alright." The phone's hung up, and she pushes herself to her feet, moving to step to the hall, "Right this way."

The redhead offers a warm smile toward Jo, idly fussing at her hair as the receptionist is busy calling Cardinal to inform him of his visitor. Then, as Jo stands, Remi offers a gracious smile. "Oui, lead ze way."

The receptionist leads the way down the hallway to the office door, and pushes it open, gesturing for her to enter with a slight smile. Inside the office, Cardinal leans back in his chair slightly, hands steepling lightly before him as he watches her enter. "Ms. Davignon. Good afternoon… what brings you by the office?" Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…

Remi offers on last grateful smile toward Jo as she slips into the office, nodding her thanks. Then, slipping and and settling down in one of the chairs in front of the desk and crossing her legs, she smiles toward Richard Cardinal. "Well, it is a beautiful day outside, and I was wondering if you'd like to enjoy ze weather with me. Or at ze very least, if you would like to attend ze party zat we at American Ballet Theater are throwing, in honor of ze opening performance of Swan Lake."

"A… ballet?" Cardinal's brows raise ever so slightly as he leans back in his chair, "You're inviting me to a ballet? That's not… exactly my scene, you realize. Dainty little dancers in fluttery outfits spinning around a stage isn't precisely my idea of a party, you realize. I'm more of a beer and action flick kind of guy, the suit aside."

Remi offers a soft laugh. "Non, not ze actual ballet. A party to celebrate ze opening. It will be at ze Corinthian. Unless, of course, you would like to go to ze actual ballet." She chuckles softly, shaking her head slowly. "Suits, good food and liquor, and a good time in general." She raises her brows, a shrug rolling over her shoulders. "You don't 'ave to go, but I would like to see you zere. It is…my premier, in a way. My first ballet zat I 'ave done ze choreography on."

"The Corinthian?" A brow lifts up a little upon Cardinal's face, his head cocking slightly to one side as he admits, "Well. It would be amusing to thumb my nose at Daniel's people… I'm surprised he's still alive, really." He pauses, then he shrugs one shoulder, "Ah, what the hell." Maybe Liz'll enjoy a party. She's been wanting to relax.

"Oui, ze Corinthian." She chuckles softly, leaning back in her seat. "Please say zat you will come. I am looking forward to zis, and it would be nice to see you zere." She giggles softly. "Liz already 'as two tickets to the actual ballet, so per'aps she would enjoy coming with you, oui?" Apparently, Remi is already quite familiar with Liz. And has hit on her.

"Oh." Oh hell. I'm going to get stuck watching a ballet, aren't I? Cardinal leans back in his own chair, a single brow lifting slightly as he observes carefully, "…I didn't realize that you knew Elisabeth."

Remi can't help but giggle softly, crossing her legs and idly twirling a strand of red hair between her fingers. It is a good possibility, oui. As he remarks on her knowing Liz, the redhead smiles. "Oui! I met her one day at ze deli. And zen, she 'as befriended my room mate, Graeme." She tilts her head toward Cardinal, a smile on her face.

"Quite the coincidence." Cardinal watches her for a moment, and then he shakes his head tightly, one hand raising up to rub against his temple as she talks in his head. "I know Graeme, yes."

"Small world." The redhead chuckles softly. "'E is a good guy. I would not trade 'im for ze world." She smiles. Then, suddenly, she leans forward, resting her elbows on Cardinal's desk and smiling charmingly across to the man. "Ze weather is wonderful outside. 'Ave you been out to enjoy it yet?"

"I don't normally go out during the day," admits Cardinal with a shrug of one shoulder, hand dropping from his head to fan through the air slightly, "It's too bright for my tastes."

Remi pulls out her iPhone, suddenly, checking the time. Then, that smile forms on her face. "Well, it is cloudy out today, and ze sun will be setting very soon." Blue eyes turn to Richard's face. "What do you say I drag you out of zis office, and we watch ze sun set? When was ze last time you watched a sunset?" Brows raise as she peers over at the man.

Cardinal's lips crook in the slightest of smiles at her words, his head shaking slowly from side to side. "I generally don't do things that are physically painful," he says quietly, "The sun hurts. I'm hemeralopic."

"So zat is why you are so pale." Remi pokes her lips out slightly, before smiling. "Well, 'ow about we wait ten minutes for ze sun to set, and zen go out for a bit of food? Per'aps some Mexican." She tips her head toward the man, resting her chin in her hand as she looks him over. "Or are you ze obnoxious 'married to your job' type?"

At the question - and accusation - Cardinal spreads his hands to either side. "Guilty," he admits, "I do occasionally go out and enjoy myself, but it's rare. I don't have much time that I can afford to take as leisure, you know."

"Well, I 'ope you know, I 'ave trouble taking no for an answer." Remi offers a soft chuckle. Then, she runs a hand through her hair. "Seriously, zough, dinner. My treat. Question and answer time without feeling like I'm doing an interview, oui?"

"And you know how I feel about telepaths," Cardinal replies in deft counter, one gloved finger peeling away from his hand and pointing at her as a rueful smile crooks to his lips, "I have a great deal of… hazardous information in my head, and I'm always thinking about work."

The woman rolls her eyes up toward the ceiling, an amused smile forming over her features. "Monsieur Cardinal, I can tell you, as a telepath, zat everyone 'as hazardous information in zeir 'eads." She turns a hooded gaze back toward him, smiling. "I don't tell people anything zat I 'ear from ze 'eads of ozers. Ze only exception to zat rule is if you plan to threaten my room mate or any of ze ones I love."

She raises her brows. "I will even sign a waiver, if you think it necessary?"

At that, Cardinal leans forward ever so slightly. "Ask your room-mate," he says quietly, "Exactly whether or not you want to know what might be in my head, Miss Davignon. You may change your mind. It isn't my information that I'm trying to protect…" A lean back, the chair creaking softly, "…it's you."

Remi tilts her head to one side, still leaning up against the desk with a thoughtful expression on her face. "Why would me knowing anything put me in danger?" She offers a charming smile. "I am a foreign woman, 'ere on a work visa. Not a citizen of ze United States of America. I try not to affiliate myself with political agendas. It isn't as if I would 'old much standing, in any case."

The woman chuckles softly, leaning toward Cardinal again. "What would put me in danger? You've piqued ze in'erent curiosity zat runs so deep within my veins." She smiles faintly. "Whatever I 'ear is for my mind only. I like to know things."

"You're under the delusion that our government still follows the rule of law," Cardinal replies with a dismissive motion of one hand, "You're mistaken. Your life is cheap as dirt, here. Maybe even cheaper, since you aren't an American. The risk of you bringing back things that you might learn to your home government would be one they aren't willing to take."

"Which is exactly why I do not get involved. It isn't as if I am an international spy. I am ze socialite daughter of a Fashion mogul and a French businessman 'o specialized in agricultural ventures." She tilts her head. "I fail to see 'ow knowledge zat I share with nobody could get me killed." She suddenly pulls out her registration card, slapping it down on the desk. It reads 'Consensual Tactile Telepathy'. "Ze government doesn't even know what I can do."

"Because you walked through my door," says Cardinal, simply, "You already put yourself in danger. And you pretty much let everyone you meet know what you can do - at least you did with me - so I wouldn't exactly call you discreet, Miss Davignon. Your room-mate puts you in danger as well, to be entirely honest."

This talk of danger prompts raised brows, as well as Remi re-opening her mind, listening close for any details she might be able to scrounge up. "Are you zat dangerous of a man?" She raises her brows. "I suppose, to make it look legitimate, I should 'ire one of your employees as a bodyguard, oui? Or per'aps you yourself. If I am in such danger…zis is a security company, oui?"

…ittle lamb, little lamb, little lamb, his fleece was white as… Someone's had a bit of experience in dealing with telepaths, it seems, and fairly recently. If she pushed, perhaps she could get past Cardinal's resistance, but simple 'listening' doesn't seem like it's going to hear anything of use right now. A smile tugs up a little at the corner of his lips. "I don't hire myself out. But…" A pause, "…how about this. Why don't you hire us to set up security for your apartment, hm?" He smiles.

The woman tilts her head to one side, a small smile on her face. "Well, Dorchester Towers already 'as security, but…per'aps it could use some upgrading, oui?" Remi suddenly gets a mischevious smirk on her face. "Will you be doing ze installation, Monsieur Cardinal? Just because you 'ave dangerous information doesn't mean I can't flirt with you, at least as I see it."

"Maybe." Cardinal smiles slightly, "Why don't you go work out the details with the desk. We can speak later… after you've talked with your room-mate, Miss Davignon."

The redhead smirks across the desk, before raising to her feet and leaning over the desk, a liiiiiittle closer to Cardinal. "You know, monsieur Cardinal, zat all of zis secrecy of yours only gives you a…'ow do you say…'forbidden fruit' appeal." She lifts one hand, blowing a kiss across the short distance between her and Cardinal, an amused glimmer twinkling in her eye.

Then, she lifts up, hoisting her purse over her shoulder. "I 'ope I will not be arranging ze details of ze flirting with your receptionist. Until zen, I will do as you ask, and speak to Monsieur Cormac.”

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