Kara Prince

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Name Kara Prince Aliases Clara Kent (WA resident)
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female
Birthdate February 23, 1983 Age 37
Height 5' 11" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence The Sunken Factory outside of Providence
Employment Munitions Chaplain
Parents Clayton J. Prince (father; deceased)
Teresa S. Prince (mother)
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Reunited at last with Yi-Min Yeh Children Does Semej count?
First Scene Dissolved Girl
Hide and Seeker I
Last Scene
Profile Kara is castaway on distant shores, separated from her native timeline with no way home. She makes the best of living in a world she does not recognize.
Kara Prince
portrayed by
Emily Blunt



Safe Zone

  • Red Hook Trader - You buying? You selling? Kara is in town at Red Hook Market and surrounding areas most Sundays Unfortunately, since the incident that lead to the death of her Prime counterpart, Kara does not frequent Red Hook Market anymore, and keeps to herself.
  • Traveler - Sometimes, things don't line up just quite right for Kara. This world isn't the one she's from, and occasionally the weight of that gets to be a bit much. Maybe you can relate.
  • Former military - Kara Prince is a Marine who served several tours in Afghanistan. If you were in the armed forces, perhaps you recognize her?
  • West Coast Ferry - Kara fought in the Second Civil War on the side of the Ferry, focused getting as many innocent people as possible out of the line of fire. Her name isn't famous, but the cause became important to her. She has very little sympathy for any Humanist First holdouts, and even less patience for the Pure Earth rabble that have sprung up in their aftermath.
  • Raytech-adjacent - Stranger things have happened in this world, and they'll happen again. Kara semi-regularly frequents Raytech campus housing for the purposes of visiting Dr. Yeh. Maybe you can run into her when she's coming and going.


  • Quartermaster - Though her official title with the Remnant is 'munitions chaplain', Kara is in the business of keeping track of most supplies and making sure everyone has what they need. Got what you need? Good. If you don't, Kara either knows where to find it or knows a guy who knows where to find it.
  • Support Specialist - Kara's well-versed in almost anything that drives on land, including tracked vehicles. She's a skilled driver as well as a repairwoman. She'll help get you back on the road, or get you where you need going. But if your trip involves flying, you're gonna have to ask Finn.
  • Dedicated to the community - Kara's brusquely no-nonsense about most things, but she cares fiercely about growing the community and making it strong. She's carried that philosophy all the way from Sedro-Woolley to Providence. If you're a member of the community, Remnant or not, all you have to do is ask. She'll help no matter what it is.


Known to Most

  • ???
  • She could use some work on her people skills. She's putting in the effort to do better … most days.
  • Kara isn't a Safe Zone resident — she comes in from a settlement out in the Pine Barrens.

Known to Some

  • A member of the Horsemen Remnant who come from out West — and some from even farther.
  • She can speak Farsi conversationally, and shitty, high-school level Spanish. Thanks to Carver (with supplemental chiding courtesy Yi-Min), she's also building up her Mandarin.
  • Kara suffers from PTSD from from both wars she's been in.
  • Isn't she dead or something…?

Known to Few

  • There are several years of her life she just can't remember, save for flashes and hazy blurs.
  • Kara arrived in this reality November 8, 2011.
  • She finds it particularly amusing Kansas City is now the US capital — it's where she grew up.

Known to Fewer Still

  • Throughout the Second Civil War, Kara privately questioned if her experiences weren't just the result of a psychotic break. After coming to grips with her new reality, she questioned if everything before had been the fever-dream.
  • The arrival of the Horsemen gave her relief that her recollections of a very different world are valid after all, even if they can't provide answers as to how she crossed over.


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