Big Gamut Of Guy Emotions


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Scene Title Big Gamut of Guy Emotions
Synopsis Alec and Liz make up…. and are interrupted.
Date March 14, 2009

Alec's Apartment

Alec's home is …. well, actually quite nice. Comfy furniture, nice decorations, lots of books, big TV, it's exactly what one would expect mostly. Straight out of Ikea to be sure, but then, it's not like it's his home yet, just a place he's been useing for a couple months. "COME IN!" is called out when the knock is heard, inside soft 40's jazz tunes float through the air and the man of the house is putting the last of the dishes away from the dishwasher.

As she steps into the apartment, Elisabeth glances around curiously. "Nice place," she says quietly, shutting the door behind her and shoving her hands into the pockets of her jeans. She thought about dressing up, but in light of the argument they had yesterday, she decided casual was definitely a better idea. She's topped the jeans with an off-the-shoulder sapphire sweater, so she looks nice though not fancy.

Alec smiles at Liz as she enters, it's a warm smile, but nervous. He goes back to finishing up the dishes, "Sorry, thought they'd be done before you got here." he speeds up a bit, "So… how 'bout them uh… Rangers?" he offers weakly.

Elisabeth raises both of her eyebrows. "Oh, good… we're going to play the smalltalk game," she says as she stops at the edge of the kitchen counter to lean her hip against it. "I don't think we're going to get too far if that's how we're gonna handle fighting. Personally, I'd rather skip the small talk and just find out if you're still pissed." She doesn't beat around the bush with him.

Alec puts away the last glass and kicks the washer closed with a foot. He dries his hands on a towel before folding it and putting it back where it came from, "Well, it's not /small/ talk persay. I love hockey." he says as he moves nearer to her, "I'm not mad. I was mad. Then I felt stupid. Then I felt guilty. Now I feel like an ass."

"Well, now, that's a whole big gamut of guy emotions," Elisabeth says, clearly relaxing a little as he comes closer to her. "So…. are we just ignoring it, are we going to talk about it at all, or something in between?"

Alec shrugs, "I think I've pretty much said all my bits. Oh. I forgot the whole I'm sorry thing." he steps in close to her and reaches up to play with a stray bit of her hair, "I'm sorry." he says softly, "What's the chance we can skip the whole part where I grovel and instead we get right to the part where I offer you a glass of wine so I can get you just tipsy enough to agree to make-up sex?"

Without retreating a step, Elisabeth looks up at him. "'I'm sorry' is enough," she says softly. "I'm sorry too. I like you. I like spending time in your company, not just in your bed. I'd like for us to be able to stay friends when the sex is done, but it's not going to work out that way if this thing between us is gonna be high-maintenance and I have to find all the pitfalls."

Alec chuckles, "In my defence that was one hell of a whooper you tossed out," he points out, "Though you alluding to the end of the sex is never a good sign. Makes a guy think you have an end in sight. Speaking of awkward tie ins, want that wine I was offering? Nice little Reisling."

Elisabeth laughs softly. "Well, I'm not looking for an end — just telling you I'm not looking for a future to rope you into either. Nice shirt." She reaches up and twists her hand into the collar of his cute Ghostbusters T-shirt with the 'When someone asks if you're a god, Ray, you say YES!' slogan, pulling him down to her. "Are you a god?" she whispers against his mouth. Clearly the wine will wait.

Alec's hands slide down her hips and grip her firmly before he lifts her up to meet his lips. "On advice of counsel I'm forced to answer yes. In fact I am. Com'ere." holding her up he takes a series of quick steps across the floor and pins her against the wall, trapping her between him and it, "In about an hour you can weigh in on the argument if you like."

"You talk too much," Elisabeth informs him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he lifts. By the time her back bumps against the wall, she's more interested in where his hands are than his words. There's a soft expulsion of air when he pins her and she shuts him up by sealing her mouth to his for heated kisses — the kind guaranteed to make two people naked in the space of seconds.

There are occasional moments when Alec wishes he could share his gift with others. Moments like this one where having a few spare sets of hands would come in all manner of …. well, handy. He sets her down long enough to raise his arms so she can tug his shirt off, and helps her with the same, parting from the kiss only long enough for the cloth to pass between them. She's pressed back against the wall the instant they're gone and bare flesh can meet it's like. His hands pass over her with an uncertain fervor, as if trying to deside what parts of her he wishes to partake in first. Alec growls against her lips in frustration as he kicks his jeans away and her own, as women's jeans often are, are just a little to tight to slide away with ease.

See, now this is why the sweater was wide-necked and there was no bra beneath. And when he strips off those jeans… that thong is just a wicked little skimp of black lace. She steps out of them for him and when he comes back up for more, Elisabeth runs her hands down his chest and around to his behind. She pulls him greedily into the cradle of her thighs, kissing him once more and tilting her hips to stroke against him. The growl makes her laugh breathlessly. "Do it again," she demands huskily, nipping at his chin. Looks like the wall's as far as they'll get this time.

And somewhere in the middle of what all you grown-ups can infer is going on there!!

phone rings and some glorious acrobatics getting to it!

"C… Captain," she bites off the greeting.

"Yessir…. yessir, I'm paying attention."


"Text the address. I'm on my way."

End of faded part…

Alec just smiles at her warmly, a little breathless, but warmly, "It's my place." he points out, "You go… better yet. Call in sick." he moves suggestively, allowing her a moments contemplation about the potential joys of staying behind… but, he did make a promise when they started this. "Fuck." he mutters as that memory comes back. He hisses as he leans back against the wall behind him, putting a little cool air between their bodies, enough for her to stand up. "Careful what you wish for beautiful."

Elisabeth laughs softly, lifting off him carefully. "Yes, fuck definitely covers what we just did very nicely," she replies. She leans forward and kisses his jaw. "Unless you're about to tell me you've got a disease, we're covered," she says as she pushes away from him to hit his bathroom for a quick clean-up before she slips into her clothes. "You don't, right?"

Alec rolls his eyes at her and slowly pushes himself to his feet, "No." he states clearly, "But I'll try not to be weirded out that you asked me." he makes a face at her and groans, "How wrong is it that watching you get dressed makes me ready to go again?" he asks, his gaze devouring her. He knows how to make a girl feel wanted…

Elisabeth bites her lip and turns to look at him, smiling that wicked smile. "I don't think there's a thing wrong with it at all. And if you could get us both off in three minutes or less again, I'd say go for it," she replies on a laugh. She's yanking her onto her legs as she speaks, though. "And I'd be stupid NOT to ask, don't you think?"

Alec lets out another long suffering sigh, "Just so you know, next time I see you, I'm tossing your phone out a window." He pouts a little.

Elisabeth yanks on her socks and stands up to pull on her sweater and slide her feet into her shoes. "Can't do that, lover," she drawls mildly. "Part of the package." She moves over to kiss him, hard, hot, and long, one last time. "Gotta go strap on a gun. I probably won't be back tonight, it's a mass suicide scene," she says with a quiet grimace. And if he pays attention, he can already see that she's hiding how very much that kills her behind the professional cop facade.

Alec meets the kiss evenly, but as she moves to hurry away, he grabs her one more time and pins her (not that she couldn't break free) against the door, "Well, then you wanna get clean again gimme a call. I have no issues with helping you bathe off the horrible of a bad day. Promise." he plants a little peck upon the tip of her nose, "In fact, I really like it. Now scoot."

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