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Name Luther Bellamy Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Energy Conversion
Gender Male
Birthdate June 1, 1969 Age 49
Height 6'3" Build Muscular
Eyes Grey Hair Brown
Residence 1 Observatory Circle
Employment Second Gent of the United States (SGOTUS?)
Parents Luc and Helen (Deceased)
Edward (Father in law)
Siblings John (Deceased)
Richard Cardinal (brother in law)
Marital Status Married to Kaylee Children Luke and Joanna (Deceased)
Jojo (Furbaby)
Josephine Ann Bellamy
First Scene Just Your Typical(?) Boy Meets Girl Story Last Scene
Profile Luther is a former Red-level prisoner of Moab, brought back into the light by the Pinehearst company. Though on payroll he was a janitor, he turned out to be a Fixer for Arthur Petrelli. By chance, he met NYPD Detective Kaylee Thatcher, and the pair had some rocky relationship issues before finally coming together in the fight against his former employer. After an extraordinary battle at a Colorado facility which housed the Looking Glass project, Luther survived thanks to Edward Ray, Tyler Case, and President-Elect Allen Rickham who had been in hiding in Edward's garage. Eventually the dust settled into a very peculiar set of circumstances that have seen Luther become part of the White House regulars, seeing as he is now married to the Vice President of the United States.
Luther Bellamy
portrayed by

Liev Schreiber

I am in blood

Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more,

Returning were as tedious as go o'er.

Macbeth (Act 3, Scene 4)


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Date Title Summary Cast
01/15 Just Your Typical(?) Boy Meets Girl Story A few months out of Moab and settled, Luther discovers a hitch in his new routine. Kaylee and Luther
03/16 Blame It On The Rain A dinner date with Kaylee reveals something more that touches on both their fears, and their desires. Kaylee and Luther
09/08 Confessions of A Telepath Kaylee and Luther find time in their busy work lives to go on vacation. She finally confesses a secret. Kaylee and Luther
09/09 One Night in Ogunquit On the last evening of their vacation, Luther and Kaylee indulge in one more adventure. Kaylee and Luther
11/17 Big Girls Don't Cry, They Get Even On Molly's 16th birthday, Luther helps her deal with a stalker. Luther and Molly
2012-2014 Collateral Beauty "Love. Time. Death. Let's begin there." Kaylee and Luther
03/17 Keyed In Kaylee offers Luther something he hasn't felt he had in a very long time… Kaylee and Luther
11/16-11/27 The Seventh Seal Luther signs on to specially selected team, and begins training for entry to a world far beyond his own. Huruma, Luther and Ruia, ft. Canfield, Goodman, and Luis
11/17 Phone Tag Another day in the life of a detective and a fixer, until Pinehearst Tower is attacked. Kaylee and Luther
11/29 Coming Home to A Nightmare The world was good, while it lasted. Kaylee and Luther
2014-2016 Collateral Matters The pair struggle with personal and external matters, trying to find their way. Kaylee and Luther
01/01 Just For Tonight Confessions and promise made. Tomorrow isn't promised, but just for tonight it will be about them. Kaylee and Luther
06/12-06/15 Living On The Edge Kaylee races to save Luther's life when she discovers he's been forced to return to Geopoint. Kaylee, ft. Edward, Rickham and Tyler
2018 Overlay Event
10/22 Sins of the Present Kaylee, Luther, Richard, ft. Kaylee, Luther, Edward and Cardinal As an argument becomes heated, some of Raytech's execs get a glimpse of a much brighter future… together.
10/23 Long Life Noodle Stand Kaylee and Luther Enjoying a meal of Noodles at the festival, Kaylee and Luther find things a little too spicy when they get another look at their other selves.
10/26 More Time Kaylee and Luther Even when trying to keep their distance, Kaylee and Luther can't escape a glimpse of what could have been.


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