Black Holes And Revelations


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Scene Title Black Holes And Revelations
Synopsis Trask reveals some of Cameron's projects to Helena.
Date October 24, 2008

New York Public Library

So it's not public knowledge to everyone, but PARIAH now has munitions, and PARIAH also now has money. A good bit of money, in shiny gold form, which Helena arranged to keep carefully hidden away. At the moment she's helping lug beds around to different parts of the library to set up sleeping spaces.

Trask comes in in his normal Sergei outfit, looking for Helena. He makes sure noone else is in the area, then without comment starts giving her a hand, picking up the other end of the beds she is working on.

"Thanks." Helena tilts her head in the direction of the corner where she wants it to go. "I was wondering when you were going to come to me." She confesses. "There were things that Cam knew that I need to know now."

Trask nods and lugs the bed that direction, he doesn't both with the Russian. "yes…there were some things even I wasn't privy too….but there are somethings I know, that I don't think any of you late comers are aware of.

Helena helps him set the bed down, then clambers on top of it, resting her back to the wall. "So spill." she orders with a tired and expectant sigh.

Trask chuckles and sits next to her, pulling some files from his jacket he says, "Cameron had an eye for orphans…registered evolved with powers he liked and no families. He sent some of the money…without letting on where it came from, to hopefully recruit them down the line.

Helena blinks a little bit, and starts leafing through the files. "What money, and where exactly did he send it? Where'd the money come from?"

Trask says, "I don't know where he got the money, maybe he was secretly a multi millionare?" He shakes his head pausing a moment to contemplate how little he knew about Cam "But I do know he used me to find targets for it. I ran into one of these kids recently, she was being mugged…she opens tunnels to other places in the world."

"Is her profile in here?" Helena flips through the files with interest, curious to see such a girl.

Trask nods and points out the file, "Heather Noyes, he parents were downtown. She was gonna have to drop out of college…lack of money with her parents dead. Cam sent her an anonymous contribution in the amount of her tuition."

Helena pauses to consider Heather. "Where is she attending, do you know? I might have someone who can woo her." She looks back at Trask. "I don't know if Cam was having you do this before…but I'd like you to handle the background checks on new recruits. Can you handle that, or would it be too high a risk to compromise you?"

Trask chuckles softly, and hands you another set of files, including extensive back ground checks on everyone currently in Pariah, your own includes a detailed interview with coworkers at Alley Cats.

Helena's mouth forms a little 'oh'. "I guess you were already doing that." She offers him back the files. "Find out where Heather Noyes is attending for me. I think we may have someone we can set on her. And thank you No - Sergei."

Trask says, "She's at Columbia….I happened to be the one who walked in on her when she was being mugged…she tracked me down once already since. She wanted to know why she couldn't escape her mugger…and reasoned it was because of me."

Helena muses. "I think Jennifer's at Columbia. I'll ask her to see if she can get close to this girl and feel her out." She grins, shifting on the bed to face him. "I need you to see if you can find out where Cam was getting his finances from. We're set for our own needs here, but any extra sources is good, and that's not a bad way to recruit. I'd also like you to follow up on that Hispanic kid from the library you mentioned, can you do that?"

Trask nods, "I'm gonna see what I can find…did you find the librarian I mentioned?"

Helena shakes her head. "Not yet, but I've been busy. With what Cam left behind, and now the Feds are chasing Peter. I feel like I'm juggling swords."

Trask says, "She was afraid of something…someone stalking her…I have a bad feeling it was Sylar…I havn't had much more chances to go check on her since I contacted her. She…has some ability that….I can't describe it."

Helena blinks a little. "Stalked by Sylar is not of the good. Do you want to keep working on her and build some trust, or do you want someone else to step up?"

Trask says, "It would be better for someone else….I…" he sighs, "I would have a hard time bringing her in without blowing my cover."

Helena nods. "Alright. What can you tell me about her ability?"

Trask says, "I know she can tell when others have abilities…and…chaos seems to follow her."

Helena blinks. "Well, the first sounds useful, but the second sounds dangerous. But we'll look into her, I promise." She tugs absently on her braid. "I have a meeting with Bennet and Wireless. Talk to you again later? Without accent and all." She laughs a little.

Trask says, "Cameron…was a bit paranoid…of Homeland using psychics to find out our plans…He beleived things talked about in the …circle were immune to them. Keep that in mind"

Helena nods. "I will." she promises, sliding off the bed. "I'll see you later." With that, she slips out.

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