Blocking 'Paths


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Scene Title Blocking 'Paths
Synopsis Cardinal and Peyton discuss ways to keep out technopaths as well as other pressing matters.
Date July 29, 2010

Redbird Security

"I've got a list of all the… computer stuff that Alia wants," admits Cardinal, "And there's some RF-resistant paint that I'd like to pick up, seems like it'd be a good investment to keep technopaths out…"

He reaches over with a smile, then, fingers scritching against the little puppy's ears and letting it sniff at his fingers. He's dressed casually, a t-shirt, slacks. At least it's not jeans, and there's no band logo, so he looks semi-professional anyway.

"What's RF resistant mean?" Peyton knows how to use the internet and a computer and cell phones and iPods and various electronic devices, simply because she grew up doing so, but she doesn't know what any of the acronyms mean that people tend to throw around. "If it'll help, we can get it. Just tell me where to buy it. Does Home Depot carry it?" Von, meanwhile, wriggles with happiness at being scritched, one paw coming up to catch around Cardinal's wrist, puppy teeth trying to gnaw on Cardinal's fingers. Peyton taps the pup lightly on the nose and then sets him down, wrapping the leash around her hand to keep the amount of lead minimal. "When do you think we'll be ready to open?"

"It, uh, radio frequencies and stuff can't get through it," Cardinal explains, awkwardly. Technology isn't his forte. "Hana gave me a website that sells it, it's expensive as fuck but it'll work well." As the little puppy nibbles at his fingers, he grins, pulling his head back as the dog's set down, "And we'll probably be open in a few weeks."

"That'll keep out technopaths? What about a cell phone jammer, would that help? I always thought they could sorta get through that stuff anyway. Like, use cell phones that are off or computers that aren't connected. I don't get how the power works, but then, hell, I don't get how my power works, half the time," Peyton says, nudging the puppy away from a box before Von can decide to mark it as his territory, her foot tapping the ground to get his attention away from the box. "I went to an event the other night, figure I might be more social again and maybe that will drum up business from high-paying clients. Did you know Vincent Lazzaro and that blond lieutenant general major woman are, like, an item?"

"If they're there physically, they can, but Rebel doesn't have a body anymore, so… from what I gather, he's more limited. If harder to kill," Cardinal admits, his tone rather wry, his head shaking, "According to Wireless and Alia, this stuff should do the trick." A curious look back over to her, then, one brow raising, "…blonde lieutenant general major woman?"

"Hmm. Maybe a jammer would be a good idea too then. You know they even have little personal ones, that you can turn on and everyone within ten feet or 30 or however high powered you go, more range costs more, people can't use their cell phones. Would you find something like that useful? You can clip it to your belt and turn it on if you're ever feeling more paranoid than usual," Peyton says brightly, the implication of course that Cardinal is usually paranoid. But he has good reason to be. "Adrienne L-something. Lan… Lancaster, that's it." She shrugs a shoulder. "She was at that other gala, the Linderman one back in February, so I said hi to her. I scared her away." She grins, rather proud of her ability to frighten away government officials.

"Huh." Cardinal brings a hand up to scratch at his chin thoughtfully, "That could be useful, actually…" A smirk, then, one brow lifting, "…Peyton Whitney, terrifying monster? Interesting that Lazzaro has a squeeze."

"I am a monster, clearly. Nothing worse in this world than an air-headed page-six socialite, right? I find it amusing that I have the ability to clear a room with just a little giggling and smiling. Maybe that's my real super power," Peyton says with a laugh. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and with a few quick finger strokes makes a memo to herself to buy a couple of the devices and the paint as well. "I can get one for the office and a personal one for you," she comments. "No guarantees if they'll work, of course, but even if it doesn't foil a technopath, it still might foil other people you don't want making a phone call, right? And you know, they'd be really handy at the movies, I bet."

"I can think of some situations it could be handy," Cardinal admits as he leans back against the wall, arms folding to his chest and one foot lifting up to press against said wall. A half-chuckle stirs past an amused smile, head shaking slowly, "If nothing else, yeah, it'd make the movies quieter. I hate those fuckin' texting during the film bastards…"

Peyton lifts a hand. "Guilty. But I've reformed, I promise," she says with a smirk. "It is super annoying. Your eyes can't help but look at the glow of their phones instead of the screen. Why is that, I wonder?" Her fingers type more on the touch screen phone, and then she grins. "There, done and done. One for the office and one of the personal ones, and if you want more, we can get them later. Now for the paint…" and her fingers move again. "This the stuff?" Google is a godsend. She shows the RF-resistant paint that comes up on the search engine to Cardinal. "How much you want?"

"A couple buckets worth," Cardinal muses, "That should be enough, we're not painting the whole place, as much as I might want to… oh, you don't need to keep on Sheridan-watch anymore, since she's turned, so you can stop watching the horrible ice-crab men and shit." He grimaces, head shaking just a little.

"Oh, shit, I forgot to tell you!" Peyton says with a shudder of her own at the thought of the ice-crab and she closes her eyes for a moment, then reaches down to pick up the puppy. Nuzzling a warm puppy makes everything better, even such visions. "Gillian, she's got some sort of shiv she's working on, a spoon or something she's sharpening. I'm worried she's going to get hurt trying to get free," she says, quietly, nose buried in Von's scruff as she holds him up to her face. The fact Bella is "turned" and knows she helped arrange the meeting is a little frightening, but she lets that thought go. Hopefully the woman didn't put the two events of that day together.

"Christ." Cardinal brings a hand up to rub against the bridge of his nose, eyes closing, "Well, it won't be long now. We'll be moving soon…" He pushes off from the wall, reaching out a hand to scritch under Von's chin just beside her face, "…oh. There's one more thing you need to toss on my schedule, actually, while we're discussing plans."

Peyton's brows knit together. Moving soon means going in, and that means danger. She can't tell him not to do it, of course. It's the life he's chosen, and it's who he is. He helped her save Wendy Hunter; of course, he's going to go after Gillian and whoever else is kidnapped. "Just be careful. I'm sure you would be really interesting to them, considering what you managed to do with your power, even without using Gillian and whatever mad scientist shit they're pulling to make this stuff happen," she murmurs. "Sure. What do you need me to add?"

"If they wanted me, they would've come for me already… but I'm more trouble than it's worth to contain, probably," Cardinal jokes, pushing off the wall and moving to lead the way along down the hallway in the direction of the stairs to the basement, one hand lifting in a bit of a wave back to her, "…figure out a good time in the next week for dinner, because I paid for it, and I'm damn well cashing in. Maybe the Orchid Lounge? How do you feel about sushi?"

Dinner. Sushi. Date? Peyton blinks, turning to peer down the hall at Cardinal as he makes his way toward the stairs. "The Orchid Lounge is fine," she manages after a tongue-tied moment, then ducks back into her office to lean against the wall. She closes her eyes and sighs, then punches in the quantity for the paint and follows the steps for the payment process. The mention of the date does remind her of the night of the auction, however, and she'll make sure that tomorrow, his office has a new piece of decor — the objet d'art, Isaac Mendez's "Invisible People" will be on the wall above the spot his desk will be.

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