Been A While, Sailor?


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Scene Title Been A While, Sailor?
Synopsis What *is* it with the guys in her life right now?? And talk about inducing a panic attack!
Date December 12, 2008

Central Park

It has been a truly hellacious week — Monday was the last time she got to spend any time with Norton, what with all that's happened. After she reported Abby kidnapped by Jessica to him on Monday, she hasn't seen him. Literally. It was the early hours of Tuesday morning before she got home from talking to Conrad, and then she went to see Jessica and Teo came to get her information, and just about the time Liz was going to get to see Norton for dinner, *he* got pulled into overtime for a big brouhaha in Brooklyn. And by the time he was done, Liz was at a Phoenix meeting and attempting for the first time in two years a full-out hostage negotiation. Afterward to be stashed in a safe house. In the meantime, she's also been attending SCOUT training sessions! Wanna talk about no sleep and a busy shithole of a week? It was so bad, she didn't even realize she hadn't spoken to Norton until this afternoon. What the hell kind of girlfriend does that make her??

So now, she finds herself in Central Park watching the skaters while she waits for him. She's not dressed in her uniform, though — black sweats, sneakers, and a black fleece jacket with her hands tucked into the pockets.

Trask has headed out in civvies himself, wandering the park, looking for his long lost girlfriend. The week has been getting to him, leaving him a bit frazzeled especially with where they left it.

When she spots him among the people coming in her direction, Elisabeth smiles slightly. It grows wider as he nears, and as she gets a better look at his expression, it turns sympathetic. "Hey," she greets softly when he gets there. "You look like I feel."

Trask smiles a little seeing you, "Yeah…sorry….I…should be doing more." He shakes his head and gives you a warm hug, "How have you been?

Elisabeth slides her arms, both of them!, around him and holds him tightly with her head against his shoulder. "Doing more? How so?" She grins a little. "I've been…. okay. Wiped out tired, but… doing all right, I think. I was actually planning to apologize to you for not calling sooner…. though I sort of figured if you needed or wanted me, you knew how to find out where I was," she says with a smile.

Trask says, "Oh I needed you…but….sometimes its more important for you to stay safe…then to satisfy my desires." He smiles and kisses her, tenderly, but with some passion, then breaks the kiss and looks down at you."

Elisabeth returns the kiss, lingering there and enjoying the sensation after a week apart, and then steps back just a bit to slide her left hand back in her jacket pocket with a grin. "Sorry… can't wear the sling while I'm working, but it's still pretty sore." She shakes her head. "And the only reason I even went to the safe house was because Teo and Conrad were both acting entirely too overprotective, and I figured if I didn't listen to them, they'd enlist your help and I'd be doomed anyway," she says with a roll of her eyes. "I don't honestly think I'm in any danger at all."

Trask smiles, softly, "Well….I'm sure if not, you will be soon." He winks. "So How was your week?"

Elisabeth blinks and says, "Be … what? Doomed?" She chuckles at him, the laughter lightening the lines of exhaustion on her face. "Pretty full," she tells him mildly. "The hostage negotiation the other night was tough… and SCOUT training are kicking my ass." She pauses and looks at him. "Did you know that Helena's people were holding one of Ethan's people hostage when I told you I wanted in?"

Trask says, "No…I just found out this week myself….I've been kept out of the loop a lot since Cam left."

There's a blink and she loops her good arm through his and starts walking along one of the paths. "How much out of the loop?" she asks quietly. "Cuz let me tell you what…. I don't know how old Cam was, but right now? Phoenix is in the hands of someone I'm not so sure can handle the stress, and I'm not so sure she has the maturity to make the right judgements." She sighs. "Her people are out of her control — kidnapping Ethan's girl? I'm hearing rumors of torturing her. Hell, two people were advocating KILLING her at the meeting before the phone call, Norton. It's like they're kids PLAYING at being freedom fighters." She feels….. relieved to be able to get some of this off her chest. Though she's said as much to Conrad as well.

Trask nods, "Cam was an old hand…he…knew what he was doing…unfortunately alot of the people who came to the cause…were more heart then Experience, Hell has a good head on her shoulders, she really has the potential to be a good leader. I'm just….I believe in her, I really do," He sighs softly.

Elisabeth shakes her head. "She's got plenty of potential… but I'm not sure it's not being completely overrun by some of her own people," she says as they walk. "Unfortunately, I'm not close enough to her at this point to offer suggestions. But I do know that even Conrad didn't seem to know anything about the kidnapping — and he was pretty pissed." She pauses, and her tone is carefully not accusational. "You told me that Phoenix was not PARIAH… but I'm starting to wonder if some of the wrong people remained with Phoenix."

Trask shakes his head, "I am starting to realize I don't know everyone..the organization seems to be growing by leaps and bound.

Elisabeth mms quietly. "Well…. maybe it's time to take a look around and talk to Helena about your role there. Or not. It's entirely up to you." She grimaces. "It's pretty bad that I should barely get involved here only to have to say THAT to you. But seriously, Norton… this week is NUTS. And the ideals that the vast majority of the people at that meeting the other night are right on the money — Helena's ideals are the right ones. She's just got some people who're… not fully invested. Maybe she just needs to kick a little ass and do a little housecleaning. Cuz this kidnapping? Just started a street war with Vanguard."

Trask says, "I think that street war may have already been coming. It did esclate it, and escalate it vastly. We need to do something, if we are going to stop it from getting out of hand fast, because that is what they want."

Elisabeth blows out a breath and shakes her head slightly. "I'm not sure there *is* a way to circumvent it at the moment, if you want the truth. But these are people that you know, that you've worked with."

Trask says, "Some are…others are..newer. Which ones do you doubt?"

Elisabeth shakes her head. "I'm too new to know names. But definitely the ones suggesting KILLING a hostage. And … not too sure about the ones who actually took her, either, though I don't know who that was. Helena was very….. teenaged about her response when I pointed out that her people had fucked up. Sort of a pouty kind of 'well, I didn't authorize that!' or something to that effect. So… Like I said, it may just be about housecleaning some….. and those of us with more experience on the streets — you, me, Conrad, maybe Alex — sitting down and talking to her about what her rules are going to be and how she's going to keep 'em in line."

Trask says, "I have tried…she….has closed up some….she has never fully trusted me." He sighs and shakes his head, "I Hope you can get through to her…..because she needs help. She knows what she is doing, she just sometimes doesn't follow…" He sighs again and leans on a near by tree."

Elisabeth moves to stand near him, tilting her head attentively. "Doesn't follow…. what? Her own ideals?" She pushes both her hands into her pockets again, really wanting to hear his thoughts.

Trask says, "I was going to say doesn't follow up, but I can't garuntee that. I don't see her all the time, I don't know what she goes through."

Elisabeth shakes her head and says quietly, "For what it's worth, I get the impression that MOST of the people in that room last night were pretty much on Helena's page. Similar ideals and goals. I'm giving it a fair shot, at least… because I know that we're doing on the police force is not… it's not going to win it." She grimaces. "I hate to say that, but .. .it's not. We're too susceptible to political pressures."

Trask nods and sighs softly, closing his eyes and he leans against the tree.

"I didn't ask you to meet me to add to your stress, you know," Elisabeth says quietly. "Do you wish you hadn't told me?"

Trask says, "No….I never regret informing you of things…" He smiles and moves to hug you again."

Elisabeth moves into the embrace, turning her back to lean against him as he leans against the tree, and she smiles. "Good. I like the honesty better myself." Snugged against his front with his arms wrapped around her, she watches the people in the park and contents herself for the moment with simply being with her best friend and …. whatever else he's becoming. "It's the weekend…. if you're not on duty," and if nothing blows up, of course, "I'd love to catch dinner with you. I have one more week of training before they put me on the squad on probation."

Trask grins…"On probation, sounds like your being a bad girl…" He chuckles softly, and hugs you a little tighter, "I think I can put aside a little time to rehabilitate you this weekend.

A laugh snickers out of her. "Oh good," Liz tells him mildly. "I'm sitting here worried about this life that I asked you to bring me into, you're worrying about getting laid," she teases, clearly amused. And then she looks over her shoulder at him, her amusement obvious. "Been a while, sailor?"

Trask says, "I didn't say anything about being laid…I might have made a vieled innuendo or too, but I am ok with waiting…" He smiles and kisses your ear, "Your worth waiting for….""

Elisabeth looks back out over the park and seems to be lost in thought at his response. "Maybe you shouldn't be so content to wait, Norton," she says softly. "You ever think you're content with what we've got right now, and maybe we shouldn't even chance messing it up?"

Trask says, "I am content…with sharing my life with you, I am content with the feeling of holding you in my arms when we drift off to sleep, I am content with having you next to me. Is the chance of losing that all worth taking another step? I can wait if /you/ want to wait. But I will not let us fall into a rut, because thats even more of a death sentenct for this relationship…and I don't think I could live without you."

Elisabeth mms softly. "I think we're already sort of in a rut, you know," she tells him. "We've been friends for an awful long time. Certain things are… definitely a rut. Like… I know exactly what to order for us when we're ordering Chinese, we've had it every other Thursday for two years." She's sort of teasing and sort of not, feeling him out about the complacency issue.

Trask nods, "No more General Chicken, got it….I'll have Shrimp with Snow Peas…." He nuzzles her hair, taking in her smell. "Liz….your an attractive woman, and I won't say I havn't thought about it. I also know…that you may or may not be ready. I can wait, if thats how you feel. But I do love you…I…" His voice catches, "I can't imagine my life without you…and I really should have thought about this more…gotten a ring or something….

Elisabeth blinks and now turns to STARE at him. "Good Lord, no you shouldn't!" she bursts out! She looks so appalled, it could be taken as an insult… but she tries to explain, "I think you're about five steps ahead of me on figuring out this relationship, Norton." She looks … worried. "I'm still in the 'wow…. I think we're actually going to wind up in bed together in the not-too-distant future, and THEN what am I gonna do when it all goes to hell? Cuz he won't be my best friend anymore and it'll be all awkward and ridiculous!' panic stage. You're talking permanence!"

Trask blushes bright red and looks down, "Sorry…I…." He takes a deep breath, "Yeah…that was pretty….stupid of me wasn't it….forget I said anything" He looks to the left, not meeting your gaze.

Elisabeth doesn't move from his arms, in spite of the fact that looking back and up at him to see his face is awkward. When he looks away, she says, "Don't do that, please?" Oh great… it's already happening. See? "This is the part that I have been worried about since we started this whole thing… this whole ability to talk to one another. Cuz now I'm all freaked out that I've hurt your feelings. And when you were my friend, when we disagreed or talked about hard things, I knew it was okay. And right now? I don't feel like it's okay. That's why the last month has been so weird… I didn't even feel like we could fight anymore." Not like they *fight*, but certainly there've been occasional arguments about things.

Trask looks at her, meets her eyes, "I…" He smiles a little weakly, "Your right. I jumped the gun…like woah…and you are allowed to tell me when I'm being a moron….if we don't fight…how are we going to get past our differences?"

"Exactly," Liz replies. "I'm just…. God, don't give me the puppy eyes, okay?" She forces a smile for him. "I"ll feel even worse"

Trask does his best to keep from making her feel bad, his smiles a little more and squeezes her tenderly, "I gotta go…..we can talk about this later?"

Elisabeth knows the avoidance dance when she sees it, and she feels ten times worse now. "Yeah," she replies softly. "Yeah, later is fine." She leans her head against him and reaches up to kiss his cheek lightly. Best friend to … not-quite-lover is a lot damn harder than just going out with a guy you don't know much about, it seems to her. "Call me and we'll meet up. I'm only in the safe house til next Wednesday or until we get Abby back, whichever is first."

Trask nods, "I will…Liz…I'm not dropping this, I'm not avoiding you…and I am not losing you. We are still good…I just…need to get back to work. Can you trust me that we are still ok…and that we will be ok?"

Elisabeth smiles at him and tells him sincerely, "I trust you with my life, Norton. Trusting you with the rest? That's a piece of cake." She strokes his cheek and then moves so he can get back to the precinct.

Trask kisses her on the forehead and then turns to go, heading back to the grindstone.

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