Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts


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Scene Title Beware Of Greeks Bearing Gifts
Synopsis Not actually Greeks, but Adam returns from Japan with gifts for Zoe.
Date May 23, 2009

Zoe's Apartment

Saturday evening. Should a girl be out and about, enjoying the town, and the nightlife Manhattan has to offer?

Well, if you're Zoe Porter, you're enjoying a nice cup of tea, and going through the print copies of the emails between Linderman and Angela Petrelli.

Having just touched down recently, Adam makes his way to Zoe Porter and knocks on her door.

Zoe rises to her feet and looks through the peephole. "Oh - " she says, and opens the door. "You're back." she says, beaming.

Adam smiles confidentally, perhaps a bit cockily, "Of course I'm back. Who could stop me from getting back to you?" in his hand is the promised hello kitty backpack, "So, going to invite me in?"

Zoe is trying not to smile so hard, as she opens the door further and gives him the clearance of the foyer. "Did you get what you needed to get done in Japan?"

Adam nods, "That and more." he hands over the bag to Zoe, which is heavy…in fact, too heavy. There's something inside of it. He makes his way to the couch and sits down as he motions, "Come sit with me."

Zoe does so obediently, asking, "Can I get you anything?" Her fingers curl around the bag curiously. "What is it?" she asks curiously, despite the fact that she could just unzip it.

Adam shakes his head and slips an arm around Zoe's shoulder. He leans in for a rather nice, languid kiss. As he pulls away, "It's presents." he says, "Souveneirs."

It takes a moment for Zoe to come back to the here and now. "What? Oh…" she says a bit shyly, and unzips the bag, reaching inside.

Inside is a box. It's pretty, wooden, apparently hand carved. But it's not old, in fact, it seems recently made. Inside is a necklace, made of jade and emerald. This is old, dating back to the 1700s, something of the style that would have been worn by courtesans in the emperor's court. He pauses, "I thought you would like it." he offers.

"Oh…" she says, breath caught as she lets it rest gently in her hand. He can tell from the look on her face she's dying to scan it, but refrains from the indulgence. "It's beautiful…" And her expression grows conflicted, as she looks away.

Adam arches a brow, "What's wrong?"

"You may be about to kill the man who's been a father to me." she says. "By all rights, I shouldn't be seeing you at all. I should be going to him, I should be telling him about you, I should be making sure he protects himself." Instead she's here, on the couch, letting him kiss her.

Adam ahs a bit. He's quiet, what an awkward moment. "Except the man you thought was like your father, was never really that man at all."

"I don't have proof of that, yet." Zoe whispers, head bowed.

Adam tilts his head a moment as he watches Zoe quietly, then reaches in and takes her hand. He interlaces his fingers with hers and just sits quietly, "Well…I'm not sure what to say to that."

Zoe looks down at the jewelry in her hand. "This is a horrible betrayal." she says numbly, her other laced in Adam's, without letting go. She looks up at him. "What if he's innocent?"

Adam tilts his head, "Daniel Linderman is many things, but he's not innocent..but, supposing he's not responsible for the worst of it. Suppose I forgive him…then what's the problem? I won't hurt him. I plan to talk to him, directly and get my answers…why worry about something that might not happen."

Zoe looks up at him. "You would do that?" she asks, relief so palpable that it's almost painful.

Adam nods, "Yes…the meeting may be a bit of a surprise to him, but I plan to do it. And I'll find out his part in everything." he considers Zoe, "We don't know what will happen yet. Let's not worry about it now."

Zoe just looks like a huge weight has lifted off her shoulders. "Alright." she says, and her smile returns. She looks down at the necklace in her hands. "It's so beautiful." she murmurs. "I want to see its past…it's very tempting."

Adam hmms, "If that's what you want.." he says, "Go ahead.."

Zoe shakes her head. "Later." she assures, holding it out to him. "Would you put it on me?"

Adam smiles, "Alright." he reaches down and takes the necklace out off the box. He slides his hand onto Zoe's shoulder and turns her around. He slips his hand about her bare shoulders and then slides the necklace around her neck before he clasps it, allowing it hang about her shoulders. It's certainly a bit elegant for what she's wearing now, ,but it is very pretty. He turns her around and smiles, "Beautiful."

"Thank you." she says, pressing her hand to it gently. She seems to think he means the jewelry. That bag was awfully heavy though, and Zoe gives him a curious smile and moves to dip into the backpack again.

There is a second thing in the bag, in fact. Inside is a pair of chopsticks in a decorative container. Now, to most people, they're just a pair of chopsticks, but to a person as studied in the history of Adam Monroe as Zoe, she can recognize these as the personal property of one Takezo Kensei. Interestingly, these are straight out of the Yamagato Fellowship collection. "I wouldn't ask where I got this…and I don't want you donating it to Linderman's collection. I want you to keep it for yourself."

Zoe holds them in gentle fingers. "These were yours." she says in a hush. She's so ginger and careful with them you'd think he'd handed her a Faberge egg. She nods to him. "I'll keep them." she promises. "I can't believe you brought me all of this…" She shakes her head, flattered and blushing.

Adam nods, "They were mine, a long time ago. And now I'm sharing it with you." he says. He smiles, "You're par tof my story now anyway, yeah?" he chuckles a moment and then pulls her closer. He lets a hand gingerly slide onto her back and then slowly down to the small of it before he leans in for a nother, more intense kiss.

Well of course she kisses him back. A little more ardently than she had previously, curling her arm around his neck and leaning back and away when it ends. She still doesn't see what he does in her, obviously.

Adam keeps his face close after the kiss ends. He lets out a bit of a breath and says, "I missed you." he says, "I couldn't stand to be away from you."

"Really?" she asks shyly. "I've been so anxious." she admits. Her eyes momentarily dart to the coffee table, hopefully not so fast as he notices. Hardcopies of the emails between Angela and Daniel.

Adam smiles, "Anxious, hm? Anxious to see me?" he asks, ,"Or just anxious in general?"

"To see you." she admits shyly. "And for you. And about you. Isn't it amazing I could keep up with my job?" she teases.

Adam chuckles and reaches up, his finger brushing against her lip, "Well, it's nice to know you'fve been thinking about me."

Zoe inclines her head. "Yeah, that I was." She gives him a grin. "So did you literally just get off the plane?"

Adam mms, "I stopped to drop off my luggage and take a shower, then here. So, not just off the plane, but pretty close." he chuckles, "The truth is I wanted to see you as soon as possible."

"Well," she says with a laugh, "You've seen me." Then, "Are you hungry? I could make something."

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