Birthday Void



Scene Title Birthday Void
Synopsis Magnes literally falls into a pit of despair on his birthday.
Date February 8, 2019

Safe Zone

It was supposed to be different.

Things were supposed to be better.

But they aren't.

Magnes floats high above the safe zone, above the buildings, the network of drones. He stands crouched on the fabric of space, unable to even see people walking by. All he can do is take in the damage, the differences, how much things have changed.

But it doesn't matter, none of it matters. She's gone, Elaine's gone, and he's too broken to look for his own daughter, too broken to look the other Elaine in the eye, to speak to Elisabeth.

He closes his eyes, then just lets himself fall.

The ever present pull of the sun and moon are clearly felt above him, the violent wind pushing through his coat, but he doesn't lose control of his fall, his gut animal instinct doesn't allow it, he just continues to fall straight down in a clean descent.

As important as everyone else was, important as it was to keep himself together for Elisabeth and finally get her home to Cardinal, Elaine became the thread that kept him tethered to life. Seeing her face every morning was the healing that his heart needed every day that he had to keep going. Those times he could make her smile, even while living in a complete hellscape, made him feel like it was all worth it.

She could have been happy, she could have lived a life here, found her calling. He'd have given her every book, moved the universe for her again, pulled every string on Earth so she could maybe be a teacher. There were so many possibilities, so much hope for the future.

The pain spilling deep from within the very core of his soul makes him feel like he's on fire, like he can never know happiness again.

The image of Addie flashes through his mind, and then Adel, the two people who connect him to Elaine across multiple universes.

And then he remembers Elaine herself, the other Elaine, the idea of causing her pain…

He opens his eyes, floating suspended in the air above a busy street.

People are yelling, he doesn't hear them.

As tears float from his eyes, all he says is, "Happy birthday."

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