Becoming Wade


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Scene Title Becoming Wade
Synopsis Reed takes advantage of an inexperienced technopath.
Date May 15, 2009

Some Park in Brooklyn

It's early evening and a young adult male sits on a bench watching a family play in the park across the street. A mother, father and a small boy, hardly more than seven years old are laughing and having fun. The father is sitting on one side of the see saw while the mother and son sit on the other side. The father weighs more then that two of them combine, so he pushes up with his feet, then the balance shifts and he comes back down. The boy is starting to get to that age where he doesn't want to be hanging around Mom. "I can do this myself, mama!" he protests, though it really does look like he's having fun. "Taylor, your papa is too heavy for you to see saw with."

As the young man watches from across the street a small tear forms down his cheek and he reaches up to wipe it away.

25 Hours Earlier

Having had no choice but to abandon Mallory earlier in the week, just getting that taste of being human again was very addicting to Reed. He was desperate to find another body. He began searching in earnest for another technopath. Someone he could inhabit on a more permanent basis. Then he finds it.

Wade Quinn.

Purely on accident, he stumbled upon a profile online. Everything about it screamed 'techopath'. He focused on that name and begins to peek and poke around. Registered Technopath, as well. Confirmed.

He tracked Wade down by his IP address. Although registered, Wade was still very much a novice in the realm of technopathy and that will be to Reed's advantage. Idiot was posting all over pro-evolved message boards about his newly found gift. He's lucky his door hasn't been busted down. Of course, being registered — there might not be a need for that. Already registered, is actually a plus in some ways for Reed.

Reed knows that as soon as he gets close enough, Wade will probably sense him. However, what he won't sense is his intent. He enters Wade's computer, having tracked him by his posting IP address. Idiot. He doesn't wait for Wade to sense him popping up an IM box, and immediately disconnecting the system from the network, leaving the box isolated. /This/ is a risk. But it's the only chance he has here.

Robin: Hey.

Wade blinks as a sudden IM box pops up on his computer and he types back.

Blackhawk: Hey. Who is this?

Robin: They call me 'Robin Hood'.

Blackhawk: Wait. Not /the/ Robin Hood. The one who gave out all that money? That was awesome, dude. How'd you so that shit?

Robin: Oh, it's easy. I'm a technopath. It was really quite simple.

Blackhawk: Dude! You're a technopath? /I'm/ a technopath. Can you teach me how to do stuff like that?


Robin: Well, yeah. But you'd have to come in here to do it. Can't really do it from out there.

Blackhawk: I can come in there? I've never done that before. What's it like?

Robin: Bitchin! Awesome! It's like a big giant amusement park! If you want.. nah. You better not.

Blackhawk: What? What?

Robin: Well, you could come in here. I can help you out.

Blackhawk: Wait? You can do that?

Robin: Dude. I can all sorts of shit. Wanna?

Blackhawk: Yes! What do I do?

Robin: Just think about it. Try and talk to the computer, and when I see you I'll tug you in. It's easy!

So Wade in his limited wisdom — some gifts are just wasted, really — begins to communicated with the computer and as soon as those binary-based tendrils come into view, Reed begins to pull — pulling Wade into the system, and at the same time, slips by him and into his body.

Reed blinks his eyes and flexes his fingers before he looks down at the keyboard and types.

Blackhawk: Sorry dipshit.

Reed reaches over and pushes the powerbutton until everything goes dark, killing Wade's binary being inside the computer. He stands, taking a deep breath. Oh yes, it's only been a few days, but he's missed this. Now he just has to intergrate himself into Wade's existence.

Fast forward to the park as he sits there watching himself as a child playing with his parents.

If he could, he would walk up to the boy and tell him about everything. The fact that his parents will die. The fact that he will be stuck inside the net for years, and even in jail. He would warn him to get his life together and protect the ones he loves while he can. It's far too late for the young man — the future Reed, who stands there watching his younger self. But it's not too late for the young lad he sees there. Someday — someday before that day arrives, he will try and talk to him. Someday.

Reed — no, Wade stands and tucks his hands into the pockets of his jacket and turns heading down the street. Today is the day — the first day of the rest of his life.

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