April Bradley

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Name April Bradley Aliases April Silver
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Forcefield Generation
Gender Female
Birthdate January 18, 1985 Age 27 (in 2012)
Height 5' 7" Build Athletic
Eyes Green Hair Black
Residence temporary
Employment transitory
Parents Siblings none
Marital Status formerly engaged to James Silver Children none
First Scene Last Scene
Profile April is a former Company agent who has been on the run since Pinehearst agents came for her and inadvertently killed her fiance in Sept 2009. Her continued freedom has been bought with considerable bloodshed along the way, and she is considered both highly wanted and highly dangerous.
April Bradley
portrayed by
Jennifer Connolly



04/07/12 A Pang of Livid Light April, Bast, Cardinal, Cassandra, Chess, Cyrus, Felix, Isabelle, Kaylee, Magnes, Michael
11/21/14 An Echo of Thunder, Part III April, Avi, Belle, Cardinal, Colette, Doyle, Edward, Harper, Kaylee, Magnes, Rickham, Tamara, Tyler, and White
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