Big Brother is Watching Out


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Scene Title Big Brother is Watching Out
Synopsis Rami comes to talk to Sabra about the fact that his sister Nalani has made it on to Company radar.
Date January 24, 2009

Sabra's Office - Primatech Research

It was during a thorougly casual perusal of the newest files on the Evolved that Rami came across notes of a 'mystery woman' that were disturbingly familar. After chewing on his anger for awhile, the agent made an appointment to see Sabra. Now he's on his way down, manilla folder clung tightly in one hand. He raps gently on the doorframe.

The curtains on Sabra's window are closed today, the colors of their fabric being more pleasant than the dreary gray of an overcast New York winter morning. The woman herself sits behind her desk, as per usual, gaze shifting from the computer to the open door at Rami's knock. "Come in, Rami, please." A brief gesture of her hand appends 'please be seated', as well.

Rami moves, long, slim frame stiffer than usual. Tension, tightly coiled in the agent's frame. He sits straight- backed in the chair. "Good day Sabra. I will get right to the point as I know you've larger issues to deal with. But I thought you should hear this from me. This…" he points to the folder, then sets it on the desk in front of her. "…is my sister." He reaches into his jacket and withdraws a photograph of Nalani smiling at the camera, clad in some designer outfit and waving at the camera the way one does to family. He sets it on top of the folder. "Nalani Amal Hollingwood. Editor-in-Chief of Pause Magazine. And apparently, Evolved. Though that part is news to me."

The elderly woman picks up the folder, flipping through the pages in it in a quick fashion that is anything but cursory. "I see." Blue eyes settle levelly upon Rami as Sabra closes the file, returning it to the surface of her desk. "Normally," she remarks, "those one step removed from our operations are left alone, as a buffer." Including one Maria Delgado, as Rami learned previously. "Knowing her identity, this is what I would recommend — unless you are inclined to disagree?"

"That was to be my request, Sabra. I will be the first to know if Nalani's power becomes disruptive. I doubt she is even fully aware of it. She might not even be using it consciously. We are…close, but she no doubt kept this ability from me because she is aware I work for the government in some capacity. Registration, especially if her ability is indeed mental persuasion, would ruin her career." Rami remains tense, but his voice keeps even politeness and a respectful tone. "I give you my word that if I suspect she is involving herself with any terrorist organizations, I will bring her in. I don't see a need for her to be tagged at the moment as I know her patterns and whereabouts. I will fill out the file with the necessary information."

Sabra inclines her head. "And that," she informs Rami, "is what I would have requested." Picking up the file, she hands it back across the desk to the agent. "So long as we have sufficient information, bringing her in will not be necessary." The woman, however, glances over to one of the windows in a fashion that suggests she isn't entirely finished. "If you can find a way to suggest she be careful, Agent Hollingwood, it might be wise," Sabra adds after a moment's silence, returning her attention to the agent in question.

"I intend to, madam. My sister doesn't seem aware that her powers are developing. She is…willful and commanding even without her ability. No doubt for the longest time she simply felt she had a very responsive staff." There is a tight chuckle that follows. "I will find a way to let her know she needs to be discrete. And I would appreciate a memo from you, particularly to the agent who filed this report, that she is to be left alone. I could confront him myself, but that might seem…adversarial and personal."

Sabra inclines her head. "Of course," she replies, as if the memo were a given. Which it was. "Is there anything else you wish to talk about, Rami?" the woman asks, folding her hands on the edge of her desk and looking expectantly at the agent.

"Not at the moment, no. Nothing of any great urgency. As I said, I know you have more important details to worry about. I thank you for your time." Rami scoops up the folder and stands. He seems to have relaxed somewhat.

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention," Sabra responds, nodding to Rami. "Let me know if anything else comes up, and how matters develop with your sister." With that, she turns her attention back to the computer, signaling an end to the meeting.

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