Big Daddy Rifles


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Scene Title Big Daddy Rifles
Synopsis Hearing that Dutch is out of the hospital, Cassidy tracks him down to the ATF building. She goes there to return his carbine and he shows her his big daddy rifles.
Date May 18, 2009

SRT Complex - ATF Building

The morning after he was hurt, Cassidy had stopped by to check on him. However, due to the blood loss he had been out cold so all she could do was get a brief on his condition. So after making sure he was still breathing she had gone home. She had tried again to check in on him only to learn he had been released. So after some phone calls, she found herself traveling down the hall towards Dutch's office with a familiar gun case held loosely in her hand. She taps lightly on the door, "Dutch?"

The SRT "complex" at the ATF office is known as the dungeon, because its on the very bottom level and furnished with mainly concrete. Through a heavy steel door, is the room for not just Dutch but the rest of the SRT snipers. Thankfully, only Dutch is in right now. His little cubicle decorated with a mountain of plaques denoting competition victories, exemplary service ect ect. The walls were covered in heavy steel plates scribbled with chalk to lay claim to the little groups of holes laid in them.

Inside Dutch's little cubicle, there are pictures of motorcycles, long lonely roads and an entire collection of die cast dirt bikes. He leans back at the sound of his name, blinking a few times after Cassidy before rising with a soft smile. "Hey Cassidy."

Looking a bit relieved he's there, she holds the case up in front of her in both hand. "Came to bring you back the carbine, since Mortimer is in custody. I figured it was safe enough to bring it back." She gives him a look over and hmms. "and I figured I'd come make sure you are okay." She arches a brow at him and gives him a lopsided smile. "Didn't take them long to put you back to work."

"My boss wasn't really down with yaknow, using a grenade like I did so. Paperwork."He accepts the rifle case back, setting it aside in his cubicle. "It was kind of you to come though, Coren was there during the big fight. I didn't see you around though, pulling security?"Dutch slips to one side, hooking a peer's empty office chair with a foot to slide it over to Cassidy. "here."

"Well, the whole grenade thing wasn't the smartest move. I haven't seen the video, but I've heard about it." Catching the chair, Cassidy drops down into it and turns it to face him. "I wasn't there." She says blandly not happy at all about it. "He didn't even tell me he was going over there. I woulda been there if I had known he was going there." She crosses her legs and folds her hands on her knees. "What made you decide to take him on like that? I thought you were going to just snipe him from a distance?"

"He had a hostage, with a bomb collar on. I wasn't sure if it'd be automatically triggered upon his death or what, so I played his game. I knew it was going to end poorly, he's better with his fists than I am."Dutch nodes grimly"I was gonna fight him to a standstill, and try to tell him I was holding back cuz of the hostage but it didn't go down like that. I was going out, I had lost the fight and he was gonna kill me and the hostage. So I played my last card."

Cassidy sighs. "Well, I admit I had every intention to chew you out or doing that… but… I probably would have done the same thing." With a sheepish smiles she shrugs it away. "Anyhow, I'm glad to see you survived though and now with Mortimer in custody I get my place back sooner then later. So I'll be glad to get things back to where they were."

Dutch nods "He's a real piece of shit, but alls well that ends well right?"Dutch dips his head, peering sidelong at the rifle case. "So you wanna see the big daddy rifles, you'd be one of the only people beyond the guys in this room to ever see it. Pretty damned dope."

There is a look that passes over Cassidy's face when he mentions Mort being a piece of shit, a look that says she's not completely certain… but she doesn't say anything. She hasn't exactly told anyone she'd paid Mortimer a couple of visits. The mention of rifles gets raised brows."Sure." She can't hide how amusing that question is, grinning at him. "Why not. Show me the big daddy rifles."

Dutch rises with a grunt, slipping across the office to hold the door open. "But your right, the plan was to shoot him. It would have been safer for everyone involved i think. That poor women will be fucked for life no doubt, she didn't deserve this. Nobody deserves this."

Following right behind him, Cassidy nods slowly and sighs. "Well, I imagine so. To have a bomb strapped around your neck? Yeah, I don't think I'd sleep much at night." She really doesn't now, but that's not important. "But hopefully… she'll get some peace knowing he's going to be locked up for a long time." She slips past Dutch and stops on the other side of the door, turning back to wait for him.

Dutch bumps the door shut, before slipping down the hallway and through another keyed door. Theres a wave to a guy behind a thick glass partition, and then a buzz as he lets Dutch and Cassidy into the armory proper. Here there are racks upon racks of longarms, shotguns, rifles, submachineguns. Down at the far end, lie the sniper rifles. Each set in a color coded rack bearing the name of their respective owner. There are three here for Dutch but he only plucks one from the rack. Pawning over the DTA SRS, a funky bullpup wearing a can, a large optic and a thermal attachment at the end."Here we go, its a little heavy but go ahead."

"All this is underground?" Cassidy gives the man behind the glass a brief nod as well, even as she speaks. When the door into the armory opens she gives a soft whistle. "Wow… Don't see some of this in ours." Her gaze moves over the various weapons, almost runing into Dutch when he stops. When it's held out to her, she hesitates. "It's not some taboo to touch a sniper's rifle? You know, like how those Harley guys won't let anyone ride their motorcycles cause it's this big no no?"

Eyerolls meet Cassidy's concern."Its not a big deal, its a stick not artwork. Go on, your allowed. This is a DTA SRS, right now the most accurate rifle in all the ATF and I dont think anyone at the FBI or the military comes close. I like to think its the most accurate rifle in service anywhere but theres no way to verify yaknow?"

Holding her hands up in defense Cassidy says with a small chuckle. "Hey, don't rolls eyes at me, I just don't want you to break some sacred sniper rule or something." She takes the rifle carefully, it dips suddenly as the weight is transfered. She looks a bit surprised. "That is one the heavy side, doesn't look it." She hefts it a bit in wonder before taking a closer look. "I have to say I respect y'alls ability to sit in the same spot for long periods of time. I don't have that kinda patience."

Dutch shrugs "Its second nature after while, you don't even know your doing it. "and indeed, at just shy of thirty pounds this rifle is hardly lightweight. "You just zone out, its like meditation. Just takes practice, like shooting. So its not a big thing. "He extends his hands to take the SRS back, smiling broadly for the first time today. "Its very heavy though your right."

"Well, it takes the ability to calm the mind to meditate.." Cassidy shrugs a bit. "And mind never seems to stop moving." She hands the rifle back with a touch of reverence, letting her hand brush offer it. " It's pretty damn nice, Dutch." She glances up at him as her hands fall away to her side. "So, did you always want to be a sniper? I mean, it's obvious you know your stuff." She nods at the rifle in his hands.

Dutch sets the rifle back, carefully. "Nope, I wanted to race bikes for a living. Was very good at it too, I like to think I still am. Ended up in law enforcement sort've by accident."He smiles, broadly still. "I was going to be a forest ranger, ride dirtbikes all day and be alone and yaknow be like studly and awesome. I ended up getting a job at the Salt Lake PD, I thought just as a way to get work experience but I dunno. Once I started shooting I got real competitive, ended up in swat as a result."

Cassidy watches him put the rifle away, a small smile on her lips. "Life is kinda funny that way. Sometimes you have this set plan and then life takes you somewhere else." She tucks her hands in the pockets of the jeans she's wearing. "For me it was genetic.. my life's plan set out for me for a few generations." She doesn't sound like it bothers her at all.

Dutch shrugs "Yeah, sometimes we know where we're going and sometimes we're lost but we're always where we're supposed to be. Least thats what it looks like in my eyes, yaknow? Anyway, we should get you out of here before Coren has a hissy fit."

It's Cassidy's turn to roll her eyes. "Yeah, I know. The man just does not like you and would be very happy if I never gave you the time day." She motions for him to take the lead. "I do appreciate you bringing me back here." She gives him a grin. "It's obvious that if anyone messes with you all, that they will regret it." She glances back at the rifles. "Of course, you say I'm the only other beside the guys that work here.. but how many girls have you said that line too?" She gives him a wink and starts back down the hall.
Dutch chuckles, leading on into the main hall. "Just one, I'm really not that smooth. Your giving me entirely too much credit I hope you realize that, but I'll take it as a compliment just the same."He thumbs yonder towards the elevators with a smile. "I gotta get some paperwork finished up."

Grinning, Cassidy gives him a mock salute. "Alright. I'm out of here then. Just wanted to return the carbine and make sure your healthy." She turns towards the elevators a lifts a hand in farewell. " Take care, Dutch." She punches the elevator button and steps in when the double doors slide in. She turns around and punches the ground floor button. She glances back down at him and suddenly looks like she suddenly thinks of something. "Oh.. And if they will let's you, you should check out Mortimer.. I think you'll be surprised. He's…." But then the elevators shuts out the rest. That's right.. Cassidy has in a way just admitted to visiting Mortimer.

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