Bishop to Queen


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Scene Title Bishop to Queen
Synopsis Abigail and Liz do what they have been doing for a bit. Keeping in touch.
Date January 31, 2010

digital phone lines

For once it's Abigail who's dialing Liz, finally home from Mexico, unpacked and getting things in order for school. Just two more weeks and thens he can take her certification for New York and she'll be an honest to god EMT. Be a matter of finding a job after that. But Liz gave her the number to call and Abby's laid out on her couch, feet up on the coffee table with a piece of paper in her hand. The one with the drawing of the flower and cyrillic below it. Mysterious men leaving russian notes at the bar tend to drive ones paranoia level skyrocketing.

It's just dumb luck that the phone is even on her. Elisabeth has it tucked in her pocket set to vibrate for while they're in classrooms, and she has it turned off when they're doing practical things like the firing range tests and what have you. But at the moment, she's got a break between sessions and she's getting a soda when the instrument vibrates in her pocket. Pulling it out, the blonde notes Abby's number and answers it. "Hey, lady. How're things going in the way south?" she greets.

"Back home now actually, getting into the swing of things and getting ready to go back and finish my classes." Abigail answers into the phone. "Decakrd's still down there but Raquelle'd been away from his girls more than long enough" There's an idle glance to her feet and a note to go get a pedicure and splurge.

'Hey uhmm… someone left a note. in Cyrillic, at the bar. For me"

"Oh, good," Elisabeth replies to the 'back home' part. And then she pauses. "Cyrillic? …. Seriously?" There's a frown. "What's it say?" She had been going to ask how Abby likes the new wallpaper, but that seems far more urgent than either wallpaper or commiserating about Deckard.

Abby hadn't noticed the wallpaper yet. She'd come in late and gone straight up. "Dunno what it says, I haven't gotten it translated yet. I asked Brenda about the guy, she said he was pretty hot, hadn't been to the states before and spoke with a Russian accent. It's a flower, well, a drawing of one, and then Cyrillic at the bottom. Thought maybe you might know about it though" But it seems, not.

"But that's not why I was calling. Liz uh, teo showed up in Mexico. Are you on you know, the secure phone or just a normal one?"

"No," Elisabeth replies to the message. "They didn't mention it to me, so maybe it was after I left?" And then she pauses. "It's one from Cat's stash," she says. "Though how secure those remain is in the air. What's going on?" She walks to a place where she can actually talk, making sure no one can hear.

How to tell her that the dead walk. Supposedly dead. "Francois was in Mexico." Abigail chances saying it on the phone lines. "He showed up in Mexico, he and Deckard went at it, not in the oh that's my girl sorta way but.. in the.. gonna get rid of this ability once and for all" Which should clue liz in as to how Francois was still alive.
There is dead silence from Elisabeth's end of the phone.

When she finally does speak, it's in a dry voice. "You know…. I once told Richard that I was getting pretty goddamned tired of the dead not staying dead. And I'm forced to eat those words, I guess. Is he…. are they all…. okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah, they're men. Rawr, I've got lead in me rawr but I'm fine" That bring s smile to her face as the note is glanced at once more before it's put on the coffee table to try and compare Cyrillic with online Cyrillic at some point. "Upside? It's gone. I mean, it's literally gone. Both of them. Same thing that happened on the bridge only, twenty times more… scarier and everyone's eyes looked the same afterward"

On her end of the phone, Elisabeth scrubs her hand across her face. Though the corner of her mouth quirks upward at Abby's initial description of men being men, her blue eyes hold unhappiness as she looks around the classroom she ducked into. "Fran's not the only one who's paid an unexpected visit," she finally says quietly. "Danko's in New York, Abby. So watch your back. I've got people monitoring him." She pauses, debating whether to impart the other tidbit, but she says instead, "And I've got more things — important ones — to talk to you about, but I don't want to do it over phone, okay? I'll be back in town in a couple of days and I'll tell you in person."

Danko? Takes her a moment, two, possibly three and then a shake of her head. "That guy" As he flares to life. The blindfolded guy. Great. Just great. "I'll keep an eye out on stuff, have the girls keep an eye out." she can't say that she wishes dead people would stay dead because for all that she'd been upset with Francois, she was beyond thrilled that he wasn't dead and could stop mourning him. "I'll be around. You know me. Unless i'm kidnapped" A joke it may be, doesn't stop the brunette from knocking on the wood table.

"The girls already know," Elisabeth replies softly. "He showed up at the bar during the wake." And then she laughs. "Woman… why do you taunt the universe in that fashion? You know that the Fates hate it."

"Because really, how much more can they throw at me?" Knock on wood again. "Because after Russia, after the bridge and Staten, and flint and Mexico and traveling through time to save a dying man… I" She what. "I don't care. If I can take all that, I can take the rest of whatever the world throws at me. Watch me get a really bad partner in an ambulance now."

Shaking her head on her end, Elisabeth actually sounds … more relaxed than she's been in a while. "I'm so not touching that — you keep opening your mouth and inserting your foot," she chuckles softly. "I'm glad you're home safe, Abigail. And … I'm sorry that things aren't working out for you and Deck. Tell Francois…. I'm beyond glad that he's okay. Please?" She pauses and her voice sounds a little choked. "Tell him I even had an old-fashioned Irish wake for him. It was a nice service too."

"I'm sure I have the security tapes from the bar to show him. I just wanted to ask you those few things and I realize you're probably busy. I want to put some hours in at the bar too" Abby plops her feet down, pushing up to head towards her bedroom.

Elisabeth starts to laugh. "Oh yes. Brenda definitely has something to show you. Luck with school, okay? Things here are not too bad — the PT is killing me, but the rest of the classes are pretty much just advanced urban combat tactics and such, so those seem easy enough after all we've done." She grins a bit. "I'll see you in a couple days, Abby. Promise."

"See you then Liz, stay safe, don't get too bruised" Abigail mutters into the phone. "Or tempt fate too much" She smiles a little then before her finger closes on the end button and she hangs up.

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