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Scene Title Bleak
Synopsis Molly discovers that her ability is gone, bring the harsh reality that her and Kaylee actually have the Evo Flu.
Date March 15, 2010

Petrelli Mansion

It's mid morning and Molly is sitting at the window seat in her room at the Petrelli Mansion, the door is wide open and she looks out at the snow and winter scape outside of the home. She sighs softly and coughs into her hands. Molly still doesn't know that she has a deadly virus.. she hasn't tried to use her ability yet. It's like she's in denial. Mohinder cured her of the Shanti Virus, didn't he?

The young clairvoyant writes a few words into the foggy window and then she lays back on the seat, just looking up at the ceiling. She's sick.. and she hates it. She looks really sick actually. Her skin is pale and clammy, her eyes are rimmed with red and she looks tired.

Never in her life has Kaylee ever felt quite this crappy. Going between hot and cold, unable to really sleeping, and still so tired and muscle weary. Her and Peter were starting to get worried, a trip to the doctor was in order, but the weather had the paramedic on call.

"Hey, kiddo." While the words are spoken brightly, there is still a tired and worn out to it. Her cheeks are flushed from fever. Stepping to the room, she holds a mug in each hand. One is offered to the young woman once the distances is lessened between them. The scent of chocolate wafts from it. "How are you holding up?"

A wave of her hand, tells the girl to scoot over, so that Kaylee can settle with a soft groan onto the window seat, turning her back to the wall and drawing her feet up on the cushion to face the teen.

"Thanks." Molly says softly to her friend and she takes the mug and scoots over so that Kaylee can sit down next to her. "I.. this sucks. I.." Molly's lip trembles. She hasn't been this sick in a long time, the hot chocolate of course helps her mood. It's her favorite, everyone seems to know that now. Even Angela, she often has it with her dinner.

"How are you feeling? Peter?" she hasn't seen Peter yet in person, but she knows that he's here in the mansion. Maybe not right now though.

"Achy, tired, hot and cold.. Generally like crap." Kaylee says it with an understanding smile, hands curled around her own mug which holds coffee. "Peter is starting to get a fever, so I got him sick." Her head turns to look at the cold world beyond, the chill radiating from the window. "He's getting really worried, plans to drag me to the doctor when he gets home."

"But, hey…" Her head tilts a bit, her eyes move to Molly again. "At least you won't have to be sick alone, we'll shake this in no time." Her voice catches at the end, but not with tears, a hand moves to cover her mouth to give a short cough.

"No no, we need to see Mohinder. He helped me before." Molly blinks back tears and then she closes her eyes. Her head is tilted to the side as she tries to use her ability for the first time in a while. And nothing. Molly gasps and starts breathing heavily. "He cured me.. the Shanti Virus.. why." She isn't making sense, but that's because this whole situation isn't making sense.

The young teen takes a sip of her hot chocolate and looks at Kaylee. "We need Mohinder, he can save us." She says softly as she stares out the window. The little one is obviously freaked out.

Head tilting slightly, Kaylee's eyes narrow curiously as she watches the girl. "Save us?" A brow arches and she looks a touch amused. "It's just a cold Molly." Nevermind the grim news constantly at the fore front of the news. Bad storms and the virus death toll rising. "Some vitamin C and staying warm, you'll be out enjoying that snow in no time." The young telepath, is trying to channel Peter's positive outlook.

She's not too good at it. "So… I've been talking to people." The young woman starts slowly. "Sounds like my father is alive, but he's possibly in the hands of the government with other scientists." There is a grimace, followed by a sigh. "And it sounds kind of scary, course Peter thinks probably being exaggerated… Who knows. Just worried about my father."

"Speaking of fathers… Have you talked to your's?"

"Kaylee, I can't use my ability. Something is wrong." Molly says in a huff and she bunches her shoulders up. "The same thing happened with the Shanti Virus, except for worse. I was in coma for a while until Mohinder saved me! You have to believe me! I can't.. I can't be getting sick again." She says softly and then she looks down at her hot chocolate.

"We have to stay in the house.. what if we infect others. Peter can't be going to work again, and.. we might have gotten Angela sick already." She says with a soft sigh. At the mention of fathers..

"No.. I haven't talked to him in a while." She turns her head and looks at the things in her room. "I don't want him to get sick. He can't come here." She says to Kaylee.

A heavy cold feeling slides through her body and settles in her stomach like a heavy brick. Kaylee looks a bit something like a deer in the headlights of an incoming car. "What?" The word is whispered softly, her feet slide off the seat and sets her mug on a table, before scooting closer to the girl. "Can't use your ability? Are… you sure?" That cold in her stomach tightens.

"Try finding Peter." It's an easy request as Kaylee had just seen him off earlier, he's alive and well. The young woman tries to keep a calm exterior, while the young girl is freaking out, gently reaching for the mug in the girls hands. At least the telepath still has her own ability, the vibrating hum of the young girls mind a testament to that.

Leaning into Kaylee, Molly closes her eyes and concentrates harder. She squints but to no avail. She has indeed lost her ability. "It's not working! It's just like I'm being negated or something." Molly breathes out softly and looks around before looking back at Kaylee with tears in her eyes. "It's only a matter of time before you lose yours too, and Peter's.. and.. everyone. All the Evolved, if we aren't careful."

Molly places her mug on the side table and closes her eyes, wrapping her arms around herself.

Scooting where she can gently place an arm around the teen's shoulder, Kaylee tries not to let her fear show. Of course, Kaylee is radiating heat from her fever. "It — " She swallows heavily, and doesn't say anything more, reaching into her pocket, she pulls out her cellphone. Her thumb taps across the screen of the iPhone.

"I have to warn some people." She murmurs softly, that arm staying around the young girl. "I have to get Peter home." The worry leaks into her voice some, a slight tremor to it, but then… more then it's more then about losing her ability, it's that death toll that ticks across the screen, when her and Peter are curls up on the couch.

Her thumb types out a quick message to the paramedic.

Come home. Need you. Mollys ability gone. Illness might be what we fear.

Kaylee lets out a slow breath trying to calm her own emotions. "It — it'll be okay." Her hand rubs in a comforting gesture on Molly's arm, even as the telepath scrolls through numbers looking for the next.

Molly shakes her head as Kaylee tries to comfort her. "Lee.. no it isn't.. it just isn't." As Molly says that, the wind blows harder outside and she blinks and looks outside. Her situation and everyone else's is looking about the same right now. Bleak.

Tapping on screen of the phone, she doesn't comment, not yet. She hugs the girl to her side, while she types out a message to Colette.

Can't make meeting. Give my apologies to everyone. Molly and I have the 510, staying away. Her ability is gone, means mine will soon. Tell seniors, watch GCT just in case.

Since Kaylee lives at Grand Central when she's not staying over with Peter, who knows how many people she unknowingly infected. Resting her cheek on the girls head she sighs softly. "I know… We — need to tell your father though. He — he needs to know." Needs to know that his daughter is in a dangerous position.

"He deserves to know. I can explain your in good hands, that you'll be well taken care of." Her head shakes a bit. "I'd want my parents to know." Not the complete truth, as she doesn't plan on telling her mother, of course, the two of them not really talking to each other.

"When Peter gets here.. we'll call him." she says softly and looks up at Kaylee. The young teen looks tired, like she's pushing hard just to stay awake and active right now. She looks a mess, she feels that way too. "You don't worry." She says softly and lays a head on Kaylee's shoulder.

"Mohinder will fix us.. he has too."

Hand running up and down Molly's arm slowly, trying to keep the young girl comforted. "I think that's a good plan." Her head tilts to rest against the young girls, brows furrowed with worry. Her mind is going a mile a minute. Who all has she been in contact with?

The phone is lifted again and while they rest there on the window seat, Kaylee starts to arduous task of texting people she's been around. To include her boss Hokuto, though.. she's yet to meet the woman face to face.

If I still have a job after this, I'll be surprised.

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