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Name Huruma Aliases Illithid, "Jaws"
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Empathy
Gender Female
Birthdate October Age 41~(2012), 46~(2017)
Height 6'5" Build Lanky
Eyes White Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Parents Tsoka & Nafula, parents, d.
Etana, grandmother, d.
Siblings Nyatui, brother
Asali, sister
Marital Status Single Children Juwariya Dunsimi, daughter
Dajan Dunsimi, son, d.
Badrani Dunsimi, grandson, d.
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Pinehearst has a lot of murky secrets— and she is one. Resident bloodhound and a mind-flaying horror, she is yoked and bound to service.
portrayed by
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