Molly Walker

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Name Molly Walker Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Class ) Ability Clairvoyance
Gender Female
Birthdate Age 15 (2012)
21 (2017)
Height 5'5 Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Strawberry Blonde
Residence Pinehearst, Mohinder's Apartment
Employment Pinehearst/Traveler
Parents Mr. and Mrs. James Walker (Murdered by Gabriel)
Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh (Guardians)
Kay Parkman (Adopted Mom)
Siblings Ella Damaris (Adopted Sister)
Lewis Parkman (Adopted Brother)
Marital Status Single Children Nah
First Scene Last Scene Dig Two Graves
Profile A young traveler, working for Arthur and the Pinehearst company.
Molly Walker
portrayed by

Adair Tishler (Younger) Francesca Eastwood (20s)
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