Blonde Bombshells In Prison


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Scene Title Blonde Bombshells In Prison
Synopsis Helena meets the new gal on the scene.
Date March 9, 2009

Moab Prison Facility - Cafeteria

Today's meal: Tuna surprise. The surprise is that it actually is tuna. Helena keeps to her place in line, trying to look dull and cowed, but since recieving Cat's message, she can't help but hope that each day is the day that she'll get out of her. It's hard to contain, but somehow she manages. Once she's collected her food, she goes to sit at a tray, keeping her gaze level and unafraid of the other inmates. Most don't understand why they're here. A few are more dangerous, and Helena has either to date managed to avoid them, or convinced them somehow she's to be left alone. Her conversations with Shard caused her some initial trouble, but nowadays she's given a bit of berth.

Jessica is the new arrival on the block. Scuttlebutt around the prison says that she managed to mangle some guards when they were bringing her in, and that plus the "new person" means she's mostly been given some space. But, there are only so many places to sit in here, which means that she's got to sit near SOMEONE. Through the magic of television coincidence, that someone is Helena. The taller blonde heads over towards the table with her tray, moving to sit.

Helena lifts her eyes up to see who's sat down and - does a doubletake. Peers at the woman's nametag on her prison garb. "Niki Sanders?" she asks warily.

The blonde looks over as she gets addressed. The faint curl-up of her lips is the answer to the question, initially…though those who know her would know that it means it's not QUITE the right answer. Helena's nametag seems to mean nothing to her; she doesn't know the other woman by her last name. "Didn't know I was already famous."

Helena lets out a chuff of laughter, a little bitter. "What did you do to piss the Company off so bad that you got stuck in here? Or did it turn out kidnapping Abby wasn't on the okay list?"

That causes the lift of an eyebrow, and Jessica runs options through her head. Knowing that she's tied in with the Company cuts things to a pretty small list of "The Company" or "Phoenix", and a good little Company agent wouldn't need to ask. That means Phoenix. "Everybody still bitter that I had to borrow Abby? She didn't mind."

"Just a smidge." There's little point in getting all up in the grill, and Helena maintains her dignity by staying seated and eating her food. "I think trying to force your way into finding out who we are was a crowner. But it doesn't matter much anymore," she gestures with her plastic fork - they're not allowed to have metal ones - does it?"

Jessica looks back to the other woman. "Let's see…I've got a pretty slim list of names here, but let's play process of elimination. Female. Phoenix. Clearly someone who got nabbed at the big bridge incident. Let's go with…Helena?" She looks over to the shorter blonde. It's a guess, but an educated one based on the information she has. "Oh, sure it does. I've been in worse than this."

"Guilty." Helena says affably. "You probably have." she agrees, "But you haven't been down below yet. This is the Club Med level. Peter's in some hole that I think they throw food down to on occaision. I haven't seen him weeks." Her tone goes slightly tight, trying to hide her distress.

Jessica nods. "Sounds like Level Five." she says, affably. "It's where the Company keeps all the really nasty sorts. But then, you'd know that. It was you and yours that broke Peter out from there." She stabs a plastic fork into her tuna surprise. "Somehow I expected you'd be more impressive. Someone who's been able to manage all the stuff you people do; didn't figure they'd break you so fast.

"I'm not sure what you expected, I'm just me." Helena shrugs, eating her own food as well. She regards Jessica a moment, debating arguing the issue of whether she's broken or not. She knows she isn't - but is it really important for Jessica to be informed otherwise? And would Jessica believe her if she said as much? Probably not. She leaves it at that.

She looks back at Helena. "Well…" A sip from her little plastic cup. "That means that we just need to figure out the best way to get out of here. It looks like whether we like it or not, we're working together now. That is, assuming you want to get out of here."

Helena studies Niki - Jessica frankly from over her food. "Wait." is all she says, reaching to take a sip of her drink.
Jessica has partially disconnected.

Jessica looks back, making a bit of a face at that. "I don't know that I'd count a lot on rescue from outside right now. Things are a mess. If we get it, that's great. But if not…not having our powers doesn't make us powerless."

"Do you think," Helena says quietly, "That I'd tell you to wait if I didn't know something?"

Another forkful of tuna surprise vanishes. "You tell me. I've seen your people turn down help before, remember? Somehow being on the same side doesn't seem to count for much with you. Not sure what to believe with you guys."

"I don't call torturing people to try to force your way into working with us to be any kind of help we would trust or want." Helena says serenely. "And for you to somehow think it would earn our trust a few shades of mental."

Jessica looks back. "You have to understand, I was told that you and your people were terrorists." she points out. "One doesn't usually worry about breaking a couple in the line of duty. And when the fate of the world is at stake, moral quibbles fall by the wayside anyway." She looks back to Helena. "However, I made some mistakes on that. So, for what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Helena studies Jessica sidelong, her gaze intent, and eye to eye. She doesn't speak for a long time. And then finally, "Apology accepted." She resumes eating her food. "Take some time. Learn the routine here. We can communicate with the men during rec hour in the yard, we share a fence by the basketball court."

Helena shakes her head. "It's not a standard prison. Like I said, you've only seen the Club Fed side. "The lower down you go, the harder it is. And they've got people here, people who can get into your head. Try to make you give up information, if you don't know how to keep them from it."

Jessica laughs once at that. "That could be a little tricky for them. I've got a toggle switch as far as that's concerned." At least in one way. "So, we just wait and put up with them kicking our ass till the outside helps?"

"All it takes is powerful enough of a telepath." Helena says. "Regardless of how long one might choose to wait, certain things take time and planning to execute anyway. So like I said - take the time to learn the routine here. Get to know people. Don't do anything stupid that gets you tossed down a hole."

Jessica nods. "All right. You've been here longer; I'll play it your way for now and wait to see how things go. I'll make nice." A wry smile as she looks back to Helena. "And in case no one else mentioned it…good job taking out that son of a bitch."

Helena inclines her head. "I didn't do it alone. Hell, I didn't even plan it. But thanks." Then quietly, "They haven't. Broken me, I mean. You'd see a lot more familiar faces if they had."

An amused smirk at that. "Well, you managed it, at least. Your people. And there's a difference between breaking you to get information out of you and breaking you to get you to give up. What have they got on tap below? Get into your head how?"

"At the very least, they've got a telepath named Verse." Helena says. "He can get into your mindscape, give you some kind of reality, and make you think it's real in order to get you to give up information. You just have to keep telling yourself it's not." It's not that simple of course, but it's the best Hel can offer.

Jessica says, "All right. I've had some experience with that sort of thing. The Company had a telepath that could do it." She sips from the cup again. "Thanks." There's a moment of hesitation, and then she says "From both of us.""

Helena peers at her. "You mentioned a switch. Both of you? Do you have some kind of non-integrated MPD going on?" It's not a scornful inquiry, she's genuinely curious, and hey, she reads!

Niki nods. "Yes. Three of us." she says, looking back at Helena. "Figured your people knew that based on some things I heard. I just guessed it was common knowledge for you."

Helena shakes her head. "Interesting. How do I know who I'm talking to at any given moment?"

The blonde woman chuckles. "Ask?" she offers. "I mean, it's the obvious way, right?" She looks back to Helena. "We'll talk more later. I think tuna surprise time is just about up. They're likely to march us back to the rabbit cages."

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