Best Last Resort


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Scene Title Best Last Resort
Synopsis Elisabeth has a problem, and has to turn to the last person she'd except under the circumstances.
Date August 2, 2009

Cell Phone Conversation

It's a choice she's been debating all week, trying to figure out what to do. But the greater good in this instance has to be served. And although she fully realizes that this is something that will get her keelhauled by certain quarters… Elisabeth has finally decided that it's the right call. She hates it. But it's the right thing to do. And so she picks up the phone and dials a cell phone number that she's only had occasion to call a couple of times before.

The time off has been good to Len. He's been able to let off a little steam, drink as much as he wanted, and sing damn near a million songs on Karaoke nights across the city. He's been studying Minea Dahl's situation and deciding what best to do about it. He was sending an official inquiry about the opening of the college, as well as wrangling himself an invitation. Then there's the Winter situation. Seems like the time off only held off the busy schedule they keep. Len turns to glance at his phone when it starts to ring with some Alan Jackson tune and he picks it up, glancing at the screen and noticing the caller. Of course, he's no reason to accept her call. He also knows that she probably would have nothing to do with him if it weren't important. So, being the curious one, he pushes the button to answer the call. "Denton."

There's a long moment when she considers hanging up. But then Elisabeth says quietly, "Agent Denton… do you still work under the auspices of Homeland Security, or are you a straight Company man these days? I….. need a Homeland Security agent. If you're not one, then I'd really like it if you could direct me to one."

"You do realize that Primatech no longer exists? We've all been redirected to Homeland Security. What exactly is it you need, Detective Harrison?" Len knows her affiliations with Phoenix, and they were keen on taking down the Company, so he's not going to as straight with her as he might have been before. He leans back in his chair, rather missing the squeak that he used to hear when he was in his old office.

"I know that the facade of Primatech no longer exists, but that doesn't mean the infrastructure was damaged," Elisabeth retorts with zero heat. "Agent Denton, I have knowledge of the location of a frightened girl with an extremely dangerous ability — and she's on a number of Wanted posters. And for the safety of everyone in her vicinity, she needs to be brought in as quickly and with as little warning as possible. Maya Hererra has killed at least a hundred people with her ability — when she gets upset, she excretes some kind of poison. She has no control over it."

Interesting. It's a thought not said out loud. "If she's that dangerous, what's to stop her from killing us once we jump her?" Len asks. "Do you have some sort of plan in mind, Detective?"

Elisabeth sighs quietly. "I know that you've got access to tranqs, Agent Denton. I highly recommend someone take a good sniper shot from afar with a fast-acting tranquilizer. Wihch means taking her in a public venue, but… I can't see any other way around that. Look…." She hesitates. "I know you think I'm an idealist or whatever it is you think of me. But the bottom line for me has always been about how to protect the most people. This woman killed every person at her brother's wedding, according to the Mexican authorities, plus a bunch of other people. She's a danger to anyone who upsets her. She needs… if Homeland is really helping people control their abilities, she needs that. In a big way. If you have the ability to put a team on standby, I can have someone on her to let you know when she's out in the open and a good target for pick-up."

Really. She had him hooked at 'she's killed over a hundred people'. Len's a good shot, and on a Sunday afternoon, that's about the best she's going to get today. "I can be your shooter. Tell me where you want to meet." He's already got his earpiece in and is now suiting up as he reaches for his harness.

"Not today," Elisabeth replies. "But in the next several. I'll work it out." She's not about to give up Cat's safehouse to Len. "I'm in the middle of a serial killer case, and I've got someone else tailing her. As soon as she leaves her hideout, I'll have them call you if it's okay to give them this cell number. And I'll meet you at the scene, if that's what you want." It doesn't matter that she feels …. weird… about this. Maya's a sweet girl just looking for her brother, but she's a serious threat and Elisabeth is not willing to risk the lives of everyone in the building.

Well, then. He sits back down in his chair. "If you're certain it can wait, Detective. This is your call." Len can only hope that there'll be no more deaths in that amount of time. "I don't suggest waiting too long and be aware, I have an obligation to turn her over to Homeland Security, now that you've gotten me involved."

"I want you to turn her over to Homeland, Agent Denton," Elisabeth says in surprise. "Why the fuck else would I even contact you? I don't have a choice but to wait until she's clear of her hideout — out in the open, she's less likely to kill everyone and you're more likely to have a clear shot at her. She is dangerous in a way I can't even begin to articulate here."

"You always get this worked up, Detective? Just call me when you need me. And go have a beer or something. Damn." He clicks off the phone and slides it across the desk. He takes a deep breath. "That woman. She's going to work herself into an early grave." he mutters to himself before he picks up the phone.

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