Biomere Incorporated Attacked

Associated Press
July 8, 2010

In what representatives of the Department of Homeland Security are calling a connected incident to the Washington D.C. attacks, Biomere Incorporated — a US Pharmaceuticals company that assists in the production of Suresh Linkage Complex blood test kits — was targeted by the violent pro-evolved terrorist organization Messiah in a daylight raid.

Sources within the FBI claim that once again a delivery truck method was used to infiltrate the facility. Details indicate that electronically falsified delivery shipment schedules and identification badges were supplied to three to four members of this terrorist group, allowing them to infiltrate security checkpoints and gain access to the inside of the building.

FBI spokesperson Andrew Helms stated that they will not be releasing the full details on the nature of the attack on Biomere to the public due to the sensitive research done on-site by the company, but have cited that at least four employees were killed in the assault and several more injured.

This attack comes on the heels of unprecedented violence in the nation's capitol on government facilities and the Department of Homeland Security is urging anyone who notices suspicious activity to report it to the Homeland Security Emergency Hot-line, information may be provided anonymously.

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