Big Bad Wolf


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Scene Title Big Bad Wolf
Synopsis Xiulan calls Fedor to update him on Cardinal and get his help to find him. Fedor doesn't like a single thing and tries to make things go his own way. Only, it's two strong headed woman, who have a plan for Xiulan's safety already in play. There is slapping, threatening, and emo abounding.
Date June 14, 2009

Confucius Plaza - Xiulan's Apartment

// To say this apartment is on the smaller side would be an understatement at best. Even so, the furniture has been artistically arranged to make the most of a very tight space. The walls have been hung with colorful panels of Chinese silk, tightly woven gold cord draped to create a temple-like appeal. In the center of the room an ornately woven has been piled high with pillows, the plush surfaces arranged in a semi-circle around a low, round coffee table. Along the far wall, a bookshelf plays host to numerous art books and supplies, an easel with a painting in progress standing slightly to the left. On the northern face of the main room an archway leads into a narrow kitchen. Bunches of dried herbs can be seen hanging as one peers inside. To the left of the kitchen, a narrow hallway leads to the bedroom and bath, the walls adorned with hung panels of silk like the living room.//

Xiulan is definately home. Considering how banged up she is? It's pretty clear why she isn't about to go out in public. That, and the fact that she has company, is tense and upset and is currently pacing the room with her cellphone in hand makes the whole scene rather on the tense side. That Abby is not particularly happy at the moment, either? Well, emotions feed off each other, go figure. At any rate, the lights are definately on, although the door is locked and the AK-47 and .45 are both out, loaded and ready to go. Yes, things are that tense.

This really wasnt how it was supposed to be done, but then again Fedor is the only reak spy in his little circle. That makes times like these, somewhat frusterating. Anyway, he does have legitimate business to conduct. So he wanders on down to Xiulan's joint, with a swagger that suggested it wasnt the first time he'd been there. Wearing a fine dark brown suit, and black funeral tie if only to further accentuate his already creepy resemblance to Buddy Holly. He raps a few times on the door, before taking a single step backwards to wait for Xiulan. Not particularly worried about waking her up, it would seem,

When the door is opened it is merely a crack. At least until Xiulan sees who it is. "Fedor? I thought you would /call/." As she steps back, it's clear she is armed, Liz's .45 held loosely in one hand alongside her thigh. "Come in," she sighs as she gestures toward the couch. "Just don't ask about the bruises, they aren't open for discussion." Probably an annoying statement since she's obviously been through the ringer.

Fedor frowns visibly at that statement "You know Xiulan, I wont pry. I will however ask you to remember, that your family. You know, all you have to do is ask." He slips into the room as quiet as, well a shadow, before bothering to shrug out of his jacket and expose the nickle plated .44 suspended from a finely tooled shoulder holster. "I think you and I need to have a sit down talk, about Teo and Cardinal and how this all came to be."

"This… is personal," Xiulan sighs. And, while she sets the gun down, it is kept very close to hand as she moves to perch on the arm of the couch. "Teo is the one who ripped Richard out of the shadows, Fedor. If you do not put a bullet in his head, I will make sure that he is cut into dog food-sized pieces it is as simple as that." And from the look on her face, she is absolutely serious about that one simple fact. "As for what happened /after/ Cardinal escaped Logan? I can only tell you that Arthur Petrelli is after him for something he and I know. Currently, Petrelli doesn't know I am involved. I will be… gone for a while to ascertain that it stays that way."

She's in the bathroom, she really had had to go to the bathroom, but now? Now that it's fedor on the other side of the wall and they're talking about richard and Teo? No, Abby's staying there sitting down against the wall and listening. Her arms tossed over her knees and shutting her eyes. It's not Teo. It's someone else inside Teo. Do people not understand this?

"No. Cardinal got caught because he was overconfident, he survived because Teo is my man on the inside. He is the one that allowed Cardinal to escape and alerted me to what had gone on. Teo was maintaining his cover, and not acting in a way thats worthy of your ire."Fedor looks for a place to sit as he adjusts his tie. "Now before we go any further we need to get some ground rules straight. This is my crew, I decide who we assasinate and who deserves condemnation. We arent freedom fighters, we arent terrorists and your not just a criminal anymore. Your a spy, and with that comes a unique set of risks and responsibilities. If you continue to get wound up like this, you will get Richard killed, yourself killed and everyone else in my family killed. I thought we agreed, you were going to be a professional until this was over?"

Xiulan shakes her head in response to Fedor. "You're wrong, Fedor. Cardinal, himself, told an operative for Phoenix what happened. But, you think what you like. Personally, I trust Richard and I'll make /sure/ the person who hurt dies. Painfully." In response to Fedor's last, Xiulan slowly raises one brow, her expression bland. "Fedor, I adore you, I do. But, this isn't as cut and dried as you believe it to be. I highly doubt that Richard considers himself a 'spy', or that he is considering Teo's actions understandable, or part of some 'act'. See, I am a criminal. Cardinal is a criminal. I am intensely loyal to those I love, and I love Richard. I am being compeletly professional in this regard. I am not yelling, I am not screaming, I am not being the slightest bit unreasonable. Honestly, I cannot believe that you would not take revenge for what has happened." She is Triad, it makes no sense to her, whatsoever. "I sincerely hope that Teo was not acting on your behalf when he allowed Logan to have Cardinal as a toy." That… would be very bad.

"It's not Teo" Comes from around the corner, though abby doesn't move from her spot. "It's someone in Teo. it's a body jumper, or a snatcher, evolved parasite. You'll have to wait till he's out of Teo's body before you kill him, please. Because the real Teo doesn't deserve it"

Fedor sighs softly, slipping off his glases to rub at the bridge of his nose. He hears Abby, but for a moment he doesnt say a word. "Abby, sit down and be quiet for a moment please."He doesnt snap but he edges pretty damned close. "Xiulan who the fuck, do you honestly think I am. Do you think I'm some, doting grandfather or just some young fighterjock? Go on, and tell me who the hell you think your dealing with because if anyone but you talked to me like that I'd be very cross with them."

"I will also note that at /no/ point was I informed that I was a spy, Fedor. While I respect you and your ideals, I would appreciate being informed of things of that nature." Sighing, Xiulan slips off the arm of the couch, curling into the cushions as she glances toward the bathroom. "If that is the case, Abigail, then it will be handled accordingly. Right now, my priorities have to be assuring that Richard is as safe from Petrelli as he can be. That Petrelli /never/ get wind of what Richard and I know. And that I remove myself as a possible weapon to be used against Richard, or the rest of you." It is as she glances back at Fedor that she notes quietly. "If someone, or something, is possessing Teo, then your operative is no longer trust worthy, Fedor. As for who I think you are?" She actually considers that a moment before rolling her shoulders in a slow shrug.
"Honestly, I have no idea, Fedor. You've told me absolutely -nothing- of what you are doing or why you are doing it, or who, for that matter, you are working for. You can be as cross with me as you feel you need to be, but honestly? If it you were that were out there being hunted, I would be just as invested in punishing those that did it." Sighing, she shakes her head as she rests her cheek against one hand. "I wish I could tell all of you why Richard is being hunted. I do. But, I can't. It is just too dangerous to share that knowledge. You can choose not to trust me. You can choose to place me neatly in the role of hysterical female. Or you can believe me when I say that this is all far, far worse then you could /ever/ possibly imagine. Really, it's up to you where we go from here." Cause, frankly, she's hurt, she's scared, and she's very, very tired.

"I'm already sitting" Piped up from around the corner. But that's the extent of the blonde's involvement. She had just learned a great deal about Fedor. And a great deal more about Xiulan. At the end of Xiulan's spiel, there's another comment from the hallway. "I'm the hysterical female. She's the pissed off lover with a secret"

Fedor replaces his glasses, and quietly collects his coat. "Your worried about Arthur Petrelli, and you have me standing in the same room as you. I've taken more lives with my bare hands than the bomb ever did, and you had no idea? I'm not even human, they dont have a name for what I am and your worried about who?"And then, as if unsure he sets his jacket back down before quietly reaching stepping back towards Xiu. Leaning in to grab firmly at her shoulder. "I'm the most dangerous man you will ever meet, and you conspire to act against me?"

Xiulan winces when Fedor grabs her shoulder, a gasp of pain spilling past her lips that actually stirs her face to blanching. Apparently, she is pretty seriously banged up beneath her clothing. When she does finally manage to speak it is in quietly hushed tones. "Petrelli is probably the most dangerous evolved out there, Fedor. He has many abilities, as I am given to understand and he intends to do everything in his power to see Richard dead." Pausing just to breath a moment, Xiulan lightly clears her throat, doing her level best to shake off the discomfort. "You act like I have somehow failed to show you respect. Did I not immediately call and inform you once I found out about Teo's actions? I did. I do not think that you are not dangerous. I do not think you are not capable. If I did, I would not have called you to find and protect Richard. If I did not think you could save him, I would have kept silent." At this point she looks, quite frankly, and earnestly meeting Fedor's eyes. "I -need- you to find him and I need you to save him. You might be powerful, but I am /not/. I cannot face Arthur Petrelli and I accept this. I cannot save Richard, and I accept this. All I can do to help everyone I care about is to hide."

"You're not dangerous to him Fedor" Abigail's come around the corner now at the gasp of pain from Xiulan. "He collects abilities. He's taken away a regeneration one. He's taken Telepathy from someone, he's taken one from someone in which he can find anyone, anywhere within the world. Who knows what else he has. But he'd take yours and then you'd be whomever you are, instead of whomever you want to be. Let go of her Fedor. She's hurt, can't you see that? Or are you going blind?"

"I have no doubt he's the most dangerous evolved, but I'll tell you a little secret."Fedor's gaze hardens his normally cool demeanor spilling over to show just a little of how unhinged he really was inside. "I'm not evolved, I'm something different I dont test positive."That grip tightens for just a moment, before he finally releases Xiulan and takes a step back. "Abigail, this would be an excellent time to remind yourself that I am not phoenix. Reconsider the wisdom of meddling in my affairs, before you continue."
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The moment Fedor's ire turns on Abby, Xiulan stands up, albeit slowly. "Fedor, you are angry with me, not with Abigail. She is merely trying to protect me." And despite her intention to stand on her own two feet, Xiu ends up leaning against the arm of the couch. "You are what you are, Fedor. Whatever that may, I hope it is enough to do what needs to be done. You are angry. I apologize, it was never my intent to cause that. But, as angry as you are, I need you, *Richard* needs you. Right now, we need you to help us save us all. Because if Petrelli catches up to Richard, or finds about myself, /everyone/ is in very real danger. So, please, try hear what I am saying to you." Yes, she's pretty much pleading with Fedor to keep it together for just a little bit longer.

"And I'm not Phoenix either. So don't assume that either. A lot of people make that mistake. I'm just a woman who stands in the middle and does what god shows her the way to do Mr. Ibragamov" Abigail shuffles to near Xiulan, reaching out to lay a gentle hand on her shoulder. No visual healing is forthcoming it seems. "I also know I owe you a debt for your part in helping get me free from Staten Island. I'm not meddling in your affairs. I'm here to help Xiulan and because I'm one of the ones that brought her the news about Richard" Blue eyes are angry, and she stands tall beside Xiulan, not cow'd it seems, by the angry russina 'monster'

"You have no debt with me Abigail, Phoenix does."Fedor settles back into his chair with a sigh, and a shiver. He doesnt apologise, but the anger drains visibly in just a couple seconds more. "You presume to keep secrets from me Xiulan, and then presume to murder my contact and your peer. You have done what for this crew sofar Xiulan, remind me how you have contributed thusfar so that I should forgive the fact your openly plotting to murder one of my own. You claim I didnt declare you a spy openly, so what exactly did you think you were doing in japan? You are a spy, admitted or not thats exactly what you are. "He glances up at the pair. "and you presume to tell me, my business. We should kill Teo, we should protect Richard."Fedor slips those glasses off again, crawling slowly back out of character. "Richard, Jake and Xiu have orders to assasinate me immediately upon capture. The fact I didnt have him executed, to preserve our secrecy should offer some sliver that maybe. Just maybe someone else has a vested interest in keeping Cardinal alive."

"I am keeping a secret that is dangerous to everyone who knows it, Fedor. I was /asked/ by my lover to keep this secret because it is so dangerous. I do not break trust, ever." She knows why she was in Japan, but again, it is a secret that she has promised to keep. "I called to warn you the moment I found out information I thought you should know. Do I want his head? Of course I do, he hurt Richard." She does not comment on the potential of having Richard assassinated. "You did not know about Petrelli. I have informed you of that threat. I do not understand why you are angry with me, Fedor. I have never pried into your business and I have come to you /every/ time you have called for me, but one. And while I respect you as my elder, you must also understand that *I* come from a culture that does not suffer betrayal lightly. What do you want me to say?"

"I think he wants you to leave it up to him" Abigail murmurs.

"Cardinal, belongs to me the same way I belong to him. I belong to you, the same way you belong to me. If you cannot trust me, I cannot trust you. I find it difficult to trust Cardinal if he feels I cant be trusted, do you understand my anger? You and Cardinal have betrayed me, do you understand?"Fedor glances off to the side, lifting his hand to rub his ear errantly. "All we have is trust, and you two apparently have none for me."

"That is not the case," Xiulan sighs. "I cannot help it if you believe that, Fedor. I have told you that this is something that cannot be spoken. Arthur is a telepath. Every soul that knows this secret is another chance for him to gain what he is looking for. I came to you and told you what I had learned. This is /not/ a matter of trust. This is a matter of saving lives and minimizing risk. Surely, you, -of all people- understand that."

People belonging to others. What was this the old south. Yes massa? There's clear distaste on Abby's face and the blonde stands still beside Xiulan, lips pursed. "She told you Mr. Ibragamov. She phoned you and you came here and she told you" ABigail's finger points accusingly at him. "Your standing in her home and your showing her grave inhospitality and telling her that she belongs to you? Even I don't know what's the secret, but I know that it's worth a great deal and I respect her greatly for being willing to die for that secret. If only everyone had that loyalty to the one they love and to a single cause, to have that faith then maybe the world would not be as it is right now. You owe her an apology Mr. Ibragamov"

Fedor takes the verbal barrage, he meant it really in a more family oriented sort of way but well he's not thinking in English at the moment. "You do not undertstand Abigail."He slips his glasses back on, before focusing his gaze on the pair. "I am here to take that risk for her, she doesnt deserve such a curse. I am to be killed upon capture, if I cant do it myself. My mind, is relatively safer. Do you think, that Cardinal or Jake could kill Xiulan? I dont, but I am confident in their willingness to kill me. This isnt about calling me, or not calling me. If it was that simple, she never would have been asked in. Now Abigail, please sit down. If I didnt think Xiulan had worth in my eyes, I wouldnt bother caring. I get angry, because I care."

Xiulan offers Abby a reassuring pat on her arm, a slow breath drawn in through her nostrils as she draws back a step and sinks down on the arm of the couch. "I will," she notes quite frankly. "Put a bullet in my own head before I ever breath a word of this while Arthur Petrelli still lives." The risk is too great and she knows that all too well. "But Richard.. Richard is hurt and actively being hunted by Petrelli. We /must/ focus our attention on preventing that from happening. If Petrelli steals powers…" Gods, she even hates the thought of what she is about to say. "Richard may not even his shadows to protect himself with. And I…" At this point, she glances at Abby, her expression heartsick. "I have to get to where he will never hear my name." Where /is/ Hiro, dammit.

"IF I have to, i'll shoot her in the head" The look in Abby's eyes, speaks volumes when she looks at Xiulan. Whatever the woman is harboring, if it's worth Arthur Petrelli taking, then she would. The same as she killed Volken. It wouldn't be a pretty sight after, but she'd do it. And pray Arthur Petrelli took her in the process. "It's her burden to bear. You can't protect everyone Mr. Ibragamov. She's a strong woman, far stronger than most give her credit for and if I couldn't get her to budge and hide out somewhere, then you're wasting your breath. We have a plan in place. She won't be alone. You need to do what she says and focus on helping Richard. I have Xiulan covered. Xiulan has herself covered" no couch sitting for Abby, just standing

"This isnt about toughness, but anyway no. Abigail, you are not in and you never will be. It is not your responsibility to shoot, Xiulan nor will it ever come to that. Even if it did, if I can hide chemical weapons I can hide Xiulan. "Fedor just draws quiet for abit, not entirely sure where to go from there. "Xiulan, until this is over your staying at my home in the bay. George would likely appreciate the company. Now then, Abigail do you feel like being useful?"

"Arthur Petrelli has the ability to locate a person anywhere on the globe, Fedor, and he has the power to walk in and take me if he wishes to." Lowering her head, Xiulan rubs her temples, a bit more color draining from her features. "I have to go where he /can't/ find me. I have a friend who can make that happen. Just," she adds. "Until the matter is dealt with. This way, you all know that there is no risk of danger coming from me and can focus on beating Petrelli to Richard. If /anyone/ can find Cardinal, you can and that is why we so desperately need you to do what you do best."

Abgail doesn't answer Fedor. She knows what her usefulness is right now, it's in her pocket. It's beside Xiulan, where they can wait till their plan can come to fruition by the good graces of someone else. The answer given by the very person that Xiulan wants in little doggy bite sized pieces. Not that Abby will tell them. No. That was all deleted from her phone. The religious blonde just stands there, quiet. She's repeating herself and it's getting nowhere. Stodgy old Russians.

"I am not worried about finding him, I'm concerned with the civilian casualties. A battle at sea will allow me to take the gloves off, I wont have to worry about killing a hundred people to save just one. "Fedor's gaze however, just drifts yonder back to Abigail. "I need you to find me a man, who can nullify an evolved. I know they exist, and I will need one which I can hire to stay on the boat with Xiu. If you can accomplish that, I'll need you to educate me on whats going on with Teo. I want to understand."

"My powers cannot be nullified, Fedor. It will endanger everything. I will be fine, really. I am going where Arthur hasn't the ability to find me. But, you could use someone with that ability. If you run up against Petrelli, it would be most beneficial." Saying that, she pushes off the arm of the couch and heads toward the kitchen with weary steps. "I am going to make tea."

"Xiu's not going on the boat. Therefore you don't need a Negator. There's a plan Mr. Ibragamov and it will work, It's already in motion." Teo's not a topic she's going into. "Find Richard. Do what Xiu is asking instead of sitting there like.. like some stuffy Russian old shape shifter who acts like his word is law. It's not. In this moment, it is not. So you can take it or you can leave it. But Xiu and I are staying here, in her place. you can't have everything your way Mr. Ibragamov. You can't always get what you want"

Fedor narrows his gaze at Abby "Exactly what evidence do you have to suggest I'm not looking for Richard right now? Now, before I see fit to trade you to Logan for my own interests. I was raised during Stalin, I went to war and killed for Stalin. I assure you Abigail, I have absolutely no problem with civilian casualities behind closed doors."He doesnt point that big blingy nickle coated .44 magnum around, but he does produce a small silenced .380 automatic from seemingly nowhere. He sets it delicately on the tabletop, keeping his eyes fixed firmly upon Abby. "Xiulan, will assure you. I am entirely comfortable with the notion of murdering you where you stand, if you continue to irk me. You seem to have me confused, with a good man."

Fedor narrows his gaze at Abby "Exactly what evidence do you have to suggest I'm not looking for Richard right now? Now, before I see fit to trade you to Logan for my own interests I'd suggest you quiet yourself. I was raised during Stalin, I went to war and killed for Stalin. I assure you Abigail, I have absolutely no problem with civilian casualities behind closed doors."He doesnt point that big blingy nickle coated .44 magnum around, but he does produce a small silenced .380 automatic from seemingly nowhere. He sets it delicately on the tabletop, keeping his eyes fixed firmly upon Abby. "Xiulan, will assure you. I am entirely comfortable with the notion of murdering you where you stand, if you continue to irk me. You seem to have me confused, with a good man."

Ah, Xiulan can hear every word from the kitchen, despite the fact that she is going about the business of making tea. She is also fully aware that Fedor -is- perfectly capable of killing Abby (Although she hopes that he wouldn't). She also knows that the Russian is incredibly stubborn and can be very pig-headed about having his own way. That being the case, she raises her voice loud enough to be heard in the next room. "Please just tell him what you know, Abigail. It -is- important that he know what he is dealing with." And that is the simple truth. It is at that point that Xiulan glances at the kitchen window and contemplates slipping out… Surely Hiro would have very little trouble finding her… She -could- just hide out until he can show up…

Abbys' hand lashes out at the invocation of John Logans name. Somewhere in her mind, she knows she's going to regret it. The crack of a hand to face. Abby may not look like a strong girl, but she's hauled big cases of beer, and grey containers filled with glasses. "You will never give me to John Lgoan. That you even said that" There's tears in the Blonde's eyes as she tries to turn to grab her messenger bag.

He didnt hear the slap, but he heard his glasses go skittering across the table. He doesnt even get up, as he snatches Abby's retreating hand and begins to twist. Its not a complicated affair, to get Abby's arm twisted around behind her. He holds Abby there for a moment, that pistol hanging limply in his off hand. "I am an intensely evil man Abby, but I dont want to be. I'm trying real hard, and your not making it easy for me you know?"
Just do it, just waste Abby and dump her body in a 55 gallon drum. Xiu wont hear, she wont know until he's finished. He could just sedate her, until he could educate her into acceptance. He'd done it a thousand times before, and at this moment there is no greater compulsion. So its brute will power, rather than any endearing feature of kindness which brings Fedor to release Abby before slumping back down in his chair. Tossing the Pistol on the tabletop, before just burrying his head in his hands.

Just slip out the window, Xiulan. It'll be so much easier if you just slip away, hide for a bit and get some rest. Unfortunately, she could hear the slap and the near silence following it? Well, that has her worried. Worried enough that she steps back into the kitchen doorway just in time to see Fedor with his head in his hands. "Have I somehow failed to be clear on bad things are right now? Is there some English word I have missed that will impart the level of danger currently surrounding us all?" She's tired. Very tired. She's scared. She's hurt. She's…. had it. "Or maybe I am just over reacting to the whole thing? That must be it. It probably is. Surely Richard is worried over nothing." That being said, she reaches for her wallet and stuffs it in her pocket. "Maybe he's just out getting laid, that makes sense, too. Me? I'm going to go get drunk and just forget it ever happened."

There's a stifled cry of pain from Abigail when he does his thing with her arm, twisting it behind her in a painful position. But he releases, dropping head into his hands. "I've seen evil Mr. Ibragamov. I stuck my hand in it. Your not there yet. But you're getting close" Xiulan is glanced at, tears in the former healers eyes. She doesn't know whether she's invited with the other woman, likely not. She doesn't know. her shoulder and wrist are hurting and she's got no divine gift to make it hurt less. She snatches up her messenger bag with her good arm right now, heading for the door with her head down.

"Xiulan, would you please have a seat with me for a moment?"Fedor doesn't get up, he doesn't really move much at all to be honest. He just isn't up for it, tonight's been too much of a roller coaster already.

Sighing, Xiulan points at Abby and notes flatly. "Stay. You are my ride." That said, she looks back at Fedor and sighs. "I cannot believe what you said to her, Fedor. You are not like that." She certainly hopes that he isn't. And while she doesn't sit, she does move over to stand by the couch.

Stay. Good dog. Bad dog. That's how the song goes. That was also what Claude told her. Little puppy, following whomever tugs her leash. Abigail stands by the door, the corners of her mouth white, with her anger and her hurt.

"Every time I change my face, everything changes. My dna, my bone structure, my organs. My head, sort've tears itself apart. Memories like films, get torn into little frames and all mixed together. Everything gets torn apart and scattered, when I went to Moab things went very sideways for me. I had a persistent tail, and to slip them I changed my face like six times."He exhales slowly, hiding his face still as he admits he isn't perfect. "I hurt something, in my mind. I couldn't even remember what Jake looked like, what Cardinal looked like, what you looked like. I couldn't even remember which plane, was the MiG for like six days. Its not settling right, the old me keeps coming through. I keep forgetting, Felix isnt his grandfather."

"Alright, Fedor. So we get you help, too." Sighing, Xiulan steps over and presses one hand against Fedor's shoulder. "But I need you to hold it together, Fedor. /Please/, Richard could die if you don't find him and I guarantee I will be only a step behind that event." Dropping to one knee, despite her aches and stiffness, she cants her head in an attempt to look up at Fedor's face. "I know you are angry with me, you can beat the living hell out of me after this all over. But right now, /please/ just understand that I am not keeping secrets out of spite, but out of love. Go find Richard and bring him home to us."
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Fedor just ughs, leaning back in his chair. "I already told you, I'm trying. He is a shadow, Xiulan. I cant exactly blow my dog whistle, and pat my thigh. I will never find him, until he wants me to. He can hide just as well as I can, he called you not me. He doesn't want me to come get him yet, clearly."

"No, Fedor.. He isn't a shadow. He's just a man right now." Glancing at Abby to confirm that, Xiulan sighs and gets slowly to her feet. "He didn't call me, Fedor. He called another girlfriend," Xiulan admits. And as much as that hurts her, it's the truth. "She'll be calling you, she can give you the details… Liz is her name."

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