Beloved Boss; Fiery Spirit


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Scene Title Beloved Boss; Fiery Spirit
Synopsis Magnes stops by Isabelle's grave to talk to her, and suddenly her sister shows up whom he quickly bonds with.
Date August 21 2009


If God dropped Pez all over a park.

Later in the morning, wearing his semi-casual suit with his skates on and hair gelled back, Magnes has dressed up one last time to visit Isabelle's grave. He's hunched down, talking to her gravestone with a relaxed smile on his lips. "I didn't know what to bring, and I know you wouldn't be into the whole flower thing. I dressed up like this again for you. I wore these clothes for a while, since you always told me to dress a bit better."

Laughing lightly, he tugs at his jacket, then shakes his head. "This outfit doesn't really work for me though, since it's not really 'me'. I'm dating now, making out and everything, a girl named Claire. She's gonna help me out with looking good but with my own geeky style. She's a nice girl, I think you'd like her. And, y'know, I wouldn't be the person I am now if it wasn't for you. You believed I could be more than just some awkward loser… I'm still really awkward, but I don't think I'm a loser anymore."

A slight frown forms, and he runs a finger over the stone. "I miss you…"

A woman watches from a nearby tree. Her hair is down and falls past her shoulders. Light baby blues stare at the man, with a light smile she nods her head. So Izzy was a good person.. she changed lives. Good to know.

Dressed in a black tank top and a pair of black cargo shorts with a pair of boots on, Thalia bends to pick up her messenger bag and she starts to move forward towards Magnes. Her side still hurts something fierce but the stitches don't hurt as much anymore.

Magnes just sort've stays hunched for a while, as if still trying to bring himself to believe she's six feet under him. But he knows, something about the ground tells him just how true it is. "You'd have loved flying—" But he doesn't continue when he hears the crunch of grass, someone walking over.

He stares at her for a while, mild disbelief on his face for whatever reason. "You're definitely related to Isabelle." he determines in a tone that says it's a good thing, and that he's also calling her hot in his own way.

"And how do you figure that?" Hands on hips and head tilted to the side, she regards Magnes with a once over. The wind picks up in the area and it slides through Thalia's hair. She looks past Magnes to the gravestone. Oh boy.. it is really true. Isabelle is dead.

"You look kind've like her. You're really pretty in that surreal way that makes it hard to look you in the eye…" Magnes is indeed barely looking her in the eye, constantly averting them with a bashful redness in his cheeks. "And you have the same lips, cheekbones, and eyes. I think that suggests an immediate family relation…" He sounds as if he's struggling to remember text from a book. "But, whoever you are, it's nice to meet you. I'm Magnes J. Varlane."

"What are you into genetics or something?" Thalia raises an eyebrow and shakes her head with a chuckle. "Thalia." Is all she says for her name. "And you're right, Isabelle was my sister." Thalia puts a hand in her back pocket and studies the grave. "Damn.."

"Trying to be a detective, learning to be more observational." Magnes corrects, looking down at the grave when she does. "Yeah. I don't know much about what happened, I just wish I was there to stop it. One of the few people I could always count on to be there, and someone takes her away…"

"Yeah? I was hoping that I could depend on her. It's ok though, I'll have to make it like I always do." Thalia nods to herself and smiles at Magnes, "You knew her well?" a simple question. Thalia fingers the little silver necklace at the hollow of her neck. A locket is there, she opens and closes it.

"I can't say I knew lots of details and all, I didn't even know she had a sister, but I knew what was important. I knew what kind of person she was, always trying to turn me into this great guy. I'm really not all that great now, but what's changed about me has a lot to do with her, so, I'll say I know she was a really good and charitable person." Magnes answers as he suddenly holds a hand out for Thalia's. "There's something I wanted to show her, but, since I can't, can I show you?"

She bites back the 'She didn't know either' and just listens and nods to Manges, with a light sigh she takes the man's hand and waits. "Now what are we doing exactly?" she raises an eyebrow, why did she grab his hand.. she doesn't even know him!

"I showed Isabelle what I could do on the first night I met her, but now I can do something better, and I think she would have loved it." Magnes, having a firm grasp of her hand, suddenly ascends into the air with her. He's not pulling her along, she's easily staying right next to him, defying the laws of gravity. Of course, this is usually the part where he gets nearly choked to death, so he winces, preparing. "I've got you, so, don't worry."

She's use to the sky, "Pretty neat. Bet cha I can show you something cool." She says and grins at Magnes, her fingerless gloved hand grips Magnes' hand tight. "How long you been able to do this?"

"I think you're the only one other than Isabelle who never freaked out when I did this." Magnes points out, laughing. Though Daphne is also on the list. He takes her pretty high, high enough to see plenty of buildings under them, the graveyard only a small patch amidst the neighborhood. "I could only jump and slow my falls when I was fifteen, I only recently learned to fly. Isabelle loved it, the jumping and gravity shifting, standing on the side of buildings."

Thalia laughs and then she looks at Magnes, "Noww, watch this." She says and she rips free of Magnes' hand. The woman starts to free fall, the wind whipping and swirling around her, before she can meet the crowd, she turns her body upright so her feet are facing the ground. Her hair is all in her face, baby blue eyes lit with excitement. The air in the area picks up and soon Thalia is actually slowing down. Eventually she reaches the ground and spins as she lands, the wind disperses, leaving with caressing her face first.

She looks back up at Magnes. "Heya there!"

Magnes is shocked and horrified when she breaks away, not used to people willingly attempting to fall to their death. He starts trying to fly after her until she somehow lands, safely. "W-what? You can fly?" he asks, gently landing in front of her. That's certainly a new experience, as he's never met someone else who could fly. Well, maybe Jake can, who knows…

"Nah, just float really." Thalia shrugs and grins at Magnes. "One of my tricks I have up my sleeve." She says and wiggles her fingers. "Along with some other stuff I just found out." She mutters to herself and shakes her head.

"You know about Isabelle's ability?" Magnes asks as people start to look at them funny, so he begins to quickly roll down the street, looking for a secluded spot and motions for her to follow.

"I knew she had one, not what it was." Thal says and looks up towards the sky as they walk. "Why?" she says and puts her hands on her hips. "Was it ultra deadly and oh so powerful?" Figures the older sister would get the cool power. Hmph.

Magnes snickers and nods, turning down a moderately wide alley. "Pyrokinesis." he states, holding his hand up as if he were cradling something, the way Isabelle first showed him her fire. "She could control fire, it was pretty cool."

"That is pretty nifty." Thalia nods, impressed. "I bet she was good at it, not like me." She says and chuckles softly then an idea strikes her. The dark haired woman looks at the end of the alleyway, there are a few garbage cans over there.

"Watch out.. let me try something." She says with a look at Magnes for him to move behind her.

"It took me almost two months of nearly non-stop training to learn how to fly and all the other stuff I can do. I wish I could say flying wasn't rocket science…" But it's damned complicated! Magnes rolls behind her, just watching curiously. "What're you gonna do?"

"See what I can do." She replies simply and then closes her eyes, she flexes her hands and rotates the wrist. A few deep breaths and Thalia is in a whole different world.

She feels the air currents, which way they are going, how fast. The coolness or heat of them. This experience something new for her. She reaches deep within her mind and tries to get the feeling she had at the park that triggered her ability.

Wind picks up around her, making papers and pieces of cardboard swirl gently around the two. Thalia's eyes open with a snap, that silver color again. Her hand is outstretched and the air builds up and then releases towards the trash cans.

A loud noise can be heard as the trash cans are flung fast towards the alley wall. Two big dents can be seen in them as they land on the ground.

"Whoa, you either have telekinesis or you control air." Magnes quickly skates over to one of the cans, taking note of the dents. "I can help you practice if you want." Because somehow he remembers all sorts of ability training he had to go through, though who knows where he learned it. "My ability is gravity manipulation, but only for things or people I'm touching, or have touched." He lifts the can with one hand, holds it up, then lets it go. Instead of it falling to the ground, the can falls into the wall and pretty much stays that way.

"So you're anti-gravity boy." Thalia nods and looks at the trash cans. Her eyes remain that silvery color for a few seconds and then they fade back to the normal baby blue. "How'd you learn how to control your ability so well?" she asks and tilts her head. "I've been meaning to practice.. but.."

"A lot of people invested in training me." Magnes assumes, since he doesn't feel like answering questions about missing memory. "A few months ago there were all sorts of things about my ability that would just randomly happen. I have this friend, Abby, she owns Old Lucy's now. I used to float when she kissed me. My ability was just too unstable, and I guess people either wanted me to control it for the safety of everyone around me, or to make me a weapon, I don't know. I'm my own guy now though."

"I know Abby, you and her huh?" she waggles her eyebrows and smirks. "She's pretty cool." She admits and listens to what Magnes says, "Whenever you were kissed or afraid? That sort of thing huh?" Thalia puts her hands in her pockets and nods her head. "I just found out that I can blow people away, the other day."

"She was the first kiss I had, I think I was her's too, but we don't really have anything going on anymore." Magnes says with just a hint of regret, then shrugs lightly. "I'm dating a girl named Claire now, she's really nice, doesn't think it's immature when I wear superhero shirts, she even got me a Batman one." At this point it's quite obvious he's out of his element with his current outfit, sounding geekier and more inexperienced by the second. "And, y'know, you'll get the hang of your ability eventually. Just be glad you don't have to worry about accidentally throwing people into the atmosphere."

"That's good for you." Thalia says in agreement with Magnes and she looks down at her feet. "Yeah, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon." Thalia smiles at Magnes and begins to back away. "I gotta jet, so I'll see you around maybe, Since you know Old Lucy's. Look for me there one day soon." She says as she tosses her hair behind her and begins to move away. "Nice meeting you Mags."

"Nice meeting you too, Thalia. Be safe." Magnes suddenly wooshes into the air, staring down at her for a few seconds before quickly speeding up. "She looks kind've like Angelina Jolie." he notes to himself in the air.

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