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Scene Title Benefits
Synopsis Adam surprises Odessa with a new wardrobe. (Author's Note: If the description of frilly unmentionables offends you, please don't read this log.)
Date September 21, 2009

Fort Greene - #404

Description forthcoming.

Adam actually walks into Odessa's apartment, since he has the keys and she's really not really brought up any problems with him doing this before, so in he comes. Today, he's carrying a few bags. If she's the type, she might recognize various designer names on the bags. It's not like him to carry the bags himself, but other than with the movers, he really hasn't brought anyone in. He lays the bags on the dining room table and then sits down in his armchair.

Classical music, heavy on the harpsichord, drifts from the stereo system, quite a bit quieter than the last time he paid her a visit. Odessa lays sprawled out on her stomach the wrong way on a chaise, with her head resting at the foot. Her legs are crossed at the ankles, settled at the headrest of the chair. Propped up on her arms, the woman's fingers glide across an invisible keyboard, movements in time with the music.

Her head lifts when he walks in and makes himself at home. "My, my. What's all this?" Odessa quirks a brow to Adam, settled in his chair. "Is it my birthday?"

Adam crosses one leg over the other. He pauses for a moment, "Do you really only listen to classical music?" he questions, "I mean, we've had so many genres over the centuries." he shakes his head a moment, glancing towards the table. "I did a bit of shopping." he says. This, is actually a bit of a lie, he paid someone and they did the shopping, but the point remains the same. "I'm told these are the latest fashions." he smirks a moment, "And, I suppose a few surprises. Did you know Frederick's of Hollywood is now more popular than Victoria's Secret?"

"Is it?" Odessa stretches up a bit like a seal so she can see the bags on the table more easily. "I have no idea." …what Frederick's of Hollywood is remains unspoken. She's able to guess anyway. "And I happen to like classical. I wasn't exactly exposed much to what was considered popular. It's not like the top 40 countdown came in underground." She sighs and rolls over onto her back, letting her head dangle off the chair for now. "Besides, it reminds me of… simpler times."

Adam is quiet for a few moments, "I suppose there's nothing wrong with thinking about simpler times. Although, you should probably spend some time getting used to modern times. I've certainly done my best to get used to it." he purses his lips, "However, these clothes should help, get you all…into character, I suppose." he motions for a moment and says, "Why don't you come over here a moment."

With a soft grunt at the protesting of her muscles, Odessa crosses the room to stand in front of Adam's chair. "Yes, oh wonderful benefactor of mine?" She smirks a little impishly, crossing her arms under her chest as she awaits further direction.

Adam smirks a moment at that. "Oh, well, you've got the petulant child act down." a brow arches at that and then he chuckles. "You know, most women would be nice enough to suggest a fashion show." he tsks a moment. "But, you know, I suppose I'd like to know first how well you're settling in, yeah?" he pauses, "Any problems?"

"I'm not most women, am I?" Inwardly, Odessa curses herself for lack of knowledge of the proper protocol for these sorts of situations. Was she supposed to offer to traipse about the living room in her new clothes? Is that what normal women do? Damn. Despite the admonishment she gives herself, the smile stays in place. "The place is lovely. The bed is the most comfortable thing I've slept on… Since they gave me a new bed in '89 after Ellie Bishop set fire to the old one." Something makes her frown, but it isn't her rivalry with the electrokinetic. "Do you ever get the feeling like…" Odessa glances back toward the door, then to Adam again. "I feel like I'm being watched." She probably is, by friend and enemy alike. "I'm safe here, though… Right?"

Adam mms, "No, I suppose you're not." he pauses a moment as she mentions Elle Bishop, his hand clenching a moment. He purses his lips a moment and then says, "Well, I must say that I very often do feel like I'm being watched, yeah, but then I am who I am." he considers a bit and leans in, "You're as safe as I can make you.." but then he looks momentarily troubled, "Unless there's more you're not telling me. Did someone recognize you?" he asks.

Odessa shakes her head quickly. "No, no. I don't think so. I'm probably just being paranoid." She scratches at the bend of her left arm through the pink cardigan she wears over a white tank top. "If you say you're doing your best to keep me safe, then I believe you." She smiles and reaches out to brush her thumb fondly over his cheekbone. "Everything's fine."

Adam considers this for a moment. In his own mind, he finds it a tad suspcious. He glances up towards the ceiling, considering places he could install cameras to watch the going ons. He pauses lightly and then when she strokes his cheek, he stops thinking about it, at least outwardly. then he smiles at her for a moment. He reaches up and slides a hand along her side a bit, "Well. Got to make sure I keep my promises."

"You've done very well at that so far," Odessa assures him. She slips away from his touch only so she can go inspect the bags on the table. "So, what did you buy me?"

Adam mmms a bit, "I suppose that's good." he stands easily enough from his chair, "Oh.." he doesn't know the tally, "Some dresses, skirts, shirts…shoes.." he pauses then smiles rather coyly as he holds up one of the smaller bags, "Some…intimates."

Odessa blushes a rosy shade of pink when she glances at the bag. "Now why would you go and do something like that?" She reaches into one of the bags and retrieves a simple black skirt, a bit shorter than what she would usually wear, and then looks over to her companion. "How did you even know what sizes to get?"

Adam mms, "Why would I indeed." he allows languidly. But eventually, he answers the other question with more or less honesty, "Truthfully, I have people for that. I mean, it wouldn't be terribly hard to guess." he says, "But would you believe there's people who actually make a living doing this sort of thing? Guessing sizes and the like." he pauses a moment, "So, are you going to try anything on?"

"Gosh, I just don't know where to start." Odessa seems a bit at a loss as she surveys the bags in front of her. "You pick a bag, and I'll model what's inside." Sounds like a fair deal to her.

One can't really leave that sort of decision for Adam, particularly when he's clearly in one of his moods. So, as per her wishes, he reaches down, picks up the smaller bag and holds it out, "Done and done." he says.

Really, Odessa? You didn't see that coming? A smile is flashed as she takes the bag from the man. "All right then. Back in a jiff." She slips off to the bedroom, leaving the door open only a crack behind her.

"Hey!" she calls after a few moments. "I think there's, like, parts missing here! Isn't this supposed to cover my— …Oh." There's a crinkle of tissue paper as the bag is rooted through. "Never mind!"

Adam says low enough to not be heard in this room, "Not if the buyer did her job right." but as she disappears into the bedroom to do her thing, Adam makes his way over towards the chair and sits down, awaiting the result.

Odessa's head peeks out from around the corner of the hallway. "You know, your girlfriend would try and kill me if she saw what you bought me." Trying to kill Adam would be an exercise in futility, after all. She pads into the room in her bare feet, almost unsure of her footing. The top is modest enough, as far as bras go, made of blue satin with a contrasting black ribbon tied in a bow in the middle. The bottom is a half slip of the same blue, with a bow at the small of her back. Sheer black ruffles line the hem and back of the piece. "It's a thong, Adam," she protests. "I thought underwear was supposed to…" She tries to make a hand gesture that conveys her need to have her underthings cover her bottom, but fails and throws her hands up. "This is the latest fashion?" She turns around once, looking a bit perturbed.

Adam head tilts to the side and doesn't respond for a few moments. He takes several moments to look her over, studying how the lingerie apparently fits rather well upon the woman. He pauses, "Well, then we'll just have to make sure that she doesn't know that I bought it for you. Or.." he pauses, "That I had you model it for me. It is…though, this tends to be shown only to intimates." he finishes by saying, "Why don't you come closer so I can see if you've worn it right."

"Adam," Odessa murmurs with a breath of laughter. Despite the fact that she seems about to tell him no, she steps forward slowly and gives him a rueful smile. "Can I ask you a question?"

Adam lifts his chin up a moment, apparently rather interested in this question. There's a momentary pause before he says, "Alright…why don't you go ahead and ask?" he questions.

"Was it like this when we were still in the Bronx?" It's a nice way of saying when you were still a prisoner on Level Five. "Or did the new Body by Morphine stir something in you?" Her frame is leaner than it appeared nearly a year ago. Her bones are more obvious, he can see her ribs. She's not starving to death, but she could certainly stand to put some more weight on. "You've always been a charmer, but you never… looked at me like this." Maybe he did, while her back was turned. If he did, she never knew.

Adam licks his lips a moment, "To be honest…I preferred you with a few more pounds." his head leans downwards for a moment as he looks slowly upwards along her side. "If you're asking me if I found you attractive in Level 5? Yes. Are you asking why I never came on to you?" he questions, "I did have other things going on in my mind there. Besides…you never quite looked to me like you were looking for a boyfriend."

"I never have been." A shrug, unapologetic. "I have to admit though," Odessa carefully braces one hand on the back of the chair while she settles one knee on one side of Adam, and then repeats with the other knee. "Having a man around has certain…" She tips her head back to look toward the ceiling thoughtfully as she brings both hands up behind her head to run her fingers through her hair. "Benefits."

Adam leans back comfortably in his chair as she straddles him and watches her apparently get quite into her role. He pauses for just a moment before he says, "I suppose I could appreciate being looked at as a benefit." there's plenty of other questions to be answered though, but for right now, all he does is slide his hands onto her bottom and then slide slowly up her back, "There are worse things to be looked at as."

"Well, isn't that all this is? About what we can do to benefit each other?" One hand slips out of her hair so Odessa can run her thumb over his lip. "You put a roof over my head and clothes on my back, and I play doctor for your organisation."

Adam lets out a light shrug, "That's part of it." he says, "A small part.." he considers her gently for a few moments, "You must surely be aware that a doctor is not really that high on the list of priorities for any organization I create." he rubs his fingers into her back slowly, "Perhaps it's more about the lost child I saw back then who would do anything to live even part of the life I had already lived that got taken from me. Perhaps it's more about finding you and wanting to make sure that I could keep you…happy."

"Happy," Odessa repeats softly. She's quiet for a few lingering moments, thoughtful. She opens her mouth to say something, but then shakes her head with a smile. It can wait. She dips down to press her lips to his softly, slowly. "You're my prince, Adam," she murmurs when she pulls away.

Adam returns the kiss, soft and quick though it might be. A brow slowly arches after he gets called a prince. He's quiet for some moments before he says, "Well, I don't know about a prince…" he says, "But I'm certainly something." he reaches up and runs his fingers through her hair.

"You definitely are," Odessa agrees as she rises up off the chair and tugs at his hand, tipping her head toward the hallway. A playful smirk tugs at the corners of her lips.

Adam considers the invitation for a moment and then her own playful smirk. He stands quietly and gives his own smile, a bit of an enigmatic one and then lets her lead the way.

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