Birthday Breakfast


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Scene Title Birthday Breakfast
Synopsis 'Ella Damaris wants to be sure her mother takes time for herself on her birthday.
Date November 5, 2018

Cresting Wave Apartments: Damaris Residence

"Happy birthday, Mom!" Coleen Marcella hasn't changed out of her pyjamas – a school sweatshirt and a pair of yoga pants – in her eagerness to make sure she doesn't miss her mother on the way out the door. As it happens, Kaydence Lee is lingering at the kitchen counter this morning with a plate of toast and a cup of black coffee in front of her. "Didn't think I'd forget, did you?"

Kay smiles brightly and tilts her head so she can receive a kiss on the cheek from her daughter. "You always remember, remember–"

"The fifth of November," the teenager finishes with a broad grin. She slides into the stool across the counter from her mother and grabs a box of Cheerios, pouring them into a bowl she set out the night before. She shoves a spoon in and takes her first mouthful. She prefers the cereal dry. "Any big plans for the day?"

"Just work," Kay replies with a shake of her head. "Taking Lew to practice. Did you ever think he'd pick up tennis?" Her nose wrinkles as if in distaste, but for all her confusion about her eight-year-old's chosen sport, she's pleased by his enthusiasm.

"You know, I could take him."

"Oh, Coley, you don't have to do th–"

"'Ella," the teenager reminds, setting her spoon aside on the polished oak dining table and tucking a strand of dark hair behind her ear. "I'm not a baby anymore."

Kay's long since learned that chuckling at this moment is the exact incorrect response to her daughter's assertion, even if it comes from a place of endearment rather than ridicule. "Right. Of course. I'm sorry, sweetheart."

"S'okay." 'Ella looks up from her dry breakfast as her step-father enters the room. "Wow. I thought you were gone for the day already. I thought Mom was supposed to sleep in on her birthday while you made breakfast, not the other way around."

"Very funny." Dressed in a navy blue suit with a silver tie, he crosses from the hallway to the kitchen to kiss his wife full on the mouth. In spite of 'Ella's ew, gross and her rolled eyes. "Happy birthday, hon."

Kay Parkman wraps one arm around the back of Matt's shoulders as she kisses him back. "Thank you. Did you tell Lewis breakfast is ready?" He nods and steals one more peck before withdrawing and settling down at the kitchen table with 'Ella, plucking up a piece of buttered toast from a stack and drawing a saucer toward him to catch the crumbs as he eats.

"Said he's got to put the finishing touches on his present for you. And that you should definitely not step foot in his room." Around a mouthful of toast, he adds, "Don't worry. Molly's helping him."

"You know that means there's glitter everywhere, right?" 'Ella winces and shakes her head. "Glad I'm not on vacuum duty this week." She glances to a chart on the wall with a sunny yellow construction paper background. It has four columns – 'Ella, Molly, Lewis, Mom & Dad – and lists chores such as dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and trash. This week is apparently Mom & Dad's turn to vacuum.

Kay can't help but laugh, pushing up the sleeve of her robe as she scrambles eggs on the stove. "I'm sure Molly's learned from the last time…" All the same, she checks to see if the big paper sack for recycling newspaper seems to be a little lighter and feels a touch of dismay that it's nearly full. Maybe there will be craft debris all over the carpet of her son's room.

'Ella cracks a grin. "You know she didn't." As uncharitable as her teasing might be, she loves her older step-sister fiercely. She turns to her step-father, poking a piece of toast at the space between the two of them to punctuate the point she's about to make. "Back me up, Matt. You aren't seriously going to let her just work today, right?" She sounds concerned. "Seriously, Mom."

"Mom. I asked if you had any plans today. Hello! Earth to Mom?" 'Ella looks like she's about to panic. "Are you crying?" It's not the first time she's seen her mother cry, but it's usually when she thinks no one can see her. And not while zoning out completely.

Kay brings a hand up to her face, looking puzzled when her fingers come away wet. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I was just…" She wipes the tears away with the heel of her palm then wipes that on her pants, as if that's all it would take to rid herself of what is surely an unbidden fantasy of a life lost to her. The teenager gets up from her seat and rushes around to the other side of the counter to wrap her arms around her mother tightly.

"I just haven't thought about Matt and Molly Parkman in a long time."

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