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Scene Title Birds Eye View
Synopsis A run in the park turns into.. this.
Date March 22, 2009

Central Park

She's taking some time for herself this morning. Elisabeth left her apartment at the crack of dawn wearing sweats, her key tied to her sneaker and her phone clipped inside the hoodie's pocket, and she headed for the north end of Central Park. Her running regimen has been for crap for the past couple of months, so she starts off slow, stretching and picking up speed to a normal running pace after about a quarter-mile warm-up. Now she's found her stride.

There are few really good routes to run in the city and Katherine Marks has found that Central Park is probably the best bet at this point. She, also, hasn't really taken the time to keep up with her running. Between jumpers, Miranda Dobson, burning gas stations, the 36, Tylar Case and Victor Childs, she's barely had time to sleep. After that last stunt where she was hospitalized after the capture of Tylar Case, she has decided that she will start running again. She already spent a few moment stretching, and doing some warm up and has started off with a slow jog, but soon she is going at a decent pace for someone who hasn't run in a while. As she looks again, she squints her eyes and shakes her head. Seriously, it can't be. Well, she'll be damned. She picks up the pace as she sees Harrison jogging up ahead. "Well, look at this." she says as she moves up to run side by side with the officer.

Oh, please…. really? *sigh* Elisabeth was enjoying the silence and serenity of the morning, and now Marks. Who always ratchets her tension levels into the stratosphere. "Morning, Marks," she says between breaths. She doesn't slow her pace at all, continuing to run. If Kat wants to harass her, it'll have to be at Liz's pace.

Kat doesn't seem to be having any trouble keeping up. At least at the moment. There's a certain amount of pleasure involved knowing how she affects her colleague. Kat has probably known it from the day they met. She just seems to know what buttons to push on Liz to get just that particular reaction. That one she's getting right this moment. "You don't mind a little company, do you?" she asks, the expression on her face as she looks over, already saying "Of course, you don't." Seriously, Kat could never be an imposition. Not in the least. Who wouldn't want to run side by side with Katherine Marks?

"Yeah…. sure. It's a free country. For now." Elisabeth keeps jogging, her mood a bit less serene and calm than before. Sure, she's got some respect for Marks these days, but…. not much. More than she might like. "Heard Sylar got brought in," she comments.

"I heard those rumors as well. Haven't seen him myself, as I'm working a few things of my own, but that's what they say." Katherine takes in a deep breath as she continues to match strides. "I guess there was a party and everything." Okay, maybe a little sarcastic. She's not going to out right admit if, but suppose it wouldn't hurt to give the impression that the streets are a little safer these days. "You have some interest in Sylar?" She means other than he was going around killing people.

As she continues her pace, Liz shakes her head. "Not beyond the fact that he's wanted and a big fish." She glances at her running companion. "Was a nice coup for Ivanov." With whom she appears to have a pretty solid friendship.

There's no comment about Felix, as the pair continues to run around the park. Certainly a nice coup for him snagging Sylar. Kat's part in it was not near as successful as they haven't found Gillian Childs yet and Katherine's interrogation of Victor provided little useful information at all. That, of course, chaps her a little. She turns towards Liz and comments. "Ran into an old friend of ours. Miranda Dobson."

Elisabeth glances toward Kat, surprised. "Yeah? She turned up?" She doesn't even lose stride — it's not hugely unsurprising. Elisabeth merely offered the woman a phone number to call if she decided she wanted to lay low, and the only thing she asked of Miranda was to keep to herself that Liz had given it to her. But she's not surprised that the young woman turned up… her power was low enough level to not be a threat, and Liz had told her that a number of times. She doesn't run about scaring people with low-level powers. Not agreeing with Registration being mandatory is not the same as telling everyone with a power they should go on the Underground. But Miranda had been so afraid, she'd felt compelled to offer her an out. Not like the cops don't already know there are people out there helping those who do need to get out. There's just no proof. "She okay?"

"Apparently came back across the border and hid out in a trailer park. Scared to death. Father wants nothing to do with her, but mother was worried." She's starting to feel it now in her legs, that slow creeping burning sensation. "Got her fixed up, and back over at Hollingwood's place. That magazine thing." she grunts as she takes several deep breaths. "Same problem most others like us have. Afraid to be a freak, and afraid to be treated like one."

Elisabeth grimaces. "Damn magazine. And damn Hollingwood wench… sicced her damn model-wannabe-reporter on me." She's grousing mostly under her breath. "Glad that Miranda's okay, though." She slants a look at Kat.

The glance is returned as Kat arches a brow curiously. Okay, she's going to have to get out here and start jogging more. As much as it hurts at the moment, her pride would hurt worse, so she continues forward. "Hollingwood is a piece of work alright. What, you going to be the NYPD cover girl now?" asks the agents as she strivs forward, determined to keep pace regardless of the cost. It's barely been a week since her joints were swollen and knotted by Chang Ye, and she's feeling it right about now.

Elisabeth's winded by now, but not that much. She runs 3 to 5 miles when she's running regularly. As they're rounding the 2-mile mark, though, she notes that Kat's having trouble. Without being obvious about it, she slows her pace some to a walk, as if 2 miles was all she was planning on going. "I fucking well hope not," she says in a disgusted tone. "I hate politics."

Kat takes a few extra strides before she moves into her walk, not having expected the near sudden move to a crawl. She waits for Liz to walk by her then continues to keep pace with her walk. "Figured you were going to be their pretty face or something. They actually let you speak?" They meaning the NYPD, not necessarily the magazine. "You must have pissed off someone." she is taking deep breaths so her words aren't quite that smooth, but broken down with several words between each gasp. Kat has sweat running rather steadily down her face as she reaches up and uses her forearm to push some of the moisture off her brow so it doesn't get into her face.

As she walks, Liz too is wiping sweat. She's not Superwoman, after all. Her breathing is less choppy, but not by that much. "Yeah, clearly. I think my captain thought it'd be amusing to make me get my face out there or something. As if it's not enough that Myron's sharing the love." She shrugs. "According to the chick who did the interview, it's partially photogenic-ness." She rolls her eyes, continuing to walk as she speaks between catching her breath.

"You should come work for us. You will not see my face on the cover of a magazine, or inside a magazine. Highly discouraged. They have folks to do all that stuff." Kat's breathing is slowly coming under control She feels good. Sometimes the pain is a good thing, and today it most definitely is. Of course, when she makes the suggestion she cocks her head to look over at Liz, already anticpating what sort of reaction she might get for even suggesting such a thing.

In truth, Elisabeth's reaction may not be what Kat expects. "My skill set and talents are in hostage negotiation. Homeland right now has no use for agents like me." She keeps walking, her pace not lazy. "And frankly, though YOU continue to think Homeland's got the right motives…. I'm still not convinced. Rumors usually have a kernel of truth. And considering the way the higher-ups of yours have been acting, with regard to no trials and shit? I don't want to be involved in that. My oath is to defend the Constitution… Homeland's stepping all over it right now."

Kat knows there are moments when she has to step over acceptable boundaries into the realm of the inexcusible. That's something she deals with every so often by going somewhere far away and cleansing herself from those things she finds she has to do for the good of the country as a whole. She doesn't always agree with what she has to do but.. "Can't fix it from the outside, Liz." she simply says. She walks towards her car and opens the door to reach in and grab a water bottle, twisting the cap off and taking a few small sips, before heading back over towards her counterpart.

"Can't seem to fix it from the inside either, Kat," Liz retorts bitterly. "Not unless you're filing a shit-ton of complaints that I don't see."

Leaning against the front of her car, Kat takes another drink of water. "And exactly how many Homeland Complaints do you see in a day?" she asks, a more serious tone coming to her voice.

Elisabeth turns it around on the agent. "Are you filing them?"

Kat watches Liz for a moment. "Look. I get what you think of me and how I handle my business. It's not your cup of tea. We are probably never going to agree on the way certain things need to be run. I think you know that I tend to agree more than disagree with the way Homeland is running things. 'For the better of society..' and all that. That's how I think. It's what I believe. You want to believe something contrary, go right ahead. But look at where I am, compared to where you are and whose way it seems to go most of the time. Most of us who work for Homeland believe that /most/ of what Homeland does, is the right thing to do. Do I always agree? No. But I also konw there are fights you can win, fights you will lose, and fights you throw in order to get your fight won on another day." She finishes her water and stands, walking over to toss the bottle into a trash can. When she walks back, she stops near Liz and looks her in the eye. "But because I'm where I am, there are indeed fights I can win. By being where you are, Harrison, all you can do is react and react and react. And where does that get you? Stop complaining about it and do something about it."

Elisabeth actually laughs at her. Laughs right out loud in Kat's face. "Is that what you think I'm doing? Interesting." She seems truly amused by the other woman's perspective — not in a snotty way, but in a true 'if you only knew' kind of moment. "You go right on about your business, Agent Marks. In the end, the truth will out." She turns to walk away, suddenly … not even sure why she feels it… feeling better about where she stands in the world. Throwing certain fights to win the ones you want to win? Yeah… actually, she can related to that in a major way. Because this fight? This one between her and Marks? Means nothing in the scheme of things. Neither of their opinions matter in the end. Liz isn't just reacting… and maybe it took Kat's words to point out to her that she's doing a lot more for this country than Marks will ever do in her lifetime. And Elisabeth suddenly feels a whole lot lighter and better. Cuz you know what? It might be a shit week and a shit month…. but she's doing more than the agent will ever believe. We saved the damn world! Top that, Marks.

There are many ways you can say many things, and some of them even have different meanings. But there some very distinct things have have a very distinct meaning. As Liz walks away, if she were to turn around, she would see one of those very distinct meaningful ways of expression. It would tell the entire story of just how Kat feels at this very moment regarding the nogotiator. Her and her way of thinking. The truth may be out someday, but deep down inside, Kat truly has to believe she's making a difference. As far as that very distinct expression. It only required one finger.

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