Blood On The Tarmac


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Scene Title Blood On The Tarmac
Synopsis Eve plays unexpected backup to Zeus and The Olympians as they do their part to retake LAX.
Date July 01, 2012


Los Angeles used to be such an interesting city. Now it’s just another place swallowed up by war. Lynette and her team are split up around the battlefield of what used to be LAX, drawing forces out and this way so that some other team can swoop in behind and push the enemy out of this section of the city.

This war has really let her see all sorts of places that she never thought about before. Now she’s back home. And it isn’t home at all.

A palm tree is on fire.

Lynette is hunkered down behind the charred remains of a building that used to be an In-N-Out. The charming white and red tile can still be seen in some spots. Not many, but some. Across a small street, a torn down fence lets a group of US Military soldiers march out toward her much smaller group. On her side, there isn’t much noise, just hand signals thrown from one hiding place to another. But there is shouting from the other side, things like… put down your weapons which really just is not happening.

There's a light sneeze from just behind Lynette, a few looks are thrown her way but the pale woman isn't bothered. There's dust everywhere, debris, her allergies are really fucking with her okay. Eve blinks as she glares at a woman directly across from her and sticks out her tongue.

Well, sometimes Eve is mature. Sometimes she is not. And she's pretty sure Lady Zeus didn't catch the childish act so she's good. Eve never really came to the west coast before this war but she wasn't gonna just leave Lynette to it. Eve had skills that we're made for these sort of situations. But presently on her mind.. “Lady Zeus.. I wish..” she looks over her shoulder at the charged burger joint with a sad expression. “I'm so hungry, beans after this.” What is it with Eve and fighting on a empty stomach?

Maybe it gives the woman something to fight for. A nearby member of the squad shushes the seer and she balks as if to say ‘WHAT’. But she's gotten the memo.

Her legging clad legs peek out from the silts she has made in this battle dress. The color is black but there are spots of blood and debris all over it, her face and hair are free of blood (for now). Light gray eyes flick to Lynette and she is now serious terrorist Eve. Inching forward on her hands and knees she places her own rifle (not her favorite gun but better than a hand cannon against US Military soldiers) against a nearby piece of fallen wall and she nods over at the soldier's, eyes raised. Her breathing is labored, she fit that best over her too tight but it can't be helped for now.

Dragging her messenger bag behind her she lifts it in front of Lynette’s face, eyes wide. Shaking the bag and its contents gently. Her expression says it all.

Shall I go into my Bag of Tricks?

The sneeze doesn’t surprise Lynette, since it is a wreck out here. But when her nickname is spoken, she looks over at Eve. “Hell, Eve, if we can actually take the buildings, we might find something better than that.” Just deepening the incentives. They probably won’t find much better. Old vending machine candy, maybe.

Maybe even a Snickers.

Lynette has a rifle as well, but they both know that’s not what she’s bringing to the table. That’s a backup, in case things go wrong. She peeks around the corner, zipping back to cover when a bullet comes right at her. It’s a close call that gets a laugh. Turning to meet Eve’s gaze, she holds a hand up to the unspoken request. Her fingers countdown from five. When she hits one, a shower of light shoots out from the roof of the parking structure behind them and slams down into the crowd of soldiers like a volley of bright arrows.

Then she reaches zero. And gestures for Eve to go ahead.

Not just Eve, because she’s on the move, too, leaning back out from cover to fire a bolt of lighting at the nearest body. And once it hits, it jumps from body to body, distracting the soldiers enough to leave a chunk of them unprepared.

There is a whoop, cheer and blood curdling scream as Lynette gives her the go ahead and she springs forward with her friend. There aren't many of her friends who share her zeal for battle. Except maybe Claire. And boy does Lady Zeus make for a good partner in PewPew. Digging in deep inside her Bag of Tricks, the oracle cackles to herself as she lobs a grenade over at the same time that Lynette launches her volley of lightning.

It lands a little off center from the group, taking three of the men out. The blast is deafening but honestly at this point Eve is used to these explosions and so is Lynette she's sure.

Eve sprints forward the fabric of her clothes flying in the wind. “Right, left, right, LEFT!” She screams as she ducks under a soldier charging towards her. “COME ON!!!!!” This overzealousness has the man tilting his head because Eve doesn't exactly look deadly not like Lynette throwing bolts of lightning.. maybe a little scary.

But as the man fires upon her she twists and shoves herself to the ground all the while whispering to herself and staring ahead intently.

“Right, left, right, left, right, right, AH!” Each time she utters one of those words she gets closer to the man and seems to avoid his gunfire each time her limbs flailing in the air as she twists and rolls and crawls and ducks. Almost each time because as she darts a few feet closer one of his bullets makes impact through the fabric of her dress that trails behind her. A bullet to his head from on the ground downs the soldier and then she's blinking and eyes are wide as Lynette darts through the air. The whispers had shown her a lot but not Lynette doing that.

“Beautiful…” she sighs with a grin as her friend takes down the soldiers.

Explosions are just a part of the day-to-day for them these days. Just another Tuesday. Lynette runs forward just after Eve’s grenade goes off and a few others from her team follow suit, mixing with the soldiers as they make their move. Lynette’s hair lights up as sparks jump to life and she grabs onto on soldier that was unfortunate enough to get within her arm’s reach. The shock that rolls through him is a deadly one and he drops his gun as he goes stiff. But Lynette reaches out her free hand to catch it.

Using it, she turns to fire at another, someone getting too close to one of her people. It’s messy.

“Forward!” she calls out, but comes over to Eve’s position to offer her a hand up. “You, too, Seer.” She’s here, she’s gonna work. Luckily, her hand isn’t sparking just now, so she’ll be safe. Ish. Safe from the electricity. The soldiers have other ideas and start firing toward the pair. But their bullets hit a telekinetic wall before it bursts to throw the bullets back at them.

Looking up at Lynette’s outstretched hand Eve marvels at the goddess standing there as she clasps onto the hand and pulls herself up and forward. “Righto Lady!” She yells back at the blonde and squares her shoulders as the telekinetic wall holds the bullets, quickly reloading her rifle she hefts it on her shoulder. And looks over to her comrade in arms.

“I have an idea, the.. they.. showed me.” Her tone one of certainty, maybe her ability had been at work the previous night, the only way to know is to follow that call. And Eve almost always answers the call.

Before Lynette can say much in protest Eve is scurrying off snickering to herself as she goes. As the wall surges forward and disperses hailing the bullets backward at the men who previously shot them at the squad of rebels, the force kicks up debris and a shard of metal slices Eve’s arm. She hisses and claps a hand on her arm as she disappears behind a large pile of rubble.

“When I say fire let her have it!” Is heard from the distance. What?

Maybe it’s a little strange, but Lynette seems pretty okay with following Eve’s advice. It’s probably not all that strange to her squad, since they’re all leaning on their crazy abilities to make a dent in this war. Lynette lets Eve scurry off, giving her a nod to prove that she’s willing to let Eve take the lead, then she slides down behind a long-abandoned car parked (illegally, gosh) on the street.

She only peeks up enough to fire a bolt or a bullet at some soldier or another. And ducks back to avoid their fire. Her squad is moving up, a bit at a time, moving from cover to cover before they fire as well.

“Say when,” Lynette calls back. She’s not sure what she’s about to let loose, but she’s pretty sure it’ll be good. Ninety-percent sure.

There's a few minutes that lasp before Eve arrives and arrive she does. There were abandoned, half blown up vehicles all over the city. If you knew what to do you could probably get them started, luckily Eve knows a thing or four about cars. And vans.

There's the sound of an engine turning over and then metal against metal as a white van turns the corner, the doors missing as well as a back tire but you can drive on three. Sparks leap up from the back of the van as it sails across the cracked road and there's Eve, hooting in the driver's seat almost falling out of the open space sans door.

As she steers the beat up van past Lynette the electronickinetic might notice something, a rag of some kind is stuffed into an open gas tank. The fabric whips from the generated wind currents and Eve suddenly leaps from the van rolling a few times as the van screams towards the soldiers.


While waiting for Eve’s big entrance, Lynette and her team fire volley after volley at the soldiers. Soldiers which are getting back up as the team of SLC Expressives move in on them. But when Eve drives in, Lynette motions for the others to wait. The fabric is noted just before Eve jumps out and gives the signal. Lynette fires at the cloth, but not just her. A firestarter lends a hand from the back of the group and the van rolls toward the soldiers… and explodes.

Some of them had noticed that A Bad Thing was happening, but not all of them had the chance to move. A bloody mess sprays in every direction just before the fire comes behind and chars the evidence. Pieces of bodies are cast about the street as Lynette stands up, grabs her extra guns and starts to move toward the broken fence surrounding the far side of the airport. Her team follows. She doesn’t fire, but only because her telekinetic has a blast heading out to knock the soldiers and tear down more of the fence in the most dramatic fashion they can manage.

“Alright, you know the drill. Get them focused on this side of the airport. Be big. Be loud. Eve — Stick with me.” The team splits up, pairs running off to their predesignated spots to cause trouble. And when Lynette falls into step next to Eve, she looks over at her friend.

“How’ve you been? I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you,” she says as she takes a bigger step over a burnt, hollowed out corpse.

There is a loud cheer and Eve beats her fist and feet into the ground in excitement at the explosion. It’s like PARIAH on steroids this war was, those years had made Eve, Claire, Monica and the other old members primed for this. “Primal.” she whispers taking the slang from her pseudo niece Lene.

There’s a brief lull in movement for Eve but she slowly stands to her feet. That hurt. If the various scrapes, jagged rips in her clothes and soon to be bruises are any indication. But she walks it off with just a little of a limp before straightening herself with a slight grin towards Lynette as she deals out the orders and begins to walk with her.

“I’ve been all over. Gillian makes sure we stay in contact, sometimes I’m turned around.” Which for Eve means right where she needs to be but often she finds herself in scary situations, Gillian and her friends had made sure that she didn’t wander too far off the path but Eve always ended up in the weeds off the beaten path somewhere. “The whispers- dreams,” she tries to make more sense for her friend. “They are getting.. More?.. erratic, I’m seeing so much. Remembering when I’m awake..” the seer looks over to her friend as she kicks a pile of empty bullet casings to the side. “It’s making my brain more wonk wonk then usual.” It’s a fact that Eve has been coming to terms with and it’s something she wants Lynette to understand, “It is what it is.” Her messenger bag is held limply in her hands as reshoulders her rifle and looks ahead of them.

“You have found yourself even more, that blue vial didn’t make you dig down into the rabbit hole.” Eve is impressed, she knows addiction is hard. She watched her uncle drink himself to death.

“That must be hard,” Lynette says, reaching over to put a hand on Eve’s shoulder. “This is a difficult time for a power like yours to be expanding. Or, is it because of the war? Too many of your friends are getting into trouble.” Case and point, there’s a sudden burst of fire from across the tarmac. Lynette hardly seems to notice it. “You can always come find me if it’s getting too hard. I’m good at finding the biggest fights.” Occupational therapy for terrorists and rebels alike.

Those last words get a frown, though, and Lynette lifts her rifle to take a couple shots at soldiers just pulling themselves back up off the ground. “Don’t be proud of me, Eve. If it was available, I’d be on it.” That’s her assessment of her addiction. Of the situation she’s in. “But however you kick it, right?” Not to mention that between battles, she’s never really sober. She has a still in her tent and everything. One of the mechanics helped her build it.

She motions ahead, toward a group of soldiers with their eyes on the fire. They’re calling over radios for backup and it’s only moments before they can see movement coming out of the buildings in the distance.

“Got anything else in your bag?” she asks with a sudden grin. It comes just before she moves her hand from Eve’s shoulder and aims it at the men dead ahead. And fires a bolt their way. It’s bright and flashy, looking more unstable than usual. But that’s all part of the show.

And maybe it’s possible she is not managing her addictions very well at all.

“I think.. I think it’s happening because.. It’s needed?” Speaking frankly about her ability isn’t something Eve’s use too and it’s refreshing. “Maybe the whispers know I need to see.. More.. remember more. They have their motives.” She walks in time with the leader of the squad, though Lynette says to not be proud of her Eve is nothing but, the woman has rose up. She’s taken the lead in the face of unbearable tragedy. Eve leans on Lynette briefly and nods her head, “It’s okay, you will.” she says softly and with a small smile on her lips. “And yes, you all can be hard to keep track of.” But she tries her best, she always will.

She would know of that still, Eve drinks from it when she’s visiting. It’s been a struggle flitting from place to place and in enough time. Eve had missed the mark on some of her adventures but her hit ratio was more in her favor then not. “I-” She stops speaking as they notice the group of soldiers and Lady Zeus fires off some lightning in their direction.

With a stiffen of her back Eve gets in a crouch and digs in her bag, “You know! People leave the most insane things lying around. Someone should really lock the flap of their tent before they go to bed. No, Eve is not above ‘borrowing’ if needed. It’s for a good cause, honest.

The seer finally pulls out a grenade and peers up at Lynette, “Ready.” She says before she pulls the pin and sends it sailing in the air towards the soldiers. Before it makes any sort of impact, a hazy black smoke starts to spray out of the sides. A smoke grenade. It doesn’t hurt the men outright but they can’t see anymore. Rifling through her bag she procures two pair of thick goggles, strapping hers on Eve looks silly but she the smoke isn’t bothering her eyes that much. Her vision is a little obscured though, she woops and nudges Lynette on an arm that isn’t exposed to lightning? “I always have tricks.”

“If I make it through this war,” Lynette says, her tone telling of the fact that she doesn’t plan to, “then I’ll work on it, okay?” It’s like a promise, even if she’s making it with no intention of ever having to follow through. And kicking an addiction (or three) during a war is just not going to happen. But when Eve goes on, Lynette turns to give her a crooked smile. “Can you lock tent flaps? Couldn’t someone just crawl under the side?” Borrowing isn’t going to get a second look, though. It is war, after all.

When the grenade turns out to be a smoke bomb, Lynette chuckles and takes the goggles. She looks silly, too, but she doesn’t mind it. “I knew I could count on you,” she says, her chuckle turning to a laugh. Because they both look pretty amusing right now. “Come on!” She runs forward, nodding for Eve to follow her. Those poor blinded soldiers can’t see her coming as she touches everyone she can find to electrocute them.

Lightning jumps through the smoke, looking like a small, but unsettling storm.

“I guess you could Lady,” she snickers at Lynette’s sound logic about tent flaps. Hurrying along with Lynette she lets the blonde do the buck of the bringing the smack down. She does dart out with a fist and her knife to a couple of the men, downing them before they could get a grip through the smoky haze. The seer throws both hands in front of her pushing a distracted man down on his back, her knife is plunged into his neck before he can do much, blood flying onto her face. She thinks briefly if Gabriel would be proud of her. He knows how to shed some blood, let me tell you.

They are swift as they move through the smoke and Eve pushes the goggles up her face to sit snugly on her head pinning her love raven dark hair to the sides of her face. She squints her eyes and lifts her rifle to shoot a soldier running towards Lynette in the head. “Bingo.”

A sigh escapes the dark haired woman’s lips and her eyes flick up to the sky. “This won’t last forever Lynette.” Using her given name, “The scales will be tipped, blood will be shed and we will settle. We always do.” For ages, civilizations have risen in power and fall from grace, it’s just the United States turn.

On the other side of the smoke, Lynette straightens up. Blood and other viscera decorate her clothes and her face, but all she does is pull her goggles up to sit on hair like a headband. She looks toward Eve, just in time to catch her shooting the last soldier in the head. She ducks, but it isn’t necessary. He doesn’t get the chance to get a shot off before he slumps to the tarmac.

Lynette strides over to him, checking him over for weapons and anything else useful. Or valuable. She finds cigarettes; those are tucked away in a back pocket.

“I know. Eventually one side or the other will give up or run out of people to throw into this meat grinder,” she says as she straightens back up, tucking a knife into her boot before she looks over at Eve. “To be honest, Eve, I wish that wasn’t the case. Seems to me, this is the only thing I’ve tried that I’m actually good at.” She gestures back to where the smoke is clearing over her work, as if to demonstrate. “But for everyone else’s sake, for the next generation, blah blah blah, I hope it’s us that wins.”

“Bah! The next generation will be ungrateful and eventually repeat our mistakes.” A cynical point of view from the older woman. But her expression quickly changes from one of disdain to bemusement. “Circles, circles, ring around.” She twirls her long index finger in a circular motion and cracks her shoulder with a flinch. Falling on it really hurt actually. Her eyes flick ahead of them and she tilts her head. “Killing is as easy as it gets,” she says this sadly because she too doesn’t seem to have much restraint when given the option. The Murderimp indeed.

“Sometimes, my mind wanders. If PARIAH helped all this happen or not.” She waves her arm to indicate the carnage surrounding them. “We knew.. We figured this was coming.” While she was prepared she now wishes that they had prepared more people. She’s comforted at the numbers that the Rebels have been able to amass together, all fighting for the same cause. Or just fighting to fight and not caring about the outcome.

“Oh! Lady Zeus,” she turns her head to look at her friend. “You’ll make it through this just fine, well maybe not fine. But you have much to do!”

Lynette laughs at those cynical words and passes Eve one of the guns she took off the downed soldier. “Probably. That’s why I never wanted to have kids,” she says with a smirk. There is a look of concern for the shoulder, but since Eve doesn’t seem inclined to stop and find a medic, Lynette doesn’t mention it. “It used to be harder.” She means emotionally. Now she doesn’t mind it so much.

A light shoots into the sky, breaking off into three arrows before it falls back toward the ground like a spent firework. “This way, Eve,” she says as she picks up a jog. Her scout’s signals aren’t subtle, but they aren’t meant to be. The soldiers forming outside the building are meant to know they’re coming. And be afraid.

“This was always going to happen, Eve. None of us could stop it. Or force it. The details might change — when, where, how bad — but this would always happen. Anyone who thought different was being too optimistic.” Including a bunch of kids from the future who came to change things. How much did they really change, she has to wonder. How much is just delayed? Lynette looks over at those last words, a frown coming to her face. “You see that or is it your turn to be too optimistic?”

Catching the gun that Lynette gives her Eve turns it over and wraps the rifle she's carrying on her back to hold up an assault rifle. “Pretty.”

Her teeth are white and the pointed edges peeking out. The oracle can't argue with Lynette. She has to play devil’s advocate though, it's healthy to think of both sides. Even crazy she knows that. Eve takes a defensive stance and checks the assault rifle for ammo. Satisfied she lifts it to her other unhurt shoulder and looks ahead.

As the signal is given by the scouts she nods, her hair held back by the goggles it whips in the wind as they charge ahead. Her gaze set ahead, she is focused, the whispers in the back of her head are very loud but they are saying the same thing.

Push Forward

She is oh so happy to oblige. And a twinkle enters her eyes, “I always get dreams before my friends almost die. I'm better at catching the signs.” Though she frowns, she didn't dream about Peter, or Liz.. she never got that chance with the eclipse.

“Is that want brings you by?” Lynette asks, her smile crooked. She’s happy to see Eve for any reason, but she would not be at all surprised to find out that the prophet’s dreams often include a vision of her in a dicey situation. She’s in them a lot these days.

Instead of taking cover, Lynette charges right out into the open. Her team has done the same and Eve can see them sprinkled across the tarmac, lights flashing, fires burning, bodies flying. And next to her, Lynette strides a few steps ahead and lights up herself. Sparks fly, her hair goes a little wild, arcs jump and pop off her skin. And, of course, bolts fire from either hand. It’s hard to miss, that’s for sure. And they’re close enough now to hear shouts between the soldiers on the other side.

If Eve needed a signal to fire at will, she just got it.

The clashing of sounds of battle with the whispers, the flashing of everyone’s abilities filled Eve and she closed her eyes as Lynette and the others begin to charge forward and collectively unleash their might.

For Eve there is nothing but the maelstrom that lives inside of her head in this moment. Whispers crawl up her skin, in one ear and out the other, she always catches the phrase though. She had been working hard at staying centered. Sometimes it worked.

Lay to rest

A grenade is thrown in the direction of the soldiers as Eve wails a battle cry. Her goggles are back over her face and her hair blowing wild in the wind that generates from the combined strength of the people assembled together. There will be no prisoners.

Dashing to the right and lifting the assault rifle that Lynette has just gifted her Eve whoops and fires a volley of bullets. Cutting down a few of the men. Light gray eyes are wild, the contrast of the dripping red on her face making her look like some crazy witch from the woods here to drag you back to her layer.

Firing another volley Eve throws the rifle to the ground roughly its ammo finished and lifts a flare gun from her messenger bag. With a hint of a smile she fires a sparkling torpedo towards the men, cackling as she loads another and shoots again. It's mostly to distract, do not worry men. You are not safe.

Eve fits right in. She can hear the others letting out their own battle cries. A woman runs toward a group of soldiers, trailing fire from her hands, her feet, her hair. When she reaches them, the asphalt starts to melt around her feet and lava bursts from the ground. Those men are not long for this world. Maybe not for the next, either.

Lynette keeps pace, drawing plenty of attention herself as she sparks her way forward. She doesn’t have a war cry of her own, just grim determination of her face as she grabs a wrist, an arm, a face to pump body after body full of electricity. She’s gotten better at it, using it this way. When Eve shoots her flare, Lynette heads that direction, chaining lightning between them as they follow the flare’s trajectory.

The are not safe at all.

But neither is Lynette’s team. A bullet comes from the crowd and slams through the scout’s shoulder, and a second shot knocks her off her feet. The firestarter manages to dance out of the way of hers, but Lynette takes a shot through the arm. She pauses, gripping her arm before she grits her teeth and moves forward again. This time, she grabs a handgun to fire. Less kick for her arm and more decisive shots.

These warriors, Valkyries.. goddesses rain their destruction down on the men assembled against them and many of them fall. The ladies are fiercous with their attacks, their expressions of grim concentration or open mouths singing out joy at the blood they spill on the ground.

But they are not immortal and the scout being knocked down by a bullet is proof of that. Eve launches herself towards the woman but she is already gone, bleeding out and fading. She doesn't like losing people. The Oracle cries out and tries to drag the body back with her but only receives a bullet grazing her arm and another her leg for her trouble.

Tumbling to the ground the dark haired woman knocks her back against a thick piece of debris with a loud smack. Her vision spins as she tries to reorient herself. “I..” She whispers before rubbing the back of her head. Her rifle too far ahead out of reach, Eve tugs her Desert Eagle out and slowly uses the debris as leverage to bring herself to a crouching position.

The last few seconds are used to steady herself before she zeroes in on an target. Popping off shots slowly but precisely. A shoulder there, oh there goes a neck, watch out for your spleen! Eve wears a wild expression on her face.

Shots are exchanged back and forth, with them doing more damage than they get. But they’re a small group. Any damage is significant. Lynette’s arm is dripping blood from the elbow byt the time she makes it over to Eve. She leans back against the debris, too, letting out a heavy breath. The Seer starts returning fire and Lynette takes it as a moment to try to stop her own bleeding. With a bandage pulled out of her pack.

Meanwhile, their firestarter as gotten through the line of the enemy and between them and their retreat to the buildings she flares up a wall of fire. It’s hot enough to get them scrambling away, only to run into a telekinetic wall on the other side. Trapped.

A flare goes off from the roof of one of the buildings. “Eve,” Lynette says with a gesture upward, “that’s our people. They have control of the airport.” Of course, they’re left with a collection of enemy fighters out here. Probably a few pockets of them here and there.

“Yes!” Eve closes a fist and slams it on the debris in a display of victory watching at the men are pinned between walls and the flare goes off on the roof nearby. She stands to her feet and grins over at Lynette before a confused expression crosses her face. “Oh.. I seem to remember..”

There's a faraway look in her eye as she tilts her head and leans forward towards the empty space in front of her. “Something’s not.. righ-” as the seer speaks one of the giant signs detailing which direction was the entrance to LAX comes crashing down. Conveniently right on top of the men pinned between the wall of fire and telekinesis.

“There it is!” Eve snorts as she moves to Lynette’s side to peer down at her bandaged bullet wound. “How do you feel Lady Zeus?”

One of the Olympians (whose power is not electricity) grabs a radio from his belt and sends out a call for the medics. For many of them.

Lynette looks over at the sign as it crashes down on top of their last little bundle of enemies. The walls come down, as there’s really no need to contain them now. Any that are alive probably aren’t going anywhere quickly. Her head falls back against her bit of cover and she lets out a heavy sigh. She looks disappointed, although this all seems to have gone well.

When Eve comes to her side, she shakes the expression off and looks over at her friend with a crooked smile. “Like I could use a drink,” she says. Vodka and violence, that’s how she’s getting through this war. “And I think I got a cut on my arm,” she adds in dry tones. There’s no doubt she’s in pain, her eyes tell that story well enough, but she’s putting a brave face on it. Or, at least, a jovial one.

From the airport buildings, their people start streaming out. Medics, likely, heading for the worst wounds first.

The seer notes her expression and takes it in stride, Lynette isn’t the first friend of Eve’s to have a death wise. She seems to collect them. Especially since she goes running into death. But onto lighter subjects, “I have tequila.” Because vodka is just gross but she doesn’t judge her homegirl, they can smoke some weed together.

Coming to rest an arm over Lynette’s shoulder, she whistles but as they near the downed scout her expression grows grim. She watches as the medics try their best to save her but it’s already too late. As the woman takes her last breaths in quick wrecked sets her hazel eyes land on Eve, wide with fright, the life slowly drains from them. As the medics call the time of death and move on to the next of the wounded. A team of people who are responsible for taking care of the death quickly comes up after to haul the body away.

Those hazel eyes make Eve flinch inside, she blinks and makes sure not to disturb where Lynette has been wounded. “It’ll be alright. Don’t worry,” her gaze on the scout, the dead woman’s lifeless hand dragging on the floor as the body is moved. “It’ll be alright. Don’t worry.”

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