Emily Raith

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Name Emily Raith Aliases Emily Epstein
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability
Gender Female
Birthdate September 11, 1999 Age 21
Height 5'7" Build Wiry
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Classified
Employment Agent, Office of the Deputy-Director for the Department of Homeland Security
Parents Avi Epstein (deceased)
Rachel Raith
Siblings Taylor Epstein (deceased)
Marital Status Dating Children
First Scene Bright and Cold Last Scene

Emily Raith is a bright young woman entering the next stage of her life after having shed ties to the Epstein name. Despite no longer carrying it as a part of her visible identity, she deeply feels the loss of her father, however conflicted her feelings are toward him. While attending Princeton University, she was approached by the Department of Homeland Security and offered a chance to use her ability for good.

Her world's gotten significantly stranger since then.

Emily Raith
portrayed by
Elle Fanning
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