Birthday Dee-Lite


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Scene Title Birthday Dee-Lite
Synopsis Despite recent tragedies, there's still time to celebrate Delilah's big 1-8!
Date October 7, 2009
Note If your character would have been here but you could not OOCly make it, feel free to assume them into the myriad of backgrounders or the off-screen moments before and after the scene itself!

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

The private party that has invaded Old Lucy's tonight has thrown off a couple of drinking schedules belonging to regulars, but considering the music and laughter despite some hovering bad news, the party itself doesn't seem to have minded their intrusion much. It's a bit of a bother, helping host your own eighteenth birthday party, but Delilah probably would not have it any other way. She did, however, leave everything besides the location up to her friends. Which means that choice of later entertainment fell on the other girls- and all that Dee knew to do for that was to cash part of her paycheck into singles.

For the start of it, the redhead hovered around the doorway to see people in like she's always been used to doing; it was only at insistence that she found something else to do instead. As a result, Lilah has gone to mingle with whoever comes, and whoever happens to only have time to stop in for a minute and wish her a happy birthday. There are quite a number of bodies stuffed into Old Lucy's as it is, all gathered around various tables covered with snacks, and one home to the rather glorious boulder of a cake(and presents!). For once in a long time, Delilah is smiling on October 7th; something so generously pointed out by her Aunt Marien, who has been cavorting around meeting all of these somewhat new faces with a glass of sherry in one fist and a limp-wristed cigarette in the other. She is the only person to be a stranger to those from Phoenix at least- but Dee convinced everyone a long time ago that it would be fine if she knew of anything fishy going on- Marien has the exact same worldview, for one thing. A friend of a friend is a friend, in her case.

"I left the boys with our new sitter, don't worry about it." Marien is an animated, starkly dyed blonde; she mushes the butt of her cigarette into a nearby tray, the red in her glass already down to the bottom. "She's some cheerleader from the new school, I think she babysits for the whole bloody PTA." Delilah had to ask about her cousins at some point, and is now faced with a brusque answer from her aunt. The redhead is dressed in a purple dress tonight, the skirt different fabrics and giving off the feel of being quilted; Magnes made this one in particular. Over it she has on a cotton mini-jacket, mostly for any chills.

"Does she know about Campbell's asthma?"

"Yes. And his allergy to peanuts. Don't worry about it!" Marien's laugh is almost like something out of 101 Dalmatians, sans big fur coat.

Helena wrestled a bit with continuing to throw the party, despite the current circumstances in New York, but ultimately decided to push forward. They need something happy, something that will take their minds off things, and remind the that life is worth celebrating. It is especially worth celebrating.

The cake is a monument to Helena's stress-baking savvy. There's even a bit of art on it, the face of the cake is done in the style of a classic pin-up girl from one of those 40's bombers striking a pose, along with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELILAH! Abby's not present, but her bartenders are, and they're carding.

Helena has opted to be…Helena, for this party. After all, it's private, and as far as she knows, all the people present know who she is. Besides, the wig makes her scalp itch. Presently she's near the bar, smiling over the party with benevolent pleasure, despite the fact that she is issuing driving directions to the poor lost mystery entertainment over the phone.

She's been here for some time, having used her key and entered by the back door with Magnes. Currently Cat is near the stage area with a pint of stout in hand. Her red Fender Strat is placed on a stand and left there for potential later use. Eyes move around the interior, lighting on various people in attendance from time to time. She is, for all appearances, in a good mood.

The best place for making new friends would be the bar-however in this case? The best place to honor a new friend's birthday is in a bar. Despite the fear or perhaps inclination he is going to be going into a scene where he doesn't know any one-particularly well, Scotch still arrives and on time for this birthday shindig. However, since the girl is turning what 18-19? There will be no buying of shots, sorry ladies. Instead, Scotch will do what any good man of God would do in such a situation, and that is have a shot and a beer for himself, and then light up a smoke. Nothing like killing your own body.

He'll be sure to go up and say something to Delilah, and move the room. But, first things first, drinks-smokes. Perfect. Though a beer is ordered and a shot to go with it. Shot as always done first-followed by a moment of silence before he'll begin nursing that brown bottle down. Hopefully have a few through the night. Label, idly toyed with before he's pulling out his pack of smokes-drawing one singular death stick-and then he is lighting up. On the plus side Scotch isn't cursing-so despite what has happened-he's playing it quite well, and cool.

It's not through the front door that Joseph chooses to make an appearance. He scoots aside as a bartender heads around into the back room to grab whatever it is they've run out of, apologetic as to his more lateral entry into the scene - but that's where the staircase from the upstairs apartment happens to descend into. News of the private celebration had reached his ears a couple of days ago, which apparently left him with enough time to be holding onto something when he arrives. At first glance, it's a lazy present indeed, lumpy and not skillfully put together, and even put together with sheaths of newspaper.

On second inspection, there's been care to patchwork something out of the picture parts of the morning paper, gardens and landscapes and whatever didn't look gloomy among stories of suicide and fires. There's really a lot of time to kill, these days. He's dressed as if perhaps he were going out rather than back to his room after his appearance, with a bulky denim jacket over a button down, tucked neatly into jeans, brown shoes on his feet.

He looks well, if somewhat out of place, deciding that the table being set aside for presents is an excellent place to go, to relieve his hands of the gift. Moving through the shifting crowd, that's where Joseph heads to set it down.

A large rectangular box is folded up in silver wrapping paper and still kept very close to Brian. He wouldn't give it up at the door, but he can't exactly go hand it to Delilah now, he's much too busy. His eyes search the newspaper in front of him intensely, sometimes going back and re-reading words. It's today's paper. And he's reading about the municipal building.

Sitting at a booth table, a red pen is held in one of his hands, a few things in the paper underlined or circled, though his attention drifts up to the rest of the party slowly and he gives a soft hum. He really shouldn't be such a downer. But today was bad timing to be born eighteen years ago. His red pen is shoved in his suit pockets before he folds up the paper and goes to stand.

Entering shortly behind Cat, Magnes is wearing an unbuttoned black suit jacket over a Superman t-shirt, with some black denim jeans and a pair of black sneakers. He has a small pile of presents. One large box held in both hands, large enough to be a very large piece of clothing or even a large cake. On top of that is a smaller box, around the size of a boardgame or one of those more typically sized clothing boxes, and on top of that is a box around the size of a large book. All the presents are wrapped in white gift wrap with pictures of Toadette from Super Mario all over them. "Happy Birthday Delilah!" he exclaims as he walks over to sit his presents with the others.

"I'm worried that you're not!" Delilah laughs at her aunt, who is obviously enjoying the time away from her boys. Marien taps at the edge of her nose with the fingers now free of the cigarette. "They aren't your kids, Deedee." The blonde woman wraps her forearm around the back of Delilah's head, pulling it closer to put a loving kiss on her hair. "Now, if you'll excuse me, dear, there are some very handsome men floating around. Where do you meet these guys?" Marien mutters the last as she trails off between some shoulders.

Perhaps understandably, she does sidle past Joseph as he nears the table. "Like you, you're a cutie-" Marien's voice barely reaches his ears as she turns her head, passing by and reaching down one manicured hand out of sight- to goose the poor pastor right in the buttcheek before she slips away.

"Marien-" Delilah's protest at her attempts to molest Joseph isn't too out of place. So she just looks apologetically to the pastor from where she is now standing, just on the other end of that long table. "Thank you, Pastor." For the present covered in happy things, and sorry about the grabby Aunt. About the same time, Magnes winds his way over with his small stack, getting a bit of a raised brow and a bright grin. "Oh, goodness, you do spoil me- hah! Toadette." Somehow, the wrapping gets more of a giggle than the prospect of being spoiled by a not-boyfriend.

Spotting Joseph. Cat meanders over close to where he's standing and occupies space. The stout bottle is lifted and consumed from briefly before she turns to face the man, greeting him with a simple "Evening." Then she's back to observing the goings-on. She doesn't miss the goosing of pastoral backside by the aunt. It inspires a brief chuckle.

A deep toke on his cigarette, and the smoke slowly exhaled Scotch, is taking time to look over the few familiar faces sprinkled in with the many unfamiliar faces. A look back towards Cat- then following the pile of presents coming from Magnes. "Hm." said softly, before he is patting down his jacket's pocket just once before he's watching well Joseph and the blonde hair'd chick. Well poor, Joe. Still the man gets a nod before Scotch is on the move. Armed with his beer, and cigarette, the other pastor is heading to the present drop off zone. A slight glance to the plethora of gifts, and there's a faint frown before a simple packaged card is laid out, you kow the type-some sorta giftcard with a colourful cardboard shell. Still, best he could do.

Joseph's fingers crinkle the newspaper wrapped present with a start, back going straight and a glance towards the passing Delilah-relative because goodness knows he didn't miss that either despite the woman's quick exit. Clearing is throat, he gives Delilah a slightly crooked smile. "Happy birthday," is said, as he sets the present down - the same words spoken are written directly onto the paper, with the addition of a 'from Pastor Sumter', in case there was any question.

Other pastor with the room gets a nod back and a faint wave, but Cat's 'evening' has Joseph smiling a little warmer towards her. "Evening, Cat. Interestin' turn out." Slightly wary glance over his shoulder from where the blonde woman had taken off into the crowd, then back to Cat.

Helena finally gets off the phone, satisfied that the entertainment will get here, well, when it gets here. She takes a quick scan of the room - Dee is happy, Brian's in a corner (mental note), Cat's talking to Joseph (another person she wants to talk to before the night is over), and…ah! Scotch. Helena bustles over, resting her wrists against the bar. "Hey." she greets him easily. "I'm glad you could make it off the island. If you like I can introduce you to some folks, and," her tone lowers to sotto voce, "Before you leave, I have something to talk to you about that I'm going to need your help for."

"You only get one birthday!" Magnes says with a bright smile. 'Between a talk with Cat and the general atmosphere, he can forget his problems for a few hours. And if anyone ruins Delilah's birthday, he'll just have to shoot 'em. "She's a mushroom /and/ has toad in her name. I don't know a lot about drugs except what I hear on the job, but I'm pretty sure Super Mario's got something to do with them." He gives a quick nod to Brian, though obviously doesn't remember their little Mexican stand-off a few months ago.

Magnes is given a little two finger salute as Brian weaves his way through the crowd. Once he finally arrives at Delilah, Brian goes to slap his silver wrapped box into her stomach. Bending he plants a quick peck on her cheek with a, "Happy birthday, child." And then is straightening, giving one shoulder a gentle squeeze he starts slow retreat back to corner of solitude.
"Don't turn your back on her." Delilah advises to Joe Very Seriously even as a few ears come into hearing distance of the same warning.

"I heard that!" Comes from the other direction, and Delilah nearly jumps out of her skin.

"How did she- haha. Yes. It probably does." Her wonder at the Mom-ness of her Aunt is stopped short when Magnes clarifies himself. The flashing of silver is intercepted with a hug of her arms as the package is bopped against her front. Well, hey there. Delilah sways into the peck on her cheek, looking quite triumphant even though Brian calls her a child. She is used to him doing it- that may be the only reason she doesn't kick him in the shin! "Thank you, Brian. We'll talk about whether I'm still a kid or not later, over tea and brass knuckles."
"Isn't it?" Cat queries rhetorically of Joseph. She too glances after the aunt which goosed the pastor, remarking with a quiet laugh "That one isn't short of spirit." Her pint is lifted and drawn from again, she leans her back against a segment of wall and lapses into a comfortable silence. She may or may not have an agenda in being within the man's vicinity, but if so it'll be revealed later.

There's a slight smile and a look over of the younger Blonde that saddles up alongside of him. "Hey there Kid." A chuckle tehre, before he's exhaling slowly, and pointedly away from Helena. "Well I got my ways-truth is you all don't come to visit anymore than I leave to visit." A chuckle there before he's shaking his head and drinking back a little on his beer. "Still, good to see you and Red again." Yes that's what he's classified your friend who came to visit him as. As for meeting everyone else there's a nod "Sounds fucking swell." Ahh there's the Scotch we all know and love. As for the words delivered in sotto-there's a faint pause and a nod given. "Sure, just remind me?"

"Nothin' wrong with that," Joseph replies, before Cat is settling back. In a slight limbo between not wanting to make moves to particularly settle himself here for very long, neither headed for the bar nor picking through the food laid out, Joseph pushes his hands into his pockets and glances between those familiar and not, a quirk of a smile to see Magnes and then a couple of blinks when he notes Brian's presence, even though he begins to drift from the table in which a few of them have gathered.

Hesitantly, the Tennessee-breed of pastor takes a step in his direction. "Brian," is used to reel in his attention, before offering a smile, and then a hand out to shake in greeting. If he doesn't get to sequester himself somewhere lonely than neither does the younger man. "I guess I shoulda counted on seeing at least everyone once around here. How're you doing?"

"I can do that." Helena mentally sighs at being called kid, yet again. She's older than Dee, even! But she makes no issue of it. "I'm sorry, there's been a lot of work with some new ventures getting taken care of, which I'd love to show you very soon, actually. Places you should keep in your noggin." She grins at him and leans back against the bar, letting her eyes draw to Brian and Joseph. "Do you know Joe?" she asks. "He was the pastor at Guiding Light. If you don't, I'll introduce you. He's a good man."
Brian pages: Is Hel talking to me in the last bit?

"Hey Delilah, I'm gonna get a drink, hopefully something that won't make me float." Magnes teases, flashing a smile and a nod at Joseph and Delilah's aunt before heading to the bar.

Good job, Helena- flock the men of God together! Never fails. Delilah nods to Magnes as smiles and shuffles away to imbibe. The redhead takes a deep breath and holds it, scanning the party for some familiar faces that she hasn't had time to really talk to. Seeing none too nearby, she moves off away from the table, winding her way through until she gets to the bar where Helena and Scotch are. To the blonde she grins wide. "I can't believe I'm having a relatively good birthday this year. I almost expect someone to jump out with a camera and tell me I'm on a prank show."

His black wingtips pause in their retreat at the sound of his named used like a fishing line to bring him back. Brian's eyes slowly whirl around his shoulder to take in the Pastor. The pastor who Brian certainly does not remember. A smile is flashed, his hand poppping up to greet the man in return. By now, the ex-agent is adept at being friends with people he doesn't know. Smiling warmly at Pastor Stranger, Winters gives a firm handshake. "Oh you know, just trying to get things settled at the Lighthouse…" An appropriate amount of silence is given after the Lighthouse, just enough time for Joseph to throw any questions he might have about 'how the place is doing now' or anything like that, hints and clues Brian fishes for to help him discern why the hell this guy knows him.

But then it's off to safer topics, his eyes are thrown over to Delilah. "Eighteen. Remember that one?" A little cheesy grin is fed to Joseph as he awkwardly tucks his hands into his pockets. "Anyways, how have you been doing, man?"

What would you rather him call you? Sides Kid-that's just how the Texan Pastor is. Still he's looking down and nodding. "Don't sweat it-I am quite used to my exile in the Rookery." And a look back at Helena "Though your company is always welcomed." and he does mean it, not like he has many friends about anyway. Eyes look back to hers, and then he's turning his head to look towards Joe. Kiss of his teeth, before he's turning back while taking a drag, "I have seen him before." Scotch, says. "Well, seen him earlier. Know of the name mainly due to the lack o' baptists that are usually in New York. I think its him, me, and some other guy." A smirk offered "My noggin?" And a shrug before he's nodding again "Yeah would be good to have some memories to go around." That is, if they are having him jump places, wouldn't do to be fused into something-or someone.

And Delilah comes over and a warm grin is flashed. "Happy Birthday, Red." A sip of his beer. "I'd offer you a drink, bein' your birthday an all. But, the laws don't allow-Still May your years be long an happy." Sip-smoke.

They aren't completely friends is probably the problem with Brian's attempt, although if there is anything strange about the young man's behaviour— well, as stated, they aren't completely friends enough to tell. Joseph snorts softly at the question. "Eighteen is but a distant memory," he states wryly, and that smile dims just a fraction at the question, hesitating.

And there's that sense that maaaybe they're being watched, and Joseph steers a look around towards where Helena and Scotch are loitering. No starting after all, but upon recognising the blonde— well at first she gets a slightly guarded look from Joseph, and then a quirk of a half-smile before he looks back towards Brian.

Hands fidgeting together a little, his wedding ring rotated around his finger. Back to the topic. "Hangin' on," Joseph selects out of the myriad of responses, a smile back towards Brian. "Not sure if we'll be as quick to get on our feet as the Lighthouse was, but congratulations on that end, anyway. I'm sorry I haven't been around to see it, even before."

Helena flashes a grin Dee's way, calling out, "I haven't forgotten you, Birthday Girl. Your present will be here…" she eyes the door, "Any moment now, I'm sure!" And to Scotch, "Let me introduce you to him. Brian too, he runs an orphanage on Staten. And you need to meet Cat." She puts her hand on Scotch's upper arm as if he'd offered it to her in some gentlemanly fashion, and gives it a light tug. And thne there's Joseph, angling toward them. She returns the smile, at first evidently glad, but then with some carefulness when she sees his own is guarded.

Delilah looks over her shoulder towards the front door of the bar when Helena says that, half expecting something to explode in a shower of glitter and confetti. It doesn't come, of course, but that doesn't mean the wiggly feeling in her stomach goes away! Part of her wonders just how seriously Helena took her job. "I'm not going to have a coronary, am I?"

"I hear that." Brian answers at Joseph's distant memory talk. Eighteen isn't that far back. But it is a distant memory when mindwipes are involved. See? He's telling the truth. He grins faintly, going to step back a little so the men are shoulder to shoulder rather than face to face. That's how cool men talk, anyway.

Winters' gaze follows Joseph's only briefly to Helena with another stranger in tow. Idly hoping she will come by and use his stranger-friend's name, he gives a sympathetic nod to the Tennessee man. "I heard about that." What that was he's not sure, but he's most likely heard about it. "I'm real sorry about that. If there's anything I can do." Winters offers, sending a genuine look over to the pastor. "Just let me know. And thank you, we had a lot of help."

Beer is sadly left at the bar, but in fairness it was close to dead anyway. Cigarette however remains, though it too will be looking for a gravesite soon enough-and the floor is just too tacky to do. Hand on his arm, and he is moving after a pat to Helena's hand. Though whatever body language he is picking up on, he's apparently not mentioning it. "The more the merrier, I say-sides if I am-" but, the thought isn't finished. No, Scotch'll be just fine in allowing Helena to lead him around for now.

Oh that's how cool men talk? Joseph is close to stepping forward and rotate back around but holds off when it seems they're being approached, so. Keep the circle open. Any initial defensiveness at seeing Helena has been shaken off and set aside. It's a birthday party. Which also means Joseph is a little apologetic even in the face of Brian's kindness. "You know, don't worry about it. Not tonight, anyhow."

As Texan and Phoenix leader approach, Joseph switches his attention to them, back straightening up out of an occasionally customary slouch. "Hey, Helena. Pastor McCoy," he says, that last name coming a little uncertain, as if to check he still has it right. It's been a long month. "Who ever said New York City wasn't a small town."

"Oh, you do know each other." Helena says with a faint smile. "I was going to introduce you - Pastor Joseph Sumter, Pastor Scotch McCoy…and also, this is Brian Fulk. He owns and operates the Lighthouse? The orphanage for Evolved kids out on Staten." Her hand is withdrawn from Scotch's arm now that she has him introduced to the people she wanted him to meet, though there's still Cat to go.

In the meantime, a pair of uniformed cops - well, at first glance, they appear to be cops! One mail, one female. The guy's ripped, the girl's stacked, and they make their way into the bar, eyeing everyone from behind shiny reflective sunglasses and announce, "We're looking for Miss Delilah Trafford?"

Brian smiles at Scotch, offering his hand after he gives Joseph a chance to. "Very nice to meet you Pastor McCoy." The young man greets, before taking a small sideglance at Joseph. Pastor Sumter. Ahaaa. It all makes sense now. Brian raises a hand and gives a warm squeeze to Joseph's shoulder. Seemingly in condolonces for his tragedy, but really it's because Brian just figured out who he was.

Looking back to Helena, Brian's lips open as if he is about to speak but he is stopped dead by two cops taking the bar. He practically deflates. "Really Helena? Really? I was hoping for a clown."

That's right. A Birthday Party! With cake, with alcohol, and now with one-hundred percent more uniformed officers(?). Delilah is over at the bar when they do come in the door, and at first, out of instinct- well, Dee shrinks just a little before she does also realize that Helena is probably watching, and this is probably the moment of truth. Clown nothing! Delilah's hands both shoot up into the air.

"He had it coming! He ran into my knife ten times."

There is a shriek of laughter from Marien somewhere behind the gaggles of people.

Helena gets a look as her arm slips away and then he's smiling back to Joseph, his good free hand coming out to shake the man's hand. "Pastor Sumter. Long, long time I think?" Yeah they know each other-ish. Hard not too when you're some of the only baptist clergy on the island. "Still, its good to see you again." And now he's reaching over to a nearby table to snub out his cigarette before offering a hand out towards Brian. "A pleasure." see he is good around people, doesn't bite. "I have Saint Joe's in the Rookery now. If you ever need help or what not let me know, I'll just hop on over as quick as I can and all."

Though as the two 'cops' come in there's a faint grunt and a look back over towards Helena. "Well this'll be ever so awkward." A good natured laugh even if McCoy is telling the truth-can't even think to the life of him how he should be handling this. Is this the time he should strategically sneak out?

Hand shaking all around. Joseph's mouth goes into a rueful smile and a nod of agreement as to how it's been some time, shaking the other pastor's hand briskly before retracting, settling his hand in his pocket. His silence is a little bit guilty, though the only person who knows Joseph opted to attend the Catholic Cathedral for last Sunday's service instead of the church across the river, ain't here. All the same—

"I should come by next Sunday. Abigail's been offerin' to come with," he states, and that's around when Joseph is among the last to look towards the 'cops', completely without comprehension. "That's weird, I— " The penny drops. "Oh." Now's a great time to be sober. Or not. Or— hm.

"It's good to see you, Joseph." Helena says with what might be a surprising sort of quiet about her as she addresses the man. "If you don't mind a visitor, I thought I might stop by in the next day or two, see how you're doing?" And just then, the Officers Very Friendly arrive. A hand goes to Helena's mouth, covering up her gleeful smile, and she notes to Scotch, "You can't leave til we talk, so." And of course, for Brian, "I'll make a note. For your birthday, Krusty the Clown."

The 'cops' look at each other, then at Delilah. The male of the pair moves to grab a chair, putting it sort of in the middle of the bar, and the woman says, "Miss Trafford, if you'll just have a seat, we need to…ask you a few questions."

Is it a coincidence that music over the sound system is now a reggae tune? Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

For her part, Delilah has at least a bit of theatrics under her belt. She is no Oscar Winner, but passable. Her hands gather over her mouth, fingers over her lips and eyebrows knitted upwards in that universally casual shock. Now isn't the time to look around and check faces, but she knows that at least half a dozen people have their jaw hinges lolling. For a few reasons.

"Do I need a lawyer?" Delilah says this as she tiptoes forward to sit down in the chair, knees together and feet apart. "If this is about the thing in the elevator-" But not even she can do this for long, and under her fingers her lips crack into a big giggle, cheeks rosy. Somewhere between this and what is next, she wonders if they'd like to stay for cake.

IN Truth, Scotch wouldn't blame him for going somewhere else. Hell, the fact alone that he was hearing a good message and in God's house is enough for him. Despite his accent he's not one of those weird Catholic hating baptists. "Oh, if that's the case an you're both comin' over I'll have to make sure to write up a real good sermon, Something that brings down fire an Jesus while having strong an interesting exegetical points." A toothy grin at that, before he's looking back once to the strippercoughcops. "Just let me know, when you want that word sugar." added back to Helena, and a brow raises to the music choice. "Huh. Never figured anyone to strip to that song.." more or less kept for the conversationalists around him.

"I wouldn't mind if Krusty had a nice rack." Brian murmurs, taking a step away. But he pauses. "And was a girl." He adds in quickly as an afterthought. Patting Joseph on the shoulder, he gives a flick of his chin over Scotch, waving his free hand over his shoulder. "Nice meeting you!" And with that Winters is making his way for the exit.

"I look forward to hearin' it," Joseph responds, a little distractedly, and increeeeasing awkwardness as the music starts playing and the strippers are honing in on Delilah. Rubbing the back of his neck, he turns towards Helena, offering a slightly crooked smile. "Oh— no. No, I don't mind visitors at all - I'm here most days. I'm sure we got some catchin' up to do."

More or less. A glance back towards this evening's entertainment, then helplessly towards the retreating Brian, then back to Helena and Scotch. "You know, I think I might just— " A hand gesture towards the exit. "It was nice seein' you both again."

Girl Cop is happy to lead Dee to the chair, while Boy Cop does this sort of…shimmy thrust thing around Dee. A few people are already catcalling, and Girlcop leans forward, a few buttons of her tight top conveniently undone. "Miss Trafford, are you going to make it necessary for us to," Her hand goes to her belt, unclips it, and twirls a pair of cuffs around one finger, "Restrain you?"

Don't worry, kids. This is NBC! They'll cut to commercial.

Helena is trying hard not to collapse into giggles, and says mirthfully to Scotch, "Why don't we steal Brian's table? Now that he's being a WUSS and leaving!" Hel tosses that over her shoulder to the departing man with a grin. She might expect Joseph to flee in terror, but not Brian! "Of course," Helena then says to Joseph. "I'll talk to you soon."

Even at this point, Delilah can't stop giggling. She does, however, pull her lips into an 'oh' in regards to both of them, eyes half closed and arms linking behind the chair. "I don't trust myself, you'll have to lock me down- I don't wanna end up a copkiller, you know." It's a testament to how much she was looking forward to her party, that she roleplays right back. It is also a testament to how focused some other people can be- namely, Helena, using the opportunity to its best(you're welcome).

Lady Cop twirls the handcuffs around her finger once more before she saunters behind the chair and leans forward to click the metallized plastic around Dee's wrists, her cleavage settling right there over the redhead's shoulder. And the Boy Cop- well, by now he's got half the buttons down of his shirt, standing just over Lilah's knees- his hands are roaming around over abs that he could probably make a jello mold on. Dee's a sucker for a good chest, though, which he shows off when the blue workshirt slips down.

"Oh my god." Translated as 'I love you' in Teenager. For all she knows the room could be on fire and she'd still only be aware of breasts over one shoulder and a eyeful of Man.

Scotch looks over towards Brian and Joseph, a half smile to both men, but that's better than nothing "You too." said to Brian, before he's nodding and adding a wave to the fleeing Pastor. Trust him, if he didn't have some spy news or whatever to discuss-he'd be running for the hills as well. "I'll see you Sunday if not before then, brother." called out towards Joe, and then attention is completely riveted towards Helena. Yes, you have the full attention of Father McHotty- not them strippers. "Alright, lets chat." and he will be moving to said table, back to strippers. BACK TO STRIPPERS.

Admittedly, it was Helena's idea, but she's so not looking at the strippers either. Well okay, maybe sneaking very brief looks, but she's trying to stay focused on business. "You know we've got Miracle Day coming up, right?" she asks. "Do I need to fill you in on what that is, or are you familiar?"

Magnes has been drinking since the strippers came, but it hasn't done much to aid in his embarassment. He's not looking at the strippers, he has a girlfriend! The only time he even remotely looks up is if he senses that Delilah might be getting topless, and that hasn't happened yet, so right now he just keeps his eyes fixed on his drink. "Doctor Donna, Doctor Donna…" he repeats the quiet mantra to himself.

From her position where she'd been near Joseph earlier, and having seen the pastor slip out, Cat watches the events at hand. It's a smile of a sort which lights her face as the strippers are observed handcuffing and performing for Delilah, but she doesn't ogle either. Her hand occasionally lifts with the process of enjoying her stout.

Eventually Cat begins to gravitate toward Helena and the man she seized a table with, after giving thought to following Joseph.

There's a brief look back towards Helena and a nod is given. "I am quite familiar with it." Which means, yes he does know what she means about Miracle Day coming up, though unlike some he doesn't have it marked on his Calendar at home, nor does he plan on buying miracle day presents. "So, I guess the next thing to do, is go on?" Scotch says, as a brow is raising. And yes he's tapping out another cigarette for himself, before he is offering the pack to Helena-just in case.

Helena shakes her head, and Scotch will suddenly feel the faintest hint of breeze; Helena's version of one of those little fans used to direct smoke away from people who don't want to get cancer. "There's a man with a healing gift. We're going to do what we did last year…sneak him in one or two places, let him do his thing, get him out. No cameras, though. We usually put a couple of people with the healer to keep an eye out and help the if they feel weakened. Would you be willing to go one that detail?"

Settling into a seat at the table they've taken over, Cat sets her nearly empty pint on it and looks from one to the other. A quiet chuckle is let out as she comments to the blonde. "Interesting. One of each." But from there she's quiet, so as not to further detract from their conversation.

Scotch raises a brow at the breeze, but he nods all the same. Cigarette though is still lit, with some difficulty and enjoyed. Pack slid away as he takes that first drag, eyes shut. "Okay." said softly, as the details come trickling along. And so he drops his voice-though he doubts anyone here would be the type to let one of these things-slip. He won't be taking the chance-though. "If you need me, then I will go. I'll just move our tuesday night stuff at the church over to Wednesday. Have a full house." And eyes turn to Cat-a nod as he really doesn't know her. And with that his dark eyes are focused right back on Helena "What sort of armament would I need?"

By the time that Scotch and Helena seal their own deal, Delilah has somehow not died from overexposure of skin; the woman cop is down to a dark blue thong and pasties in the shapes of police shields, while the guy is rocking out in a banana hammock and his police cap. Oh, lovely. Somehow, Delilah also manages to sit up and produce her hands out from behind her back, the cuffs dangling still both close from one wrist when she holds her arms up in the air. After a moment's pause, she grabs the empty cuff and clicks it open, smiling and waggling her eyebrows up at the lady cop. "Do you two want to stay for cake? I've got some trick candles I gotta blow out-"

"You'll be getting him in and out of hospitals…so if you're going to pack, just pack your usual, or don't pack at all." Helena says. "We're not looking for trouble, we just want to keep him safe." As Cat sits and comments, she grins. "Scotch, this is Cat. Cat Chesterfield, Pastor McHo-Coy." Oops. Let's move on, shall we?

"I'll just carry one of my pistols then, you never know when you will need it. Sides walking around with a shotgun or bigger would be just damned conspicuous." At least the pistol he can hide and conceal under his jacket "I'd rather not use it, but if it comes to it, you don't want me just jumping and having nothing to show for it." Still Scotch for all his pastoral love, thinks like a soldier. "Which hospitals are we going to, I'd like to check em out-" He can easily do the Chaplain walk and see what he has to deal with so he's at least prepared.

"And despite not looking for trouble, should we be expecting it?" IE will there be folks other than the usual Homeland goons looking for us. There's a turn and an offer of his hand to Cat "Plea" pause as he flicks a grin to Helena, brow up. "Pleased to meet you Cat."

Magnes starts heading for the table of Helena, Cat, and Scotch, apparently tired of being a loner tonight, but not quite wanting to oggle the strippers. He doesn't take a seat yet, instead he moves to place a hand on Cat's shoulder. "I love Claire, I'm not gonna do any hanky-panky with another girl," This is said in a completely slurred tone, so he's certainly had a few drinks. "But I think you're hot, Catwoman, and I'm just sayin', you're a geekface in a good way." Then, a pause, and he suddenly stands up straight, epiphany hitting him. "I said I love Claire… holy crap, I love Claire!" Or he's drunk, who knows!

Her hand extends to take the man's; Cat shakes once and releases. Soft skin, smooth, but with some strength in her grip and calluses near the fingertips in contrast to the rest of it. Eye contact is made, her demeanor calm and pleasant enough. The five foot eight inch brunette replies "Likewise, Scotch."

Then there's Magnes and his hand on her shoulder. She slowly turns to face him, an eyebrow raising in somewhat the way Spock would. Her voice keeps an even tone. "May you find happiness together, Magnes." She remembers that sentiment.

Moments later, facing Helena and Scotch, she mutters "Catwoman. He thinks I should put on a mask and leather bodysuit to go become a whip-carrying thief."

The two must not be used to being asked to stay for birthday cake, because the lady cop breaks that sultry look to laugh, and as Dee clicks the other cuff around the nearest wrist, which happens to be the sinewy one of the mister. At this, she bounces up into a stand, happily bumping up against him.

"Time for cake!" Delilah reluctantly steps away from the guy only to turn and link her elbow with that of the woman, leaning over to murmur something in her ear; Dee leans back to happily address the partygoers, who are now filing around with drinks and laughter under the echo of 'Milkshake'. "Cake or death!" She does not need constant drinking to be weird. But it would've helped.

"I'll get you the particulars." Helena promises Scotch, and then just sort of gazes in horrified awe at Magnes. Drawing breath, whatever she's prepared to say is aborted as she hears Dee call for her cake. "Oh hey, that's us!" She rises to her feet, beckoning all of them over, and bounces off to go take care of candle duty and begin wheeling over the confection to a raggle taggle chorus of Happy Birthday.

"Didn't work for Halle Berry. I am going to suggest you nix that option, Cat." Scotch replies with a bit of a grin. Though the grip is noted so is the soft skin. The contrast is enough to keep a smirk on his face, and colour that an interesting fact. A slight look is given to Magnes and a chuckle. "Ease down there slim." Luckily thanks to Helena's cancer away(tm) fan Scotch smells mainly his own camels, and not the alcohol on the younger man.

"Please do." said back to Helena as he is rising up. Apparently he will ask about whatever she was about to say another day. "An you better come by to visit." Meaning it gets lonely out on said Island. Still its Delilah's night so as they are moseying to the cake and all There's a grin as his own baritone voice chimes in. "Hope you have a good wish, Red."

"Thanks Kitty!" Magnes says, apparently remembering everything but her name as he heads over for cake. "Happy Birthday Delilah!" he exclaims before sitting at the table, yawning and rubbing his eyes. "They must really like this woman's milkshakes, I wonder what kind they are…"
There is cake, and with the announcement of it Cat rises. She retains her poise, though she asides to Helena "I. Am. Not. A. Geek." And as for being dubbed Kitty, she seems to bristle a bit. The wake of Magnes is stared at for some moments before she chains the annoyance down and walks over to where Delilah stands. By the time she gets there, poise has returned.

Delilah makes sure that two of the candles are decidedly punched through the bumps of the pinup-girl's icing bosom when Helena wheels it over and starts lighting them, and she is all smiles through the chorus of 'Happy Birthday'. There is a male someone in the group singing in Spanish, who happens to finish a moment after everyone else. Delilah sends that direction a teasing glare amidst a couple giggles, but her concentration comes back when the last little wick pops orange. There is that awkward little pause, wherein her wrist remains hooked to Cop Guy, who is holding onto a big cake knife, waiting. He is good at this! Honest.

"Thank you everybody, for coming- for once in a long time, my birthday isn't as bad as it has always seemed to be." Her stripper-free hand lifts to her face, and she blows a small kiss to everyone on the opposite side of the table and cake atop it. "I'd say let them eat cake, but that is so very out of order- so- Give me liberty and give me cake." Delilah takes in a breath of the warm air, leaning carefully forward to let it go, snuffing out the series of little white candles one by one, each pip by pop.

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