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Name Odessa Gale Woods (née Price) Aliases Odessa Knutson, Nightingale, Brooke Lynwood
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Temporal Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate April 8, 2009 Age 30s
Height 5' 2" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence 1627 Virginia Terrace, Bronx
Employment Pinehearst Tower, Manhattan, NYC
Parents Kara Price Siblings Mateo Ruiz Rowan
Mateo Ruiz
Marital Status James Woods Children [wheezing laughter]
First Scene Duet, II Last Scene Threading the Needle, Part IV
Profile Loving daughter, devoted wife, loyal enforcer.
Searching daughter, grieving widow, resistance supporter.
Dutiful daughter, vengeful widow, rebellion leader.
Dedicated daughter, faithful wife, caring sister and aunt.
Victim of Destiny.
Odessa Woods
portrayed by

Sheryl Lee

Her suffering was her armor.
Gradually, it became her skin.
Then she could not take it off.



Assassin String Jumper Wastelander Seafarer
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Time Scene Story Players
01/12 In Other Words Target eliminated. Mateo
01/23 Hide/Seek Odessa is given a new assignment. Arthur
With The Things You Could Do A dream of a person she's never been brings doubt. Des and Richard
01/25 You Have My Watch A ghost creates more questions than his presence answers. Ruiz
2012 - 2013
Duets Odessa learns what she can about Ruiz and gets more than she ever expected. Ruiz
08/12 No Place Like... Woods shares some good news. Woods
10/05 You're Nothing That You Seem Odessa is late for a very important date. Arthur
Out of Time
06/13 You're Nothing That You Seem Odessa finds herself in a world not her own. Mara
Nothing There But Me Odessa takes a trip to see the Safe Zone's resident wizard. Mara and Richard
Is It Far? Differences are hard to ignore. Solo
06/25 Lies and Fabrications While she finds more answers, Odessa isn't sure she likes them. Richard
06/28 For the Things I've Done Answers are carried off on the wind while death looms ever closer. Julie and Samson
There's No Place Like Home
11/19 For the Things I've Done The escape is narrower than she might like. Arthur and Hiro
11/20 Draw the Blinds The consequences of Odessa's good turn are immediate and devastating. Arthur
10/05 Dig Two Graves There is no victory here. Hiro, Molly, and Samson
04/08 The Darkest Shadow That's one hell of a birthday party. Cardinal, Elisabeth, Magnes, and Samson
11/08 The Brightest Light Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in. Colette, Goodman, Isabelle, and Shaw
Burning Chrome, Part I Welcome to hell. Alia, Avi, Elaine, Eli, Elisabeth, Eve, Isabelle, Kain,
Kaylee, Ling, Lynette, Lynette, Magnes, Quinn, Ruiz, Shaw, and Tyler
11/09 Ruminations on Revenge Odessa keeps a close guard as her family assesses their situation. Eve, Lynette, Rowan, and Ruiz
11/11 How Hard Can This Be? Elisabeth offers thanks and sympathies. Elisabeth
Lost in Paradise The relationship Odessa hopes to kindle with the James Woods of the Wasteland promises to be a complicated one. Woods
03/03 A Seer's Plan In for a penny… Cassandra, Cooper, Eli, Elisabeth, Eve, Kay, Lance,
Magnes, Peter, Quinn, Veronica and Woods
03/20 A Serpent's Trail In for a pound. Eli, Elisabeth, Eve, Hana, Kay, Logan, Magnes, and Peter
10/22 The Tempest Once more unto the breach. Cassandra, Elaine, Elisabeth, Isabelle, Kain, Lance,
Ling, Lucy, Lynette, Ruiz, Shaw, and Squeaks
Oar Place or Mine The travelers regroup and get the lay of the land sea. Cat, Elisabeth, Isabelle, Lance, Lynette, Shaw, and Walter
10/26 This World, Then The Next Odessa finally allows herself a moment to openly grieve, then vows to keep moving. Lynette
11/26 To Live Moving has proved harder than Odessa expected. Elisabeth intervenes. Elisabeth
12/01 Why Don't You Tell Me My Future The life she never had sounds like a good one. Des, Lynette, and Ruiz
12/03 Why Don't I Sell You My Soul If all there is is this one chance, then it will be good enough. Woods
12/20 Mad Eve's Demand The Captains gather to discuss what's to come. Adam, Cassandra, Doyle, Elisabeth, Eve, Lynette,
Magnes, Monica, Remi, Ruiz, Ryans, Walter, and Woods
12/23 The Dread Pirate Sawyer, Part V Things get rough on the seas. Denisa, Doyle, Mala, and Meredith
When You Scream Into The Abyss... The tenor is set quickly aboard the Ark. Carina, Cassandra, Denisa, Des, Doyle, Elaine,
Elisabeth, Geneva, Isabelle, Kain, Kenner, Lance,
Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Meredith, Miles,
Namiko, Remi, Ruiz, Silas, Trask, Walter, West, and Woods
...The Abyss Screams Back Things only get worse. This is the beginning of the end. Ashleigh, Carina, Cassandra, Denisa, Des, Devon,
Edward, Elisabeth, Geneva, Gerard, Isabelle, Joy,
Kain, Kenner, Lance, Leroux, Ling, Lynette, Magnes,
Mala, Meredith, Miles, Namiko, Roux, Ruia, Ruiz,
Shaw, Silas, Stefan, Trask, Walter, West, and Woods
12/24 Alone It never gets easier. Solo
12/25 Closed, Part III Time is of the essence. Elisabeth, Joy, Lynette, Ria, and Ruiz
01/12 Threading the Needle, Part V Never is now. Carina, Cassandra, Chel, Denisa, Doyle, Elaine,
Elisabeth, Isabelle, Joy, Kain, Kenner, Ling,
Lucy, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Miles, Namiko,
Remi, Ria, Ruia, Ruiz, Shaw, Silas, and Walter
Threading the Needle, Part IV I am dead, yet I live. Gerard, Kenner, and Ruia


Kara unknown21_icon.gif Odessa's mother. Cruel circumstance (and, supposedly, Hiro Nakamura) separated daughter from mother at birth. After they found one another again, the two were determined to make up for years displaced and lost. The disappearance of Kara Price in 2011 was a terrible blow to Odessa and set her on a path to do whatever it takes to get her back.
Mateo vf_ruiz_icon4.gif Javier de Santos - Mateo Ruiz - comes from another world, and Odessa had been set to determine how that happened and what it meant for her own. She found herself genuinely fond of the man, and hoped if it came down to it, she could use the relationship they've built to convince him to join her in protecting their world. After all, she'd seen what his counterpart was capable of, and she'd rather have it on her side.

That he's her brother is a revelation she hasn't fully come to terms with. It means she murdered her own brother on orders from the man she trusted to look after her family. She has yet to admit to her crime - isn't sure she ever will - but vows to make up for it by protecting this other Ruiz and his family.
Lynette bf_lynette_icon4.gif Lynette Ruiz is both widow and wife of Odessa's brother. String jumping is complicated, but it means that she's family. Even after admitting to her role as a spy, Lynette still welcomed Odessa with open arms. Her kind and gentle nature inspires Odessa to be kinder herself. She may have miles to go, but she's working on it.


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