Birthdays Cheesecake And Interior Design


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Scene Title Birthdays, Cheesecake, and Interior Design
Synopsis Adisa comes to Bay House to celebrate Koshka's birthday.
Date February 28, 2011

Bay House

It's been a fairly quiet day at Bay House. A fairly quiet few days, all things being said. The younger kids are taken care of, in their rooms playing games most likely. The adults of the house doing their thing, dealing with the more detailed workings of operating a house as well as their own tasks that take them away at times. And the resident teenager? She's keeping to herself again, showing up for meals and chores. But when she isn't needed, Koshka's been out of sight, either in her room or in the tunnels under the house.

Koshka had sent a text out to Adisa earlier in the day, asking her to come over. It's her birthday, the younger girl explained, and she's still not allowed out. After the message had been sent, she'd disappeared into the tunnels, leaving the trap door open enough to let those above know someone's down there. With a lack of spiders, but dust aplenty, she set herself to practicing her ability.

It's a bit of a drive for Adisa to get out to the Bay House. But hey, when she got off work in the early afternoon, there's nothing she'd rather do than spend time with a friend. Especially on their birthday. Getting a New York cheese cake (a small one, for ease of traveling with and sharing), as well as a card, she makes her way out to the house. Every so often she glances in her rearview mirror, checking for more than just the average traffic. Gotta make sure that there's nobody following her, after all.
Pulling into the covered area, as before, Adisa makes her way into the house. Peeking about, she says, "Hello?" Walking from through the kitchen, she places the cheese cake on the counter before going to look through the rest of the house. Just as she passes though the entranceway, she runs smack dab into a little boy, on his way to get a glass of water.
"Oh…my god." Adisa says as she leans down to help the boy up. "I'm soooo sorry. Are you okay?" She asks cautiously, to which he responds with a timid little nod. "Good." She says softly, smiling. "Umm…have you seen Koshka around at all? I'm looking for her."

"I saw the door to the tunnels open. She might be in there." The boy mutters.

"Thanks!" Adisa responds, ruffling his hair and heading toward where she knows the tunnels are. She slowly starts to make her way down. "Hello?! Like, is anyone down there?" She starts to call.

Below, Koshka's still hard at work, though really it looks like she's just standing there. The light from the house casts enough of a glow into the tunnels to see her, back to the ladder and one hand stretched toward a literal dirt devil. The swirling vortex of sand and dust isn't perfect or steady, the form wavering and threatening to break from the teenager's control at any second.

A glance would show that she's been at it for a long while. Likely since the text was sent out. Koshka's shirt is dusty, tracks from her brow and temple show clean against a fine layer of dirt. There's a couple of empty cracker wrappers, on the ground beside her, and a stack of the tasteless squares near the foot of the ladder.

"Here," Koshka says absently, the swirling dust wavering as her attention fades slightly.

Glancing back every now and then as she climbs down, Adisa finally reaches the bottom and looks toward Koshka and her dust. She tilts her head a little. "Hmm. A little dustilicious down here, isn't it?" She says absently, watching the dust flow about. "Like, are you totally doing this?" Is asked as she watches the dust, observing how dusty Koshka herself is. "Like, happy birthday." She chirps with a little smile. Though she's sure it probably hasn't been the happiest. After all, Koshka is stuck in this place.

Koshka looks up at Adisa as she appears, a grin pulling at the corners of her mouth. "Yeah I— " Her attention returns to the dirt devil just as its structure collapses with a fwoof. Throwing her hands up keeps most of the dust from returning, the shower turning in on itself and settling closer further down the tunnel. "Sorry," she resumes, first frowning at the settling dust then grinning back to the older girl. "Still learning to control it. And thanks. Wish we could've gone out or… something. But… broke the rules."

"I like…huh. It probably like, totally comes in handy when, like, you know, you try to dust or something." Adisa says happily. Opening her jacket slightly, she pulls out a card from an inner pocket. Once opened, Koshka will see a duckling and a long sentence. On the inside, Adisa wrote: 'Have a totally rad birthday. I hope it's fanQUACKstick! Your BFF, Adisa' Adisa smiles and shrugs. "Hey, who like, needs to go out when we've like…got each other, right?" She says happily. "Unless, like, you wanted to like, come with me to the city. And be all like, you were worried about me 'cause I was totally acting strange, and thought it better to come with me." She winks and giggles. "Anyway, I brought cake."

"Comes in handy sometimes," Koshka agrees with a shrug. "But… not really for cleaning." She takes the card with a smile, eyes reading over the front before opening it and reading the insides. "Thank you, Adisa! And cake? You didn't have to bring anything with, you could've just come on your own." Still, she's pleased and grateful for card and cake. Her grin takes on a mischievous turn at the suggestion, but then she shakes her head. "Seriously, if I did that I'd get into a lot more trouble. Not that it wouldn't be fun but… I want them to trust me again."

"That sucks. You'd like, totally think it'd come in handy for like, tonnes of cleaning and stuff!" Adisa says, furrowing her brow, but shrugging. "Of course I totally had to bring cake! And the card. You like, totally can't have a birthday without either. And it's like, only a little cheese cake. But I figured we could like, share it." She says with a little nod. She heaves a sigh. "It sooooo totally sucks that you're stuck here all the time. We should totally see if they'll let you come and stay with me for a while. And like, I'm sure Tahir wouldn't mind. He's a pretty chillaxed bro if he wants to be."

Gathering up her trash and left over crackers, one manages to find a home in her mouth for the trip up the ladder, Koshka leads the way back into the house. Once up top, she moves into the kitchen, talking over her shoulder. "I don't know. They were really mad about it and… I feel really bad. I don't want to give them cause to …not like me more." The crackers are put away, except for another which is scarfed down. The trash deposited into the bin.

Quick to follow the other girl up the ladder, Adisa raises an eyebrow as Koshka speaks. "Girl, you're forgetting, I'm like, totally the sister of one of them. And like, she totally owes me. Besides, it's like, totally not healthy for you to be totally stuck here all the time. You totally need to get out and about. And like, I can totally drive you places." She says happily, following the other girl to the kitchen. Getting a couple plates, a couple forks and a cutting knife out, she starts to feel around in her pockets. In short order, she pulls out a lighter and a candle. As she takes the cheese cake out of it's packaging, she puts the candle in the centre of the cake. "Are you ready for this?" She grins.

"I know," Koshka responds in general to all points of contention. "But… I messed up, I broke the rules." When most teenagers would be joining in the plot to escape being grounded, here she is defending the notion. Strange kid, this one. "I really don't want to get into more trouble. If they found out… I don't even want to know what would happen." She pauses long enough wash her hands at the sink, and towel off some of the dust from her face. "You're not really going to sing," she asks, turning back to Adisa.

Adisa rolls her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. You messed up. Okay. But like, rules were like, totally meant to be broken sometimes, you know?" She says in a nonchalant manner. "Like me for example. I like, totally used my daddy's credit card and but like…well, a lot of clothes. We're talking like, totally a lot. He sent me to like, my grandparents." She rolls her eyes. "Would I like, do it again? Probably. I'd totally wait for a while, but I'd still do it!" She says with a nod. "And I'm totally not talking about you leaving without their permission. I'm totally talking about you staying with me WITH their permission." She says totally seriously. But, her demeanour changes quickly to something bright and bubbly, with a giant smile.

"Oh, I'm totally gonna sing!" Adisa says cheerfully, lighting the candle with the lightly. Before Koshka can even object, she starts singing. "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Koshkaaaaaaaaa! Happy birthday to YOU!" She grins and claps. "Now, blow out the candle and make a wish!"

"Yeah, but… One thing to use money that's your dads. It's totally different to steal." Koshka shrugs, then turns red in the face at being sung to. "Oh man, you don't have to sing," she mutters, laughing, while the older girl does, in fact, sing. "But thank you." She grins, too, then blows out the candle.

Deciding to focus primarily on the cake and singing and birthday in general, Adisa claps as Koshka blows out the candle. "Hurrah! I totally wish I'd like…had enough time to buy and wrap you a present. But like, I'll get you one soon. That's like, a total Dunham promise. We Dunham's keep our promises. Except when we're like, you know, totally Fake Dead, like Sami was. And couldn't like, talk to us or keep promises and stuff. You're welcome, though." She nods.

"It's okay," Koshka says, waving off concern of a gift. "Really. I mean…" She shrugs, playing into the role of the unconcerned teenager. She's sixteen now, no reason to be worried and hopeful about gifts, right? "Let's take that cake and go to my room. I got an idea I want to talk to you about."

"No, it's like, totally not okay. Tell you what, I'm totally gonna get you a spa treatment kinda day." Adisa says. "Full on like, hair styling, pedicures, manicures, the works! That's what I'm gonna get you!" She says with a firm nod. "Oooh. Secret ideas. I like the sound of it!" She says with a grin, gathering up the cake, plates, utensils and knife, she is quick to follow Koshka.

Once both are in the room, Koshka pushes the door closed. The room is much the same as the last time Adisa had seen it, sleeping bag and pillows, still no real furniture. But the girl seems to like it that way. "Okay, so… I seriously want to decorate Sam and Brian's room, make it the most cozy, romantic place in the entire house. And I want to set up a room specifically for the babies." She moves across the room to her bed area, taking a seat and pointing Adisa to the other spot.

Placing the cheesecake and other items down, Adisa starts to cut a couple slices, handing one plate and a fork to Koshka before taking one for herself. "You…wanna decorate Sami and Brian's room? Seriously? Are you like, totally sure you don't wanna start with like…your room?" She looks around. "I could like…bring you some Justin Bieber posters or something? If you're like…into that kinda music and stuff?"

"Wh.. Who?" Koshka gives Adisa a rather odd look. Apparently she's never heard of the singer. "No… My room can be done as I go. I… don't know what I want yet. But Sami and Brian do so much, I want to do something for them." She picks up her plate of cheesecake, wasting little time in the noms. "Sorry," she says around a mouthful of sweet goodness. "Since my ability came on, I'm always hungry."

Adisa blinks. "Justin Bieber. Some dude from Canada who totally thinks he can sing. He's kinda cute, but I can soooo totally sing better." That's her story, and she's sticking to it! She rolls her eyes at the other girl. "Fiiiinnnneeee. Like, what do you totally want me to do? Haul stuff here from the city or something like that?" She takes a few small bites from her cheesecake, grinning a little at Koshka. "I know, right? Ever since I got my ability, every now and then I totally go on a bin…" She stops. Did she just mention that she has an ability? Yes…she believes she just did!
"I don't know." Koshka frowns a moment, then shrugs. "Just… Paint first, nice linens and window treatments. Furniture." And she's inwardly cringing at where the money might come from. "Maybe… Maybe I can find someone to take me to a second-hand store for most of that." As for abilities, the younger girl grins and shrugs slightly, casual. Like it's every day you meet someone else with a special power. "What's your trick?"

"Paint and like…linens are totally gonna be fine. But furniture? That could totally be a bit more difficult. Unless it's like, IKEA or something. You know? Like, totally where you set it up yourself." If Adisa is worried about the money situation, she's not showing it. "My…trick?" She blinks. "Oh! Oh yeah. My ability. I can like, you know. Light up." She holds up her index finger, much like in E.T., that movie that starred the adorably ugly alien, and the tip of her index finger glows unusual with a light from within, getting brighter and brighter. Finally it stops at quite a bright shine. "And that is what I do. I can totally do it with my whole body too." She murmurs quietly.

"That is seriously awesome," Koshka says as she peers at the light. "Very, super cool. You're like.. your own little night light!" She grins up at Adisa, nodding. "Way better than stupid dust throwing around." With a shrug, she finishes off the last of her cheese cake piece.

"You should stay here tonight," Koshka decides, already standing again to find blankets and pillows. "And help me plan stuff. Please?" There's no waiting for an answer, the younger teen sets herself to make up a spot for Adisa to sleep. "Maybe we can catch Brian and Sam tomorrow and… find out if anyone else is allowed to take me out of the house."

Adisa nods a little bit. "Yeah, no way I'm driving outta here anytime soon! Not if I wanna start planning with you!" She says with a firm nod. "So I'm like, totally gonna stay. And yeah. Sami and Brian tomorrow. I need to have me a serious sit down with that Brian, personally. I like, totally don't care how busy they are. He totally needs to make more time to talk to her future sister-in-law." She adjusts her sitting position. "Okay, so like, first thing's first. Paint colours."

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