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Scene Title Big Shot
Synopsis Two of the Nite Owl employees shoot some hoops. Simon brags about his makeout session at the roller rink, and Brian reveals that he's not so good at basketball.
Date November 19, 2008

Roy Wilkins Park

The times that Simon can play basketball with someone who isn’t part of the high school team are few and far between, which is why he was so excited when Brian agreed to come hang out with him on the court. It’s a couple hours after school now and Simon has had enough time to wind down and make his way to the park in Queens. He’s on the smallish court now, dribbling a basketball in sweats and a plain white shirt, because there’s a chill in the air. Thump, thump goes the ball before the kid tosses it in the air. It lands through the hoop with a Swoosh! as gravity pulls it back onto the court. “Score!” Simon yells while throwing his hands in the air.

Brian goes to retrieve the ball as it falls through the hoop. The man wears a gray sleevless shirt and a pair of track pants with his tennis shoes. Brian agreed, albeit a tad reluctantly. He's not the best at basketball (he sucks) but he's not against hanging out with friends, even new friends. So here he is. He may not have the skill of shooting or dribbling all crazy, but he certainly has a size advantage on his younger compatriot. Taking the ball he bounce passes it back to Simon. He rolls his eyes a little bit at the 'Score!'

Whether or not Simon notices when Brian rolls his eyes at him is a mystery, because the kid doesn’t react to it. He just grabs the ball and gives it a couple more dribbles. “So I was skating the other night over at Roller USA or whatever,” he tells Brian as he moves closer to him, sort of egging him to try and block him. He doesn’t mind at all the Brian sucks at the game, so there’s no taunting or anything. “And I meet this girl who’s older and all that, and she starts to make out with me for no reason! That’s not illegal or anything is it?” Simon is under eighteen after all. He fakes right, but goes left, trying to get around Brian to shoot again.

"How older?" Brian asks as he edges up. He places one hand forward on Simon's shoulder giving him little shoves to keep him from advancing. Brian may suck at shooting and dribbling, but the physical aspect he has down. Sliding as Simon goes left he stays in front of the man, hands up creating a large fleshy obstacle for Simon to get around. "Make out with you? Are you complaining? Was she fifty or something?"

”No, but she did say she was into gardening,” Simon tells Brian as he steps back in response to the shove. He’s not as good at the face-off as he is at shooting, and he’s only good at that because of his powers. He dribbles one more time to keep the rhythm going. “And I’m not complaining. It just never happened to me before.” He takes another step back, then makes a lunge for Brian’s right side, trying to move around him quickly.

And he succeeds Simon is able to get around him, though in his failure the man turns quickly to try and swat at Simon's inevitable shot from behind. "Well, how old was she? My age? Older? How did she look?" These are the essential necessities of knowledge for this subject.

Just as Simon is about to take his shot, which would undoubtedly be another “nothing-but-net” shot, the ball is slapped away from him. “Damnit!” Simon curses as he watches the ball bounce away. He starts to trod after the ball while shouting a response to Brian, “She was about your age, so it wasn’t weird or anything. She was hot, too. Big mouth.” He reaches the ball and scoops it up, then tosses hard at Brian so it’s able to fly the distance towards him.

Catching it easily, the man dribbles once and then does an easy layup at the basket. Misses. Retrieving the ball again he takes a jump shot.. Misses. A sigh. Then he shoots a glance at Simon. "My age, hot. What the hell man? You made it sound like a bad thing. Did you get her number?"

Simon throws his hands in the air as he walks back over to the antithesis of Shaq. “I just asked if it was illegal! And, yeah, I did, but I haven’t called her back, yet. I guess I should, though.” He makes his way back over to Brian and holds out his hands. “Come on, let me show you how it’s done,” he says with a grin.

The man retrieves the ball again, passing it to Simon. "Basketball is dumb anyways." Brian mutters he stands like a wall again with his hands out at Simon, ready to shove him again. "Or you can give it to me. It's up to you." Brian says with a smirk.

”Hey, it’s my sport, alright,” Simon tells him with a grin. Instead of going around him this time, he just takes the shot, which could very well be blocked, because Simon isn’t really trying *too* hard, since this is just for fun. “And I think I’m going to hold onto it, thanks.”

The shot is given up and Brian watches with a groan as it sinks into the basket yet again. "This is gonna be a long day.." He says flatly before looking back at the younger man and giving a little chuckle.

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