Black Light


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Scene Title Black Light
Synopsis Apologies, confusion, romance, the Gun Hill commune, photokinetic training… and an offer to buy a purple silk zoot suit. Quite a normal afternoon chat, really.
Date July 3 2010

Gun Hill

Gun Hill is named after Gun Hill Road, the street that the five story tenement resides on. A bright red brick exterior separates it from the surrounding buildings, making it difficult to miss even though the complexes on either side of it are similarly coloured with fresh coats of paint in yellow and blue donated to their proprietors by an urban renewal project devoted to eliminating graffiti from the Bronx's residential zones in an attempt to raise property value and reestablish the borough as a desirable place to live.
Inside, the building shows more obvious signs of wear than the rusty fire escape affixed to its front, including old hardwood floors so scuffed that no amount of wax or polish can return them to their original luster, and faded wallpaper in neutral shades of cream with a strange mottled texture. Instead of an elevator, the tenement's upper floors can be reached by taking a stairwell with numbered flights and roof access via a heavy metal door that sticks more often than not.

The front of the card shows a forest meadow, bluebells glowing in sunlight filtered through the leafy canopy overhead, while serried oaks frame the scene with the pillars of their trunks. Within, the hand-written text is in dark blue ink - and is just having the signature added.


I'm an idiot and I want to apologise. I was projecting worries and fears onto you, and I wasn't being fair. I am concerned about the weight of burdens you carry, but I'm also very impressed - and very proud.

If there's ever anything I can do for you, please ask. That old offer of open-ended assistance is still there, should you ever want it.


Ygraine sighs faintly as she slips the card into an envelope (already marked with the single word 'Colette') and pokes it through the letterbox, then steps back to eye the unresponsive door for a moment, expression markedly pensive.

The thud of heavy footsteps echoing loudly down the steps that lead down Gun Hill do a wonderful job of giving warning of the approach of another, and the even louder thud as Quinn jumps over the last few steps and straight to the floor below. She'd been up on the roof, doing some minor cleaning and generally hoping to get things a little more prepared for her party tomorrow.

She lets out a sigh as she rises back up straight, pivoting on her heel to face back down the hallway - and stopping dead when she spots Ygraine. Hmm. She looks pensive for a moment, hands in jeans as she watches the Brit, who has most assuredly spotted her. Finally, though, she just continues back on towards her room, a half smile on her face. "You have a funny sense of timing, Ygraine. I was just headed to call you." She approaches slowly, shrugging as she reaches the other woman.

"I… hi", Ygraine offers by way of eloquent greeting, raising one hand to the Irishwoman, before tucking it and its partner into her jacket pockets, shoulders hunching a little. "I was wondering whether to try your door or Elaine's first, now that I've got no response from Colette's…."

Quinn gives a nervous laugh, does a half turn as she motions to the stairs. "I think Elaine's upstairs, didn't seem like she had much t' do today, if you wanna go find her really quick…" Not that she wanted to send Ygraine away, but she wasn't quite prepared to see her friend yet, and her nervous look on her face probably betrayed that feeling. With her flourish made, hand retreats back into pocket and she meanders over to her door. "Uh, if not, come on in." The door is pushed open, and a smile offered as Quinn waits to see what Ygraine does.

"You don't lock your door?", Ygraine asks, sufficiently surprised that the words come out without real thought. "I… ahhh." A glance towards the stairs, then a shrug, and a somewhat sheepish addition as she starts towards the open portal. "Sure. I, ahh… I did think that we should probably have a… a chat."

"Not when I'm around. Or I forget to because I'm in a hurry." She shrugs, and Ygraine's mention of 'we should probably have a chat' elicits a very confused look from Quinn. Lips quirk side to side before she slips inside, leaving the door open for Ygraine behind her. She eyes the couch, but instead makes her way to the fridge, pulling it open. "Want a drink? Sprite and water, though it's the last Sprite. Not that I mind."

Ygraine trails in after Quinn, closing the door behind her before loitering nervously by the sofa. "Heh. I… ahhh. Water will be fine. I couldn't possibly deprive a woman of her last Sprite", she jokes weakly.

A slight pause, then she shrugs out of her heavy jacket, draping it over one arm of the sofa before lowering herself to perch upon the seat, watching Quinn with a rather intent brand of awkwardness.

"I really wouldn't mind," Quinn notes as she withdraws two bottles of cold water." Closing teh fridge, she is slow to turn back around, eyeing Ygraine quizzically once she does. A slow approach towards the couch begins, one of the bottles being flipped around in Quinn's palm. "So, uh… I had somethin' I wanted t' talk about, but… well, I'd rather you go first," she says as she reaches Ygraine, first offering the bottle of water, and then plopping down on the couch, a bit more space between them than might normally be expected.

Ygraine coughs, as she accepts the offered water, squirming as she watches Quinn - glancing down as if to assess that extra distance. "I… don't suppose that I can plead something about letting the hostess go first, can I? Ummm. I… well."

Unscrewing the bottle-top, she takes a long swig, then looks back to Quinn. "Elaine and I had our date yesterday", she starts. "And she told me a few things. About statements Magnes had made to others, how she'd found out about them and… what followed."

The moment Ygraine mentions Elaine and their date, her face blanches, and she looks just horrified. "I- Jesus Christ," she intones sharply, a mix between surprise, embarrassment, and awkwardness. "I-Ugh." She closes her eyes, trying to regain her ability to speak, and her head hangs. "Christ, I was hoping you'd get t' hear that from me. That- that's what I wanted t' talk about." Head still hung, she exhales sharply and shakes her head. "I… wanted to apologise and explain, if nothin' else."

Quinn's response prompts a laugh from Ygraine, though it's half-choked at the end. "I… apologise? Why?" Her expression is turning much more to relief than awkwardness, though she is blushing a little now.

Ygraine's response gets a very confused look from Quinn, finally looking back up with a cocked eyebrow. "I… because I have no idea how you'll take t' news like that?" Her head hangs again, but this time it seems less out of shame. "I- It just kind of happened. Sorta. She was literally on my doorstep, asleep, when I came home the other night, from work and, uh, drinks." That probably gives an idea where this is going, after previous conversations.

"We got t' talking, and… drinking a bit more, and… I dunno. I'd heard about it from Sable, an' was pretty confident that meant Elaine knew, and for some reason I wanted t' make sure she knew that wasn't why I got her at the auction. An' then she kissed me and it kinda went form there." She shakes her head, looking back up again, only to let it flop back on the back of the sofa, looking ahead at Ygraine. "I… had no idea how you'd react."

Ygraine listens intently, head tilted to try to let her see Quinn's face rather more, even when the Irishwoman is being bashful.

"With worry", the Briton says gently. "I've not exactly been… throwing myself at you. And then… this. I couldn't help but wonder if it was… a response, or a message, or…" Another sip of water. "Though I should say that it sounded rather as if Elaine was very much taking the lead, at least the way she told it. Something about you 'needing a few drinks' to let it happen."

"She, uh… yeah, she did. Despite Sable's encouragement on the matter, it's not something I probably would have done on my own," Quinn remarks with a nervous motion of one of her hands. "I mean… I guess it's pretty obvious between all the flirtin' and all that I have a bit of a crush on Elaine. Even she noticed. Said she was surprised it hadn't happened already, apparently she thinks I'm cute enough for it." Quinn wrinkles her nose, sighing again.

"I dunno. It's weird. I'm not used t' things like this. But, I dunno. Everything's mostly fine now, though I kinda got the vibe when I saw her an' Magnes last time that neither them expects it t' be the last time." She coughs, and clears her throat, looking back upa t Ygraine. "That thing I felt weirdest about was telling you, actually. I wasn't sure how you'd take it, and I know we're not, like… together together, but I was really worried you might be angry or somethin' like that."

And then she breathes in, shaking her head. "But it wasn't a messege or anythin'. I… to be honest, I'm more used to flings and things like that than I am actually dating. I've only really dated twice. One was in high school, the other was, like, 5 years ago."

"I had… one-night stands when I was on the tour. Away from home, hyped-up on the high of racing and the celebration of a win - or getting over a loss…. There were a few times when I woke up somewhere I really shouldn't have been. And a couple of times with someone I didn't know….

Ygraine shrugs slowly, taking another swig of her water, gaze drifting off to the wall. "It's… I dunno. I was scared that you were… making a point. That that was what you wanted. That you were upset that I wasn't… falling into bed with you."

Quinn is very quick to shake her head in an effort to refute that notion, but when she's done her gaze doesn't fall back on Ygraine. "I… no, that's not it. Romance," she pauses, not sure if that was the word she wanted. But, uh, it was too late now, "and sex are kinda separate t' me. They can go together, but they don't explicitly."

Finally, she reaches out, attempting to take one of Ygraine's hands. "It's not somethin' to be said about you. I'm happy 'bout us takin' it slow because it's not somethin' I'm worried about. Just… Elaine's really cute, and that's what I'm used to, so I took t' it real easily. Well, the just kinda sleeping together part. Not the, uh, having sex with someone's girlfriend." Of course, considering she's talking to Ygraine, there's a bit of irony to that statement.

There's no resistance to Ygraine's hand being taken. Indeed, she's already looking sidelong at Quinn, blushing as a quizzical little smile lifts the corners of her mouth.

"Romance?", she asks, squeezing gently. "Am I being romanced? I… rather like the sound of that, I admit. Though I've…." A deep breath. "I'm all too aware of my… quirks. That… well. Remember what I was talking about with Tamara?"

Ygraine ruefully shakes her head, grip tightening for a moment. "My mirror's been repaired, but it's not… pristine. I've… of late I've been acutely aware that the image I see of the world still has fractures across it, and probably a good few shadows in the background. My… trust issues tend to mean that I obsess about things. That I project my own fears and flaws. That I fret about how I'm seen, and whether or not things people do are meant to relate to me in some way. I'm thankfully not such an egomaniac that I 'know' that they do, but instead… I find myself worrying, and dithering. And either keeping quiet or bombarding people with concerns and anxieties."

Another squeeze, and a pensive smile. "Every now and then it works. Elaine told me that a… barrage of advice I gave to her was truly helpful. But the next day I went out and smothered Colette with fears that… thinking about them now, I'm not sure were really that relevant to her. That's why I was posting a card. I wanted to say sorry…" Her voice trails off, as if she's managed to lose herself somewhere in that attempted explanation.

Quinn's blush is obvious, even despite her attempt to turn her head and let her hair fall over her face to hide it. "I-" She furrows her brow before giving a warm smile. "I guess? As much as a married woman can be…" It's not said with any malice or doubt, it's more like she still hasn't quite acclimated to the idea. "I'm certainly not opposed t' looking at it that way. I'm just… not used to it." She wrinkles her nose again, gaze moving back to Ygraine.

A soft squeeze of Ygraine's hand, the smile still on her face. "We all have out quirks. I…" She shakes her head, eyes drifting off to the side. "I don't think I can say I understand, you know? But, like… I get what you mean. You… I know it might be kinda hard, but you don't need t' worry with me. I'll let you know if somethin's wrong." And then a bit of a motion with her free hand, moving back and forth between them. "Or if I think I fucked up. I'll be straight with you, Ygraine." She might have missed a bit of the point of what Ygraine meant in her attempt to stay positive.

"I'm really glad you didn't react like I thought you might, Ygraine." She smiles again for a moment, though it dips a bit, eyes moving down. "I'm still not quite sure what t' do about some things, but I'm happy about that." She's not trying to keep the conversation on herself, it's just kinda happening.

"Oh, I was jealous", Ygraine says with a laugh, shifting her grip to try to interlink fingers with Quinn. "I readily admit to that. But… I was also guilty, because I'd no right to feel… possessive, and worried about my hypocrisy as a result."

She bites her lip, glancing away for a moment before forcing herself to squarely meet Quinn's gaze. "I've got… permission to have a girl in each port", she says with a hint of a smile. "If she's suitably special. So… romance sounds very good to me. So long as you can accept my being horribly selfish, and never making you the first in my life. It… it still sounds weird to me, but… I know people who're poly and have made it work for years, so it's at least possible. But I want to be sure that… we're both happy. And that this isn't just a recipe for destroying a friendship. Trust is far, far too valuable for me to want to waste. Far more valuable than perhaps it ought to be, but…"

The admittance of jealousy does bring an almost… smug smile to Quinn's face. Certainly not a sentiment she's used to having expressed in regards to herself, and it makes her feel a bit better than it maybe should. "Well, I… like I said, I was kinda worried that I'd maybe betrayed somethin' with you, despite… you know," Quinn remarks not so eloquently, "when I did somethin' with Elaine. So, you're at least not alone in that."

A cough follows, and she uses her free hand to scratch the back of her neck. "I… it's honestly still an unusual idea to me. Not a bad one, mind you. I'm certainly willin' to give it a try." She blinks, eyes cast to the side for a moment, and then back to Ygraine with a smile. "I'm pretty sure I can be happy with that. I'm not used t' being anyone's number one-" probably not the most appropriate joke, though she does laugh when she says it, "but if for some reason I figure I'm not, I'll let you know." And with that she sits up, sliding a bit closer to Ygraine. "I… have remained friends through worse. Friendship matters a lot more t' me in the end, and if I ever think something's gonna fuck it up, I won't keep it t' myself."

Ygraine once again tightens her grip, stroking Quinn's hand with her thumb - as the available free digit. "I… can make you my number one while I'm here", she ventures. "And… I was angry and upset, momentarily, before I realised how stupid and hypocritical that was. Then, mostly, I was confused and worried - both by my own reactions and by all the… possibilities that were running through my head as potential meanings for what had happened…."

"Meanings? Like, besides the ones you mentioned?" She asks, looking a bit surprised. She doesn't press, though, shrugging. A somewhat mirthful laugh escapes her lips, shaking her head. "I think I made a mistake movin' to Gun Hill," she begins with a wide, mirthful smile. "It's turnin' into, like, Temptation Isle or something silly like that." A nervous laugh follows. "I… am not used t' being in any kind of situation that has multiple people showin' interest in me. It's kinda weird. I mean, there's you. Like I said, Elaine certainly gave me the impression taht, uh, she doesn't really expect it t' end, and I know Sable still has somethin' for me…" Discussing other women doesn't even occur to her as not smart. "It's weird."

Ygraine chuckles softly, still holding onto Quinn's hand. "I could offer you my spare room, but I'm not sure that that would be too helpful. And you might not manage to fit all your instruments in beside the computer desk."

Taking a sip from her water, she visibly attempts to gather her thoughts before essaying a direct response. "Mmmmm. I think that Elaine might have reason to… consider things more carefully. I… turned her down, on our date. She didn't directly offer, but… unless I'm being even more of a klutz than usual, it…. Well. I'm hoping that she'll realise that this sort of thing can have repercussions, even if it's just a bit of fun for you personally at that moment in time. It's… not the sort of thing that you can just assume will be without significance beyond what it appears to have at the time."

Quinn nods slowly, tilting her head. There is a bit of a smirk on her face. "She… wow, though I can't say I'm surprised, she talks pretty enthusiastically about you." She laughs, and shrugs. "I haven't really talked to her about it myself. We… kinda did a little the next morning, but she pretty much insisted there was nothing t' talk about." She wrinkles her nods, scratching the back of her neck. "I was gonna call her about it later, she wanted t' hang out today. I'm not really sure what t' say. I… kinda admit to being more conflicted than I should be."

"More than you should be?" Ygraine sounds both amused and somewhat incredulous. "Oh, because being seduced by a younger woman is quite normal for you. Especially one of whom you are already significantly fond as a platonic friend. And one with whom you had felt safe to flirt as a form of flattery and stress-relief - only to discover that it might actually have meant a good deal more than that. And who is also the partner of another friend. Who is in turn also a colleague… and is a form of voyeur who might be getting a big kick out of all this, and be eager for it to continue, or even develop in new ways if you can believe one of his past comments…."

Ygraine snorts softly. "And none of that even mentions how you might feel about anyone else, or what plans you might have had, or how this might call into question or highlight or affirm previous judgements and decisions you've made…. No, there's nothing at all in there to justify feeling as if you've got a fair bit of thinking to do, is there?"

A smile, and a gentle shake of Quinn's hand. "But don't lose track, in all the thinking and worrying you might do, of the fact that this is only significant because you've got friends who care about you - nor should you forget the spirit in which Elaine's actions were intended."

Nudging Quinn's knee with her own, Ygraine smiles once more. "That she consciously seduced you suggests where her own focus lay… but she was eager for you to have fun, and she wanted to share joy with you. It might have been a great decision or a terrible one - but that's not something you should be expected to just know right after the event, Robyn. Just make sure that figuring it out doesn't become an obsession. Leave the crazy worrying to those who've got real experience in the field. Focus on the friendship and the trust, and let everything else follow from that."

Quinn's eyes narrow at Ygraine, a smirk on her face. "I… yeah, it's a lot of thinking t' be done. That's what I spent most of yesterday doin', listening to music and thinking, except with Sable stopped by." At that,s he wrinkles her nose and sighs. "I just… I'm kinda worried about givin' into temptation and messing things up in a few places," she continues, eyes moving up to Ygraine. "Which is why I really want t' talk to her about it, even if she's not too fond of the idea." She snorts herself, shaking her head. "Christ, this last month has been bizarre."

Ygraine looks just a touch confused, head cocking once more. "Sable is part of all this as well?", she asks cautiously. "I… can see why things might be feeling a bit odd, yes."

"Elaine didn't tell you that?" Quinn inquires with a cocked eyebrow. "I heard from Sable, that she an' Elaine'd been together earlier in the day. Somethin' about Sable wanting t' show her 'the ropes'." Quinn chuckles, and shrugs. "Like I said, it's all really weird. Sable spent a good part of an afternoon tryin' to convince me t' go for it, once she found out from Magnes about… you know. Which I guess is part of what started this t' begin with." Her eyes move down a bit, and she rolls her shoulders and neck. "Which is even weirder, because I… am really confident taht Sable still has somethin' for me." She laughs, more mirthful this time. "Like I said, Gun Hill's become… somethin' else."

"I… right. Yes." Ygraine closes her eyes for a moment. "I was… so…? Sable was encouraging you to… follow her lead with Elaine? Then Elaine shows up to seduce you that night? But Sable's actually interested in you?" She sounds a little incredulous.

A nervous laugh is Quinn's response, rubbing her cheek. "I… Sable was encouraging me the day before, actually," she corrects with a raised finger. "I… Sable and I have an understanding. Because we were almost a bit more than a fling-" She pauses, furrowing her brow. "That was how Sable and I met. Which is not normally how I make a habit of meeting people, but… that's another story about the dangers of me an' drinkin'." She exhales sharply before continuing. "But she wanted t' court another girl, someone I've never met. All I know is that she has red hair- why my hair's not red anymore, actually, and I didn't want things t' get weird within the actual band, which was actually her request. But she's made it clear since that she's still interested, like how I treat Elaine."

She pauses her rambling for a second, contorting her face into something that attempts to communicate god, I sound so stupid. "That… must all sound really weird and silly. And probably not to endearin' on my part."

Ygraine raises one brow, studying Quinn quite intently for a few moments. "This… red-haired girl she wanted to pursue… would that be Elaine, or still another component of all of this? And… Robyn, I think that we might have to look at controlling your alcohol intake, but you don't seem to be consciously throwing yourself into any problems, nor do you appear to be knowingly hurting anyone."

"Someone else," Quinn is quick to remark. "Someone with whom she wants a serious relationship. Elaine doesn't know who it is either." And at the mention of her alcohol intake, Quinn laughs. "I'm usually pretty good about it. I know t' try and avoid drinking in any real amount, maybe a few between sets at work or a few when out. It only gets and a few times." Then she wrinkles her nose. "With people I'm comfortable with too, though… Elaine proved that can get kinda dodgy too." She rubs her cheek again, and sighs. "Not… honestly, that I regret that night."

"Oh, so you enjoyed all your redheaded sluts, did you?", Ygraine teases, attempting to keep a straight face. "I'll have to bear that particular weakness in mind, it seems."

"I-" Quinn blushes rather furiously at that. "I-Well- yes. And I can't honestly say I'd turn down anot-" She stops abruptly, shaking her head. "I've done nothing but prattle on about sleeping with another woman. If you want t' talk about something else, go right ahead."

Ygraine snorts softly. "Good to know that my prattling about fractured mirrors made such an impact upon you", she mock-grumbles. "And… I think that this is kind of important. So there's no need to apologise to me. Not at all."

"I-It did," Quinn replies somewhat defensively. "I'm just- being self centred I guess." She half frowns, quirking her lips side to side. "Important? Well, yeah. I guess it is. I just hope you mean that in a good way," she remarks with an awkward chuckle.

Ygraine lifts an eyebrow. "If I say that it's important in a good way, will you take that as a cue to sleep with more of your friends?", she enquires, again attempting to keep her face entirely serious.

"Not more of them," Quinn teases in return, smirking. "That wasn't really… what I meant, though. I guess I'm- I'm not really sure." She wrinkles her nose and shrugs.

Ygraine sighs quietly, cocking her head. "I… I'm not expecting you to have answers, but you need to figure out quite what the various parts of this mean to you now, what they meant when they occurred, and what you might want to do about them in future. The answers to those might very well be different. Just because something's happened in the past doesn't mean it has to again. You've got freedom to approach this however best suits you and the others involved. You should be able to use this to strengthen bonds, and to know more about yourself and what people mean to you… and I sound like some self-help book now."

Quinn laughs, squeezing Ygraine's hand. A moment passes, and she scoots over closer to Ygraine, close enough to lean over and lean her head on the Brit's shoulder. "I need it sometimes, I think. Lately, really." She shrugs, smiling wide. "I just… I'm more worried about offending you than anyone else at the moment. And probably will until I actually get t' talk to Elaine without Magnes around. I have no idea how I'm gonna approach this an' what I want t' do. So I guess that has t' come first. Elaine an' I are already quite close."

Ygraine turns her head to plant a kiss atop Quinn's hair. "I could stick around and be a gooseberry - or help - if you wanted", she offers quietly. "Whether or not we ever go beyond hugs on the sofa while watching movies together, I'm happy to provide some moral support - or peacekeeping duties."

"Gooseberry? What, like the fruit?" She wrinkles her nose, and then form a wry grin. "I'm not sure you'd want t' be around. Elaine might get the wrong idea." Quinn tilts her head towards Ygraine and winks, laughing again. "Help is always appreciated, though I guess I really should figure this out on my own. Need to figure out what t' say if Elaine is expectin' this to continue." She sits up a bit at that. "I've not directly mentioned that we've been going out t' anyone. Not that… I have any idea if that would have affected the other night." She snickers, and shakes her head. "Sable is damn sure curious about who I've been spendin' time with, though."

Ygraine laughs, cocking her head, though she once again blushes a little as she does so. "I… would you like to tell anyone that we've… been on a couple of dates? Or would you rather keep it to yourself?"

Quinn shrugs, nuzzling a bit with Ygraine. "I'm… comfortable keeping it to ourselves, unless it needs to be said. I should be asking you what you want, really. You're the one who has a wife."

Ygraine delivers another kiss to Quinn's hair, chuckling ruefully. "Oh, I'm embarassed. I grew up with every expectation that I'd settle down some day to a 'normal' life with husband, two point four children, and so on. At times, it still feels utterly bizarre that I'm with a woman… let alone that I went through things like asking her father for her hand in marriage, or having a full ceremony…."

Smiling wistfully, Ygraine gently pushes her shoulder against Quinn's. "I admit that part of the desire to take it slowly is for my own benefit. I'm not wholly selfless in this. But I never want you to think that I'm ashamed of you. If you'd like to tell people that we're finding out whether romance works in spite of all the… strangness, then I'm quite willing to back you in it."

"I… we'll see if it comes up," Quinn replies with a confident nod. "I don't exactly want to make a deal of it. Particularly not t' some people, and with me having just slept with Elaine. I might tell her, see how that… tempers things." She reaches up , scratching her own arm, and exhaling sharply. "I need t; figure this out so I can talk to her. I… am honestly not opposed t' the idea, but there Magnes, and Sable, and you t' consider, and I don't want her to look like a slut." She keeps coming back to it, it's clear this is a big deal to her.

"She… seems to be revelling in freedom", Ygraine muses. "To be throwing herself into new experiences, precisely because she's got no prior knowledge on which to base judgements of how things will turn out in the end. She… said to me at one point that she was showing her age. I honestly think that to a great extent, it really is just that. She's got opportunities, and she's not got the willpower or wisdom to rein back and consider her options."

"I… it feels weird t' say about this, but she may just need t' get it out of her system. I… remember back when I first started dating a girl, I certainly needed to." She blushes a bit at that, but it's a matter of the truth. "I just don't know if I should let myself be that person, for a lot of reasons. Part of the big reason I want t' talk to her."

Ygraine laughs, shaking her head. "The first girl I took to bed is now my wife, so I can't comment directly on that… though I suppose it'd be my first guy who'd be more relevant, wouldn't it? But that's… sorry. Rambling. I… ahhh. Yeah. The whole concept of "fuck buddies" wasn't really one I came across while in the UK, but it seems fairly well-known over here. I could potentially see something like that working for you and Elaine, but… you do really want to be sure what each of you are wanting, and what it means."

Quinn looks positively stunned as she tilts her head up at Ygraine. "You're kiddin', right?" A phrase that's been popping up a lot, lately. A deep blush sits on her face as she says that, her gaze moving down a bit. "I-um… I've done flings an' all, but nothing quite like that. I- can't completely believe you suggested it, either," she says incredulously, seeming to boggle for a moment. She seems almost as surprised as the first time it came up. Resting back down her head on Ygraine's shoulder, she sighs. "I guess, again, it's a talk to be had. I'll probably give a call after you leave an' I've had some time to think about it."

Ygraine laughs softly, squeezing even as she resumes her blush. "I… wasn't really meaning to suggest it as a… a new option. I… well. I was figuring that maybe was what she thought was already in place? Believe me, I'm not trying to… push you towards other people."

"I.. was wondering," she says with eyes narrowed, though the smile on her face belies any suspicion. "I didn't think you were. I-" She wrinkles her now. "I think this is a conversation I never would have imagined myself having. I… if she does expect it to continue, I may offer to help her… get over it, so t' speak. I- I have no idea how you feel about that. I won't, if you don't want me to."

Ygraine blinkblinks, pauses, opens her mouth, closes it, swallows, then laughs sheepishly. "Did you…? Have I just… gained control of who you do and don't sleep with?", she asks quietly.

"Well…" Quinn sits up a bit, eyes on Ygraine. "I mean. I don't really date a lot, but I'ma ware it's usually frowned on t' sleep around. And I do like the idea of romancing you, so…" She shrugs, blushing and looking nervous. "I-hmm. I hope I haven't put my foot in my mouth, is what."

Ygraine lets out a low, gentle laugh. "It's… unconventional, but it can certainly be taken as a very romantic gesture." She plants a kiss on Quinn's brow. "That, or you've just recruited me as your pimp."

"I-" And her blush deepens. "I- more meant if-you wanted me t' youself, you know?" She grins from that, a very wolfish, playful smile on her face. "If you want t' find other ladies for me- us- though, I won't argue." She winks and laughs heatily, watching to see if Ygraine turns a colour to match her own.

It takes a couple of seconds, the Briton apparently not really believing what she thinks she just heard. But after running through it again in her mind, she swiftly turns a rich deep, scarlet, staring at Quinn.

"I think that I am in danger of being seriously out-matched here", she croaks.

Quinn snorts, and she actually slaps her knee. It takes a moment for her laughter to subside, but when it does, she leans back close to Ygraine, head replaced on her shoulder. "I'm just kidding," she replies, still chuckling. "Now you know what I've been putting Elaine through, though."

Ygraine stares at Quinn for a couple of moments, then rather firmly bumps her shoulder against her friend's. "Bully!", she protests, before laughing and shaking her head. "Though… given how things with Elaine have turned out, should I take that as your… plan for the future?"

Quinn's expression falters at that a bit, her eyes widening. "I- did you just-" Her eyes narrow. "I've… never even thought of that, I-" she seems positively flustered. If Ygraine said what she interpreted that is, it's a much different beast then when Magnes said it. "Wow."

Ygraine snerks, then sniggers, giving Quinn's hand another squeeze. "Good to know that I can still turn the tables", she says with a wink, though she's still blushing. "Now… shall we stop fighting dirty and return to being responsible?"

"How sly," Quinn remarks with a grin, and a cough. "Yeah, I think that's a good idea." A pause, and a tilt of her head. "Was there anything you wanted t' do today?"

Ygraine giggles, grinning at Quinn from close range. "I suspect that it might be a good idea for us to avoid doing anything too thrilling, given the… apparent need for some thought to take place."

Quinn quirks an eyebrow at Ygraine, grinning. "Well, I didn't mean anything too thrilling, but- you're probably right. Did you at least want somethin' to eat while your hear or anything?" Quinn pauses, taking a sip of her own bottle of water. "You kinda didn't answer my question. I think. Or if you did, I'm confused," she says with a laugh.

Ygraine laughs once more, shaking her head. "I… hrmmm. I was here to apologise. And have a serious talk to you. I… hadn't really thought too far beyond that."

"That wasn't the question I meant," Quinn replies quickly and quietly. "But I think the talk part has gone well, at least. And wait, what were you apologising for?" Quinn suddenly feels like she's missed something. She had apologised for something, but did she get so wrapped up in her own part of teh conversation she missed something?

"Oh, just the minor point of being hypocritically jealous", Ygraine replies, offering a wry smile. "Nothing too significant."

"Pssh." Quinn shakes her head, laughing. "I guess we both had silly things to apologise for, then?"

Ygraine quirks a swift grin. "Barely anything at all. Though… I'm wondering if I should be investing in a broad-brimmed hat with a feather, or something. Or maybe a purple silk zoot suit…"

Quinn gives a laugh at that, glancing down and scratching the back of her head. "I'm not sure that'd look as good on you as anythin' else." A bit of a nervous laugh, and she shrugs. "I-uh… if it's up t' me, I don't… think so. I don't really make a habit a' sleeping around, flings or otherwise. I just gotta see how talking to Elaine goes." And she looks up again, smiling. She has the dire to make another joke, but lets it rest for now.

Ygraine smiles warmly, nodding. "I'm glad", she says gently. "I'm not sure I'm really cut out for the role. Though it could be fun to show you off, for all that."

"I wouldn't be opposed to that, at all." A wide smile crosses her face, a lingering moment before she leans in, and puts a soft kiss on Ygraine's cheek. "I'd like t' be shown off. its fun when people look at me," she replies with a laugh.

Ygraine looks genuinely surprised, wiggling a little in response to the kiss. "Really? Then why do you dress as you do?", she asks - before looking horrified. "I… that came out wrong", she says awkwardly. "It… I… you're beautiful. I mean you could certainly… show off more."

Quinn laughs, slipping and arm around Ygraine, moving a bit closer. "I don't really dress to be looked at. But I could certainly wear less for you, if you wanted." She winks, a playful grin on her face. "I'm used t' getting looked at up on stage and all that."

Ygraine lifts her brows, blush threatening to return to its former intensity. "And… should I really indulge myself - indulge us - at all in that regard, given… the apparent nature of the Gun Hill commune?"

"Oh, it can't seem that bad." There's mock-defensiveness to voice, but it seems like a little bit of it rings true. "It does doesn't it?" Sigh gives an exaggerated sigh, shaking her head. "Place is crazy. But no, I don't think it'll be a problem. If it is, well… that might be a bit too bad for them."

Ygraine studies Quinn quite intently for a few moments, then nods gently. "Well… I suppose, in that case, that I could potentially indulge my inclinations to pamper beautiful young women", she murmurs, smiling happily.

"I'd like that," Quinn repeats quietly, her other arm snaking around Ygraine's. There's several moments of silence from Quinn, and then she shrugs. "Fun, fun. Somethin' to look forward too. Though… that an' getting to dress me up could backfire on me."

Ygraine giggles, cocking her head. "Well, I have ordered one outfit for you. I was thinking of having you dress up for our date. The formal, paid-for one, I mean. But we can wait, and leave that, while you sort through all of… this."

Quinn tilts her head again, eyeing Ygraine. "I- I don't think this situation is that big a deal. I certainly aim to figure out where things stand on it tonight, if I can get my thoughts together. If you wanted t' talk about our date, I'd love to. I'm… really curious what you got for me."

Ygraine arches her brows, then chuckles. "You don't want it to be a surprise on the night?", she asks curiously. "I was thinking that it might be nice to provide you with a few… unexpected moments."

Ygraine arches her brows, then chuckles. "You don't want it to be a surprise on the night?", she asks curiously. "I was thinking that it might be nice to provide you with a few… unexpected moments."

"Oh, no!" she exclaims, laughing. "I love surprises, I wouldn't want t' ruin it. But I really can't wait to find out…" she trails off, snuggling close to Ygraine.

Ygraine laughs, shaking her head. "I +could+ take you out tonight, if you wanted, though I'd need to disappear off and make some preparations. That could give you a chance to catch Elaine, quite possibly…?"

"No, no. Not tonight." Quinn shakes her head, wirking her lips. "I mean, I'd love to, but I should probably think about this without any lingers distractions. I'd love to-" And then her eyes go wide. "Tomorrow's the party. I still have t' set that up, if it's going to happen. I may have t' move it…"

Ygraine shakes her head. "If it's to happen at all, it should be then", she assures Quinn. "Don't cancel the party, unless something really goes wrong in this crazy place…."

"I… think it might have to. I haven't even gotten anything ready, I haven't heard anythin' about permits, I-" She frowns, shaking her head. "This last week- not just this, but work and around proof and all that have been really distracting. Maybe the weekend would be better."

"This is the weekend. Do you mean delaying it for a full week, so that you've got a lot more time to prepare?" Ygraine sounds rather amused.

Quinn pauses, removing her arm from around Ygraine's so she can reach up and rub her face. "I… crap. See? I guess next weekend might just be better."

Ygraine laughs, nudging Quinn once more. "If you're sure. I suspect that you'd be fine with a spontaneous party, you know. And you could then try one with a permit next week?"

"There is nothing spontaneous about lugging all of my crap up that flight of stairs," Quinn remarks with a pointed finger. "But I guess we could do that, if people are willing."

Ygraine cracks an amused grin. "You do know at least one former professional athlete, you realise. You could potentially ask her for help with moving things…."

"Fair enough, I guess." Quinn relaxes again, quirking her lips. "And one who knows how to use her legs, I figure. That'd be really awesome of you if you could help."

Ygraine shrugs amiably, then visibly perks up. "Oh! I almost forgot. I've got a challenge for you, if you want distraction. Or I can save it for another time, given how much you've got to work through…"

"I-Well, you can't not tell me now," Quinn intones, eyes narrows amusedly at Ygraine. "I… may not tackle it tonight, but you're free t' tell me."

"It's… well." Ygraine smirks a little. "It's something I thought of when you showed me your ability, but it took a while to track down what I was after. Do you know what 'black light' is?"

"Like, a black light you use t' make a room purple and do crazy things with shirts and posters?" Quinn's smiling at that. "Yeah, I know that kind of black light, at least. I may not know a photon when I see it, but that is something I'm familiar with."

Ygraine cracks a grin. "I thought you might. It's not exactly my kind of scene, but I managed to dig up some things for you to play with. I figured that we should find out a bit more about your ability for you. I've got a couple of posters and t-shirts in Alfred's panniers, if you want them. Figured I could give you the challenge of trying to find out what's on them."

Ygraine cracks a grin. "I thought you might. It's not exactly my kind of scene, but I managed to dig up some things for you to play with. I figured that we should find out a bit more about your ability for you. I've got a couple of posters and t-shirts in Alfred's panniers, if you want them. Figured I could give you the challenge of trying to find out what's on them."

First Quinn looks curious, then excited. "Ooh! That sounds right fun, and I'm sure Colette would appreciate me practicin'!" She nods repeatedly, sitting up a bit. "I never would have thought of that on me own."
Ygraine takes her turn to lean over and plant a kiss on Quinn's cheek. "Once upon a time, long, long ago, in what feels like another world I offered to help Colette with her own training. I'm glad to know that I'm coming up with some original notions. And I've got a couple more to follow up afterwards", she says with a wink. "Shall I go and get the stuff for you?"

"Please!" Quinn replies with an excited nod. "I can come help you get 'em, if you want. I… probably won't get to it today, but I'll let you know if I can figure it out. I can do different colours of light, an' Colette showed me how to… black out somethin'. But isn't black light on different… crap, I forget the word."

Ygraine nods quickly. "Not a visible spectrum. But it can have visible results. I'm sure the physics books Colette lent to you will explain it in greater detail. But I was thinking that, right now, simply experimenting - seeing if you can produce effects without needing to directly see what you're manipulating, that could be useful on all sorts of levels. And if nothing else, it'll give us a chance of finding out if there are harmonic effects - whether your existing manipulations involve any bleed-through into other frequencies."

She pauses momentarily. "Hmmm. Come to think of it, I should definitely bring up some of the other stuff at the same time, so that we can check both ends of the spectrum. I've got a couple of infra-red security sensors, to cover the area just beyond the other side of visible light."

"Infrared?" Quinn was as familiar as anyone else with the concept of infrared, but she nods slowly. "Alright. That should prove fairly interestin', I imagine. God, I really need to dive back into those textbooks again. But really, this all sounds kinda fun."

Ygraine quickly shakes her head. "Try without, first. Seriously. Let's just find out what happens already, and then work to see if we can stretch the boundaries if you're not already doing so. Whatever answer we get, it should open up new things to investigate."

Another grin, and Ygraine nods towards the door. "Shall I scamper off and grab it all? I'd hazard a guess that I can run down and up again faster than you, so there's no need to come to help."

Quinn wrinkles her nose, hands on her hips in mock annoyance. "What, do you want to race?" A challenge she knows full well she'd lose, but she couldn't let that stand! After a moment, a laugh and a wave of her hand. "Go for it, I'm not going anywhere."
Ygraine nods happily, dithers momentarily, delivers another kiss to Quinn's cheek, and then attempts to disengage herself and stride off….

Quinn makes no attempt to keep Ygraine, her eagerness overriding her desire to keep her close. "Hurry on!" she yells after her, smiling.

Ygraine returns in short order, only mildly out of breath and grinning happily. She's carrying a small backpack, which is swung down onto the sofa, then emptied of its contents - which prove to be two apparently-plain black t-shirts, a couple of pretty-but-bland posters showing a street scene and a landscape, and a quartet of little white boxes with red panels.

When Ygraine returns, Quinn's sitting on hercoach with her knees drawn up, having settled into a corner in Ygraine's short absence. When the various items are spilled out into the open, Quinn's head tilts, regarding them with curiosity. "That's it, then?" She seems like she was expecting more.

Ygraine looks distinctly disappointed at the underwhelming enthusiasm for her offerings. "I… thought it'd be enough to be going on with", she says defensively. "Four things to hang up and see if you can alter the visible appearance of, and two pairs of sensors we can use to determine whether you introduce or remove infra-red, depending on how we set them up."

"I- guess I think of bigger, more ornate things when I think of black light and all." Quinn blinks, unfurling her legs. "But, this looks interestin' just fine. I kinda can't wait to get working on it." She leans forward, looking over the various items. One of the t-shirts is grabbed and held up, eyeing it. "What made you think of this anyway?"

Ygraine shrugs amiably, pushing the disappointment from her features. "Until a few years ago, I was competing for places at the top end of the best national team in my whole sport. We were always looking for new ideas we could do, to make things more interesting, find new ways to improve. To be at the top end, you have to be the kind of nutter who enjoys riding around a track hundreds of times between each race, just to keep in practice… but the edge that might help you? That's unlikely just to come from pushing pedals in the same manner as everyone else."

Moving to perch on the arm of the sofa, Ygraine offers another shrug. "It… seemed obvious. There's the obvious stuff you can do with light - but if you want to be good, then the clear thing is to find out if you can do the stuff that isn't obvious. And for that, there are limited options that we can actually test, without access to a really good laboratory. Ultraviolet and infrared, however, we can test, so…."

Quinn nods slowly, hopping up from her seat. "I'll probably try messin' with it tonight…" She begins scooping things up, taking some of it back to her room. "Thanks a bunch, by the by. Now that Colette's teaching me, I've been trying to practice more, try and improve outside of that. It's hard t' find places besides my room though. I was on the roof, briefly the other night, but I realised this morning- when I wasn't exhausted from work - that that probably wasn't too smart."

Ygraine shakes her head. "No. Not too wise", she says with a wry smile. "I'd recommend trying the non-visible spectra indoors, with the windows covered and the door locked. And you might want to wear shades, too, in case you produce some… screwy effects. Definitely keep the intensity low, or you could do a fair amount of harm to yourself."

"I never thought of that," Quinn remarks as she reemerges from her room. "Harmful effects from my lights and all. The worst I usually get is headaches and all, though Colette said that might be really serious too, and not to push it." Quinn looks a bit uneasy as she relays that information, pasing a moment before she continues walking back towards Ygraine. Reaching her, she places a hand on Ygraine's cheek, standing up on her toes so she can kiss the other woman on the other cheek. "Thanks."

Ygraine wiggles a little in response to the combination of affection and gratitude, before running her hands down Quinn's arms in a quick stroke. "You're welcome. If you want another brilliant ideas - ahh, pun not originally intended, I promise! - then do feel free to ask. For now, I suspect that I should be on my way and let you get to seeing about talking to Elaine, eh?

Stepping closer, she gives Quinn a quick, fierce hug. "Take care, Robyn. And try not to give yourself all-over sunburn from excessive UV exposure", she admonishes, before pulling back, winking, and slipping out the door.

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