Blame The Periwinkle Van


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Scene Title Blame The Periwinkle Van
Synopsis Ryans looks to Abby for medical care and help locating some people. He also gets the a surprise in the form of Huruma with a baby.
Date July 9, 2010

Financial District

In the cool the night, the warmth in the air radiating off the pacement and buildings, the balmy breeze and sounds of the city as a backdrop with it's lights, the occasional police car roaring by that causes the pair of them to turn, mostly just Abigail as she walks with Huruma and Kasha. Sleeping most of the afternoon away once Mel dropped her off and the customary turn over of child for the evening, Abby wanted caffeine. This meant that there was an evening stroll to starbucks, filled up on overpriced mediocre coffee and shortbread, a few danishes for breakfast and now just walking in the well lit area's.

Back from Louisiana, she's the usual muddle of guilt and worry on the tall black woman's emotional radar, but it sinks away, squashed when she turns her attention to the bundle of creamy skinned joy.

Kasha has gotten used to being cradled via sling, used to using Huruma as the biggest, baddest pillow in the world. She doesn't care that her caretaker has a whole other side- right now, Huruma is one of the few faces that she's come to recognize as safe. Huruma let Abby have the baby while they were inside for coffee; explanations are harder than playing hot potato. But now, as they use the cooling evening to take a walk, Huruma has her back once again. It is clear that she's gotten used to Kasha as much as the little one has gotten used to her. Sitting sideways in the sling, she watches the world from over the edge, one fist in her mouth. When Abby peers over, she blinks big, glassy blue eyes out at her in return.

"M'Mouth is goin't taste like that terrible cinnamon for ages." For effect, Huruma has been licking at her teeth like a dog with peanut butter.

A figure sits on a bus bench, an arm drapped across the back of it, head bowed as if studying the cracks in the asphalt. The hawkish profile would give him away, more then the clothing he is wearing. A bit hot for the windbreaker he's wearing, paired with a pale yellow polo and blue jeans. He never replaced the ball cap he lost, the windbreak bought at a truck stop.

Only having arrived back in the city recently, Ryans hasn't done much. At his moment it's sitting and waiting for the pair walking down the sidewalk. In fact, as they approach his seat, his head turns enough so he can make sure it's him.

Rising to his feet isn't has smooth and is rather sluggish, it's almost like he's an old man again, thought his looks say differently. His lips pulling into a tight-lipped smile. "I was just debating approaching your apartment Abby." His gaze then shifts to Huruma and down to the bundle. There is a twitch of his brows upward, but nothing else registers… at least on the outside. Complete and utter surprise of Huruma with a baby, bowls over the irritation with his weakness.

"We can find some other place for you to buy something, to get the taste out of your mouth. There's a restaurant around here, or… uhm, Ahmed's is around the corner, we can get a cola for you" Her accent has deepend, not yet gone back to the tamed version that living in New York has given her. About to suggest another place when there's a man who's getting up, making as if to talk to them, and does talk to them.

The pink haired medic had already shifted, easing herself between Huruma and Ryans and not in an effort to shield Huruma but to shield the little blue blinking bundle now at her back, a slight wave of warmth rising off the blonde that could be mistaken for ambient heat if one didn't know about her.

But it's Ryans, someone she recognizes after a few moments. "Agent Ryans?" Surprise registering on many levels, shifting back to the side instead of in front. "You've… found me, I was in need of some fresh air and a coffee. How are you? It's been so long uhm… Well, I suppose you know each others. Huruma, Benjamin, Benjamin, Huru-"

Alarm suddenly. "Is something wrong with Lucille? Or Doctor Stevens?" If there was a telepath nearby it just might be able to hear her screaming in her mind about the company figuring out what she could do. The heat still radiates, as if a high fever.

The familiar aura on the edge of her senses cements itself when Huruma turns her eyes from Abby towards the sidewalk ahead. The dark creases of her eyelids flatten as she lowers them, watching the man even as he ambles his way to his feet. She waits with inordinate patience for Abby to finish before doing anything; when she does, a spidery black hand finds perch on the younger woman's shoulder. In part to subdue her with touch, and in part to reassure her that it is not likely something is going to happen. If that was the case, Huruma knows that it would not be this obvious.

"You feel …surprised, Benjamin." Huruma is hardly able to hold in a smile, lips twitching oddly while she observes him. There was no need for an introduction, it appears. She really //does/ know everyone. Ryans, in this case, she knows far more in that age old predator-prey context.

Kasha just tilts her head at the new sounds, peeking out towards the other direction, to Ryans. Still has that fistful of knuckles in her mouth. Huruma's unused hand goes palm-first to cradle the baby's bottom half.

"Nothing like that." Benjamin Ryans assures, hands lifting in a gentle matter, though they seem to sport rather dark bruises. "I've only arrived back in town from a… business trip. I figured you of all people would understand… and…" A hand moves to bush aside one corner of his jacket and grip the hem of his shirt, his doesn't grimace, but Huruma's ability might sense something different about his movements. They are careful and slow.

The bruising on his hands are nothing compared to the black and blue mess of the side he shows. "I was hoping you knew someone who could bind my ribs." He glances down at it, the stretch of his neck shows a lighter one there, "I'd rather not go to the hospital, they watch everything." Who they are doesn't get explained… the baby keeps pulling his attention, curiously.

Finally he has to ask, "When did you get your hands on a baby?" His eyes narrow as he looks at Huruma, hand releasing the yellow fabric of his shirt.

"About fifteen minutes ago when I let her carry her. She belongs to my cousin, they're honeymooning here in New York and I promised to babysitt. Huruma's just carrying her" The lie slips so easily from her lips. But the coloring is the same, eye's near the same shade of blue. It is plausible.

She tries to deflect him though, a glance to his ribs with a wince. "I got some stuff up in the apartment, to bind em, I have some other things" Things that even despite being a medic, he might question why she has. "Come on, we'll take care of you" That means huruma too. "You aren't the first agent to come to me with parts of em broken and in need of fixing, just the first that I can't outright heal" The heat dials down, little by little under the touch from Huruma. Not so much her actually doing anything as just the situation not what she was thinking it might end up being.

Huruma's eyebrows lift first when she senses that faint, new trepidation- it is an odd thing from him- allowing them to lift even higher when he bares the dark painting on his side. Though Abby's lie, that comes as a close second to seeing his mess. The tall woman looks abruptly down at the girl, blinking once, quietly, before looking back to Ryans. Apparently she saw no need to actually lie- but if she has to play that game, so be it.

"I recall that… I do owe you, when it comes to- fixer-uppers. I know enough t'help Abigail, you know that." When Huruma finally speaks up, her hand is leaving Abby and moving to tickle the baby over her bulbous little cheeks. She is rewarded with mouth opening and a small noise of burbling saliva from the hand chewing. For being just introduced, that baby really likes her. That, of course, could always be attributed to the African's ability.

There is a sigh of relief and a small nod of the Assistant-Director's head, "I don't need healing, just tending too. That's not even a portion of it and truth be told, I am amazed to be alive." He shifts as if to move towards her building, hands moving to slide into his jacket. What he says next is said so calmly and with no real emotion there is no knowing how he really feels about it, "When one steps off a tall dam to escape the Institute, you don't do it to survive."

The baby gets another curious look, a smile threatens to ruin that neutral expression, as he can remember his own girls that little. "I learned something about the Ferry as well and I need your help in that regard." That said in a quiet voice, a knowing look given to Abby. "It's… of course a long story."
"I can't heal anymore Agent Ryans, you don't need to worry about that and the only person I know who can, you don't want his healing either. I can attest" There's a gesture to the door to the Rivage, breaking out her key's so that she can get them past the doors without needing to be buzzed in or anything else like that.

There's that spike of concern again when he mentions the Ferry and jumping from a dam to escape the Institute. "We can talk foreign myth's once we're inside my place and not out here" A gesture to the hall. At least, he won't have to climb stairs or take elevators, the medic lives on the bottom floor.

"Sounds more like Indiana Jones t'me." Huruma is as observant as always, now looking at Ryans as if staring intently will somehow just pry it out of him. When she follows beside Abby, it is with a darting eye that is kept on Benjamin. Perhaps it is his story, perhaps it was the people he was running from, perhaps it is the people that he needs to ask about- but something has her interest. Quite possibly, all of it. Burning questions pertaining to him will have to wait a few minutes, at the very least. Meanwhile, her subconscious has hooped her finger under the miniature ones on Kasha's fist. It must be totally wild, to be that tiny and have a friend this big.

Hopefully she does not grow up and have dreams about giant black women staring down at her. Probably will not be her biggest problem, if that test has something to say about it.

The older man is more then happy not so speak further on things out in public, but the fact he's got her attention at the direness of the situation, makes Ryans relax some, even sliding hands into the pockets of his jacket. There is the barest hint of a limb when he walks, being in the habit of covering such things. It's just bruising, but even sore muscles are painful to move.

Instead, he focuses on Huruma. "You and I need to have a discussion on the company you keep as well. I'm so over my head, I can't even think straight." Or maybe his brains go rattled around in his head bad enough. That's enough to make the agent sigh heavily.

"Your restraint with that child is admirable, Huruma." Benjamin knows what she did to her own children, so he can't help but continue to be surprised. "If I had only just met you again… I would be more worried." Of course, there is worry there. The tall black woman is like a wild animal, any moment she could strike out.

Le Rivage: Abby's Apartment

"People change Agent Ryans. Sometimes, some things are better when you're older" Like taking care of babies and not abandoning them. That and this time, Huruma has help. 106, the door unlocked, a glance to see if Peter's crap has been dropped off to indicate that he's there, and with nothing, she ushers the others in. There's some proof to her claims that the child belongs to her. There's a swing, a portable playpen with a bassinet attachment, bottles can be seen in the kitchen, pampers, a whole litany of baby paraphernalia.

A large duffel, sits off to the side with some other boxes, uniform hung up. slowly the place is looking lived in, fresh new furniture, things on the walls, the expensive television. "Take up at the kitchen, there's a stool there, you can sit on it. Should take off your shirt so I can take a look. If needs be, I know a doctor I can take you to. She works for the Ferry"

He's likely suspected, that she's part of the Ferry and with that one sentance, she admits she at least knows of others in it. "Huruma, there should be formula in the fridge if you wanna make her something, you know when she last ate" Thunk goes her key's and her coffee on the counter.

"Again? Seems like everyone wants t'know something…" She mutters, listening as Abby expresses one opinion that rings quite true. "At this point, it is no longer restraint." Huruma's words are meant to be reassuring. It sounds a little unsettling, actually. When they are well inside and shut into the apartment, Huruma goes back to cradling Kasha with one forearm on her way towards the kitchen. Baby blues watch the world(ceiling) go past overhead, one sparkling light after another.

No fanfare, no further instructions; Huruma begins her rifling for bottle and formula once she is in the next room.

The senior agent doesn't protest or anything, simply moves stiffly for the kitchen. Movements are careful as he shrugs off his jacket, the short sleeve polo doesn't cover up the black and purple patches that travel up them. Once that is settled neatly on the back of a kitchen chair, the hard part is next.

Benjamin glances to Huruma as he sinks onto the stool. "I tend to agree, though I use to have a scar from her. I know what she is capable of." Crossing arms in front of him, he snags the hem and slowly lifts the polo shirt, the extent of bruising over his torso and arms is slowly revealed, it's no wonder he moves so stiffly. Each spot where he body hit something has a blacken spot. There is a grunt of pain as he gets the shirt over his head and settles it in his lap, balled in between his hands. His left side is the worst, possibly the older man has cracked ribs.

It really is a miracle he survived.

"I doubt they would trust me… but I do want to talk to leadership… especially if there is someone with intimate knowledge of the Company." His head moves just a little as he looks between them. "I was across the country this past week, helping a colleague. The institute learned his daughter is evolved and were going to take her. She can become any type of gas…mimic it. He called me down to help her escape." He tries to straighten, this time he does grimace.

Wants to talk to someone in leadership, with knowledge of the company. Huruma caring for the baby, Abby's dragging over her duffel and then a lock box that has "medicine" written across the top. Key's unlock it, but doesn't open it. If he only knew that he was conversing in the livingroom of someone who was likely about to become part of the leadership.

"You need someone brought in and taken somewhere else? Someone you got from the institute?"

There's no blushing at the half naked man in her home, she's gone into professional mode as she eases down onto a rolling computer chair and starts to carefully run fingers over ribs, check for obvious breakage before going for her stehoscope and listening.

There are a few moments where Huruma pauses in her work, baby in sling watching her hands; her head tilts to watch Ryans from off to the side, line of sight quirked, raptor-like, to keep her gaze trained. It is likely that she'll get caught looking at his torso full of contusions, though really- they're impressive. Just how high was that fall? She watches Abby begin tending for just a handful of seconds, before returning to her work. Occasionally, she does make a quick check over her shoulder, though not enough to actually distract her.

"Not yet. The girl I help I handed over to a west coast group." Benjamin Ryans sits still for Abby as she checks him over, just the smallest flinch of his muscles when she presses at his left side. "But… I might in the future. Targets maybe." His head turns when he feels eyes on him, his blue gaze catching Huruma's for just a moment, but there is not really anything in that look.

"They want these abilities… I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, but I want to try and help the good ones get to the Ferrymen and have them disappear… I 'd rather an unsolved case, then more abilities for the Institute to play with." He glances over at Huruma, "And I'd rather you keep what way say quiet to Messiah." There is an edge to those words. "It's bad enough I owe them… but someone. like that girl I just freed, is with them… it would be disastrous."

Of course, he doesn't mention the fact if he can't get these people to the Ferry, he might have to do something much worse.

"I'll let the folks here know that there's someone on the west coast. They know about the institute already agent Ryans" She moves the stethoscope, gentle request for him to breath as deep as he dares, wrinkling her nose at what she hears. "If you don't want Messiah to know, don't talk around a cellphone Agent Ryans. Rebel listens. The ferry has her, they'll get her some place safe, but i'm sorry that I can't tell you where she is and I likely wouldn't other than she is more than likely safe"

She should send him to Odessa, send him to francois, or someone. Let Peter have a look at him. "I can tape you up, I have some morphine and can give you enough to take the edge off or enough to knock you out and put you up in the spare room for the night. I think I have a few days worth of vicodin or percocet for the pain from when I had my ribs knocked around"

He saw her that time, it was her first run in with the institute. "I can wrap them in the least, but you need to get em x-ray'd in case they're poking something vital. If not, just time, no lifting, all the usual things and they'll heal in time. I wish I knew where James was, or I'd send him to you, he was a metabolic healer, sped up natural healing time. Huruma, can you get me some ice when yer done?"

"As far as I am concerned, this is no business of theirs." Huruma looks over and looks back, rolling one shoulder up. "If I did no'keep secrets, our world would be a much more dangerous place…" And that is all she has to say about that. She resigns to listening again, mind playing recall with various memories that sit with some of their conversation. White eyes swivel down to Kasha, and back to her finishing quest to get a bottle ready. It is all very domestic.

When she is finally finished and letting the bottle cool off from its journey, Huruma retrieves a plastic zipping bag to make some haste on Abby's ice. At least, she presumes this is what she wanted such a thing for, when she moves across the floor to hand it over.

"I need you to tell them, I'm looking for a place to possibly stash others." Ryans explains more readily. "The institute is snatching up anyone the Company apprehends." A pause is taken to inhale deeply a few times for her, teeth clenching as it pushing at those sore and battered muscles. "Now that I know what the Ferrymen really are… I don't have to consider rather unpleasant alternatives for anyone we go after." Ryans turns slightly to look at Abby, his look serious.

Movement has his head turning to look at Huruma, as she approaches with the ice. "I don't want any of our targets being taken away in their coffins to be used. I don't want another event like that happening, next time it could be something nastier." Hands slowly curl into fists, a sign of his irritation and anger at the Institute. "As strange as it sounds, given who I am and my position within the Company… I need allies on the outside."

There is a heavily sigh that almost growls out of the man, "I'm in a corner…" His hand lifts to rub at his forehead, going silent for a moment. There is finally a nod, his voice gentling as he seems resigned to something, and looks completely exhausted. "Just need something to take the edge off would be fine, I have to be back to work in the next day or two. I don't think they saw who I was… I'll find out then."

"I can see who I can talk to. Might be a week or two before anything can happen, but you aren't the first person" Abigail confides "Who tries to keep folks from getting taken by the institute. No promises, but I'll see what I can do. Ice is taken, left to the side to pick up later. Two vicodin are shaken out and passed over before she sets about to wrapping his ribs, making sure to go snug, but not too snug that he can't breath. Thank you Francois for teaching her this.
"Now you know how it feels."

Huruma is retreating with a step backwards by the time she speaks again. Though it is not entirely a sour comment, it strikes as far more sad. "What are you going t'say about th'bruises, if they did not?" Now, this is something that she would love to hear. Her hands wriggle into the baby sling, wrapping whole around the little blonde baby before hoisting her out. A rather healthy little girl, bobbing her limbs and fists in Huruma's grasp.

It is quite possible that she cannot help herself- the dark woman lifts Kasha up a little, hovering her overhead. She murmurs, a cooing stream of unfamiliar words from her lips, rocking the baby within a finger's length. Whatever it is that she does, the baby seems to love it, smiling reactively and getting a satisfied smile from Huruma in turn.

A sharp look goes to Huruma, but for the most part, Ryans keeps from snapping back at that comment. Maybe it's the baby she's holding that stalls him… last thing he needs to to get into an argument when she's holding something helpless. "I don't know. I'm hoping they won't notice. Most of it is able to be covered." The pills are shaken a bit in his palm before tilting his head back and dry swallowing them.

"And… thank you Abby." He says it sincerely, before turning his attention to other things, such as the odd occurrence of Humura playing with that baby. 'Playing with her food' comes to mind.

"One thing I do know I need to do. Track down a man named Noah Bennet. One of the men I helped recruit. He left the Company about the time I did." He lifts his arms up some to help out Abby, hopefully make it easier. "In the vision I had, I told Huruma to take Delia to Noah's people." Of course he has no idea that the Ferry and Noah's people are one in the same. "He's also a man I know could help me come up with a plan for when the Company's fall." Not if… when.

"I know him. His wife is a delightful and kind woman"

What a pair HUruma and ABby make. Between the both of them, they must know the whole city.

"I can let him know that you're looking for him, if you leave me a number that he can reach you at" Round and round the torso the bandage goes, with deft and gentle fingers, ensuring the fit. Abigail catches the glance of the company agent to HUruma and the child, a roll of her eyes. "She won't eat Kasha and yes, I know that Huruma has peculiar culinary habits. It's a foundling, mother overdosed. She's tested positive for the suresh gene, and I'm in the process of getting her into the Light house. She's safe with Huruma, believe it or not. She'll kill nayone else before she'd even contemplate killing the baby"

Oddly enough, that odd occurrence after some watching, does appear sincere. Not playing with her food, promise. Abby even sees enough of Papa Bear's wary looks to back this up, to a degree. A pointed look goes back to Benjamin when she does, letting Huruma get in a visual connection that is probably the equivalent of sticking her tongue out and going 'nyeh'.

"Th'best allies are ones with connections." Huruma narrows her eyes and purses her lips into a small smile, perching the baby into one cradling arm and turning to fetch the bottle. "If it is time t'share such things, when I saw you-" White eyes roam back over to the agent, and down to make sure that the formula is lukewarm. As it is, she lets Kasha explore with her mouth before settling gums and lips onto the bottle Huruma holds. "You were in a den, in a house I'ave neve'seen. Per'aps yours. You were speaking with Dajan. Or quite possibly, Usutu." Batteries. Huruma's nose wrinkles when she says this unfamiliar name.

"I am still no'sure what t'think."

"Sandra always was. Fantastic apple pie." Ryans says with a touch of a smile. Old memories that seemed so far gone. However, Huruma can feel yet another tremor of surprise that Abby knows him at all. "But do tell him. Up to him if he will meet with me. I'm hoping that he will for old times sake. He might be interested in hearing what I have to say." He hasn't told them everything, that he'll save for Bennet.

Though what she says about Huruma, gets the tall, dark woman an amused look. "I believe you." And he does to a point, trust is a long ways off. "So the baby is evolved?" He repeats the obvious, shifting to get a better look at the baby. "Cute thing… sounds like she will be going into a better environment, anyhow… rather then being raised by a drug user for a mother."

When Huruma spills the beans on her own, vision Ryans turns to her with interest. "Dajan… your son?" That gets his attention, "That says a lot about the situation. Isn't he working to help Madagascar recover?" His brows tilt upward… he is a man who seems to keep up with world events.

"I'll pass it along" She murmurs, fastening the bandages in place, tucking here, there, not wanting to have an un-tidy job done. "She needed to be tested to see if she could go. it turned red, but who knows what she can do. Maybe some day she'll grow up and turn into fire" possibly. "You're done. the back room is down the hall to the left there, I'll set out some guest towels, and I should have some spare clothes about for you to get into, if you decide to spend the night. I'd suggest, if they ask, a hit and run. Periwinkle van, you never got the plates. Perwinkle vans here, tend to have… unhealthy activities"

Ups he goes, not discussing her vision, but setting about to cleaning up and putting stuff away.

"Yes. He is. I do no'know why he would b'here, for any reason other than government business." Huruma wanders closer with the baby and the bottle, leaning herself onto the counter nearest Benjamin. It might be less obvious of a flaunt if she were dangling Kasha right in front of his nose, to put it straight. "If he were here, an'w'needed him- he would help us. He is a hero, but he is also one of us. Usutu, that is a friend of his, friend of m'grandmother."

From her fond tone on Dajan, and her lesser one about Usutu, it is clear which she hopes it was.

"Thank you." Banjamin Ryans offers, politely to the medic, attention going to the shirt on his lap. While he talks, he moves to pull the yellow polo shirt back on. "You don't have to worry about me ratting her out. She deserves a chance like all children." As he tugs the shirt into place, his features settle into a neutral expression. "The Institute already took one child, before we really knew anything about them… or even who they were.

"In all fairness the child was a danger. A powerful telekinetic that used people and killed them all in the purpose of getting his mom back." His gaze drops to the floor, thoughtful a hand moves to rub at his neck, as if he can feel those invisible fingers around his neck again. Had he known then what he knows now… there probably would have been no hesitation to kill him. "He would have been better off with us, but he's tucked away in a coffin, being used for who knows what."

The disturbing thought has him looking at the baby again, brows furrowing slightly. Finally, he moves to rise. "I think some rest is in order. If only for a few hours" The vicadin already draging him down some. His attention turns to Huruma, giving her a pointed look. "You and I will talk later." It's not a question, it's a fact. She can probaby figure out the subject as well.

"Kasha will be registered. Lighthouse only takes evolved children. You won't need to worry about her. The linderman Group protects them. if not, there's the Ferry. There's other countries where she can have a normal life and not be worried that some day, something might befall her because of her genetics" That's all spoken, before she disappears around the corner and down the hall. Presumably to see to his comfort for the next few hours.

"I will b'back in th'morning for th'baby- if you do not want t'catch me then, you know how t'reach me." Huruma returns his jagged gaze with a softened one of her own. This evening has been a lot of eye-to-eye posturing, batting cues back and forth. "I look forward to it."

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