Blind Person Awareness


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Scene Title Blind Person Awareness
Synopsis Kameron heads to the park to play her violin a little, and encounters Cally and Deckard, the former requesting a song, the latter being rather quiet and troubled. Smedley shows up in time for the performance and kinda-sorta accuses Kammy of lying about her blindness. Cally gets Upset.
Date February 14, 2009

Central Park

The sun has set, but it is still a few hours till curfew. As a result, the park still has it's collection of people wandering about. And one of those people is a blonde girl bearing a large, patched denim satchel. Cally is perched on her rock, the really big one that she was on the other day. But, rather then bombing sticks on unsuspecting skateboarders, she is letting her feet dangle over the edge as she munches on a pastrami sub. And, judging by the steam rolling off it, it is hot. Either freshly cooked or else… the girl has found another way to heat up leftovers then the requisite microwave oven.

Like she'd told Cally, Kameron is in the park again - she'd set out after seeing (sorta) Brian at the apartment and being told that Abby was kidnapped. Poor thing. Then Brian left on a run. Kameron's approach to the park is a bit later than usual, since she had promised to look after Joe until he came back, which is why it's 7 PM and the first few notes from a violin are only NOW being coaxed forth into the night air. Nothing recognizable really, just a little warm up as far as the blind musician is concerned, mind wandering.
Prince is napping on the ground by the tree Kammy is standing near, just a few feet away from Cally's rock. The face of evil has yet to acknowledge his nemesis' presence.

Deckard is here as well. Meeting someone, maybe, or just having met someone, the fact that he swings down the paved path that curves around this particular section of park is probably not an accident. Scruffy and alone in a pair of sunglasses and the usual overcoat, he'd look blind himself if he bothered to carry around a cane or an entire seeing eye dog. As things are, he looks like kind of a weirdo when he pauses some distance from Cally's rock to slant a look in her direction. After a few seconds of study, the same look passes down onto Kameron and Prince.

Cally's head quirks in Kameron's direction, peering through the night-time light of the park as she hears the sound of the violin. She looks thoughtfully down at her sub sandwich, takes a huge bite which puffs up her cheeks, and wraps the rest of the sandwich up in the wax paper surrounding it. Stuffing the sandwich into her satchel, she half climbs and half jumps down the boulder to the path below. Just about where Deckard is standing.

"Are you some kind of weirdo?" she asks, gazing him over. "Oh, I know you! You were…." She trails off. Right, let's remind everyone of how you made it tropical, Cally. "In the park, the other day. What do you do, like stick around an look at all the girls? You do know it's nighttime, right? Why the hell are you wearing sunglasses?" She says this all with a bright smile. Politeness, meet Cally, she's never heard of you!

It's that voice. Prince's left ear twitches, and then the right. Brown eyes open and the dog lifts his head, zeroing in on Cally with an unerring swiftness. Immediately the dog barks, even though Cally is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way over THERE and he was all the way over here. "No." Kameron instructs the barking dog, violin bow drawing across the strings with a single long note.
Cally addressing someone. A weirdo who wears sunglasses? Well she obviously didn't mean Kammy, she knew Kammy's situation. Sort of. But curiosity gets Kameron to scoop up the dog leash again, and curiously start over towards the pair. Hello~!

Spent too long eyeing the dog, and suddenly Cally's skeleton is right there next to him, wagging its jaw. Deckard squints at bleached bone white of her, highlighted in electric blue against a field of black, and endures the line of questioning that ensues without so much as a twitch. "So what if I do? If you didn't live here I'd be looking at someone else's titties right now." Not very English Professory type talk, really — a fact Deckard becomes more aware of when Kameron starts over with the dog. Jaw set, he glances over his shoulder as if considering heading back the way he came, but she might've already overheard anyway. Hghh.

When Kameron comes up to them? Well, it's a good thing she can't read facial expressions, because Cally is eyeing Deckhard as if she's thinking about taking a hard object to his junk. Finally, she just snorts, saying, "Why the hell would I live in a park? I like peeping on the peepers, you dirty old man." She then turns as she spots Kameron, greeting her with a smile. "Hey there, Kammy!" she greets brightly. Followed by a sniff and a muttered, "Hairball," for Prince.

The dog? Prince only seems to dislike Cally, for some weird reason. Even as Kameron comes into earshot, miraculously missing the crassness from Deckard SOMEHOW, the dog is growling at the sight of Cally. When she stops walking, the pup sits down at her side, looking from Deckard to Cally and back, as if assessing the two. He gives a quiet, sulky woof at Cally in response to bein called 'Hairball'. So rude.
Cal is already in the negative zone for the dog. The jury is still out regarding Deckard. Kameron is all smiles for the pair - even though Brian told her that Deckard wasn't really 'Uncle Mike' but one of his 'contacts., and that this was the guy that he wanted to have train Kammy (she has very few hopes in that regard). "Cally, I thought that was you — and…" She turns her head towards Deckard, about to use his real name, "Mike, right? English Professor?" …english professor. Oy.

"You like free hotdogs and destruction of property," Deckard corrects lowly, forcing a smile back at Kameron for her own smily approach. Hi there, mysterious girlfriend of Brian! "Yep. Nice to see you again, Kameron." As per usual, sparing everyone the details, it's a good thing that it's dark, he's wearing sunglasses, and Brian is nowhere to be seen. The dog is examined last, like something out of a museum, all fanged teeth and wide eye sockets. Deckard lifts a hand to scratch idly at the side of his head.

Leash laws don't apply to people like Smedley, and so Carson jogs along freely in front of his master, floppy ears alert and eyes bright. Smedley looks just as content with his hands in his dusty brown leather jacket and his chin tilted toward the sky. He's whistling an old tune about a man coming across a another on his deathbed, and listening to his few last requests. It's a mournful tune, but maybe it's better to indulge in such music when one is happy themselves. Less depressing, that way.

When he catches a whiff and soon sight of the collie, Carson interrupts Smedley's tune with a series of sharp barks. His master opens his eyes a little wider, as if waking, and regards the group from a safe distance. "Just a blind girl, Cars," he says in an attempt to calm his own canine. But then again, Kameron doesn't have a cane, and the collie isn't wearing one of those working dog vests. Maybe there are other reasons for her to wear sunglasses after the day's glare has stopped threatening. Lucrative reasons. The man too, for that matter. Smedley whistles again, but rather than a tune, it's a single-toned, sharp sound. Carson's cue.

The dog bolts forward, barking up a happy little storm as he runs toward, and then starts to circle the group. They might as well be odd looking cows, for all the mutt cares. Smedley comes too, but his own approach is much slower, a smirk on his face as he watches his dog round up potential…clients.
"I didn't destruct anyone's property!" Cally protests hotly, grumbling in Deckard's general direction. She then promptly ignores both her and the Evil One (Prince), and nods in Kameron's direction. "So, you going to be…" she begins, trailing off as more barking sounds off. She eyes the dog as it circles them, as if considering if this dog will join with Prince against her, or perhaps join her in taking down Kammy's Evil Dog.

Glancing up towards where the dog came from, Cally spots Smedley. She eyes him in much the same consideration as she does her dog, but for now only says, "If your dog's hungry, mister, he can eat the mutt here," pointing to Prince. Nevermind that Carson is the mutt and Prince is the purebred.

Wait what? Girlfriend? Good thing Deckard didn't voice that or she would hastily correct that misunderstanding. She's always considered the other as a good friend. Although admittedly, it probably -did- look otherwise! Heh, heh. "Good to s-" Well, not see.. "How are you both?" Is a slighlty distracted question, hearing a whistling. Her head twitches slightly, a frown on her face appearing as she automatically tries to identify it. Nope, not one she knows.
Her fingers itch to pick up the violin and bow though. "Am I going to what..?" Meanwhile, Prince identifies something else entirely, that of another dog. Immediately pressing close to Kameron, the collie barks at Carson, wary when the other dog starts to circle around the group, focusing on the other dog. An occasional bark is directed towards the animal, while Kameron turns towards the sound of approaching footsteps. Being that it's so dark, Kameron opens her eyes behind the shades, long since used to the infrared (by far her favorite for bringing the fewest headaches) coloring of human and dog bodies.

"Do skateboards no longer count as property?" Immune to grumbling and hot protestations alike, Deckard lifts a brow sidelong at Cally, mouth thinned into a skeptical line through the time it takes him to register that it's time to be polite to Kameron again. Brian so fucking owes him. "Super," is his somewhat curt reply to the question of how he is, though the bruising still fading around the side of his face and his perpetually mussed state have a tendency to suggest otherwise.

Then there is another dog. More barking, more teeth. Deckard is the only one in the group that draws into himself a little, pretty evidently uncomfortable even from afar. America's trying to lock down its hold on the evolved population with kits and it still can't even get people to put their goddamn dogs on leashes.

As Smedley gets closer, Carson finds his side again and settles, tail wagging as if he actually did something akin to corralling the small group. "Evenin'!" the westerner says brightly, smiling even as he's met with glum faces. "My apologies about the dog," he adds, glancing only momentarily at the women before he settles on Deckard, as if, as the male among them, he were some sort of spokesman. "S'fine evenin'. Wouldn't you agree?"

Cally glances to Deckard, eyeing him momentarily, as if trying to read something in his words. Then she shrugs, putting on a nonchalant expression. "I played a prank on a skateboarder. I didn't destroy his skateboard. Heck, it's in fine condition, dunno why he went and left it behind. But if I had destroyed it, I wouldn't have kept it, would I?" So there! Cally folds her arms under her chest, giving him a look, then turns back to look over the newcomer curiously.

Swell. Swell? Really? Kameron doesn't say it, but she's probably thinking something along the lines of yeah right. She may be blind, but she can tell (usually) when answers are less than sincere. "Are you sure?" Deckard didn't strike her as the sort to confide in a stranger, so she doesn't expect a reaction. Meanwhile - Smedley is the 'get in the kitchen and make me a SAMMICH!' type isn't he? It probably wouldn't go over well with a pair of headstrong women like Kammy and Cally. "It's a lovely evening." That she can't see. But Kameron responds anyway, even though Smedley was probably talking to Deckard alone. Prince is now exceptionally wary, glancing between Carson and Cally.
Clearly people/animals whose names begin with C are EVIL.

"I dunno. You tell me." Head turned briefly back over to Cally, brows lifted, Deckard passes a milder version of the same look over onto Kameron. Yeah. He's sure. With the blindness and all, it roughly qualifies as no response, though the Look might be tangible enough through the silence that comes with it. Smedley's on the approach, anyway — a development that's unlikely to lead to any kind of relaxation on Deckard's part any time soon. He straightens a little, spine stiff between his shoulders and in his lower back when he sweeps a glance down from belt to boots. Still skeptical, just. Not quite as friendly. If he qualified as friendly before. Jury's probably still out on that.

"Could be worse. You take a wrong turn at Tombstone?"

"Pay him no attention," Cally says, overloud, to Smedley, indicating Deckard with a tilt of the head. "He's a dick."

"Deadwood, actually," Smedley answers with a kick to his grin. "You ever been out there? Hills are beautiful country. Cheap beef, too, and a man can't argue with a steak that only costs him ten bucks from a cow that was butchered that very day." Smedley glances again to the women, but his expression is more hesitant than condescending in that brief space in time.

He does smile a bit at Cally, letting a chuckle escape him. "I'm sure that ain't the case, miss, but if he's been troublin' you…" Smedley's eyes narrow as he looks back to Deckard, but then his smile returns as easy as ever. "Well, that ain't really my business." Unless someone decides to make it so.

"No, really," Cally insists to Smedley, in all earnestness. "He really, really is a dick. Not holding it against him, mind, in the same way I wouldn't hold stupidity against a stupid person who was dropped repeatedly on their head as a child… which would explain a few things…"

Cally eyes Deckard thoughtfully for a bit, then shrugs after a moment, and turns her back to the men, focusing on Kameron. "So," she says, finishing what she was going to say earlier. "You going to be playing some music, or what? I wanted to hear you play." Which means, clearly, that Kameron must.

Kameron inclines her head. She overstepped a boundary there - she could feel that Look. "I apologize," Kameron smiles hesitantly in Deckard's direction, "I didn't mean to pry." Cally proclaiming that Deckard is… well! Gets both eyebrows to shoot up in an expression of surprise, "Cally!" That's rude! And tactless! And… well, Deckard is probably used to that kind of behavior. Still for Kammy - yeeaah, she's not exactly a religious girl, but all this swearing she's been exposed to lately is a bit of a shock. Un-Der-State-Ment. "Deadwood? That's an actual place?"
Shifting her grip on her violin, debating on sliding it back into its case, she considers something. Like these two fellows. Of course, then Cally requests to hear music from her, and Kameron smiles, always happy to oblige a friend. Especially when it was something she loved to do - like play the violin. "Sure, I can play something. Is there anything in particular you want to hear?"

"No apology necessary." The fact that Deckard wastes the breath necessary to say so is at firm odds with the narrow-eyed look he gives Cally when she starts talking. And doesn't stop.

Smedley gets a level, "No." No, he has not been to Deadwood or eaten cow that still moos pathetically when you poke a knife into it. The older man's overall demeanor seems to agree that it really isn't his business and that maybe he should take his wild dog and his six shooters and piss off to bother someone else, but it's all in tension and posture. The rigid flat of his shoulders and slight duck and turn of his head. Smedley is weird. Deckard is uneasy.

And Cally is eyeing him. She gets another dirty look, either for what she's said or for the fact that she's put in a request for violin music.

Kameron's question forces Smedley to actually look at her, but he averts his eyes with a nod. "Yes miss, it is. But it's mostly casinos and tourists. Not a bad vacation spot if you're into that sort." Deckard is still easier to look at, despite his stony demeanor. "Got laser beams for eyes?" he asks, changing the subject with a curious tilt of his head before he steals a glance at Kameron again. "Like, Cyclops and Cyclops Junior? Or are you just a bit thirsty?"

Deckard, for the most part, is ignored by Cally, much like she is ignoring the evil Prince. Although Deckard gets slightly more attention in the form of a brief glance, eyeroll, and sticking out of a tongue before she turns back to Kameron, considering the question seriously.

"Hmm, well… I prefer more modern stuff… Oh! I know. That asian chick… I saw her on youtube a couple years ago. What was her name… well, she played this electric guitar, and I think in the video she surfed in it… not that you would know that, but what was the name of the song…" Cally's tongue sticks out between her teeth, though this time in an expression of concentration. "Oh! Devil's Trill, that was the name of the song. Do you know that one? It's all short and choppy, and goes like this…"

Cally trails off, pausing another moment before humming the first part of the tune. And granted, all she is doing is humming… but it hints at the wonderful sultry tones she is capable of producing.

Oh god she's hideous, Smedley can't even look at her. Sob! Wait, no. Kameron is looking for a place to hook Prince's leash, since she doesn't want to drop it and chance him wandering off or harassing Cally. "Asian chick that did the Devil's Trill?" Brightening, "Ah! I know that one. Vanessa Mae, right?" She was good. Really good. Kameron could only dream to be that good, even though she practiced every day.
"Just a second." She kneels, setting the violin down on the ground, then paces over towards a nearby bench - the one she'd been sitting on a moment ago - to tie Prince's leash to it. Then she turns, counting steps over to the abandoned violin, scooping it and bow up to move away a short distance. Paying little mind to the others, focusing entirely on the instrument, she takes a deep breath. Okay Kammy, this is one of your IDOL'S songs. Don't screw it up. Once she's calmed hers breathing, she turns to face Cally, placing the bow to the strings, and begins to play.
(( For Reference, voila! ))

"It's Blind People Awareness month. She's blind. I'm aware. But just between the four of us," Deckard reaches up to drag his sunglasses down off the bridge of his nose, wrist flicked to close them up in the wrap of his hand left, "wearing them at night makes me feel funny in my pants."

His eyes are normal. Stark, slate blue, they're largely unremarkable save for the fact that there's a touch of something like hatred cinched into the crows feet at their corners when he meets Smedley's gaze. It doesn't last long, though. Kameron's playing soon enough, and she's actually, like…good. At it. With surprise comes distraction, and he knits his brow to look over after the effort, sunglasses still in hand.

"She's not blind," Smedley's quick to retort, but he's just as quick to acknowledge the woman's talent, listening politely while he watches the movement of the bow across the strings rather than her face. It's not the sort of tune he would have guessed she would play, but he's not complaining either. Far from it.

Cally doesn't speak in response to the men, though she does glance over in response to Deckard's words about Blind Awareness, and gives a sharp laugh which she quickly stiffles. Turning back to Kameron, the blonde street girl gives the blind one her full attention, bopping her head from side to side in time with the music, rocking on her heels, even wiggling her hips a little.

For the most part Kameron is still as she plays - but it's a very active piece, with choppy motions, and even she isn't immune to moving with the song, a smile playing on her lips. It is, after all, her first love. Add that into it being a piece she respected immensely and she is inordinately pleased that she didn't screw up the song. With the final note dying into the air, Kameron lets a breath out and laughs lightly. "Well, it's been a while since I played to an audience," so to speak. But no one threw fruit, no one boo'd - she thinks she did pretty well there for someone without a degree or anything.

Deckard shrugs on a delay. Given that Kameron is supposed to be blind, this is not the most tactful move he could have made, but compliments aren't really his style. He looks a little awkward if anything, jaw still clenched after Smedley's assertion of her not-blindness. He doesn't relax any at Cally's laugh, either.

"Nicely fiddled," Smedley says with an appreciative nod. "Even if you ain't blind. You play that thing quite well. No arguin' that point." He smiles from the ladies, or at least the air near them before he returns his attention to Deckard - as proud as a man who's just won a bet.

"That was awesome, Kammy!" Cally exclaims, smiling brightly at her. "Why, it's like…"

The blonde street kid trails off, spinning abruptly to stare hotly at Smedley, unconsciously putting herself between him and the blind violinist. Hands on her hips, arms akimbo, she tells him pointedly, "That is the -stupidist- thing to say ever. How can you not see she is blind, you flipping moron? Apologize now, or you're getting a taser to your testicles."

Poor Deckard. And though Smedley insisted that Kameron wasn't blind, she would equally insist that she was. And be just as uncomfortable as ol' Ducky that the other man would think otherwise. Like right now. It's a good thing that it's dark out or the paleness of her face would be even more obvious. Turning her head towards Smedley, she smiles, "Thank y—" Stop. Rewind. Play. WHAT? "What are…. what do you mean, not blind?" She is so blind! …mostly. And then Cally jumps to her defense, much to Kameron's surprise.

The return of Smedley's attention is rewarded with another hard look. The kind dogs that've been poked one too many times give people carrying sticks. His sense of humor has sublimated. For the most part, though, he just stands there. No comment either way on the subject of blindness. Or soon to be tasered testicles.

Strong women are something not unknown to Smedley, but that doesn't mean he's comfortable around them. He takes a step back, as does Carson, when he's suddenly accosted by both Cally and Kameron in turn. He raises his hands in surrender, but shrugs as well, shaking his head as he rattles off his explanation. "If she was blind, she'd have a cane. And her dog'd have one of those vest things. With the handle? But she ain't, so she ain't blind. Maybe she's got some sort'a problem, but I can only help with that. Otherwise…hell, maybe it's easier to get tips in your case if people think y'can't see. Kinda like a Ray Charles thing."

Cally's expression shows she is seriously wanting to taser Smedley right about now. And her hand flicks towards her satchel… before realizing that she doesn't have a taser in her Bag of Tricks. So she settles for aiming a swift kick towards Smedley's knee. "I said apologise!" She waves a finger in the cowboy's face. "Or the next one goes to your junk!"

Is he accusing her of lying? Because she — okay she can see sort of, but she mostly can't! "Um.. A-Actually," Kameron interrupts, "I do have a cane. I just usually keep it folded out of the way. And I had one of those vest things for Prince, but before I came up here, he chewed it to pieces, so I've had to make do without it." And then her stalwart defender KICKS THE MAN.
Okay Kameron has her eyes closed so she doesn't know what exactly happened. She only heard the threat. Deckard has been quiet for this long, so Kameron guesses he's either slipped away or he's watching. "Hold on Cally, really, it's all right - it's just a misunderstanding."

The thought crosses Deckard's mind that it might be a good idea to somehow get in the way of Cally's foot swinging up at Smedley's knee. But that's pretty much all it does. It exists. Doesn't get acted upon. Deckard is indeed still here. There's a twitch around the region of his right hand, like it might move, but it doesn't. He just kind of tenses up. There's not that much time to move around in the second it takes for these kinds of shenanigans to go down.

As the situation has progressed further and further down the Tense scale, Carson's gotten stiffer and stiller. But now, when Smedley is attacked by this young woman, the dog is braced, bristled, and growling with bared teeth at Cally. But he doesn't move otherwise, his dark eyes simply fixed on her.
Smedley hops back, bending at the waist, but he doesn't grab at the assaulted joint. "Holy mother'uh-" but Smedley's words are replaced with a hiss before the profanity flies. His mama taught him well, in some regards. "Look, I'm just sayin' what I saw, ladies. Didn't mean no offense." Christ that hurt.

"Well, you did!" Cally says, crossing her arms firmly under her chest once more. As if she was the one offended, and not Kammy. She gives a loud sniff, eyeing Carson briefly before returning to Kameron's side. The side that doesn't have the other dog who likes to growl at her.

Cally really isn't having luck with dogs, is she? Prince, on the other hand, has been watching the entire thing, but since Kameron herself hasdn't been threatened, he was quiet though alert. Kameron reaches out when the other girl moves back to her side, fumbling for an arm, "Cally, I appreciate you standing up for me, but you didn't have to do that." She'd rather someone thought she was a fraud at blindness than have a guess at other things. And Deckard meanwhile, was ever so helpful in all of this! Even though he would maybe have involved himself if things did get really bad. Probably. Right?

Prrrooobably. As things are, Deckard is eyeing Carson like he thinks the mutt could use a bullet between its eyes, brows level and jaw set at a sideways slant. He's not that enthusiastic about Smedley's continued presence either. The cutoff cursing earns a snort, followed shortly by a look at something or someone else crossing the sidewalk in his peripheral vision. It's a jerky, nervous movement, and his fingers twitch around sunglass lenses. Pretty much completely unhelpful over here.

Though far from convinced he was actually wrong, Smedley knows when it's time to turn tail and skeddale. "You folks," he says with a wince as he backs away, careful with his injured leg, "have a nice evenin' now. Com'n Cars." With another whistle, lower than the first, the mutt is pulled expertly away. He walks alongside his master, looking up at him with a sympathetic whine. Or maybe the mutt is just upset that he didn't get to bite somebody.

No, Cally really isn't having much luck with dogs. Then again, she's practically an ally cat herself, so. The girl glances to Kameron as the other woman reaches for her arm, and she absently pats Kammy's hand. "He had it coming. Besides, now he'll think twice!" Something Cally apparently doesn't believe in for herself. She glances at the night sky, then disengages from Kammy to rifle through her bag. "Now, where did I put that watch… it must be close to curfew, now…"

A bit disappointed as Smedley makes his way back to…wherever, Kameron frowns, "I don't think he heard me." Well hopefully that doesn't come back and smack her in the head. "Mike, are you still there?" She turns away from Cally as the girl hunts for a watch. Poor guy must be awfully troubled by something. "Do you have the time?" See Cal, Kameron has no problem with asking him for the time. Of course she's inclined to believe that it's probably just before curfew herself, which means she's going to have to hurry to get home. Just as well; she was exhausted.

"Seven forty-five." Proof that Uncle Mike is still here in the form of his voice, washed dry in the wake of Smedley's retreat. He watches the other man go, expression unreadable until it turns back to the girls. Then it's mildly annoyed. "You should get back while you still have plenty of time. And you," his juts his jaw at Cally, "should know better than to kick strange men in the park if you've made it this far. Good way to wind up with a bullet in your head, Princess."

"Yes, Daddy," Cally responds, with a roll of her eyes and a dry tone. Turning to Kameron, she smiles, "I'm headed in the same direction. Want company part of the way?" She eyes Prince, as if just realizing that this will mean spending more time with him… but she doesn't retract the offer.

Seven forty five huh? Not bad. Kameron turns to Cally, pleased by the offer. Unexpected but really nice. "Thank you,"Kameron says to Deckard first, and then to Cally, nodding in her direction, "Sure." They might run into Brian on the way back - it was pretty late, so hopefully he wouldn't be worried, especially given the kidnapping of his -other- friend. Remembering the direction Prince was, Kameron heads back that way, hands feeling in the air for the leash to untie. No chances of leaving him behind, sorry Cal!

Too irritable to rise to the bait with Kameron (the girlfriend?) still around, Deckard mutters something to the latter's thanks and turns to head off his own way, as per usual. Off to the right, well away from Smedley's path.

"Bye, Daddy," Cally calls over her shoulder Deckard, as she leads the way that she and Kameron will be taking. "Keep up the Awareness!"

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