Blizzard Slams New York City

NEW YORK, New York — A fierce weekend storm that dropped record snowfall and stranded travelers up the coast from Virginia to New England has proven to be a far more vicious storm than anticipated.Tthe brunt of the storm hit Long Island, with whiteout conditions and 38.7 inches of snow hitting the outskirts of Queens, a record since measurements began in 1949. Nearly 20 inches of snow fell on Manhattan alone, and the storm could be the worst the city has seen since about 26 inches fell in February 2006, National Weather Service meteorologist Patrick Maloit said.

Predictions form this storm estimated only half of the actual snowfall that has accumulated, and the sudden swell in size and magnitude as it reached the New York City area has meteorologists wondering if this was somehow the result of Evolved activity manipulating the very weather of the region. With the way the storm thinned as it passed north of New York City, it is no small wonder that many news outlets are calling for an investigation into the unnatural swell.

New York City Mayor Harry Bianco, still in office due to the stalled Mayoral elections is calling for New Yorkers to work together and help each other out through the difficulty of the storm.

Even as the storm wound down in the New York area, conditions remained treacherous and drivers were advised to stay off the roads, Maloit said. Bus, subways and trains were delayed — including a Long Island Rail Road train stalled for more than five hours before backing up and unloading its 150 passengers.

Airports in the Northeast that were jammed up Saturday were working their way back to normal operations. About 1,200 flights at the New York City area's three major airports remained canceled despite clear conditions on the runways.

Cleanup from the storm is going to cost the city an estimated five million dollars and take several days to clear all of the city's major roadways. In the interim, residents are asked to be patient with delays and mindful of freyed patience and tensions as we go into the holidays.

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