Best Of Both Worlds


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Scene Title The Best of Both Worlds
Synopsis Felix wants to have his cake and eat it too.
Date Feb 10, 2011

Elisabeth's Office, Textile Factory

Fel's been….out. Out a good bit. Not saying much. And at the moment, he's sitting at the empty conference table, gazing dreamily out the window, chin propped on his hand. He's in his BDUs, open at the throat.

Elisabeth's given him as much space as she can though she's been watching him. If nothing else, the man is her partner on the job. Sometimes you just have to know when to let your partner have space. Today she's just been busy more than aware of Felix's whereabouts. As she lets herself back into the conference room from yet another … whatever the hell it is she does out there…. she stops short. "Felix." His presence in her office doesn't really surprise her, but it does make her smile. "Hey there. How're you doing?"

"I'm okay. Wanted to talk to you, just like….catch up," he says, turning to face her. The lines in his face are deeper than ever. He looks almost uncertain.

Tilting her head, Elisabeth studies him and makes sure the door is closed behind her. "What's on your mind, Feeb?" she asks softly, walking to the chair next to him to lower herself into it and lean back.

Felix suddenly grins at her. It's really sheepish, as he leans in, conspiratorially. "Teo," he says, almost embarassed.

Oooh! Gossip! Elisabeth's expression eases from one of concern to a bit of a grin. "Really?" she murmurs teasingly. "And what about our sweet little Italian terrorist is on your mind, my darling? His adorable behind or something else?" She waggles her brows at him.

Fel nods at her, and his grin is too broad for his face, suddenly. He literally squirms like a puppy.

She laughs softly. "I take it things are going well," Elisabeth observes. He's too cute when he gets like this. "So tell!" Because he's dying to share.

"I….it's just weird. In a good way, We just kinna hooked up. Like, he ….we sort of went on a few dates. I don't know where it's gonna go, or what it's gonna be, but it's….nice." And he's mostly incoherent.

Elisabeth chuckles. "I'm glad," she says sincerely. "It doesn't have to go anywhere. It can just be what it is." She can't exactly remember the last time it was that simple for her, but hey… it used to be!

Felix's smile is soft. "Yeah. You're right," he says, quietly. "But….I'm still with you, right?" Just in case.

"Felix…." Elisabeth reaches out and twines her fingers into his. "There is nothing in this world that will take that. We may go through periods of time where it's not what it is now," she admits. "But you will always be my best friend. You are the person I go to when I need back-up, a kick in the ass, a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to talk to." She smiles. "You're not going to lose me, regardless of whether we're lovers or not."

His hands are spidery, oddly frail-looking. "Is it okay with you if I have both? I haven't asked Teo about it. He…he may want to be monogamous. Because frankly, I do still want to be your lover, if we can."

Elisabeth shrugs easily. "I'm fine with sharing. It's not time for monogamy right now." She leans her head back in the chair and laughs softly. "I think Richard sort of short-circuited my brain the other day. He said kids. Plural!" Rolling her head sideways to look at him, her brows are near her hairline. "I don't know if he means with me, but … there'll be times where I ask you for the space to be monogamous. Now's not one of them." She grins. "So long as Teo's fine with the situation, I am as well."

He smiles at that, and it's sheepish and shy, not at all like his usual vulpine sneer. "I sort of thought, but I didn't want to assume. And…I understand. Kids. I…I hope you get them. You'll be a good mother, when you do." He's still uncertain, the idea's obviously alien to him, but he does love Liz enough to sympathize…

She shrugs a bit, her blue eyes giving away perhaps more than she might have liked about her doubts. "I gotta have a dream, Felix… hope. Right now, the idea of an actual future is… about all that keeps me going," Elisabeth admits to him softly, squeezing his hand.

What is his dream? Does he have one? By the look on his face, hedoesn't know…and it's something that will bear closer looking at later. He lifts her hand to his lips, kisses the knuckles, one by one.

Elisabeth smiles slightly watching him with a lazy affection. "I'm glad the two of you are doing well."

"I'm….it's too new to say. And….because it never rains but it pours, I had this cute guy ask for my number the other day. He didn't even know who I was! So it's not some starfucker thing." Felix is delighted by this, uncertain again. Almost teenage.

She giggles with delight. "That's hysterical. I flirted with a guy in the lobby of the Dorchester and he totally blew me off. Took me like five minutes to realize that he was gay. I'm so ashamed," Elisabeth responds. "I mean, seriously. My gaydar is obviously being tampered with!" She rolls her eyes. "But he had eyes to die for."

Fel grins at her. "Not my fault. Or maybe I'm just blinding it at close range and all. Though really, mine isn't very good, is the thing. I think a lot of that is cultural. American body language throws me, some times."

"Ah well. Perhaps I'll introduce the two of you and I'll get vicarious thrills out of it," Elisabeth laughs. "I mean, hell… if you're gonna be dating, I sure as hell don't have time for more guys in my life. Not with this job and my other one."

He laughs. "I just have time for the one. It's nice, though. I…that's too bland a word, it really is. I don't know what I'm gonna do about the guy who I gave my number. If I'm with Teo, I can't really be gallivanting around with another man, can I?"

Elisabeth shrugs. "I think you'll need to talk to Teo about that part," she retorts with a grin. "Not my place to comment on what he wants." She moves to stand up, leaning over to kiss his temple. "Tell him I said hello," she murmurs into his hair. "I need to hit the bunk. Be good, Feeb."

"I will. Sleep well, Elisabeth," he says, turning his lips up to kiss her chin.

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