Francesca Lang

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Name Francesca Lang Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class ) Ability Kinetic Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate December 13, 1993 Age 18 (in May 2012)
23 (in August 2017)
Height 5'5" Build Slim
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Employment Pinehearst Corporation
Parents Adoptive Father: Winston Lang
Adoptive Mother: Thao Nguyen Lang
Siblings Trent Lang
Garrett Lang
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile One of Evo Co's poster children and a student of nanotech and nanoengineering in 2012; by 2017, she is one of Pinehearst's nanoengineers.
Francesca Lang
portrayed by

Chloe Bennet
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